How To Swallow Cum Without Gagging [A Guide That Works]

Get armed with all the best tips that work! Learn exactly how to swallow cum without gagging and improve your deepthroating skills.

Swallow Cum

Ahh…it’s so damn hot when you do swallow.

Your partner wants it, you want to do it for him, but…

You might love the idea of drinking your partner’s cum from his cock…

But you cannot get over the texture, the smell, the taste?

This comment explains the whole cum swallowing dilemma in 2 sentences:

“I feel like such a quitter because I don’t like the taste (tried many men) and the texture makes it impossible to swallow.

I really don’t like it but I wish I did 

Don’t worry, this guide will help!

woman eating cum like boss

The Best Secrets On How To Swallow Cum

Basically, you have three solutions:

  • #1 — Communicate: Explain your issues and if he’s a good guy he’ll understand. You can prepare wipes or let him cum on your breasts or belly instead.
  • #2 — Get him to adjust his diet: I’m a vegan and there are many other reports on how diet changes the taste of semen. It’s not just about pineapple juice — it’s about eating greens and avoiding meats that take days to consume as they rot in the body.
  • #3 — Learn how to swallow: It’s a learnable skill… When you do it right, you’ll not even feel the taste.

I’ll focus on #3, but after the actual tips I’ve collected many people answers on the most common questions like:

  • Is it common for girls to swallow?
  • How to tell him if you don’t like to swallow?
  • Why do guys like to see girls swallowing?
  • How to cum in a way that helps his girl swallow?

How To Swallow Cum?

Baby steps.

It’s a new taste, a new skill and you need to get used to it.

I remember how when I first ate sushi — I hated it!

Fast forward few years and now it’s my favorite food.

Sexual act itself is messy, sweaty and sometimes weirdly smelling — it takes time to get used to it all.

Same for the cum (check out our best cum lube guide for other tips).

While that’s the best tip: just do it enough times and eventually, you’ll get used to the taste and process…

It’s not immediately helpful.

“Girl here — it isn’t the best taste in the world but if I didn’t want to do it or swallow it, I wouldn’t be.”

“When you’re going down on someone, feeling them get hard in your mouth it becomes exciting and is such a turn on, that it actually doesn’t ‘taste’ bad at all.

It’s down within 2 seconds, it’s just salty and warm.”


woman smiling and swallowing cum

Pretend His Cum Is A Shot And Swallow It Whole

If you’ll swallow quickly semen won’t leave that sticky aftertaste in mouth.

You know how sometimes it’s better to just jump and think later.

For some ladies its helpful if the guy doesn’t tell when he cums so you simply feel his cum suddenly in your mouth…

Wait for him to finish the ejaculation and then one big gulp— and you’re done!

Don’t try to swallow little by little — that’s hard to do while still blowing him and trying to breathe.

As with any strong shot: keep a glass of water next to the bed and just drink afterwards.

It will be incredibly sexy for your man and you’ll not even taste it.

Take A Page From The Deepthroating Book

Your tongue has taste receptors that cause your sensations of stickiness and texture of that semen.

But if you put his penis deeper in your throat as he cums, his semen will shoot straight down your throat and you won’t even feel it.

You’ll barely need to swallow because it’s so far down there and you won’t even feel the taste if semen doesn’t touch the throat.

Take Cum Swallowing Steps Slow & Build It Up

If you communicate with him telling how you want to learn how to swallow, but cannot yet… then you can take the baby steps.

Ask him to cum on your breasts and then just take a little taste of semen on your finger.

You can also tell him to go on greens diet if he really wants you to enjoy swallowing.

It will help if he tastes his own semen — for some guys it will be unthinkable…

But then… how can he expect you to swallow if he cannot even taste his own cum?

This will just give him perspective and in case of terrible taste and smell make him more understanding 🙂

So yes, either avoid the taste altogether or get used to it.

It helps to think of what is gross about his cum or whole swallowing process.

Maybe you have some mental block that needs to be solved?

woman sucking straw and swallowing semen

Other People Best Tips & Stories On Swallowing Cum

Here you’ll get tons of different perspectives on swallowing 🙂

You’ll understand you’re not alone in the challenge..!

But you’ll also get armed with ideas how to solve it:

First of all, check this awesome video where pornstars respond how they deal with the dilemma — spit or swallow?

“I always swallow, and I enjoy doing it. “

“But the taste isn’t always pleasant…

…so when I know he’s cumming, I take him as far back in my mouth as I can, and swallow immediately.

Then there’s no taste.

That being said, the number one insult to me is when I swallow a guy’s load and he won’t kiss me until I’ve drank water or swished out my mouth.

I find it really disrespectful.

I’m not secretly stashing your cum in my mouth so I can spit it back into yours or whatever weird thing you think is going to happen.”

Source: Anonymous

“Personally, my mouth is my favourite place for a guy to cum if we aren’t using condoms. “

“This is because it’s so much less messy, no awkward wiping up, no cum dripping out of your vagina and onto the bed, and less fear of the pill failing on me.

I’ve always swallowed cause there normally isn’t a good place to spit and I don’t really fancy pausing the fun to run to the toilet.

Also I’d rather get it down than have it marinating in my mouth, just drink a little water after and I’m good.

It’s all personal preference but if you want to spit it out you may want to plan ahead

But if you want options here’s what you can choose from:

  1. Taste it, then decide.
  2. Swallow. Kinda amplifies the taste from #1.
  3. Test him and prompt him to kiss you afterwards. But IMO it’s fine to dislike your own taste, even though I feel otherwise personally.
  4. Make a silly porn-like show out of it, depending on what he likes. I, for example, like creampies as much as the next guy, but seeing any of her body parts covered in it and making a show out of it really gets me going.
  5. If you don’t want much to do with it at all, just place a small towel on your night stand, spit into it and continue non-chalantly.”

