Fun Factory Stronic G Review [2021]: After 3 Month Testing

In this Fun Factory Stronic G review we explore how good is stronic pulsator technology, how to use it, get most out of it, and the top alternatives. Read on:

We all know that finding that oh-so-elusive G-spot is not easy.

Heck, I didn’t even know I could orgasm from penetration alone without bringing in some reinforcements, AKA sex toys.

And what works for me might not work for you, which brings us to Fun Factory’s new G-spot hitting toy…

*drumroll, please* THE STRONIC G!

In this review, I’ll cover all of my experiences with it, including its new shape, pulsating technology, magnetic charging, travel lock feature, and various speeds and patterns. Plus, a few surprises that moved me.

But if you’re short on thrusts, er time, here’s the TL;DR:

The Good

Fun Factory Stronic G is a rechargeable waterproof silicone pulsating toy that sends powerful wiggling back-and-forth sensations to the G-spot for the best vaginal orgasms.

Unlike its Stronic predecessors, it has a pronounced head, a smoother body, and a slightly slimmer shape, so it moves faster inside you while staying in place.

You can use it hands-free, in the bath or shower, or even with roommates because of how quiet it is.

The Not So Good

It delivers a more subtle thrusting motion, so you’re not getting longer, more lifelike thrusts like real penetrative sex. Its matte silicone finish attracts lint and dust pretty fast, and it doesn’t come with a storage pouch. Also, it’s not safe for anal use because it doesn’t have a flared base.

The Bottom Line

This premium pulsator isn’t on the cheaper end of the sex toy spectrum, alright, but its soft curved head and insistent movement deliver pinpoint G-spot sensations without being uncomfortable.

If you want the usual vibrating/full thrusting action from traditional toys, then this is not for you. But if you’re looking for some lazy, hands-free solo vag action or something new altogether, then this is the perfect investment for your G-spot.

FunFactory Stronic G is for you if:

  • You prefer thrusting sensations over vibrations to stimulate your G-spot
  • You want to discover new sensations from penetrating sex toys
  • You’re looking for a hands-free G-Spot toy that’s not too girthy
  • You have limited mobility or joint issues
  • You want a toy you can bring to the shower or bath
  • You don’t want your roommate/housemate to know what you’re doing

FunFactory Stronic G is not for you if:

  • You want longer, more lifelike thrusts
  • You prefer clit stimulation only to get off
  • You’re a size royal (more girth, please?)
  • You’re on a tight budget

My First Stronic G-impressions

My Stronic G came in a slim, beautifully packaged box. The outer sleeve shows a picture of the toy in your color of choice (I chose pink).

When you slide the sleeve, you’ll find a luxurious gold box. Inside this box, there’s the Stronic G in the flesh, along with small instruction manuals and a red magnetic USB charging cable.

There’s no free storage pouch, unfortunately. You have to purchase one separately from Fun Factory. (Bummer!)

There’s some weight to the toy when I picked it up. Though it’s not as heavy as Bi Stronic Fusion and Stronic Eins, it still feels pretty solid. Plus, it’s slimmer.

The shaft is on the firmer side, but the prominent head has a squish to it.

The outer silicone material looks matte. But to the touch, it’s the perfect balance of smoothness and draggy.

I was initially having an inner debate whether I should get the unique pool blue color or not. But, in the end, I went with the usual pink color (vs. pool blue vs. purple).

Buyer’s remorse? Nah. I’m glad I went with my gut because the Stronic G is a dirt and lint magnet. It’s easier to see if my cat’s hair is all over my pink-colored pulsator.

PRO TIP: Always keep Stronic G in a storage pouch and wash and clean it before and after every use.

Stronic G’s Tech Specs, Measurements, And Top Alternatives

The Stronic G is an average-sized toy. It measures 8.19″ from head to base, with an insertable length of 5.75″. Plus a diameter of 1.65″ at its widest part (that’s the head) and the rest of the shaft around 1.34″.

I know full-fledged size royals won’t be happy with this. But you have to take something away if you want a toy that’s light enough (0.70 lbs.) to thrust by itself. Right?

Also, the base is not flared enough. So, never use the Stronic G for anal play.

Now, if you’re looking for a pulsator that’s smaller but more on the realistic side, there’s the Stronic Real. If you want a pulsator that you can use for anal/prostate play with more ridges and a flared base (something Stronic G and Stronic Real don’t offer), there’s Stronic Drei.

And if shallow penetration isn’t your G-spot’s thang because it wants more lifelike thrusts, I recommend Velvet Thruster Teddy GS. You can use it hands-free, with a harness, or during anal play (and prostate massage for penis owners) because of its suction cup base.

