Hismith Review: A Deep Look At This Premium Sex Machine [2021]

While Hismith has been praised for a few years as best bang for the buck machine, in this Hismith review we take a look if it’s still true in 2021…


The Good | Actually a high quality Chinese made sex machine that works – offers good power, weight, thrusting speed, and support.

The Bad | While the support is good, shipping still takes a while and communication cannot be compared to US-based company. It was noticeable, but not a deal-breaker though. Company team really strives to help and stands behind their product.

The Bottom Line | When it comes to sex machines you cannot go wrong with Hismith. They have polished and simplified the product, keep improving it, and it simply works.

In this review we’ll discuss all the most important precautions and things you should watch out when shopping for quality machine.

And we’ll see how Hismith does in those areas…

Let’s jump in:

When I first found the Hismith sex machine a few years back I was very excited and also cautious. Never before a quality fucking machine has been offered for such a good price.

In my experience if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

But glad to say this time I was pleasantly surprised…

What struck me with HiSmith was how all the pieces came together.

With an average of 240 strokes per minute, this one is a winner.

HiSmith Sex Machine Review

The price, the quality, the value, the support.

About time.

Comments like these stood out:

  • “It’s built like a tank”
  • “This thing is like an energizer bunny on steroids that keeps going and going.”
  • “…like the Cadillac of sex machines”
  • “Its so easy to clean”

Here are the specs of the Hismith main machine:

Stroke Length
1-6 inches
Motor Strength (Torque)
100W, 300N.cm
0-240 RPM
Noise levels
Very Quiet
24.5 lbs
1 year machine, 2 years motor
Attachments included?
6″ silicone dildo
Adjustability of height
90 degree + height adjustments
Addition features
spring attachment included (with our code)

I even tested their support (which is email based) and Edwin got back to me in 8 hours.

Actually chatting to people behind the brand was empowering.

The Price: When You’re Looking For The Best Bang For The Buck…

On their site, there are three main models listed.

  • Hismith fucking machine (wire controlled)
  • Hismith sex machine with remote
  • Hismith double penetration machine (quadruple)

Then there are also 4 different color models — pink, red, blue or navy yellow.

hismith sex machine models

Unless you really want the wireless remote control for extra some extra bucks. (which is handy) There is no reason to pay extra.

(But you’ll still need to count in expenses. Like the extra different attachments. If in case you want more variety… and options to add different toys)

Their remote control with the wire is long enough and works great. This helps you to adjust the speed control.

sex machine accessories

A nice surprise was the fact that the sex machine came in a carry bag for handy storage.

Which is a good place to talk about “app-controlled” option that Hismith recently released.

For $80 extra you can control the machine remotely by downloading app on your phone. This brings fun play for long-distance relationships, and prevents any fiddling with wires.

In our mind it’s a worthy upgrade since comfort and ease of use always improves the overall experience.

How Powerful Is The Sex Machine & How Long Is The Stroke Length?

These are the two key metrics (well, and the noise level) that show if the sex machine is good or corners have been cut.

With cheap thrusting sex machines, you’ll notice short stroke length (barely few inches).

…and if the motor is weak (if there is any resistance it will stop).

Forget about deep, thorough pounding or even anal sex. (With anal there is more resistance to get past ass sphincters.) Hence you need stronger machine.

Oh…and on top of that if the sex machine has a powerful motor and good thrust, and it’s light… It’s gonna be all over the place.

You see, that’s why $100 versions cannot even compete.

The parts, motor, solid metal (for weight) just cost too much. And even the software that also comes with it (to simulate the enjoyable thrusting sex).

And that’s why you probably won’t ever be able to buy a quality fuck machine for cheap price.

Cheap and well-built don’t go together.

With HiSmith you get 100W, 300N.cm torque output that feels like having sex with a Superman.

Not sure how much horsepower it is… but it’s ENOUGH.

But power would be nothing if it’s not coupled with deep thrusting.

The stroke length is easily adjustable from 1 to 6 inches (average penis size is 5.17 inches).

It’s the size of $20 bill (come on get your wallet out and check):

sex machine size
20 dollar bill is the size ?

How Loud Is The Machine?

If you’ve got kids running around or nosy neighbours it usually is a good idea to lock the doors and crank up the music for background.

However…this machine is super quiet.

When I closed the doors of my room, I couldn’t hear a thing.

It’s quieter than my HP printer.

But there’s another problem:

The sex machine may be quiet, you, however, will not be.

Orgasms with this thing are loud!

Imagine how loud your wifey is when you give her super hard pounding.

And then multiply it 2–3x with this sex machine.

Just keep it in mind.

Support — Warranty — Troubleshooting: What if things go wrong?

This is a biggie…

What if you pay enormous amount of money for a sex toy and have problems with it in the future?

I haven’t found so far any other sex machines company who gets so many positive reviews. (even when malfunction happens, it’s fixed fast):

fuck machine reviews

Read more sex toy reviews on their site.

When I dug deeper I saw that HiSmith offers a 1-year warranty for the whole sex machine. And 2 years warranty for the motor.

My only complaint would be that they could have done a better job with the sex machine videos:

  • Showing how to put the sex machine together.
  • How to maintain it,
  • best machine sex positions, angles,
  • different dildo attachments…etc.

But I guess that’s up to the kinky fanboys like us…

How Fast Is The Delivery?

Hismith delivers from Hongkong, China.

You can select either FREE worldwide shipping and it will take 7–21 business days for machine to arrive. Or priority shipping (if you pay extra) for 3–10 business day delivery.

The shipping is discreet.

