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“Get Paid To Write World-Class Guides That You’ll Be Truly Proud Of And Help Thousands Of People— While Working From Anywhere In The World Doing What You Love.”

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  • If you want your written sex toy & sex education guides to be seen by hundreds of thousands of people…
  • If you love to scour the web to uncover the truth and have a real desire to help people make the best choices when buying…
  • If you want to get paid to learn more about sex, different kinks, and sex toys…
  • If you want to be part of the winning team who will challenge you to become the best version of yourself…

Then this page could literally change your life!

But only if you keep reading.

Here, at SexualAlpha we take pride in creating the BEST (and we mean it) sex toy recommendation & sex education guides that are based on a deep understanding of people’s needs & the most in-depth research in the industry.

Our purpose: is to help fellow kinksters to add variety, overcome sexual challenges & find the right sex toys, quickly and easily

We believe that our rapid growth is a testament to the value we are bringing to people…

…as even though we’re only one year old, in the last 30 days alone our website has been visited by 337,859 people, and this number is increasing fast.

This is why we need your help to grow even further as there are only 24 hours in the day and we cannot create as many high-quality guides as we would like.

This is a PAID freelance writing position that can grow to full-time writing if we see a strong fit between you and SexualAlpha.

World-class guides take time to create and we want to reward you for the work invested fairly.

8 Reasons to Become A Writer (& More) At SexualAlpha

1. Your Work Will Be Seen And Will Help Hundreds Of Thousands Of People

No more writing something that only a few people will see.

With us, you’ll gain a voice that will be heard (and appreciated), be able to grow your personal brand and credibility fast!

2. Create World-Class Guides That You Will Be Proud Of

You’ll feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when you create something that you truly believe is great work (think: Apple).

Make each guide your masterpiece that people will come back to for years!

3. A Chance To Do More Of What You Love

There aren’t many ways to make money in the sexual wellness industry.

But what if you’re a naturally kinky person and cannot help yourself? With us you can do what you love and get paid!

4. We’ll Invest In You To Become A Better Writer, Researcher & Copywriter


With us, you’ll grow fast and gain access to what’s working now.

As you grow with the team, you’ll also get access to writing & copywriting courses to inspire never-ending learning.

5.Your Work Will Be Financially And Fairly Rewarded

Most sites just offer exposure and experience, but we make sure our writers are fairly rewarded & treated with an appreciation for the hard work invested.

6. Work With Other Talented People

While our team is still small, we only work with superstars.

This means you’ll be challenged, grow quickly & love the positively stimulating work atmosphere.

7. Join A Company You Actually Believe In

Do you care about helping people? At SexualAlpha, you’ll help thousands of people to improve their sex lives & find the right toys for them.

Do you want to be proud of the company you’re with? Us too.

We listen to feedback, go the extra mile to truly add value to this world.

8. Be Part Of The Winning Team And Have A True Impact On Sexual Wellness Industry

There are many sex blogs out there, but few take full advantage of the opportunities in this exciting industry.

At SexualAlpha we have strong business, SEO, and copywriting experience that we’ll share with you to get an edge no matter what you do.

Who Are We Looking For?

We’re looking for someone who could write sex toy recommendation guides that keeps up with our standards (example).

Also know that while we do encourage ideas from you, we carefully pick each guide we write which usually means that you will need to choose from a pool of proven article ideas rather than just writing something you like.

Here’s What We Expect From You:

  • You have written content before that we can evaluate — be it on forums, your own website, guest writing (you can even study our best sex toy reviews, model them and show how fast of a learner you are by writing your first guide. But we need something written to evaluate you). You MUST be fluent in English.
  • You have strong research skills and can easily spend hours reading the forums, Reddit, other people reviews to truly understand the needs, desires, and challenges the potential buyer is experiencing
  • You are a sex-positive, open-minded individual, who has a hands-on (yep…it’s what you’re thinking) experience using various sex toys
  • You have strong detail-oriented (NOT creative writing) writing skills (…yet personal. Yup, like this) that highlight the best sex toys and clearly explains the choices.
  • You have the eagerness to learn about sex toys, the ability to take direction, work independently (remotely), and can be relied on to do what you said you will do

Important Note:

While we certainly will invest in teaching you our way of writing & researching, we need someone who is already GOOD.

We will help you to become GREAT and you’ll grow with the company.

If you haven’t written anything and just have high aspirations, spend some time to get a few articles under your belt before you apply.

Bonus points if you study the way we write our sex toy guides and write one of your own without any guidance to allow us to see your skills.

Please only apply if you meet all these criteria. Other applications will not be considered.

Alright, How Do I Apply?

It’s simple really.

Just fill the application form.

Before you start here’s how you can make your application more successful:

  • PUT SOME THOUGHT AND EFFORT INTO YOUR APPLICATION. Fewer than 50% of candidates make it through the first review because the rest don’t take the time to answer the questions in detail, or they skip questions.
  • SHOW OFF. We receive a lot of applications. That’s why this questionnaire is intentionally set up to give the best applicants a chance to show off and to discourage average applicants from even starting. Show us why we have to consider you over everyone else who is applying.
  • DON’T DELAY. If you delay submitting your application, someone else will be hired before you.

What Happens Next?

You should hear from us pretty quickly.

It’s gonna be either a polite thank you (which means try harder & get better) or hell yeah! let’s move to the next stage!

Roughly it will look like this:

Initial Test Onboarding → Article Idea → Outline & Research→ Writing & Images → Approval → Published 

  • Initial Test – you’ll receive a small task to show your research & writing skills in action. Even if we like you, we need results – and nothing shows results better than work in action. If test results are good we’ll discuss the payment details and proceed with writing the first guide.
  • Onboarding — we explain the nitty-gritty of the writing process, best practices & research tricks we learned along the way. If you’re in, this is where you’ll get the inside look of our magic.
  • Article Idea — based on your interests and expertise we’ll give you a few article ideas to choose from.
  • Outline & Research — take care of the table of contents and article writing will flow with ease. This is where you scour the web to uncover the truth.
  • Writing & Images — putting all that research into writing.
  • Approval — You submit the finished work to the editor. Expect some back and forth to polish the guide.
  • Published — Time to celebrate! Your first world-class guide has seen the light of the day!

If you’re focused this whole writing process shouldn’t take more than 2–3 days.

The first payment will be made 50% before the work, 50% after the article has been approved as finished.

We keep the rights of the content, and you cannot republish it anywhere else.

That’s about it.

Still want to apply? Let’s hear it:

Fill the application form here.

Good luck!