Jelqing 101: How To Massage Penis & Get BIGGER Results

This is the most comprehensive jelqing guide created looking at all perspectives and letting you decide the best plan of action.

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Jelqing and penis enlargement has always been covered in mystique… It’s simply hard to prove if before/after jelqing pictures are real. But there is no smoke without fire.

Jelqing works, but it’s not a magic pill technique. It takes work, care and lots of knowledge upfront to not hurt yourself.

Real guy jelqing stories, jelqing techniques, shortcut ways, warnings… it’s all here!

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What Is Jelqing?

Jelqing is a natural exercise that guys use to try to get a bigger penis by themselves. It is sometimes called “penis milking”.

In its simplest terms jelqing is simply a penis stretching massage.

You massage half-erect penis from shaft to the tip of the head improving the blood flow while safely and painlessly stretching your penis a bit while doing it.

jelqing process before after

This technique originally comes from ancient Arab practices.

There isn’t much danger on side-effects as long as you don’t get overzealous and don’t start stretching your penis with too much strength.

You should do some warmup and make sure there are enough rest for penis between the jelqing workout sessions.

Penis is a blood vessel, a muscle and the same way as your muscles need recharge after hard gym session, jelqing works the same way.

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Does Jelqing Actually Work? What Are The Results You Can Expect?

Guys report various results, from success stories with proof to guys who say it doesn’t work at all.

It’s hard to tell for real because you can Photoshop everything. But know that you would know even the word “jelqing” if there was just smoke.

It takes quite a bit of effort, it’s not permanent, but you CAN GET bigger penis.

It’s possible.

For guys with small, 3 inch penis, this might be all they need to hear.

It’s possible!

And as long as you don’t overdo it you will only get positive side benefits like improved blood flow in your penis and faster, stronger erections!

Alex has done lots of digging on penis enlargement market and offers some down-to-earth advice on what can you expect:

What results you can expect & how long does it take to see any?

Now there are no medical studies to support the results that guys claim.

So take it with grain of salt.

There are two kinds of results:

  • Temporarily results
  • Permanent results

The overall theme is that it takes 20 minutes/day (200 strokes) for 2 months to see 0.5 inch penis increase.

Still, nothing is guaranteed…

Temporarily you should see little results few hours after each session, but it’s really hard to pinpoint exact increase unless you really get down the way you measure. Tricky part is to get the same conditions.

The best one is to always measure fully erect penis from the tip of head till the pubic bone (measure from the top).

If you do this practice safely, regularly and patiently, you can expect 1–2 increase in length.

Girth is much trickier, but there are guys who report up to 1 inch increase in penis girth.

roberto esquivel cabrera posing with his penis

But read this article about Roberto Esquivel Cabrera, who actually seriously increased his penis size over the years just to be recognized as the biggest penis owner.

While he overdid it and now has even problems with his penis, he shows the extreme of what’s possible.

You can definitely get few inches more with discipline and patience.

Just opt out to the safe side or like Roberto you can lose all the gains…

Makes me think of bodybuilders who got too addicted to getting bigger muscles that they fucked up their lives with drugs… and later in life had serious health issues.

Don’t be that guy.

Does Jelqing Help Erectile Dysfunction?

Okay, now there’s #1 thing where jelqing will absolutely help you with!

Jelqing and kegels do fix erectile dysfunction!

That is, of course, if your issues are physical, not mental.

If you have mental blocks, anxieties, deeply rooted insecurities — no exercises will help you unless you clear those blocks.

Remember that penis is a big blood vessel, a muscle.

Jelq exercises and also kegels (pc muscle) exercises are like gym for your penis.

By massaging your penis you improve the blood flow.

By squeezing your PC muscles and relaxing you improve the strength and speed of your erections, while also gaining more control over your penis.

You practice kegels by simply going to toilet and stop your pee. That’s a PC muscle in action. Just squeeze and hold it for 5 secs and release. Repeat regularly…

But now to the serious stuff…

woman showing how to jelq safely

Jelqing Exercises: How To Jelq Safely?

