How To Anally Masturbate Like A PRO: Tips & Techniques

Anal masturbation can be a great way to spice up your sex life. We’ll teach you how to anally masturbate and it’s very easy to do – get into a comfortable position, put some lube on your finger, and slowly insert your finger inside your anus. See what feels good and adjust as you go.

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Let’s be honest, most people love to masturbate, and there is a good reason for that:

It’s fun, it’s pleasurable, and it makes you happy. 

I see that many people focus on regular masturbation, but have you ever tried anal masturbation?

Anal play has been becoming more and more popular and rightfully so. 

It can be very pleasurable especially if you’ve done your research on the best anal dildo for you.

Today I will show you everything you need to know about anal masturbation.

Let’s jump in!

What Is Anal Masturbation?

In short, anal masturbation is the stimulation of your rectum, anus, and prostate to achieve sexual satisfaction. 

So, basically, if you’re touching your anus solo seeking pleasure, it’s anal masturbation.

Why Should You Try it?

Anal masturbation can be extremely pleasurable because our anus has lots of nerve endings. 

For females, there is rumored A-spot, which gives orgasms as intense as G-spot stimulation. 

And for males, well, there is prostate inside your anus, and stimulating it can bring in a lot of pleasure. 

It can also spice up your sex life—both solo and couple. 

We all want to try different things from time to time, so why not expand your pleasure horizons with a bit of anal masturbation?

Let’s briefly talk about how to prepare for anal play:

How To Prepare For Anal Masturbation?

Preparation for a sexual experience is always crucial if you want to get the most pleasure out of it. 

So, let’s take a look at a few things I recommend you do before your anal play to get yourself ready for pleasure:

#1: Your Hygiene Is Important

Your Hygiene Is Important

It’s always more fun to play when you’re fresh and clean, right?

So, it might be a good idea to take a shower or even a bath before your masturbation session. 

If you don’t have the time for that, a clean baby- or wet wipe should also do the trick. 

Try to clean your bowels an hour before you intend to play, and if you’re not feeling well and things are a bit dodgy down there, it might be a good idea to wait for better days. 

Another important hygiene part is washing your hands and trimming your nails.

There are many bacteria under your nails, and it’s very easy to tear and scratch your anus if you’re not groomed. 

So, clip your nails, wash your hands and only then put that finger inside your anus. 

You don’t want any bacteria and infections after a nice anal play session now, do you?

If you’re interested in going deeper with your anal masturbation, it might also be a good idea to douche before to ensure that you’re clean and ready for deeper penetration. 

#2: Lube It Up!

Lube It Up!

Your anus does not lubricate itself like the vagina, or even a penis does, so you need to prepare lots of lube. 

Don’t be shy in this department as not using the right lube or not using enough of it can really make the experience unpleasant. 

It’s best to use water-based lubes as with everything, and you can re-apply it without worrying about buildup or cleanup. 

Silicone lube might not be a good idea if you’re using toys as it doesn’t go very well with most of the materials that toys are made of. But if you only intend to use your fingers, give it a go. 

Another alternative would be to use oil-based lube as it will last you a long time, but you can’t use it with latex toys and condoms for anal.

Another option is to try out coconut oil instead of a regular oil-based lube as it has a nice taste and smell to it.

#3: Picking The Right Toy

Picking The Right Toy

Incorporating sex toys into your anal masturbation is a great idea. 

But you have to be smart about choosing the best toys for you. 

I mean, if you’re very new to anal masturbation, I bet you don’t want to be shoving the biggest dildo you can find up your ass the first time, right?!

So, do your research and find the best size and fit for your anal toys. 

Here is one of my favorite butt plugs I recommend you use. It’s compact, discreet, and relatively cheap, and I think it makes a great anal toy.

#4: Don’t Forget To Set The Mood

Don't Forget To Set The Mood

Setting a mod before your masturbation guarantees a good time. 

So, take a bath, put on some relaxing music, maybe even light up some candles. 

Put yourself in a mood for sexual experience, and it will help you relax and enjoy the anal masturbation experience way more.

7 ways how to Anally Masturbate: anal masturbating tips and Techniques

There are many different ways you can go about how to masturbate anally.

Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite tips and techniques you can easily try out in your bedroom.

#1: Solo Anal Play For Women

Solo Anal Play For Women

As I’ve mentioned before already, women have a very sensitive A-spot that can only be reached by anal stimulation. 

Some women claim that orgasm from A-spot is exactly as the orgasm from G-spot stimulation, and some say that A-spot gave them more intense orgasms. 

I guess it goes down to our own individual bodies, but if you want to experience something new, it might be worth your time. 

If you’re doing it the first time, lay down in a comfortable position where you’re relaxed, and have a comfortable reach to your anus. 

Put some lube on your finger and easily insert your finger inside your anus. 

Don’t go too deep the first time, just slide inside and out a few inches. 

