How To Use Aneros Like A Pro: Tips, Instructions & Positions

Some of the best Aneros tips include getting aroused well, doing Kegel exercises, and clearing your mind. Also, you can use it with numerous positions that give pleasure and also with a partner.

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Aneros has made quite an impact in the field of male prostate massagers

Before you get to know how to use Aneros toys, you must first learn that they’re designed mostly for precision. Meaning it may pose some great challenges to beginners.

That said, the Aneros prostate massagers continue being one of the most sought after prostate toys in the world. 

And what’s good is that they come with different designs, materials, and sizes to carter to the vast majority of guys.

So, how do they really work? 

Let’s find out below…

How To Prepare

How To Prepare?

When learning how to have a prostate orgasm, it’s important you get the 3-legged stool technique correctly. 

And these are:

  1. The correct prostate massager + lube.
  2. The correct arousal
  3. The correct process (plus the right expectations)

Once you have these in the bag, then you can follow through with the following tips as you prepare:

#1 Use When Horny To Get Most Out Of It

This is basic knowledge. The best way to enjoy any sexual communication is by preparing your mind and body properly.

For anal experience, it’s more important that you arouse yourself first to welcome the process.

To achieve this, you can watch some blue videos (30 – 40 minutes) and avoid touching your penis all through. Audio porns too work great.

#2 Do Kegel Exercises

Though meant for women, doing Kegels has become important when preparing for prostate stimulation. You could end up having stronger PC muscles that will give you better sessions. 

How? The longer and firmer you can squeeze and hold your contraction, the better the contraction lengths and sensations yielded. This takes practice, hence the Kegels…

A few ways to do it:

  1. Perform a 2-count squeeze-and-release.
  2. Perform a 4-count slow cycle (Squeeze, Hold, Relax – counting 4 through all)
  3. Do a series of fast butterfly squeezes. (have an equal relaxing time)

You may start at lower reps then go hard as you progress over time. Remember to inhale as you relax and exhale as you squeeze. 

Doing this over time will help you control your PC muscles however you want when massaging your prostate.

#3 Prepare the Space

This is not a normal jerk-off session. There’s no pulling a quickie here (at least for beginners). 

So you need to put everything away that could interrupt you. This may include phone calls and any engagement that needs your physical presence. 

A good hot bath and some meditation can also help. Also, you may consider using an oil-based lube as they last longer.

#4 Clean Your Rectum

Depending on your diet, you may find your tank safe or a bit unprepared for insertion (use a finger to check this).

Either way, you should clean it hours before your session to allow your anal muscles to relax.

To do this:

You should get an anal douche and fill it with water (room temperature).

Then, in the shower or toilet sit, squirt the water into your rectum and expel it immediately.

Repeat a few times until you are content.

#5 Clear And Relax Your Mind

Simply put, you have to clear your head of anything that may serve as a distraction. This is important, especially when you have other life issues tagging at your mind.

If you are down with it, weed helps to speed up the experience and get you relaxed nicely.

How Does Aneros Work?

Aneros toys are high precision tools. This is seen in their similar design adopted by every model.

There are slight variations if you compare, which are meant to provide different experiences.

This is seen in the case of the Aneros Helix Syn and Aneros Helix Syn Trident.

Their models’ design includes a Perineum Tab (P-Tab) and a K-Tab (Kundalini Tab). The p-tab is designed to help stimulate the perineum region that’s just beneath the scrotum.

On the other hand, the other tab is bent upwards or downwards in different models and serves different functions. 

For example, for models having a k-tab bent upwards, the arm functions to massage the tailbone for added pleasure.

While for those bending downwards, the arm is mainly used to enhance handling. Mostly when pulling out or adjusting the massager.

And not to scare you… The P-Tab may slip off occasionally during use. Just reach down and push it back in place to have the correct anchorage.

What’s more, the head design is bulbous yet slightly tapered for easy insertion and rest on the prostate wall.

On the other hand, they have a thin neck diameter that allows the anal sphincters to hold them firmly once inserted.

Also, the insertable length from the base to the tip is measured to ensure that the massager does reach the P-Spot.

On its body-build…

Most, like the Aneros Ice, are built using hard plastic as a primary material. It makes them sturdy, durable, and easier to control during use.

Some other models like the Aneros Syn have the plastic in its core, and an added silicone cover. This gives users soft and smooth sensations that are more gentle on the prostate.

Well, for beginners, this softness is not ideal, mainly because of their low skill-level. In most cases, they prefer the harder plastic builds that are more aggressive and firmer on the touch.

From then on, they can improve as they start understanding what their bodies want or get excited about.

Though for the expert and advanced users, this softness and flexibility can help derive ecstatic pleasures! 

How To Insert Aneros?

Before insertion, it’s always a great idea to gently massage your anal orifice with lube using your fingers. It releases tension and relaxes your muscles a great deal.

Once there, gently ease the tapered head into your anus, making sure you don’t shove it at once. Make short stops every time you push in a ridge until you reach the stem base.

Worth noting… 

It’s important to relax (5 minutes would do) after you’ve inserted your Aneros. This is recommended because it will help you and your body adjust to the newcomer. 