Alright here’s we’re going to cover all the natural techniques on how to make your penis bigger fast using only your hands!

Basically jelqing does the same stuff that penis pump would do, but you just use your hand for it.

Note: Jelqing is manual way, using a penis pumps is a safer and a faster way to get results. The only good quality brand is Bathmate. And Hydromax is the most common models men report success with.

Bathmate brand is the one who invented them, and are the best performance pumps in the market.

This pump helps both with ED and PE.

hydromax penis pump for penis enlargement

Find it on LoveHoney here.

Make sure you watch the videos on the product page showing the Hydromax7and explaining how to choose and use the Bathmate pump.

Anyway…back to slow & manual method.

Here’s the quick version how you practice jelqing safely:

  • Get a lube and make sure your penis is nicely lubricated (the most accessible and cheapest is coconut oil)
  • Stroke your penis to around 30-50% of erection level. If you get fully erect you can easily hurt yourself, besides it won’t help with stretching
  • Grab your penis using “OK grip” 
  • Start from the base of your shaft (by the balls) and move your fingers up to the tip of your penis.
  • Grip should be hard enough to feel stretching, but not too hard that it causes irritation and pain.
fingers showing how to jelq

One stroke should take 2–3 seconds, you should do it daily…starting from few minute routine until you can bring it up to 20 minutes and 200 strokes.

Warning: Take it slow, patient — if there’s any pain or irritation — you’re overdoing it!

man showing jp90 jelqing routine

JP 90 Day Jelqing Routine

This is actually the most reliable and trusted jelqing routine that most guys have reported the best results on.

It comes from Jon Pop, the retired Administrator of Pegym, the site dedicated to sexual improvement for men.

Here’s how you can do it.

All the steps, precautions from the quick version apply.

#1 — Warm Up Your Penis

This is the most important step to avoid any pain, bad side effects.

Take a hot, wet piece of towel or clothing and put it on your penis and keep it for up to 10 minutes.

Every minute reheat the towel. (or use hot shower to do it)

Make sure you cover all your penis, including the base of it.

The same way you warmup before lifting heavy weights, you should warm up your penis.

big fireplace outside burning

#2 — The Core Jelqing Exercise

Your penis should be 30–50% level of erection.

  • Start from the base, grab your penis with two fingers and start rotating your penis around in circle. Technique is called “Helicopter Shakes”. Do it for 20x.
  • Then using OK grip grasp your penis by the base and stretch penis to the side.
  • While doing the stretch, do 25 quick squeeze and release PC muscle contractions.
  • Repeat these steps for 3–4x

#3 — WET Jelqing Exercise

Make sure it’s all nicely lubricated there.

  • Grasp your penis with one hand at your base, other at the head (glans) of penis.
  • Move the hand from the base towards the head of penis in stretching maneer
  • Repeat these for 50x

If you get erected, wait till you calm down. For this exercise you should be 50–70% erect. Make sure it feels less like a masturbation, but more like a focused practice.

I should take around 3 sec/repetition.

fingers massaging penis in air

#4 — V Jelqing Exercise

It’s called V exercise because you’ll use the victory fingers from your hand.

  • Curl your V fingers and with your palm facing your belly grab the base of your penis.
  • Hold your penis straight with other hand
  • Repeat this kind of stretching for 30x, variate the direction (left, right, straight)

Do 30x of these V jelq reps.

Repeat #3 and #4 exercises for 3x , so in total you would do 150 WET jelqs and 90 V jelqs.

#5 — Warm Down

Again same as you would do in the gym — calm down your penis to avoid any injuries.

The steps are the same as the warm up using hot towel and relaxing your penis.

Don’t go overboard. Make sure there is a day or two of rest between the reps.

Keep at it.

Most guys report some results in 1 month, and significant increase in 3 months.

Here’s the original guide of JP90..with readers feedback.

man showing technique to get bigger dick

Other Tricks & Techniques To Make Your Penis Bigger

Jelqing is just one of the techniques. We also have a guide on how to please a woman with 6 inches for those who already have an average size.

