Anal Orgasm 101: How To Have Your First One (Male & Female)

In this guide you’ll learn what exactly is anal orgasm and why does it feel good for both men and women (the science behind it).

Anal Orgasm 101

You’ll learn exact steps, best positions, and handy toys (like the best anal vibrator) that will make the process A LOT easier and more pleasant. Finally, we conclude with other people stories and anal orgasm tips 😉

You keep hearing stories about both men and women reaching anal orgasms — and you wonder how & why?

In this guide, you’ll learn how to have an anal orgasm not only based on my experience but based on many other people’s stories.

Male and female anal orgasms are different, and you’ll learn the differences.

Here’s how the guide is organised:

  • What Is Anal Orgasm?
  • Why Does Anal Feel So Good For Men & Women?
  • How To Have An Anal Orgasm?
  • What Are The Best Positions For Anal Sex
  • Other People Stories Of Anal Orgasms For Your Inspiration

Sounds good?

Let’s jump in!

What Is An Anal Orgasm?

Technically there is no such thing as anal orgasm because there is really an only one type of orgasm that can be triggered in different ways and gives different sensations.

All orgasms ultimately originate in the brain.

And science has proven that the brain region associate with orgasm is the same region regardless of where the stimulus is applied.

Still, perception is reality and different stimulation (nipples, clitoris, anal) will give a different kind of “feeling” orgasms.

Anal orgasm for men actually means prostate orgasm, which does feel different since the focus is on prostate milking, not touching the penis.

All men can come ONLY with anal prostate stimulation, while most women will need clitoral stimulation to orgasm (or some are luckier with different clit anatomy to feel intense pleasure anally)

For women anal orgasm means when there is anal stimulation — with fingers, butt plugs or penis…

It doesn’t need to be exclusively anal stimulation — usually there is also vaginal or clitoral stimulation involved.

But since orgasm with added anal stimulation feels different — it’s called anal orgasm.

There are very few women who can cum ONLY from anal stimulation and are more exceptions than rules.

science of first anal orgasm

But here are two subreddits, both NSFW showing both men and women orgasming ONLY from anal stimulation:

Here’s men describing prostate orgasm:

  • “Prostate stimulation can be otherworldly, like you are not sure where the pleasure is coming from. Penis stimulation, now, while still nice, is more to the point.”
  • “Totally different. [Prostate stimulation feels] duller and less intense in the sense of concentrated excitement, but very powerful and intense in a more full-body experience way.”

visualisation man cuming from anal

For Women: What is the difference between vaginal and anal orgasm?

“I only have one type of orgasm: clitoral.

But I can have it during vaginal sex and anal sex. It feels more intense during anal.”

Source: HappySubbie

“There is only one type of female orgasm though it can be triggered in different ways.

A large majority of women actually get no pleasure at all from anal sex, and orgasm from entirely anal stimulation is vanishingly rare.”

Source: Caldwing

“I’m a female and can orgasm with just anal. It’s 100x more intense for me than vaginal.”

Note: (so here’s the exception…if you relax, you may be able to reach it.)

“An “anal orgasm” is an orgasm you have while your anus is also being stimulated.

It may feel different or more intense only because there is a new area being stimulated.

The same way stimulating your nipples or having your neck/ears kissed or sucked will make an orgasm feel more intense.

That’s literally the only difference between orgasms.

Orgasms come from the clitoris and the brain.

Stimulating only the anus can result in orgasm, but it’s from the brain and/or the clit being stimulated through the pressure.

Same with nipples.

The orgasm doesn’t come from the nipple itself, but it can make an orgasm feel different.”

Source: Kore624

female anal orgasm visualisation

Why Does Anal Feel So Good For Men & Women?

First of all, for both men and women there are more more nerve ending in the anal regions that cause the pleasure…

Quick answer:

  • For ladies — there is indirect g-spot stimulation, there are clitoris leg nerve endings that get stimulated.
  • For men — there is prostate, that leads to intense prostate orgasms, and there are simply lots of nerve endings in anal regions that can be pleasurable! (for more please read my prostate milking guide)

Long answer about female anal orgasm:

We’ve been taught us for ages that anal sex is enjoyable only for giving partner (the penetrator) which actually blocks many women from enjoy anal sex and reaching anal orgasm mentally.

But the reason why for some women anal feels so good and makes them orgasm quickly is because:

Clitoris is more than sees the eye.

It’s like a tip of the iceberg, there are clitoral “legs” that go all the way down to the sides of the vagina and reaching the rectum.

female clitoris replica

Not all clitoris are shaped the same, but for some women, through anal sex, you actually stimulate the clitoral “legs” that for some women are irresistibly pleasurable.

The only way you can find out it for yourself is actually try anal play — fingering, rimming, butt plugs.

It doesn’t need to be penis 😉 You don’t start there at least.

How Does Anal Orgasm Feel Like?

Here’s the best description I’ve seen:

“I had a vibe in my ass and made myself come by rubbing my clit. Didn’t feel much on the clit, but it felt like there were a thousand minty fairies in my bum throwing snowballs.”

wevibe anal vibrator

We-Vibe — a quality simple vibrator.

“Anal orgasms feel like vaginal orgasms, but in your butt.

And can also happen with feeling a little bit in your clit/vaginal area and radiate in your thighs and lower torso.

Usually when I have one it feels so good that my lower body is shaking and my legs are all noodly.

Anal orgasms are a gift from not only God but from Jesus. You go!”

Source: Bellad0nna_

Watch this helpful video that answers more common anal orgasm questions:

How To Have An Anal Orgasm?

example how to cum from anal

Here’s the quick version:

You don’t simply start with penis in butt.

It takes time for butt to relax and let whatever you want to put in — inside.

