How To Use A Sex Swing (Guide & Instructions)

A sex swing can be hanged on your doors, walls, and ceilings. After installation, learn how to use a sex swing by adjusting the height, and attaching accessories like headrests, BDSM bondage, and door mounts to improve your experience.

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So you’ve heard of sex swings, and have thought about bringing it in your bedroom to kink stuff up a bit, right?

But you’re probably asking yourself, How do I use this? Are there special ways of installing them that I need to know about? How can I use the sex swing to spice the sex up a notch?

Before we set things rolling. A sex swing is a link of different harnesses used to enhance suspension during sex and vary in type. e.g. door sex swings, hanging sex swings, sex slings, and sex swing stands.

To know more about types and choosing one, you can read the complete best sex swing guide! 🙂

Alright! Let’s clear these draw-backs and get you accurate information on how to use a sex swing in your home!

How To Install A Sex Swing

As we have mentioned, there are different sex swings. Meaning they all have different ways of installing but nothing too sophisticated.

A door sex swing only needs you to hook the tube-stoppers at the top and slide them behind a door then shut it to make it firm and steady.

Hanging sex swings and sex slings need you to drill hooks on your bedroom ceiling for you to attach the harness for suspension. 

But here’s the catch! There is the sex stand option that allows you to mount the swings and slings without requiring any door or ceiling support.

Pretty rad, right? This especially comes in handy if you only want something to use once in a while.

For thorough details, read How To Install a Sex Swing Guide! 

Tips on How To Use A Sex Swing

You can add a creative flair while using sex swings to increase the pleasure and thrill. Let’s check out the following tips right off the bat!

1. Get Extra Accessories

Extra accessories can affect your experience ranging from the installation process to comfort. Some of them are:

Get Extra Accessories
  • Sex swing headrest – It keeps your partner from getting a stiff neck from prolonged use.
  • Squatting attachments – Used to enhance the squatting position and are attachable to the Screamer sex swing. Before purchasing these, ensure the straps on your sex swing accommodates them.
  • Bondage cuffs– These engage your BDSM fantasies and will easily attach to most of the sex swings and slings.
  • Door mounts – They come in handy when you want to convert your suspended sex swings into door swings, especially when you want to travel! 
  • Beam mounts – They are installation accessory that allows attachment to an exposed roof beam strong enough to hold your weight in the sex swings.

2. Adjust The Height Upfront

This is very important before you get things going. What do I mean? The height of the sex swing determines a great deal of the types of adventure you’ll have in your positions (stick around for a guide on this!). 

You can use the straps to bring the stirrups to a comfortable height.

So, if you and your partner are banking on mileage and intensity, then consider adjusting the height to a comfortable level before ripping those clothes off.

3. Warm-Up/ Start Slow To Prepare For A Workout

You know when they say ‘Practice makes perfect’? Yeah… What you want to do here, before enjoying any pleasure, is to ‘acquaint’ yourself with the sex swing first.

Sit on the swing. Examine the stirrups and practice getting in and out of the harness without much hassle. 

Try out a few tests on the positions from your fantasies then give it a good run with your partner later on.

This brief workout gives you an idea of the sort of energy or physical involvement required during its use. 

Also, the workout will help your body muscles adapt to the sex on the swings and slings. The aim here is to prevent injury or any form of discomfort during your playtime.

4. Enjoy the Bondage Aspect of It

 Enjoy the Bondage Aspect of It

The main reason for the invention of these things is ultimately to create and fulfill your wildest fantasies.

Take advantage of some of the sex swing accessories we’ve mentioned above and add them to your swing to create a BDSM experience of your own choice!

Are you in for more spice? Get a load of this: 

You can read this article dedicated to showing you 8 Best Sex Swing Positions and Ideas! 

Other People’s Experience

See what others are saying about sex swings and how to use a sex swing:

Swings are great! Mount it with a heavy duty eye bolt into a strong ceiling joist. We use a carabiner (as used in rock climbing) to quickly attach it and take it down, they are more than sufficient for the weight. You might want to consider some type of hammock chair to hang when the swing isn’t in use depending on the location, this also lets you hang out in the chair and gain confidence in the mounting system.

As far as sex in it goes, it is great! It requires very little physical effort so you can go forever. The bondage aspect of it is part of the appeal for us.

During one party I (male) somehow ended up hanging in it towards the end of the evening. My partner at the moment thought it would be funny to spin me, grabbed my ankle and gave me a spin. Try getting out of one of those things while naked and dizzy!


A clever suggestion from another Reddit user:

“I’ve never used one, However, if you are up too high, can you just go to Home Depot or Lowes and get a couple inches or a foot of chain to make it lower?

Also, maybe try just bottomless if you get weirded out being naked in it?

If you want to stabilize yourself somewhat, why not put on wrist/ankle cuffs and have your partner tie you to something fixed?

I’m guessing that the more you, um, hang out in it the more comfortable you’ll be…”


You can also watch the video below to get more details on using a sex swing.


There you go! We have literally given you the most important details on how to use a sex swing, how to do an installation, and offered some pretty spicy tips that will help you and your partner on the adventure to pleasure island. 

Is there any question about using sex swings we should know about?

Do you have a suggestion of how you could maximize the sex swing experience?

Leave your comments below and let us know what you think!

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