13 Best Ways How To Store Your Sex Toys, Dildos & Vibrators

Storing your sex toys properly is extremely important.

sex toys in the storage box cover

You want them to be tucked in safely until the next time you use them, and you definitely don’t want your toys collecting dust, right?

So, if you’re not sure how to store your toys properly or you want some ideas on how to hide them in your house, then keep on reading!

What Is The Best Way How To Store Sex Toys?

Let’s start with the basics first:

How do you store your sex toys so that they stay clean and last you a long time?

Well, here are the steps you should follow:

#1: Always Clean & Dry Them After Use

It doesn’ matter what sex toy are we talking about – fleshlight, dildo, butt plug, or else. 

It’s important that you clean and dry your toys before storing them!

Your toys are usually sticky after the use, and it’s a perfect place for the bad bacteria to multiply. 

So, when you don’t clean your toys, you’re exposing yourself to the risk of getting a nasty infection. 

The same goes if you don’t dry your toys after you clean them. The mold will start growing really fast if your toys are wet, and it’s the fastest way to ruin them. 

So, always make sure to clean your toys according to the instructions and then dry them properly before putting them away. 


Always read the instructions before using soap or other cleaners to clean your toys. 

There are plenty of different materials, and they all need different care, so you have to be aware of it. 

You don’t want to ruin your toy by using a harsh soap on it!

#2: Store Them In A Cloth Bag Or Wrap In A Cloth

satin toy bag product shot

The easiest and cheapest way to store your sex toys is to put them inside a cloth bag or simply take a clean towel and wrap it inside it. 

This works perfectly fine, and it will protect your toys from getting dusty or getting dirty. 

I would not recommend storing your toys in plastic bags as your sex toys might absorb the chemicals, and this will degrade the materials faster. 

Now, if you want something that is antibacterial, I recommend getting this bag right here

It’s not too expensive, looks great and sleek, and it will protect your toy well. 

Another great recommendation is this Satin bag from Lovehoney. 

It doesn’t get any cheaper than this, and it’s discreet and sleek enough not to cause suspicion if someone stumbled upon it in your drawers. 

#3: Put Each Toy In Separate Cloth

It’s important to remember that you should never store your sex toys together. 

The reason for it is simple:

Some [cheaper] materials can react to each other when touching for prolonged periods of time, and this will tarnish the material faster and ruin your toy. 

The best thing you can do is wrapping each toy in the separate cloth when storing them or getting individual bags for each toy. 

This way, all of your toys stay clean, dust-free, and will last you a long time. 

#4: Remove Batteries And Keep The Cords Tidy

If you’re using toys with batteries, it’s best to always remove them before storing so that they last longer. 

This will help you to save up on battery life, and you won’t be disappointed about running out of juice in the middle of the action!

If you have sex toys that come with cords, you have to take care of them properly as well. 

Don’t leave the toy plugged in the cord, but always keep the cord together with a toy to avoid mixing things or losing your cord. 

It will be disappointing if you want to use your favorite toy, but you can’t find the right cord for it!

#5: It’s Time To Store Your Toys Safely

Once your toys are all clean, dry, and organized, it’s time to find the best place to store them. 

Now, this varies from person to person, and it really depends on your living situation and what type of lifestyle you lead. 

If you’re a sex toy collector, you might have a whole chest of drawers or IKEA shelves dedicated to storing your toys. 

If you have kids, you might want to store your kids in a place where it’s hard to reach, or that has locks and security measures in place so that they don’t find it. 

We will talk about the best places to hide your sex toys at home if you don’t have the privacy a bit later in this post. 

6 Sex Toy Storage Container Ideas

Do you still need more ideas for storing your sex toys than a simple cloth? 

Let’s look at some of the best ideas:

#1: Keep Them In The Original Packaging

Most of the toys you’ll buy will come in good quality boxes or bags. 

So, if you’re too lazy to think about something extra, I recommend not throwing the packaging away and keeping your toy inside. 

It’s easy and cheap and does the basic job of protecting your toy. 

Now, the only question is whether you have the privacy to keep the original box or not. 

Some toys have a bulky packaging with pictures and images, so if you’re trying to hide it from your housemates, it might not be the best solution for you. 

But if you’re proud of your sex toy collection and don’t mind people seeing what you have, then go for it!

#2: Get Sex Toy Container With A Lock

joyboxx storage product shot

If you want something extra secure, I recommend getting a storage box with a lock for your favorite sex toy. 

This one right here is pretty cool.

It’s discreet, simple design and doesn’t cost a fortune like some of the other lockable containers on the market.

Now, if you need something more compact than this, I recommend checking this one out instead.

This case is thin, and you can fit all the essentials you might need together with your toy. 

It takes up less space, still has the lock, and costs only $26. 

#3: Liberator Velvish Toy Bag

liberator velvish toy bag product shot

If you’re looking for something more classy and sexy looking, this Liberator velvet bag is perfect for you. 

