How To Install A Sex Swing (Hanging & Mounting Guide)

Installing a sex swing is a simple procedure that will make use of your ceiling, walls, doors, and beam mounts. With the combined help of hooks, mounting straps, and stands, you are half-way there on learning how to hang a sex swing. You can install your sex swing in your room, the attic, or even at the corridors.

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So you’ve got yourself a handy sex swing? Congrats! Welcome to the swinging gang

Wait, what’s that? You don’t know how to install a sex swing? You look at all those straps and ask yourself ‘…‘the hell am I supposed to do now’

Well, we have good news for you! 

Shake off those jibbers and read below on our best ways to install your fantasy swing in a snap.

We will show you the 5 main ways and what you need for each to work. We will also review other user experience on hanging sex swings in case you’re shy to ask around.

Here we go!

How Do I Attach a Sex Swing To The Ceiling?

We have mentioned that we will talk about five main installation methods. But, you can also come up with yours from your own imagination and add it to the list. 

Right, let’s get to it!

1. Ceiling hook installation

The ceiling hook installation is common and a bit extensive. It is a more permanent installation and could serve you for long if done correctly.

For this method, you’ll need an eye hook. Bonus if you get the welded eye hooks from home depot as they support more weight.

You might find eye hooks in the package when you buy some swings. But not all of them come with the welded type issue. 

For a tie-down anchor, you can get a looped plate that’s a lot stronger and uses up to 4 screws to fasten on a surface.

Ensure they have a welded loop that is at least 2” long for better performance.

Also before you begin drilling into the ceiling, ensure that you have located the center joist.

This is the most steady part of the ceiling and can support the kind of weight we’ll put here.

Consider your house’s plan and locate the stud edges. Once you get them you can locate your center joist for the installation.

So what’s next? 

Here, you can set up either a single or double hook.

Single hook

Single hook

A single hook installation will require you to get as much room from the walls as possible. You will need a lot of space when you want to use the spinning motions during sex.

The single hook gives a very nice ability to this. 

Important to note: Strapping into the swing and spreading out equally requires room. So anything from 3 feet from the wall will do.

Double hook

Double hook

A double hook is like the single hook but will need you to attach 2 hooks instead. You can space them 30-36” apart but we’d tell you to do 24-48”.

The concept here is that wider spacing means more comfort, especially for persons with broad hips.

Like the single hook, do not overlook the importance of having enough space from the walls.

2. Using a Sex Swing Stand

Using a Sex Swing Stand

If you don’t fancy the drilling stuff, you can take up stands for your sex swing. These are very convenient for people living on-the-go, having weak ceiling structures, or are in rented apartments.

Stands are more mobile but may incur you an extra buck, and extra space (6-7 foot square space).

This is great for the bondage affair as they have extra attachment points for any of the BDSM accessories.

And the good news? The stands come with up to four mounting points, depending on the model you pick.

Also, you can disassemble the stand when after use and keep it in a closet to create space in the room. 

3. Chin-up Bar Door Swing Setup

Chin-up Bar Door Swing Setup

Chin-Up bars are very discreet and can go for as low as $30 on retail. A chin-up bar is very handy if you are living in a rented house, don’t have space, or homes that cannot support permanent solutions.

First off, you have to screw in the eye hooks in place of the 2 bolts used for mounting on door brackets. We recommend that you use double hooks to correct the problem of height in this type of installation.

If it gets too low you might not enjoy its use. The double-hook option gives more range of adjustment.

Apart from the height, the other limitation to this setup is that it has a weight limit of about 200lbs.

4. Beam Mounts

Beam Mounts

In my own experience, beam mounts have a great creative function. They may not be as widely used as the other installing options but a great imagination will whip up some amazing improvises!

Beam mounts are simple and hung over ceiling joists or exposed beams.

In the absence of an exposed beam (as with most houses), you could hang it over vaulted ceilings, basement, or even the attic!

It’s that simple! Hang it around a beam or other similar support of your choice, then hang your swing and you’re set to go!


You can hang a beam mount from a tree branch (for private enclosures), or use it to mount the swing in a gazebo court. Also for an indoor mounting, you can decide to mount the sex swing using a stand in the case you can’t find a suitable beam-like support

5. Door to Door Installation

This installation happens where you have two doors facing each other. This probably means your space of operation will be around the hallway area.

When looking to set up a door to door swing installation, make sure you get a pair of door mounts. 

The door mounts are then hooked on to a double hook sex swing. These are the same door mounts that you can use to convert your sex swing into a door swing. 

The setup is as simple as it could get.

Setting up:

Make sure you have attached the door mounts to the sex swing. Then take one side of the attached door mount and slide it behind one door and close it.

Repeat this with the other end and ensure that you shut both the doors and the mounts.

And just like that, your Door to Door swing installation is ready for use! The Door to Door installation is also discreet and offers a wide seat value for a plus-size use.

Other People Tips and Experiences

Let’s look at what people have to say about installing sex swings:

“If it were me I think I’d drill a good sized hole through one of the joists, just big enough to get the pin of a 1 tonne shackle through. Then you’d have a perfectly anchored, non-rotating 1 point connection that would be very solid. I’ve got a feeling someone would say something about a hole in the joists, but for a 1 tonne shackle it should be a smaller hole than the holes put in for those bolts, when you reinforced the old wood.

Would also be way less suspicious to hang a heavy bag from, and also, you could do it to another joist to have 2 points of restraint overhead. You know, if you’re into things like that.

Hell, now that I’m thinking about it, fuck the heavy bag, you could just unscrew the shackle pin and take the whole thing down as one piece, just leaving a non-suspicious hole in the joist”


“200 kg load bearing chain x 4 doesn’t add up to 800 kg then plus the swing at 1000kg.

200 kg load bearing chain x 4 = 200 kg per strand.

So you need to work out the weight of: swing + Peeps + chain = chain load bearing.

As they say: chain is only as good as its weakest link…“


“I have some experience in this area – do NOT use a wood screw eye and screw it into a beam. Place a 4 x 4 beam perpendicular to, and across, two of the ceiling joists. For hardware, use a screw eye threaded for a nut. Drill completely THROUGH the beam and secure it with two nuts locked tightly together. This will eliminate the possibility of the nuts loosening.

You do not want to use a wood screw because the weight may be greater than the ‘bite’ of the screw threads into wood.

If you remove it, simply drywall patch the hole in the ceiling between the ceiling joists.”



You’ve now crossed the finish line! We at SexualAlpha hope that you have grasped a few cool ways on how to install a sex swing at home.

Feel free to revisit the 5 methods we’ve highlighted in this article at any time. 

If you want a more permanent attachment, then go for the Ceiling hook installation.

If you just want something to bring out every once in a while, then the stand and the door to door variations is the best fit for you.

Thanks for camping out here! Throw your questions or suggestions in the comment section below if you have any.

And of course, if you want to skip all the building and decide to purchase a sex swing instead, we got you covered in our complete guide.

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