Here’s few more.

First of all, here’s the most surprising of them.

Dave Asprey observed 15–20% temporarily increases after having regular sex life and while doing kegel exercises.

When he stopped them, size went a little down and returned back to normal.

But it’s pretty cool to know that when you actively use your penis it actually gets bigger!

Okay, now the main other exercise.

Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor (PC Muscles) With Kegel Exercises

I can seriously attest to this one.

What I love about kegels is that my control over erection greatly increased. As long as I didn’t ejaculate I could last in the bed AS LONG AS I WANTED.

My penis somehow naturally knew when to relax if for example I went down on her to eat her pussy.. and when to get hard, when it counted.

Prior to my kegel exercise routine, I had various results.

Now they are reliable.

I can always get hard as fast and as long as I want (as long as I don’t ejaculate)

The most important about both jelqing and kegels is to do those exercises regularly, like brushing your teeth.

The best kegel trigger to me is toilet. Whenever I go to pee, I stop the urine flow for 5secs and resume for 4–5 reps. Every time, every day.

Practice kegels whenever you remember — walking, driving…

They are cool because nobody can see you are doing kegels, so you can do them anywhere!

penis weights for stronger dick

Get A Bigger Penis Using Penis Weights

Now this is the most dangerous of all the techniques mentioned here, because if overdone it can seriously damage your penis.

Be careful and you’ll be alright.

As with jelqing exercise warmup is crucial to avoid any injuries. Apply heated clothing to your penis before and after the exercise.

penis weight

If with jelqing you actively stretched your penis with your hand, this one is more passive.

You should use these penis weights for 20 minutes daily.

If you feel any pain, discomfort or fatigue, you should rest more and stop immediately.

This is an option, but there are far less reported success stories than with jelqing.

I guess this one is for lazier people, who don’t want to actively jelq but just sit back and let the gravity do the work for you.

doctors performing penis enlargement surgery

Penis Enlargement Surgery

Finally, I wanted to mention the option of the surgery.

Please, don’t fall into trap of thinking that magic surgery or pills will transform your manlihood…

While there are some success stories, lots of them are scary too.

I wanted to share this story as a reminder, not to mess with the nature too much.

This is a billionaire who died at 65 during penis enlargement surgery.


Meaning he had the access of the best doctors, best technologies available at the time… and this happened in 2019.

Phalogenic Traction Method & Review

Phalogenics is the new kind of method that helps to modify the natural blood flow by expanding Corpora Cavernosa, the blood chamber that is responsible mainly for erection.

Similar to jelqing you’ll use specific massaging techniques that will result in larger penis.

Phalogenics is a natural penis enlargement method, but the same as with jelqing it takes a long time.

And nobody like to talk about it, but no results are permanent.

And you can mess yourself up if you don’t know what you’re doing.

So if you’re considering any phalogenics techniques (which do work) then make sure you really, really learn about warmup, taking it slow and then stay consistent.

It’s not sexy.

It will take several months of daily practice to get bigger penis.

But it does work.

strong men with huge penis

But on the bright side here are some of cool tricks to make your penis LOOK & FEEL bigger:

How about that?

#1 — Loose weight and get fit!

When you are overweight because of your flappy belly, fat legs, your penis actually LOOKS smaller than it is.

Perception is reality.

Get that six pack and look bigger!

#2 — Shave the pubic hair

Another way to appear bigger.

Have you noticed that all the male pornstars have nicely shaved and clean penises?

There’s little hair left at the top of their pubic bone, but everything else is shaved.

Your woman will both appreciate the cleanliness and you suddenly look a lot more impressive naked!

man with penis weights in hands

#3 — Learn the Deep Penetration Sex Positions

You can also accept what you have and instead spend time to learn the perfect angles that penetrate her deeper.

Also small penis owners have the best chances of really hitting her G-spot nice… and did I mention that small penis is the most anal friendly?

