4 Best Ways On How To Warm Up A Fleshlight & Keep It Heated

There are many different ways on how to warm up a Fleshlight. But today I’m sharing four best ways to do it: by using a Fleshlight warmer, electric blanket, warm water, and heating the lube.

How To Warm Up A Fleshlight


So, imagine this: 

You’re finally home alone after a long day in the office. 

You’ve been waiting for this moment when you will be able to sit down and have a good time with your fleshlight. 

It’s been on your mind all day, and you’re finally here, ready to start. 

You get your favorite Fleshlight (best choices here) from the drawer, grab some tissues, lube, and some porn.

You find the best spot to sit down – on your favorite armchair in the living room. You’re bursting with the excitement of what’s to come next. 

It’s time to put the lube into your fleshlight and get to town…

…But your fleshlight is cold and wet, and it’s just not great. 

Now, be honest:

I know you’ve been there many times before. 

I’ve been there as well. 

Fleshlights are awesome creations, and the material that they’re made of does feel just like the real skin. 

But when it’s cold, it does not remind you of the warm pussy that hugs your penis tight once you enter it. 

And this can be a serious buzzkill. 

But I have good news for you:

I’ve found four best and easy ways to warm up fleshlight with no hassle and make the whole experience so much better. 

So, let’s jump in. 

What You Will Need To Warm Up Your Fleshlight

Before we jump into details, we have to discuss what you’ll need to warm up your fleshlight. 

There are four different ways that I recommend, and they all require different things. 

The four best ways to warm up a fleshlight are:

  • By using the Fleshlight Warmer
  • By warming up the lube
  • By using the electric blanket
  • By using a warm water bath

So, as you can see, you might need different things for each. 

Here is a list of things you might need:

  • The Fleshlight Warmer device that you can get on their website for around $30 here.
  • A good water-based lube, I recommend getting either this or this one. 
  • An electric blanket, I personally think this one is great, and the price is reasonable. 
  • A bucket or a big bowl, you can find one in your kitchen. I’m sure of it. 

Now that we have this out of the way let’s dive into the good stuff!

4 Best Ways To Warm Up Your Fleshlight Before Use

#1 Use The Fleshlight Warmer

fleshlight sleeve warmer

Fleshlight Sleeve warmer is a great tool to have if you use fleshlights often and want something that’s easy to use. 

It’s compatible with all the sleeves they sell and you can get it here.

Using it is very easy: 

When you’re ready to start using your fleshlight, plug it in, and put your sleeve on. 

Leave it for 10 minutes or so, and it’s going to be warm and cozy for you. 

You can warm it while you’re getting yourself ready, so it’s very convenient. 


If you want to make it even better for yourself, I recommend you put some lube inside the sleeve before warming it. 

This way, it’s going to be easier to put and remove it from the Sleeve Warmer, and it will make it even more pleasurable to use once it is warm. 

It’s going to feel just like the real thing, trust me. 

What other men are saying about this method on Reddit:

“I’ve found it a solid investment. I don’t use the power supply that came with it, I use a power board with 3 USB outlets on it and it works fine.

(10/12w)Yes, it does take a while at first but let it do 2 /cycles (when the green light goes out) get it up to a nice temperature before using. Positives – more convenient, less messy than water. Negatives – time to heat.”


#2 Warm Up The Lube Instead Of The Sleeve

Warm Up The Lube Instead Of The Sleeve

Another great way to warm up fleshlight that is less messy than some others is to warm up the lube before using the sleeve. 

This method is great because you don’t have to worry about the sleeve itself. 

How to:

Pick your favorite water-based lube. I recommend using either this or this, but any works.

Boil the water to hot, pour it into a bowl or a small bucket, and put your lube bottle inside. 

Make sure that water is hot, but not boiling so that you don’t burn yourself. 

Leave it for up to 20 minutes while you get yourself ready for the solo play session. 

Once it’s all done, put the warm lube inside the sleeve and enjoy the pleasurable experience. 

You see, that wasn’t hard at all now, was it?

What men are saying about this method on Reddit:

“I don’t warm the sleeve, I warm the lube. Float it in hot water for about 20 minutes. I use a Yeti insulated cup for that. Then I’ll dump the water and fill it back up again with hot water. Wait another 10 minutes and then you’re good to go.

I use Astroglide for lube and the container fits in the Yeti cup easily and it keeps the lube warm for hours.”


#3 Use An Electric Blanket

Use An Electric Blanket

The next method of how you can warm up fleshlight is by using the electric blanket. 

I bet you didn’t expect this one, did you?

But trust me, it’s very easy and mess-free, so it’s worth giving it a go if you haven’t tried it yet. 

You’ll need an electric blanket for this one.

How to:

Wrap the electric blanked into a tight cocoon. 

Tighten one side a bit more and leave a hole in the middle. 

I should be like a tight funnel form cacoon with a hole inside that fits the sleeve. 

Now, put your sleeve inside the blanket, where you left a hole, and turn the blanket on. 

Leave it for up to 20 minutes or so, and your fleshlight will be pleasantly warm and ready to use. 

#4 Good Old Warm Water Bath

Good Old Warm Water Bath

Last but not the least (but definitely the messiest) on my list is to warm up fleshlight with a warm water bath. 

This is the most popular method out there, a lot of men swear by it when it comes to warming up their fleshlights. 

It doesn’t require any special tools. You just need a good bucket that is dedicated for this purpose and warm water. 

How to:

Boil some water, then pour it into your bucket. 

Make sure that the water is hot, but not boiling so that you don’t burn yourself and don’t ruin your fleshlight. 

Put your fleshlight in, leave it for about 10-15 minutes. 

Once it’s warm, lube it up and go to town. 


I recommend getting the dedicated bucket for this process as you can use it to put your fleshlight there once you’re done with it. 

It’s cleaner and more comfortable this way and helps if you’re using two or three in a row. 

What men are saying about this method on Reddit:

“I heat up water in a big pan and put the sleeve in a bowl and pour the water and wait a couple minutes,.. Lube it up, and pound it.. Feels much better”


“A bucket of hot tap water. The bakery section of your grocery store gives them away; ask if they have any empty frosting buckets and don’t forget to also get the lid.

It also makes cleanup easier; I toss the sleeve back into the bucket afterward.

Don’t use the handle for carrying the bucket when it has water in it; the handle on one of mine wore through and eventually broke and it was a mess with several gallons of water on the floor.”



And here you have it – 4 best ways to warm up fleshlight with no hassle. 

You can choose which method suits your lifestyle best, but I think they’re all great for this purpose. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment until you find the one that fits your preferences the best.

And if you need a suggestion on a great Fleshlight to have, check out our Fleshlight Riley Reid review.

I hope you found it helpful, and don’t hesitate to ask questions in the comment section!

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