Also, it will help you relax down there and relieve any tensed muscle.

Best Positions

Best Positions

Here are 4 of the top Aneros positions you could use:

1. Lying On Your Side

Here, you lie on either of your sides, then use the free hand to stimulate other body parts.

I find this most convenient because it’s easier to leverage the toy and has a sense of general relaxation around it. 

2. On Your Back

This works great if you’re with a partner and want to use minimum effort. They can help give you a hand with thrusting (if you need that kind of stimulation) or caressing your exposed body.

You’ll also get superb back support that’ll leave your four limbs free to operate however you want.

3. Kneeling On Your 4s

This is pretty much Doggy. The only difference is that you’re either giving/receiving oral or taking a low-lying partner this time. 

Performing penetration in this position will lessen the impact of the Aneros. This is because the jerking motion will keep pushing the toy out.

Unless your partner is committed to anchoring it with his/her hands.

Also, solo-play works as well but coordinating your Kegels and sphincter muscles will prove quite a hassle.

4. Lying On Your Stomach

Just as the name suggests, most of the action here will go down with you lying on your belly.

Once you’ve laid your towel down on the bed/couch, you lay prostate and insert your Aneros toy from behind.

Amongst all the mentioned positions above, this is somehow the most difficult to hack for most guys. And for obvious reasons…

See, when you get erect, your penis naturally gets the urge to twitch and nod occasionally.

This is more so when you start performing the contraction and relaxation with your anal muscles.

To overcome this…

You could put on a pelvic harness to hold and keep your penis up against your stomach when using the Aneros.

How To Use It During Sex With A Partner

Well, while a lot of users enjoy prostate play solo, there are no rules that say you can’t get your orgasm with a partner.

Also here, you may want to switch to something other than your normal sex playlist.

For example, you may opt to go for some binaural beats to set a different atmosphere for you and your partner.

So, you can have the Aneros on as you perform PIV, oral, and anal sex altogether.

And as we’re all different, there are people who attain more pleasure when they’re up and active.

On the other hand, the majority would prefer less action to focus their minds on the sensations and muscle contractions. You could try both to see what fits your bill.

And in regards to that…

If you want less action from your end, you can lay down on your back as you let your partner come on top.

If you want to come out guns blazing, then have the partner lie down and come on top of them with the toy in your butt.

Other People Tips, Experiences & Techniques

See what other people have to share about how to use Aneros from Reddit.

Read this user’s unique experience:

“I’ve never made direct human eye contact with another man while using the Aneros. It was one of the most intense sexual experiences of my life. As we locked eyes, I felt the initial twitch go to a more fluttery place than usual. Instant omen of an intense session. I warned him. 

Once it really got going, my legs started to shake a bit and I felt what could have been an earthquake originating from a tingly spot right behind my cock, deep inside of myself. I didn’t even realize that I had slowly clenched down on the toy; it felt like it had been slowly expanding inside of me.

Then the orgasm hit.

My eyes couldn’t quite focus on him, but I could see his mouth opening when he realized how powerfully my body can have a dry orgasm. I asked him if I could get loud and he said yes, so I started to moan. As I moaned, the toy felt like it was pressing harder, or deeper, or more insistently, and I knew that I was going to experience my first super-o in front of another person. 

I tried to say “super orgasm” and warn him, but before I knew it, I was pressed forehead to forehead with him, no other body contact, having one of the strongest anal orgasms of my entire life. 

I checked out of every physical sense but touch, and I left my eyes open when I checked out. He later described my face as “simultaneously very tense and very relaxed.” I couldn’t begin to explain the feeling shy of a word like nirvana.”


Also, check out these tips by daocampo:

“I have a strong feeling these tips will work for more than just myself:

Relaxation and proper breathing are important. It’s a good idea to take up meditation if you want to improve on this and meditation is useful for much more than just this actually.
I found that p-waves are sometimes misunderstood as uncomfortable tensions and I sometimes fight against it by unrelaxing. Be aware of when you might do this and act accordingly (as in STOP THAT). This is what I imagine the ‘do nothing’ technique is about.
Note that doing a douche/enema/water cleansing of your anal canal will make it harder to relax for a while so get that done hours in advance.
Be aroused or prepare for a waste of time. Do whatever it takes to get you in that quivering mood. When you’re in that quivering mood you may need to relax and allow the energy to flow.
– Try many positions. Today I found my favorite positions are when my head is lower than my ass or upside down in some way… I think it’s because the blood rushes to my head it gives my pelvic floor and the diaphragm more room to expand when I breathe.”



The Aneros is a highly versatile line of male prostate massagers. Getting the best experience when using one will require you to observe the 3-legged stool technique.

Besides that, insertion is very easy and the body design is well-made to fit and fill your tank comfortably.

You can use either of the top positions I’ve highlighted above or even others that you can come up with.

The key is giving the toy proper anchorage without compromising pleasure.

And what’s more, you can enjoy it solo or with a partner…

I hope this all will help you in your journey into the Aneros Super O experience!

Have you enjoyed reading this article? Feel free to share and leave any questions in the comments section below.


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