Hot Octopuss Review [2021]: Testing Pulse Solo Essential & Duo Models

In this Hot Octopuss review, we take a deep look at Pulse 3 Solo Essential model and compare it with other similar options – Duo, Solo Lux, and Guybrator.

Guybrators by Hot Octopuss are becoming the next hot thing in the male vibrators world (and for a reason!).

But at the first glance, they all look the same! So which one should you choose?

Today we’re looking at their Pulse range of guybrators and two in particular – The Pulse Solo Essential and Pulse Duo

They promise strong vibrations that should satisfy you whether you’re soft or hard, single or with a partner. 

Let’s see if they deliver on that promise… 

The Good

Those powerful frenulum vibrations make for an unforgettable orgasm. It’s a unique experience! What’s more, the Duo is awesome for couples thanks to its two motors, especially if penetrative sex is difficult.

Pulse works great for edging, it’s super easy to clean up, AND it works when you’re hard or soft! 

The Not So Good

First off, vibrators aren’t for every man. Some guys don’t like the feeling as much as strokers or sleeves. The wings are flexible but even so, if you’re much wider or narrower than average it might not fit perfectly. The battery isn’t great, either. 

The Bottom Line

This is a fantastic toy for those who know they like vibrations. If you’re not sure, do your homework before making the investment!

Hot Octopuss Pulse is for you if:

  • You know you like male vibrators
  • You like edging and hands-off masturbating
  • You want something new and different and don’t mind a high price
  • You like silicone and sleek, well-designed toys
  • You want something that’s easy to clean

Hot Octopuss Pulse is maybe not for you if:

  • You’re much smaller or bigger than average
  • You need something that lasts a long time on a single charge
  • You prefer sleeves or strokers

First Impressions 

Hot Octopuss Featured image

The Solo and Duo both look awesome. They’re almost identical – the Duo comes in a dark bluish color and has the button remote for the outside vibration, but those are the only noticeable differences. 

And it’s so sleek. Like, really awesome design

I sometimes think Fleshlights and other male sex toys look a bit silly, so when a product comes along that looks stylish, I sit up and take notice. ?

They’re small, too – just around 4.6” (11.7 cm) long and 2.6” (7.2 cm) wide. Having something so compact and powerful would make it great for traveling.

The business end of the Pulse is made of silicone, which along with the open design makes cleaning it up a breeze. 

The wings are flexible and made to cradle the head while the PulsePlate delivers the fun. It should fit most penis sizes – but if you’re packing a cannon you might find it a bit tight. 

What About the Functionality?

Both of them take 3 to 4 hours to charge fully, and a full charge lasts about an hour. I’ll be honest – that’s not great. 

It’s not a big deal for me – I like to mix things up and use a different toy almost every time, so leaving some to charge up isn’t a problem – but some users might find it annoying. 

All the Pulse models have 9 speeds and 5 different patterns of frequency, which is plenty. No dick could get bored with all of those speeds and patterns to try out! 

One of my favorite features of the Pulse is that it’s completely waterproof. You can take it in the shower and have a quickie alone or with a partner (if you have the Duo). 

Are Those “Pulses” Any Different?

At the time of writing, there are 5 Pulse models. They’re all basically the same but with a few variations, so here’s a useful table to see the differences quickly: 

Pulse Solo Essential
Pulse Solo Lux
Pulse Duo
Pulse Duo Lux
Pocket Pulse

The Pocket Pulse is the odd one out – it’s more of a stroker than the others and doesn’t have that deep, powerful PulsePlate technology. 

We’re mainly focusing on the Solo Essential and Duo models today. 

Solo vs Duo 

The Duo models are designed for couples. Working it so you can cum together is a lot of fun and it’s definitely worth the cost for kinky or adventurous couples. 

The outside of the toy vibrates to bring strong clitoral stimulation. It comes with a single-button remote that controls the outside vibration.

The Duo is also a lot of fun for playing together in the shower or bath. More on that in a minute… 

The Lux difference 

Both of the Lux models are more expensive, have more power, and come with a TURBO BUTTON.

Now, maybe it’s my inner 12-year-old talking, but TURBO MODE instantly makes anything sound cooler. 

In reality, the turbo button instantly takes the Solo or Duo Lux up to its maximum speed of 4,450 rpm. Cool, but not absolutely necessary.

The Solo Essential and Duo versions have a lower top speed of 3,950 rpm, which is still a lot.

The Lux models also come with magnetic charging as standard, which is neat. Just snap on the cable and don’t worry about it. Useful if you have to charge your toys a lot, which is the case for all the Pulse models. 