Source: chillmenow

What To Do If You Hate The Taste Of Cum But Would Still Want To Swallow?

“Do your thing, make sure he tells you when he is getting close.

Then, take him as deep as you can COMFORTABLY, while still being able to breathe, extend your tongue as far down the shaft as you can, and wiggle that tongue from side to side, pressing the base of your tongue against his frenulum.

When he tell you he’s coming, snatch a quick breath through your nose and mouth, hold your breath.

Then, use the beginning of your throat to start a swallowing motion — you’re a MFing snake trying to swallow it’s prey.

With luck you’ll be able to swallow as it comes and it’ll miss most of your taste receptors on your tongue.

Without luck it’ll collect in the back of your throat and you can swallow with minimal taste.

Either way he’ll be super fucking happy.

My other suggestion is to try to put yourself in a mindset that is hot for you.

Like, I sometimes focus on how his most intimate part is in my mouth, and he’s about to be super vulnerable and make me an offering of his cum.

Makes me want it.”

Source: arithmetok

Why Do Guys Like Seeing Girls Swallow Cum?

“It makes you feel desired/wanted.

When a girl spits after giving head, it honestly feels kind of insulting.

It makes it feel like she was only doing it to make you come, not because she genuinely wants your cock.

After I go down on a girl, I certainly don’t wash my mouth out, and say “eww, that’s nasty.”

I feel like that would be the equivalent if the roles were reversed.

Even if I didn’t love eating out, I’d certainly never do anything like that immediately afterwards.

And just because something doesn’t help with reproduction (e.g. condoms) doesn’t mean it’s not interesting.

Also, if you don’t like the taste, swallowing means it’s not in your mouth for as long.

Unless you’re one of the girls who just stops the second the guy starts to come, which is not a good thing at all.”

Source: LicketySplitLegs

Is it common to swallow cum?

“It is “normal” as far as sexual things go, but not everyone does it.

If you don’t want to swallow you don’t have to.

I have done like twice before, I don’t particularly enjoy it…

But I find spitting gross, so generally when my guy is about to cum I just move my head out of the way and finish him off with my hand.

Bottom line, don’t do anything you don’t want to do.

And your boyfriend shouldn’t be forcing you to do something you don’t want to.”

Source: natnip

“Ladies, if you do not like to swallow cum, tell your man!”

“So I’m posting this because my girlfriend doesn’t like swallowing cum.

Never has except she did it the first time she ever gave me a blowjob since she was worried that if she spit it out that I would feel like she thinks I’m gross.

She did end up talking to me about it and explained that while the taste wasn’t necessarily bad, it was just the action of swallowing a large viscous liquid felt weird going down.

I told her that I don’t care if she swallows, I came already so I’m happy!

So talk to your men about it and they probably won’t mind!”

Source: AMiniMinotaur

woman preparing to swallow with lipstick on lips

Male’s Perspective & Tips To Help Girl Swallow the Cum

“Think of this:

Swallowing will turn him on and have him thinking of you being more sexually open, and more sexually satisfying.

He will connect with you and cherish you more.

It gives him another reason to look at you as a wonderful partner.

Lastly, he would be more eager to please, changing his mind on something you would like him to try.

To actually get it down your throat:

It doesn’t even start with you.

If taste is a issue he can change his diet (food does affect taste).

NO red meat, mayo, asparagus, and junk food.

DO drink lots of water, pineapple juice, (yes, it does work) fruits and veggies.

Do this for a week, being more adherent to it as the week goes on.

Next, have him shower before going between his knees.

No need to explain, but this is just part of a good experience.

After that, work him the way he likes with breaks in between.

This is to generally make the whole act sexier and really get you to link pleasure with the entirely of the act.

When you know he’s about to tap out, you can:

  1. Get him as far back in your throat is comfortable and swallow every other spurt. Or,
  2. Have him a reasonable distance back swallow rapidly, making sure to breathe in between gulps.

Tips include sticking out your bottom jaw a bit, as in the way you would stick out your tongue.

This gives access to your throat for bit more than the other way.

Have water or your chaser of choice nearby to gulp down after the main course.

You can also give him a blowjob where he comes elsewhere and use that for practice.

Example: you give him a blowjob, he comes on your breasts.

You use a finger to swoop up a little cum and put it in your mouth to taste and swallow.”

Source: showcase25

Tips If You Love Giving Blowjobs, But Find It Hard To Swallow.

Probably the best way to sort his out is by taking small steps to make it normal for you.

You can start by just letting him come on your stomach or whatever and then using your finger to take a little ‘taste’ (and maybe give him one — nothing gross about semen).

Once you are comfortable with that, what’s another small step you can take toward letting him come in your mouth?

Maybe let him come in your hand, put it in your mouth and spit it out right away.

Keep moving forward like that until it’s just normal.

Another approach I’ve seen people like is to simply get comfortable with having his penis further back in your mouth and, when he’s about to come, just move him further back and swallow it like a ‘shot’.

I think something worth spending some time on is also your thoughts/feelings about semen — is it ‘gross’?

What’s gross about it?

How is it different / the same as your partner’s saliva or the salt from their skin?

Does your partner like the way your vagina tastes/smells — how is it the same / different from that?

Does that make sense?

Like, maybe at some point you were all gaggy about broccoli but it’s totally no big deal now?

How did that transition happen?”

Source: typingbonbmybphone

Bringing It All Together

Now you’re armed with all the best tips on how others make it work!

It is super hot and you can definitely do it! 🙂

Practice makes comfortable!

And again… I think deepthroating skills will be invaluable here.

And do check out our best edible lube guide for another safe & tasty option.


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