It’s very elegant and doesn’t look like a sex toy case. 

Also, it comes in a few different colors you can choose from and has a cute handle for easy handling. 

It can fit your vibrator or your Magic Wand, and you even have the space to pop in your lube inside it. 

Get your hands on one right here

#4: Zappa Toy Bag

zappa toy bag product shot

Another sexy option for you is this suede bag that can fit a few of your favorite toys inside. 

It’s fairly simple and sleek, looks just like your regular cosmetic bag.

And this is a great selling point as no one will ever suspect that you’re carrying your vibrators inside!

It also comes in a few different colors, so everyone can find something for their taste. 

Get your hands on it here for only $20. 

#5: Fake Book Case

recipe holder wooden book product shot

Are you into reading and have a huge array of books at home?

Well, then the discreet way to hide your vibrator would be by getting a fake book storage box and keeping it inside. 

You can hide your vibrator in plain sight, and no one is going to know what’s inside!

You can find plenty of great options here on Etsy. 

#6: Sleek Leather Case

If you have money to spend and want something that can warm up your toys and keep them in a sleek leather case, then you’ll love this option here. 

It’s a very sexy and very discreet case.

And it comes with a warming mat inside where you can keep your toys warm before you use them. 

This case is perfect for glass and steel toys as they’re the most prone to temperature changes. 

But it’s a very expensive bad boy, coming at almost $100.

7 Ideas Where To Hide Sex Toys & Dildos At Home

And now, it’s time that we talk about where on earth you should hide your toys at home. 

Privacy is an issue for many people when it comes to sex toys, but here are some great ideas for you if you don’t want your kids or your flatmates finding your stash:

#1: Big Travel Bag

Keeping your sex toys inside the travel bags might be the easiest way to hide them. 

Usually, you have your own travel bags that only you use, and they are often sitting in your closets collecting dust. 

And it’s rare that people will take your travel bag without asking you first, so I think it’s safe to stash your sex toys there. 

#2: Under-Bed Storage Boxes

If you live in an apartment that lacks the storage space, the chances are that you have those under-bed storage boxes from IKEA filled with stuff under your bed. 

It can serve as a great way to safely store your sex toys. 

Put the toys on the bottom and place clothing or blankets on top, hiding it well. 

The chances are that people are not going to go through your boxes without reason, so your little secret is safe!

#3: Tool Box

You can use an actual toolbox you have in your garage to keep your toys in, or you can buy a special one dedicated to your toys specifically. 

They usually have a lock on them, so you can make sure that no one is getting in, and no one will question you why you have a toolbox in your home. 

Just make sure that people don’t come looking for an actual screwdriver in there!

#4: Tampon Box

You can hide small toys very easily here, but huge dildos and larger vibrators might not fit. 

No one is going to go looking for something inside the tampon box beside you or your best girlfriend, so you can leave it even on your nightstand for people to see. 

#5: Wooly Socks

If you don’t have any other options, try putting your toys inside wool socks. 

They’re huge already, so it won’t look weird, and you rarely wear them out anyway, so a win-win here!

#6: Hung Up Jackets

If you have jackets in your closet that you don’t use very often, it might be a good idea to keep your toys inside their pockets. 

No one will go there to look for things, and it will keep your toys safe and clean until the next time you decide to use them!

#7: At The Very Top Of Your Closet

This tip is important for people who have kids. 

Keeping your toys in a place where kids can easily reach, even if it’s a locked box, might not be very smart. 

Store your sex toys at the very top of your closed, where only you can reach and where only you will go looking for stuff when you need it. 

Other People Tips, Experiences & Techniques

And now, let’s see what other suggestions for storing your sex toys people have on the internet:

For individual toy storage, I’ve used Ziplocs for ages. Never had any complaint.

For general storage, we got a Sterilite dresser, and we love it. Top two thinner drawers for lubes and condoms, three larger drawers beneath, each allocated a theme (e.g. general vibrators, butt stuff, bondage stuff), and it was like 20ish bucks I think. Doubles as a nightstand.


Put everything in about 3 plastic storage bins, then I put those into my end of the bed storage bench.

Not only does it store everything discreetly, but it also looks very stylish. No melting either! Hope this helps!


Some have good enough packaging or come with a storage bag. Otherwise, I wrap them in microfiber towels and place them in sandwich bags.

Then all of those go in a drawer in my dresser that I added a lock to and put an extension cord with USB outlets inside from a hole in the back. Very sneaky lol.



And here you have it – the proper way to store your sex toys and where to hide them if you don’t have the privacy!

It’s important to keep your sex toys properly if you want them to serve you well and if you want to have the best experience using them. 

And it’s not that complicated to find a place for them at your home, so if this is the only thing that’s keeping you from buying your first toy, don’t hold yourself back anymore!

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