Item arrives in a neutral brown box and on the label it says (HiSmith Automatic Device).

No sensitive words.

Oh, and afterwards you can also use the bag that machine comes with it. Or if you don’t want to disassemble you can simply get a bigger gym bag and throw it in the closet. That’s what I did.

fuck machine bag

Let’s Talk About Different Attachments

By default, Hismith machine also comes with Quick Air connector. And a silicone dildo attachment (6.3″ insertable length). + spring attachment if you use HSM10 code (special deal I negotiated for you).

fucking machine attachments

But if you’re like — me your toy collection consists of Vac-U-Lock or suction cup toys. To use them, you’ll need to get different silicone attachments separately.

I would suggest you go Vac-U-Lock or the suction cups path. As Quick Air Connectors will be limited and only work with the machine.

Here are three sex toy attachments I recommend (especially the #1):

  • spring attachment — more forgiving with the angles, requires less adjustment. (top recommendation)
  • extension rod — just will help with positioning as you’ll have more room.
  • DP attachment — in case she wants to try double penetration.
sex machines attachment

If you want several attachments it would make sense to get one of their three attachment kits:

Hismith F-Machine luxury kit for lovers

Also I recommend you explore their store to see if any of the sex machine + attachment bundles work for you. You’ll get better value for price in that way.

And don’t forget to use the code, of course, to get 10% off and free spring attachment.

How Does It Feel Using The Hismith Fucking Machine?

What I really enjoyed was being able to just sit back and relax. While the sex machine was working on her during foreplay, kink scene or after play (in case I finished too soon).

The sex machine does its thing and I have my both hands-free to kiss her, touch her, play with her.

The remote control that comes with it, has enough length. And the machine itself is super simple to put together. 

The programming of this thing is intelligent — it feels like it’s a robot with brain.

For example, when there was too much resistance, it slowed down. And it patiently waited for relaxation. No forcing it up. After relaxation it gave a little thrust and went as far as it could without much resistance.


I know when I am away and working too much, she can turn to this sex machine. Versus looking around… (funny, but gives me a weird sense of security).

She was happy with the gift, even if she was a little intimidated by that tank initially.

And as we all know…

Happy wife… happy life.

Plus, when we brought it to our local kink community it was a hit.

Good times.

Oh, few ninja tips:

  • the metal piece that from the dildo (quick connector) will tend to rust if you don’t dry it off well.
  • if you’re using a sex machines on high speed and it’s moving around add a sand-bag or a dumbbell on the base.
  • when you find the right angles for the positions, put marks on the stands for quicker future setup.
  • make sure everything is tightened down before you start the engine. Use the provided L wrench for that.


Sex machines are pretty magical, been fantasizing about it for so long and now it’s real.

Dont be cheap. The cheap sex toys will leave you highly disappointed.

Either get the good one or forget about it till the money is there.

Go on, take the leap, the orgasms and fun it will bring for years will make it pay off 100x over.

Special deal: Seeing the positive response I went out of my way to negotiate a special deal with Hismith for you.

If you buy sex machines directly through Hismith site you can use a discount code. Use HSM10 to get 10% off+Free Spring Attachment ($30 value)

Would I Recommend it? If so, to whom?

Yes, I can recommend it wholeheartedly, however – of course, no machine is great for everyone.

If you care for US made machine luxury experience and aren’t interested in saving few hundred bucks, there are better and more expensive alternatives.

The same way, this machine isn’t that compact – so if you care for something light and discreet, again this will be an overkill.

Who is it for?:

  • For men and women who enjoy deep thrusting motions with dildos. Great for prostate play, anal sex & vaginal penetration.
  • If you want a high quality sex machine that simply works for great price.
  • If you see yourself getting different attachments since Hismith has plenty of accessories available.

Who is it not for?:

  • If you want US based company machine, and dont care about saving few hundred bucks.
  • If you want a light portable machine and/or simply want to test the waters.

What Other People Think About It?

Let’s add some perspective and hear from others huh?:

So I’ve been mostly with guys since my divorce and was introduced to ass play by one of the guys I dated.

Even though I like topping and have multiple bottoms that I fuck regularly, i do crave having my prostate milked and cum without touching my dick.

Only a few guys knew how to make me feel that during fucking or toys so right after new Year I bought a Hismith fucking machine and OMG I’ve been getting fucked by the machine every night before bed.

I wonder if I should return it…I feel like my ass might get addicted to being milked daily?

– mildud3

I did pick one up on the Hismith site. You are going to want the vac-u-lock attachment (I can’t remember if it came with this) and I got the attachment that made it longer. The toy it came with was really stiff and not comfy so I picked up a couple of cyber skin ones that were perfect. Let’s just say, with those adjustments, I enjoy the machine very much.

– Reddit user

Hismith Alternatives

There are plenty, but when looking for them, I beg you: AVOID AMAZON.

There you’ll find plenty of $100-$300 machines with “glowing” reviews that simply don’t work or break in first few uses. Those companies simply buy reviews, are good at promising the moon while the machines suck.

I guess Ken’s Twisted Machine is a good alternative if you want some US created.

Read this best sex machine guide for more choices!

Or…if you would like to start with something simpler, than simply a thrusting vibrator like Velvet Thruster Mini Teddy (up to 3″ thrust) could be a good cheaper and more compact alternative.

Read more about best thrusting dildos here.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

Hismith Premium Sex Machine Review

Dainis Graveris

hismith premium sex machine review
Value for price


Hismith is a good company with a great value for price machine. It just works, you won’t regret this choice. Use HSM10 code to get 10% off + free spring attachment from purchase.

Dainis Graveris

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