Finally, the Lux models come with wrist remotes so you can adjust the settings more conveniently. 

This is the best extra feature – very useful for couples into power games. Being restrained and having your partner control what you feel remotely? I got turned on just thinking about it! 

(Of course, power play isn’t everyone’s thing, so once again not everyone would need this extra feature.)

All in all, I don’t think the Lux models are a necessary upgrade.

I think of it like this. Would you prefer a delicious ice cream cone, or a delicious ice cream cone with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and sprinkles? 

Some people need all the extras, some people don’t. 

As for me… I’m going to get an ice cream now, be right back. 

My Experience with Pulse Solo Essential and Duo 

Solo Essential

As an edging toy, Pulse Solo Essential works well either flaccid or hard.

You can just relax and let those insanely powerful vibrations take you to some interesting places 😉 

It’s not entirely hands-free. On the higher settings, you might have to hold it in place or it will vibrate itself right off your penis! 

Well at least you know it’s got some power, right? 

It can be used with or without lube. 

Without lube, I found the best thing to do was put it on and let the Pulse do all the work. I could sit back, relax and enjoy the sensations. 

When I came I had the impression of being “milked”. I didn’t have to do anything – it was like an orgasm had happened to me, rather than something I did. 

I liked it! 

With lube, the Pulse works better as a stroker. Using it with lower settings to avoid overstimulation, the Solo took the normal stroker experience and elevated it to something different.

Feeling those vibrations pulsating through my frenulum while also jerking it up and down, stimulated my internal muscles to double the excitement. The result was an orgasm so intense I was shivering for several minutes! 

Lastly, I have to tell you about my favorite experience with the Solo… 

One day, after a stressful week, I decided to use it in the bath. I ran the water nice and hot, laid back and put it on. 

It was heavenly. The PulsePlate acted like a massager to both stimulate and relax my muscles, which combined with the hot water was the perfect way to de-stress and unwind. 


Trying the Pulse Duo with my girl was a whole different experience to the Solo. 

Basically, it was like normal foreplay… but better. 

Sharing the vibrations was so much more intimate than using a bullet or some other vibrator. Add that to the grinding and HOT DAMN is this a fun toy for couples! 

Honestly, the Duo exceeded my expectations as a toy for two. The secondary motor makes it noticeably louder than the Solo and you have to try a few different angles and positions to find the right one… 

…But other than that I can’t fault it.

Price and Where to Buy 

The Pulse Solo Essential retails for $99 and you will have to add an extra $50 for that second motor in the Duo model. You can get yours from…


The PulsePlate technology makes the Pulse range stand out from the crowd, so it doesn’t have many competitors in the world of guybrators. 

If you want something a bit more hands-on, then the Fun Factory Manta ($139) is a great choice.

Pro Tip: Fun Factory US has free shipping and provides 2-year warranty.

You can also get the Manta from PeepShowToys ($139).

Like the Pulse, it’s a frenulum-focused vibrator that has a lot of uses for solo and couples play. The main difference is that the Manta is handheld and maneuverable, so you can explore from different angles and put it on different spots. 

If you want power, then I would recommend the Pulse. If you’re looking for something you can move around easily, then the Manta is the way to go. 

What do other people think of Hot Octopuss? 

I have this toy. This thing feels amazing. I can’t get off with it alone, but I pre-cum like a broken fire hydrant! It gets me right to the edge of Cumming but it’s not quite enough to push me over unless I start thrusting into it. I would recommend large amounts of lube. Don’t use it as a stroker. Just slide in turn it on and don’t move it. It will definitely make your dick throb and give your orgasm muscles a work out.

JackBHandy, Reddit

Final Thoughts

If you like vibrating toys for men, you’re gonna dig the Pulse. 

It offers something totally different from the usual strokers and Fleshlights – frenulum vibration is a unique and awesome way to get off. 

So, if that sounds like your jam, go for it. 

And if you’re not sure which one to get… 

There’s not a lot of difference between the Solo Essential and Duo models, so let me break it down as simply as possible. 

The Pulse Solo Essential is a great toy to use by yourself in a lot of different ways. It’s compact, powerful, versatile and easy to clean, so it’s great whenever you want a quickie. It also makes a fun travel companion! 

And if you’re a couple looking to take your foreplay game to the next level? 

Then the Duo is for you. 

Overall, the Hot Octopuss Pulse range is great for adventurous types who know they love vibrations and don’t mind paying for some electrifying orgasms. 

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