You’ll start by:

  • Finding a good anal lube (Sliquid Sassy is most loved between anal players)
  • Rimming (massaging or eating ass)
  • Anal fingering
  • Using a small butt plug or upgrading to a bigger one
  • And that’s when you get a chance to enjoy anal orgasm when you find the right combination of stimulation and the sex toy (like anal beads, dildos, or vibrators).

When it comes to anal pleasures for men, it’s about finding the prostate massager like the Aneros Progasm that hits the right spot.

For ladies, it’s finding the best combination of a vibrator, dildo, special angled wand, or being double penetrated.

The thing is, everyone is different and while some are lucky to orgasm easily from anal stimulation alone for others it’s a longer path of exploration.

But you should embrace this journey, because it’s the most pleasant thing to work on

Here’s a great advice on how anal orgasm reaching working for a man…

woman having her first anal orgasm

“I enjoy a good anal orgasm quite regularly but it took me a long time to get there. “

I am a hetero male in a healthy relationship.

The trick is to find a toy or two that really hits the spot. I started off using parters toys until I discovered that the best butt plug is a big one.

I would use the smaller toys to relax the muscles until it could take a big butt plug.

Then I found that an inflatable butt plug worked the best.

inflatable butt plug for anal

The best starter option if you don’t know the size you like or if vibrations or not.

They are good as I can go straight it with it un-inflated and then pump it up to the required volume.

Once it’s pumped up I barely need to move it and I have orgasm after orgasm.

I never ejaculate semen from an anal orgasm and never have done.

I often get a semi-erection and sometimes water (I guess urine — but it doesn’t smell like urine) comes out when I orgasm.

I find these orgasms to be much more powerful than a regular orgasm, with the added benefit of being able to have many in one session.

I usually get exhausted after 20–30 orgasms and have to stop.

Alternatively I have to stop because it hurts a bit.

I then usually finish off with a regular orgasm in order to feel satisfied.

My wife loves doing it to me, she says I look like I’m having the best fun I’ve ever had!

But as I said before, it took ages to get to this point. Years. Take it easy and take it slow, but keep practising!

As I am hetero I wouldn’t want someone to fuck me, unless it was a girl with a strap on.”

Source: surreptitiously_void

couple walking at rocky seaside

Other People Stories Of Anal Orgasms For Your Inspiration

We learn the best from stories, so here you go…

Many different perspectives and different experiences of their anal orgasms:

“A different kind of anal orgasm”

“I’ am male, 39,a big fan of anal, but for quite a while my wife(37) was uninterested.

We gave penis in anal (PIA) a try and she still really wasn’t so keen, but after a while was enjoying a finger up her arse when we had penis in vagina (PIV) sex.

Fast forward through a couple of iterations and some years.

Now she loves her njoy plug and almost always wants something in her arse during sex, a few times she has masturbated or had me get her off with only anal and clitoral stimulation.

njoy butt plug

Read more about Njoy butt plug here. There are small, medium, and large sizes.

Her favorite way to orgasm now is with my penis in her vagina, but not moving while I play with her clit and finger her arse.

Essentially she orgasms best and often from having her arse fucked by my fingers but will hardly ever take my cock there.

What I can’t get past is that by then she’s massively into it and needs me to keep going.

But all I want is to replace my motionless cock with an anal dildo and change from fucking her arse with my fingers to doing so with my cock.

When I straight up ask for it she tells me how that doesn’t feel as good and wouldn’t work, but I’m pretty sure we could try, especially as her tastes have already shifted somewhat.

I feel like a schmuck always giving her what she wants and hardly getting any reciprocation.”

Source: Lonestar_80

couple having intercourse and kissing

“For men, playing back there leads to prostate stimulation.“

“Prostate stimulation can make orgasms much more intense.

For women, believe it or not, anal play can stimulate the g-spot.

My wife is not a big fan of direct g-spot stimulation (IE: fingering or using toy inside her vagina).

But when I go through her ass, the g-spot stimulation for her is amazing, and makes her have massive orgasms (usually she squirts from this).

So yeah, for both men and women there is a big potential for orgasms that feel totally different, and amazing.”

Source: pegged50

“First male anal orgasm experience”

So I’ve always been very interested in the idea of prostate orgasm or hands free in general and have been doing butt play solo forever but this weekend was different.

I normally use my pure wand with a stroking hand and I really get off on it but this time I just focused on the internal feeling and tried to enjoy it.

stainless steel magic wand

Read more people reviews and info about wand here.

Didn’t touch my dick but once.

After 30 min i started oozing cum as i was milking myself with decent vigor and it felt really good, but then that stopped.

Then, after about 45 minutes of enjoyable time wasting (I was reading some immersive erotica), I started to feel like I had to pee.

This came up suddenly and I figured “fuck it.

If I pee, I’ll clean it up later” but instead of piss when I pushed it over the edge, it was a stream of thick white cum out of my very flaccid penis.

I didn’t convulse or moan or get tingly or anything but there were small contractions and it was tight all in my pelvis (definitely not the full body rolling bliss people talk about).

It felt just as good as a regular orgasm and when I grabbed my dick it sprang right up.

I really enjoyed whatever it was but I’m not sure exactly what I experienced…”

Source: Throwaway_abcd_butts

Bringing It All Together

I hope now you know a lot more about this mysterious anal orgasm!

In the end, you just need to experiment and embrace all the different sensations that your body is capable of.

Through exploration you’ll find the most pleasurable combinations – perhaps consider pegging toys.

Just don’t stop with your one favorite position, one favorite way of getting yourself to cum.

Variety. Change. Trying new things.

They are keys to happy relationships for couples.

And if you’re alone for now — self-exploration will always help you down the road..

Either you’ll get more pleasure.. or you’ll be a lot more open with your future partner.

Have fun!

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