Use doggy style position and missionary with man on top, pillow under her butt and legs widely spread.

Additionally simply learn how to finger her, eat her pussy, use sex toys… use all you can to be great in bed!

It’s not ALL about the size!

It matters, but it’s much faster and easier to learn to give her orgasms, focus on her than spend months jelqing your cock.

Jelqing Stories From Real Guys: Before & After… And Their Results

Let’s finish it off with the perspective.

Here’s many other guy best jelqing stories and tips:

sad man sharing his jelqing story

“I’ve been impotent since I was 15 because of an accident with jelqing. I’m now 25 years old and still cannot get hard.”

Let this serve as a good warning…

“Sometime when i was 15 I read up online on jelqing techniques.

I decided to give it a try for around 2 weeks and one day, as I did my usual exercises, I pulled down, heard a “pop” on my dick (which always happened).

This time, immediately I lost my erection and I felt like as if my dick was “disconnected”.

  • 1 month passed by — started feeling depressed
  • 1 year — suicidal
  • 2 years — stopped thinking about it
  • 10 years, present day — still can’t get an erection

Since then I haven’t been able to achieve a full erection. That was 10 years ago.

I haven’t seen a doctor back then because I was incredibly scared and didn’t know who I could speak to. I figured that eventually with time, things will get better. But it didn’t.

I can still jerk off and cum, but when it comes to penetration, I can’t do it. The blood would fill up but i don’t actually “feel” any hardness like before.

Normally the prostate should feel firm but mine isn’t. Almost immediately I lose the erection when stimulation stops.

I’m gay and I have hooked up with some men and bottomed.

I feel incredible shame when guys start playing with my dick and I couldn’t get hard.

Because of this I just avoid hooking up and if I do, I make sure they have no social links to me.

This really does affect my social life. I’ve hung out with some gay friends and there was a night when one of our regular game nights, out of the blue, progressed into group play between 4 friends.

I had to hide and cry in the bathroom and then I made an excuse and left early and cried on the way home because I couldn’t deal with confronting the situation.

I was approached by one of them where they said they were sad I left because they really liked me, but I could never give a proper explanation because of the shame.

These guys were not one night stands — they were friends and I could never bring myself to open up to that level. I lusted after them equally and that fact hurt even more.

I’ve just stopped talking to them and cut them out after that night without giving a proper explanation and I still feel terrible to this day.

I’m already depressed to begin with as I have come from an abusive childhood. Since I’ve lost the ability to get erections, there’s another layer of darkness that looms over my mind.

I’m completely unable to push myself to get into a relationship with anyone, because I know when “that time” comes, I could never bring myself to explain why I can’t get hard and tell them because I used jelqing techniques to make my dick bigger.

It’s just being hit with shame after shame.

It has brought me down so much to the point that the depression has leaked into my social life and I’m starting to feel my mind being more and more clouded every waking day.

I recently saw a urologist and I described to him everything I did — the jelq, the stretch, the “pop”, the lack of hardness, etc.

He checked my penis in its flaccid state and immediately said there was no physical tears.

He then immediately prescribed Viagra to me and said “just take this.” and I had to ask him “…isn’t there anything else? Like, maybe an x ray? What about ligament tear?” and it took him awhile to write up an x ray for me and a blood test (testosterone).

I just thought it was strange how he wasn’t being thorough. I don’t doubt doctors but I was at how fast he was just running through with me.

Trying to find any place or forums to discuss ED has been incredibly difficult, in my experience, because quite often those very same message boards try to sell ads to make money off men and prey on their insecurities.

Even worse is the jelqing community. Anyone who ever speaks up about issues would be banned.

Their reasoning is that those users are trying to incite fear into the community and that they should just seek a doctor and then close off the threads.

You would hear no updates, nothing and other men (at least, me) would most of the time live through their ED without ever seeking actual help or an online community for support.”