See how you feel, how your body is reacting, and then go in deeper or insert more fingers. 

If you’re not feeling it the first time, don’t worry. 

Give it a go when you’re in a better mood or another time. 

#2: Solo Anal Play For Men

Solo Anal Play For Men

Now, anal masturbation for men can bring a lot of great sexual pleasure. 

Not only because your anal has lots of nerve endings, but also because there is prostate inside. 

There is the term called ‘milking the prostate,’ which can give you mind-blowing orgasms without ever needing to stimulate the penis. 

To do it, get yourself comfortable, set the mood, and relax. 

Put some lube on your finger and then slowly and carefully insert it in your anus. 

Take it easy the first time and don’t push too hard. 

Once you’re inside, you’ll feel a lump there, and that’s your prostate. 

You want to stimulate and play with your prostate, and you might be able to reach the Big O. 

A quick warning:

If it doesn’t happen the first time you try it, don’t get too upset. 

You might need to play around more and see what feels the best for you in order to get those strong orgasms, so don’t get discouraged and explore!

#3: Don’t Forget To Involve Your Partner

Don't Forget To Involve Your Partner

While this article is focused on solo anal masturbation, we can’t forget to talk about involving partners in your play. 

There are a few ways you can go about it:

You can ask your partner to stimulate your anus while they’re going down on you. 

…Or ask them to watch you while you anally masturbate yourself, it’s a turn-on for a lot of people. 

Make it more fun and ask your partner to anally tease you while you’re playing with your dick or vagina and make it teamwork. 

There are plenty of ways to involve your partner, so just ask for it!

Communication is always the key to a good sex life. 

#4: Switch Up Your Positions

Switch Up Your Positions

You don’t have to be in one position while you’re anally masturbating. There are options!

You can simply lay on your back, your knees to your chest, and masturbate this way. 

Or you can get on all-fours and play around in a doggy style. 

Or if you’re feeling extra wild, you can attach a dildo or a vibrator to a chair and ride it like a cowboy. 

Plenty of choices, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

#5: Bring In The Toys

Bring In The Toys

Talking about the dildos….Get yourself a few good quality toys to make it more interesting. 

For men, I always recommend you get a good prostate massager. It can literally change your sex life. 

If you’re not into prostate massagers and want something more wild, I recommend getting a dildo or a vibrator.

Get creative, make it fun, incorporate both sex toys and your bare hands, and go wild!

#6: Multitasking Will Blow Your Mind

Multitasking Will Blow Your Mind

Just because you’re masturbating via your back door, it doesn’t mean you can’t include your penis/vagina. 

You have two hands after all…

So use them both to your advantage!

The pleasure from anal masturbation combined with touching yourself can be great, so get comfortable and play with your penis and your prostate at the same time. 

Or play with your anus and then switch to your penis, then maybe even bring in some toys. 

Try edging, and your anal masturbation experience will blow your mind. 

#7: Take It Slow And Ease Into The Experience

Take It Slow And Ease Into The Experience

If you want to get the most out of anal masturbation, you need to take it slow. 

You can’t go in with the biggest toy or without any preparations and expect a great experience. 

If you’re not careful, you can tear your anus, and it will leave a bad aftertaste, and you’ll be turned off from anal masturbation. 

So, take it slow, see how your body reacts and how it feels and it’ll be a much better experience, I promise you that!

Check out our anal depth training guide to get more details on how to get started.

Other Anal Masturbation Tips And Experiences

A lot of people all over the internet are sharing their own experiences with anal play, and they’re sharing their best tips and tricks. 

Let’s take at a few of the best ones I could find:

“Dildos are a blast, but start small, go slow, and if it feels like it’s not going to go in, don’t force it, or you’ll be pooping blood for a while. And as always, use plenty of lube. But that first anal orgasm is amazing. You feel at peace with the world, and there’s nothing that can harsh that mellow. I remember somehow a roommate and I got into an argument after it happened, and he eventually shouts out “go fuck yourself, Shef!” This argument took place in the presence of another roommate who knew I’d bought the dildo, so he laughed his ass off when I replied with “oh, honey, I already have.”


“Rule of thumb, don’t put anything in the anus that doesn’t have a flared base or some mechanism to stop your anus from sucking it all in.

Get good quality seamless silicone, glass, or stainless steel toys as they are easier to clean. Tantus Ryder is very comfortable, njoy pure plugs are very comfortable. But of course, explore with your own fingers first.”


“I get a little high. Then I turn the shower and music up. Stick the dildo to the shower wall. Lube up. And I fuck myself on it. But… I’m chaste. SO I go until I’m just about to cum while locked, and by then I’m exhausted, so I can easily give up, and turn it into a bath, and relax.”



And here you have it – everything there is you need to know about anal masturbation!

As you can see, it’s very much worth a try, and it can truly enrich your sex life. 

Don’t be shy, forget about old beliefs, and go wild!

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