How To Put On A Chastity Cage (And Wear It Without Pain)

It’s easy to put on a chastity cage. Here’s exactly how you do it:

chastity cage examples
  • Make sure you’re clean and shaven.
  • Put the ring on first.
  • Use ice to shrink your penis.
  • Lube up, tip to base – or use the stocking method.
  • Slowly slide the cage on.
  • Secure the cage to the ring.
  • Padlock the cage.
  • Remove the cage if there’s any pain.

Let’s Have A Closer Look!

Playing with chastity is a thrilling game. But it’s not always simple to start.

You want an easy time getting your cage on, and a safe, comfortable time wearing it.

I’m going to teach you the best way to put on a chastity cage, make sure it’s pain-free, and stay clean.

What You Will Need to Follow This Tutorial

The right size cock cage

If you already have a cage that fits, then you’re ready – but if you don’t, we have an article about how to measure for a cock cage here.


To make it easier to get inside the cage, you’ll want some lube. Use water-based lube – anything else is too difficult to clean.



If you don’t have lube or you’re worried you’ll get aroused, you can use a stocking instead. 

If your partner doesn’t have any knee-length stockings, ask her if she’ll sacrifice a pair of tights. Cut one leg off at the knee.

How to Put On A Chastity Cage (Step by Step)

Step One: Shave

Step 1: shave

Make sure there’s nothing in the way of your cage by shaving. You don’t want pubic hair to get caught in the cage.

Step Two: Clean Up

Step 2: clean up

Get nice and clean before you start. You don’t know how long you’ll be in the cage, and it’s difficult to thoroughly clean yourself once you’re inside.

Step Three: Wear the Ring

Step 3: wear the ring

Here’s a refresher on how to put the ring on if you need it:

Put your balls in one at a time. Then, bend your penis and push it through too. Pull the ring back, tight against your body.

Try to avoid lube here – it makes it harder to get on.

Step Four: Shrink Yourself

Step 4: shrink yourself

Chastity cages are tight, so it may be hard to get on even with lube. It could also be uncomfortable because your tip touches the end of the cage.

Use some ice to make yourself smaller for a little while. When you warm up, the cage will be on – so you’ll grow to fit it.

Step Five: Wear the Cage

Step 5: wear the cage

Before you put the cage on, make sure you know what type of cage it is. Look at the lock, and see how it attaches to the rest of the cage. 

Some have a lock on it already, but others are customizable and have spacers. Spacers let you determine what the most comfortable position for the lock is. Position them how it feels best for you.

Once the lock is placed it’s time to put on the rest.

With lube: Generously lube your entire penis, from the tip up to the cage’s ring. 

Carefully insert your tip into the cage. Slowly push the cage up your penis towards the ring, until the parts touch. 

Make sure the cage and ring are in line with each other.

With stocking: This method only works if your cage has an opening at the tip. Feed the stocking through the opening.

Now pull it through the cage. Next your penis in the stocking that is pushed through the cage. Pull the stocking up to meet the ring you’re wearing.

As you pull the stocking, the cage will slide on with it until it’s fully or almost fully on.

Step Six: Lock It Up

Step 6: lock it up

First, make sure you remember where the key is – or your partner does.

Now carefully pin the cage in place and lock it with the padlock.

If you did the stocking method, hold the cage in place and pull the stocking back out through the hole in the cage.

If you used lube, wash it off.

And now, you’re ready to wear it – but how do you do this painlessly? 

The Right Way To Wear A Chastity Cage

Here’s the first thing you need to know: a chastity device should never cause pain. If it does, it’s the wrong size. Call this a bad experiment, re-take your measurements, and try again with the new one.

Or just keep sizing up until you find your perfect fit.

Since chastity cages are safe for long-term use, if something is uncomfortable it’s a red flag.

Really, your chastity cage should feel like wearing a ring on your finger, but in a different location and slightly more uncomfortable at first.

Until you become erect. Then the pain begins, so you have to focus on not thinking erotic thoughts.

So pain aside, what else should you know?

Start slow

Your body isn’t used to being locked up all the time, so don’t rush into it. Wear it for longer each time, and eventually, you’ll be able to do it for indefinite lengths of time.


You should clean the cage in the shower daily, but take it off every few days for deeper cleaning. Use hot water and soap and you should be fine.

Also, clean it after urinating to stay on top of hygiene! 

For enclosed chastity cages, use a cloth wrapped around a brush handle to clean all the way inside the device.

Now clean yourself deeply, too – your attempts while in the cage won’t have been perfect. Use unscented soap and a soft cloth.

Don’t put the cage back on until you’re both completely dry.

Skin Care

Skin care

Even though your cage is made of body-safe materials, anything can cause skin irritation – chafing is agony!

Use lotion every day to prevent it. Apply a moisturizer under the bars of the cage using a cotton swab. For enclosed cages, apply it as far inside as you can reach.

When you’re cage-free for a thorough cleaning, moisturize your whole groin area for extra care.. 

Have Free Time

Have Free Time Without A Cage

You should take some cage-free time at least once a month and inspect your penis thoroughly to make sure there are no adverse effects from chastity.

Report any issues to a trusted doctor!

Wear It Well

Hopefully, this guide helped you learn a thing or two about how to put on a chastity cage, and wear it effortlessly. 

Remember, if it hurts when it shouldn’t, something is wrong. And if you can’t get the cage on, it may be too small for you, or maybe you just need some more lube.

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