Source: dickdontwurk

“Recent victim to jelqing (laugh all you want)”

And here’s another caution story…

It shows that there are also people creating terrible damage with jelqing…

And that there is no real coming back with it:

“I’ve been quick to accept this to be (potentially) irreversible damage, and this subreddit has been a tremendous amount of help!

Because, regardless of whatever any idiot claims on the net (oh dur just take a break it gets back to normal), I’m certain that most jelq injury is related to the pelvic floor (hard flaccid syndrome) and or the pudendal nerve, which are both very grave.

Anyways, I was wondering, do you think it would be just to create something like a jelq victim group?

Few reasons:

  • To raise awareness of the severity and avoid idiot casualties, and potential suicide
  • For those already afflicted, it would do well for us to openly discuss on probably the most stupid decision of our life, and to cope with our inevitable fate.
  • Also, it seems that the whole medical community (mainly doctors and urologists) seems to be ignorant of the whole practice of jelqing, and its harm — I’m hoping such a subreddit would take it upon themselves to raise awareness to the issue, and potential (!!) steps to recovery. Not to mention, most injury diagnoses are from sketchy forums (reddit being the most legit and helpful so far) — relying on those is only asking for trouble (it is important to realize, that for desperate people, such bogus remarks seem very enticing, which leads to permanent injury).
  • Most importantly, a strong community feeling reinforces our personal strength, and helps cope with the upcoming depression!

Jelq victims, and anyone else, please feel free to discuss!

It is my mission to stop those misfortunate dummies from committing the same mistake as I did!

More importantly, love your body — whether your pecker is damaged or small/average!!”

Source: aleph_crossroads

“Jelqing destroyed my life”

“About 7 years ago I was experimenting with jelqing for a few days and I was noticing good results.

In one week I grew my penis close to an inch longer. I was incorporating a ballooning technique as well by using pelvic muscles to hold back cum.

I guess I might of put too much pressure to hold back the cum that it might of burst some nerves or something because I felt some strange sensation in my penis and then it went cold and shrunk.

It felt as though a tiny bomb went off in my body setting off a chain reaction of despair regret and melancholy.

As a man I was very much relating to other men with my sexuality and growing my confidence in sexuality.

But after my injury to my penis I felt emasculated.

I felt detached from my penis and it brought many physiological changes in my body.

Even today I don’t feel connected to my penis and that vitality that sexual energy brings. I developed anxiety and depression along with that and it was a recipe for disaster.

I got checked out by a urologist and he said nothing is wrong with me. I got everything checked out and apparently everything was fine.

I don’t feel fine and I feel like I’ve been castrated all because of messing around with my junk for few minutes in a day.

I can still get an erection with a female but it isn’t as hard as it used to be and still have a detached feeling with that.

I havent felt like my self in all those years. I don’t feel grounded. I feel deadened As a man.

I don’t know what to do still to this day I suffer from little anxiety still but mostly apathy and very hard to experience joy and don’t feel like a man at all.

I know one thing is that only people that have gone through this can sympathise because its a sensation that only I will know how it feels.”

Source: menooneeputha21

banana looking like big penis

“After jelqing for 3 weeks every other day, here’s my results.”

“I have noticed that I now have harder erections, similar to that when I was in my teens (I’m in my 30s).

I imagine that this is like when you unclog a slow flowing pipe, and how faster it is when it’s unblocked, the blood can now flow more freely.

When I get up on the morning, I usually have to give the old boy a couple of tugs as to not piss everywhere when using the toilet, but now this is not an issue, I get up and just need to aim.

Flaccid length I’ve gained maybe 5/8ths of an inch, noticeable to me, which is important as I’m a grower, and when non-aroused I was practically an acorn, and I now feel more comfortable naked with my partner when I’m not turned on.

Actual increase in dick length?

Around 1/6th of an inch, which isn’t ground shattering, but neither is it a failure, but to put all your faith into this working for you having a black guys dick, it will never happen.

I lost 50lbs 2 months prior to starting this, and I had a bigger perceived increase because I lost some of my pelvic paunch, than jelqing did, so get healthy guys, and jelq on.”

