How To Please A Woman With 6 Inches (Can You?)

6 Inches is bigger than average size (5.16″ in length) according to 15,521 men penis measurement study.1 But to please a woman with 6 inches you need how to use that penis, read on…

Now that you know that your penis is perfectly average and an average woman is built to take the average-sized man, let’s answer the question: how to please a woman with 6 inches?

  1. Learn how to arouse woman before actual intercourse in foreplay with dirty talk, kissing, anticipation.
  2. Take it slow for a woman to warm up to your size. Remember men are ready for action a lot faster than average women.
  3. Learn the best positions and erogenous zones that bring the most pleasure to her. (for every woman it’s different, there is no one size fits all.

It matters less what size penis you have. It matters a lot more how you use what you’ve got.

While basics are simple, it can take years to master the art of lovemaking. Alternatively, you can always get the best hollow strap on if you’re worried about truly satisfying your partner.

Is 6 Inches Enough To Satisfy A Woman? (Women Answer)

woman shocked at mans penis

“Dude. There’s a reason average is average. The average women is built to take the average male.

A few nights ago he hit my cervix so hard I wanted to vomit. Why men think they want 12 inches I cannot figure out. Length doesn’t pleasure us. The angle and the way you rub the right spot does. My bf can make me cum with his 2 fingers, so logic dictates that even if his penis was the size of 2 fingers I’d still be satisfied.

Just because a few select girls out there prefer horse dick doesn’t mean every girl wants that or can handle it without pain. If you’ve managed to hit her cervix, it means that your length is about the same length as her. Why does a man need to be longer than our vagina? Trust me, having slow careful halfway in sex isn’t fun for anyone.

I love that my boyfriend and I can go hard fast and balls deep without discomfort. His size is my exact ideal. I wish I could make a mold of it for personal use when he’s away and I’m feeling frisky.”

Source: Reddit, deleted user

“Female here: I’ve found that only two dicks have ever truly pleased me on dick alone, mostly because their size was proportionate to my vagina and how they fit in it. They were around 6-7 inches?

Other than that it is honestly about how well you are as a package (pun lol). Do you use your hands? Do you hold me? Grip by thighs? Kiss my breasts?

Master the skill of artfully fucking me and your dick size won’t matter. Size isn’t everything if you know what you are doing. Oh and for the love of God, make some noise so I know you are enjoying yourself.”

Source: Reddit, confidentgirl

Girth has a lot more to do with what I can take and what is satisfying/painful than length does.

I fortunately haven’t had a problem with a cervix-puncher, but I’ve had lots of problems with thickness causing pain and discomfort (though I usually don’t pull out the measuring tape, so I’m not sure what my range is number-wise).”

Source: Reddit, user: zopilotemachine

The Truth On Why Men Think That 6 Inches Might Not Be Enough?

man checking out his penis with magnifying glass

Why do men think that they want 10″ – 12″ in penis size?

There are few reasons for it.

Since young age you start hearing “small dick” jokes.

Men, women all talk about it. The penis size is a symbol of manhood, virility, and common wisdom says that – bigger is always better.

Our skewed reality because of pornography.

Where else do we see other men’s erect penises than in porn?

Think about it. If women don’t shy away comparing their breasts and talking about intimate challenges, men are a lot more closed.

The only place you see what’s normal is porn. But what you don’t think about is the fact that men in pornography are alpha males, the best specimens of manhood.

And let’s not forget about the fact of perception games that video creators play on us.

They use the best angles and perception (big guy, small female) to make penis appear even bigger than it is.

All of this brings us the insecurities that for some reason we’re not enough.

But the average size is 5.16″!

Here’s additional food for thought:

This may come as a surprise to many in here, but vaginas come in all sizes too.

I’m a little bigger than average, and I’ve slept with women who have had plenty of room to move around in and some that made my dick kinda sore because they were so small. If you’re in the average range (which you are), you’ll be just fine for the vast majority women. In fact, most of the women I know prefer an average size.

Too small, they can’t feel it. Too big, it hurts. But more importantly, paying attention to her needs, turn ons, knowing how to pace yourself, and giving her pleasure multiple ways is far more important to your overall quality in bed than the size of your dick. Don’t believe what you seen in porn—most women prefer a good lover with an average dick to a dude with a huge dick who just jackhammers for 2 mins.”

Source: Reddit, user, 2001words

Bringing It All Together

I hope this guide was eye-opening for you, and if that’s not enough to turn you into a believer, check this subreddit of average men posting pictures of their average size penises (NSFW).

This exercise was healthy for myself, as well as my girlfriend.

She also thought that her “pussy” is not pretty. After going through many pictures of average woman pussies she realised she’s perfectly fine.

For a “natural” solution you might want to check our jelqing guide for getting a bigger penis.

For toy suggestions, check out our RX sleeve review.

Finally, it helps to be in healthy relationships where your special someone compliments your body.

Over years of repetition this will help you overcome the insecurities and feel more confident about your body.

Good luck.


  1. “Am I normal? A systematic review and construction of nomograms for flaccid and erect penis length and circumference in up to 15 521 men”. BJU International.
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