Source: wesker

“The Importance of Logging Jelqing Results”

“One of the major weakness of jelqing is, in fact, the poor record keeping among many of the people who practice it.

We as a group can avoid this by taking proper beginning and end measurements (with pictures and without) to properly keep track of progress.

Measuring one’s own member is not hard, but has a very specific way of being done to be consistent and correct.

Step 1

Use a tape measure or tailor’s measure and press the beginning of the tape measure into the pad right ABOVE your penis where the body and penis connect.

This is to account for any differences in the fat pad between different people (higher body fat=less penis shows).

Step 2

On the TOP side of the penis, extend the tailor’s measure/tape measure to the tip of the glans and note the length at which it ends. This is the measurement for Length. Be sure to do it when fully erect. 1x per day for 3 days, then take the average for an accurate result.

To measure girth (or circumference).

Use the same tape measure to measure AROUND the midpoint of the shaft. This will be the girth measurement.

Again. 1x per day, 3 different days, then take the average.

From now on this is your starting data.

Use this as your beginning, at any milestone you see fit (every month, every 2 months, etc).”

Source: MistaShazam

jelqing success story with happy man

“Doubt about Jelqing turned to belief”

“Honestly, i was skeptical of jelqing.

But i decided to try it. I’ve always been insecure about my package.

I was 3’1/2 flaccid and 5’1/2 erect.

I always said i was 6′ to make myself feel better. After almost a month of jelqing.

Flaccid i am now 4’1/2″ and erect I’m 5’15/16″ pretty much 6.

I couldn’t believe it. But even my gf noticed a difference.

I have had no side effects.

Erections still going strong. This really works.

I usually jelq everyday in the shower.

Let the hot water warm up your junk.

I stretch for 1 min massage for 1 min then jelq and kegel at the same time.

3 sec jelqs with 3 kegels, i started 50 reps first week 75 reps next two weeks been doing 100 reps.

After let hot water hit your junk to relax it, massage it. I do about 10 ton15 minutes a day.

I actually gained almost 1 in in a month.”

Source: Daguyzalive

man massaging his penis with weights

“Are the gains you get permanent?”

“Nope. Not unless they are cemented.

I just recently lost my gains because I only did it for a few months and then took a few months off.

Luckily, I’m in the 90th percentile to begin with but it still kind of pissed me off.

You need to do PE and jelqing properly, regularly, consistently for well over a year to see life long permanent gains.

It’s much like the gym and bodybuilding.

You’ll see a difference in a few months, but if you stop you’ll be back to where you started in just a few more.

Think about it this way.

A guy who lifts heavy weights for 5 years consistently will develop bigger stronger bones, thicker wrists, thicker neck, he will be an all around bigger dude with a more masculine face.

Even if he quits and loses some muscle, those differences will never change. Likewise if you PE with proper intensity, regularity, over a period of years, your dick will never be the same.

You might lose a few tenths of an inch in length or girth after a year, but from then on your cock will be permanently it’s new size.

You need to get to a bigger size than your goal size and maintain that for a while to have your goal size for life.

Many PE vets can verify this.”

Source: RxCubed

happy people discussing their jelqing pictures

Bringing It All Together

I hope this guide gives you both sides of the coin.

There is a real danger of overdoing jelqing and having irreversible injury.

On other side there are tons of guys who had great results, yet it’s still an exercise that you need to keep on doing for pretty much forever.

Use it or lose it.

It’s up to you to decide what you’ll do.

I would suggest, unless you are in deep hole, really look at sex positions, getting better at sex in general and work on your sexual mastery by focusing on her pleasure.

Even if you have small penis, if you will give a woman the best sexual experience of her life either by using your fingers, tongue or sex toys… she will return the favor.

There was a study done that showed that while 85% of women were satisfied with the penis size of their partner…

Only 55% of men were satisfied with their size.

So if you are between 5″ to 6″ — just accept that you are perfectly average and cherish it!

Anyway, that’s my ramble!

Hope this helps!

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