Here’s a SPEC COMPARISON CHART between the Stronic G and its top alternatives:

Stronic G
Stronic Real
Stronic Drei
Velvet Thruster Teddy GS
Best For
Total Length
Insertable Length
Stroke Length
Stroke Speed
Color Options
Battery Life
Stronic G
G-spot pulsator
G-spot stimulation
120 to >200 strokes/min
Pink, grape, pool blue
7 speeds, 3 patterns
40 min-2 h
Medical-grade silicone (shaft), ABS plastic (handle)
Stronic Real
Realistic pulsator
Realistic sensations
120 to >200 strokes/min
Dark violet
7 speeds, 3 patterns
40 min-2 h
Medical-grade silicone (shaft), ABS plastic (handle)
Stronic Drei
Ribbed pulsator
Anal/prostate play
120 to >200 strokes/min
6 speeds, 4 patterns
1-4 h
Medical-grade silicone (shaft), ABS plastic (handle)
Velvet Thruster Teddy GS
G-spot thrusting dildo
G-spot stimulation
Up to 128 strokes/min
Lilac, mint, red, black
6 speeds
Up to 2.5 h
Medical-grade silicone

What The Toy Is Made Off & How To Maintain It For Longevity?

Stronic G’s tip to shaft is made from non-porous medical grade silicone material. That means it’s 100% body-safe, hypoallergenic, and free from toxic materials and phthalates.

If you don’t have a spare storage pouch for it, you can store it with your other high-quality silicone toys. It won’t react with them negatively.

Only use water-based lubes (NOT silicone-based, oils, or lotions) to avoid permanent damage. Fun Factory will void your 2-year warranty when this happens.

Moving on to the gray-colored base. It’s made from body-safe ABS plastic with three buttons for control and two metal pins at the bottom for the magnetic charger.

All materials that make up the Stronic G are WATERPROOF. That means you can bring it with you in the shower or bath. Plus, cleaning the toy is super easy.

You can wash it with water and mild soap or use a sex toy cleaner before and after every use, including first-time use.

How Does It Look, Feel Like In Use?

Overall, Stronic G has a sleek, well-built design — typical German premium quality.

It looks matte but feels smooth enough as far as silicone dildos go. As I mentioned, it’s the perfect balance of draggy and smoothness.

It’s not as draggy as other Fun Factory silicone dildos. But it’s smooth enough that when the toy wiggles back and forth with ample lube, it doesn’t tug at your vaginal insides.

Unlike other Stronic pulsators, it’s slimmer but with a prominent, curved tip to hook and stimulate the G-spot. While the upturned head looks imposing, it didn’t feel painful on insertion.

The flattened, squishy head also makes the toy’s self-thrusting motion more comfortable, from gentler constant speeds to fast-paced erratic patterns.

The rest of Stronic G’s body is smooth, with some subtle contours. There are magnetic weights on the toy’s insides for quiet back-and-forth pulsations.

Pair that weight with the toy’s narrower body than the imposing head, and you’ll feel the pulsating toy moving in and out of you, albeit with shorter strokes.

Yes, Stronic G’s thrusts are not as deep as thrusting dildos like Velvet Thrusters or full-sized sex machines. But they’re insistent, giving the G-spot pinpoint sensations.

The gray plastic handle doesn’t feel slippery on the hand, even when you’re all lubed up in the middle of your sessions.

There are 3 easy-to-find and easy-to-press control buttons: “FUN,” “+,” and “−” buttons.

You can switch between speeds and patterns with ease. But based on my experience, no need to fumble with the buttons many times once you find the best pattern for your solo/couples play session.

Let’s Dive Deeper In Actual Functionality

Whoops! Before we dive deeper, let’s debunk a couple of Stronic pulsator myths, shall we?

Myth #1

Stronic pulsators vibrate.

Contrary to popular belief, they pulsate. That means strong internal magnets plus NASA-level technology make the toy wiggle back and forth, creating these massage-like sensations.

These steady yet insistent sensations are perfect for targetting most folks’ G-spot, A-spot, or P-spot. So, yes to Stronic G for pinpoint G-spot stim!

WARNING: Don’t use any Stronic pulsating toy if you have a pacemaker. The toy generates electromagnetic waves that can alter your pacemaker’s normal function.


Myth #2

Stronic pulsators feel like someone is thrusting in and out of you.

Even if Stronic pulsators are labeled (and first to hit the market) as “self-thrusting toys,” they don’t really thrust deep like the real penis in vagina/anus sex.

You’re only getting half an inch or less of thrusting motion. But here’s the catch.

Although pulsators give short, subtle thrusts, they can go from slow, just-teasing-the-spot to fast, you-need-to-come-now sensations. And these usually work for vagina owners looking for that oh-so-elusive G-spot.


Myth #3

Stronic pulsators are noisy.

Despite their powerful thrusts, Stronic pulsators like the Stronic G are SUPER QUIET. Brilliant engineers at Fun Factory are masters at giving their customers discreet, mind-blowing Os.

That means your roommates won’t hear any pulsating sounds behind a closed door or by the next room.

Okay, now that you know how Stronic pulsators work and what to expect from them, here’s more of Stronic G’s KEY FUNCTIONALITY:

Stronic G has 7 speeds and 3 patterns. You start with the default PERFECT START mode when you turn your toy on or press the FUN button. A fitting name as the toy emits a subtle, slow rhythm.

Pressing the “+” button takes you to the CONSTANT MODE with 3 varying speeds. They’re similar to the perfect speed rhythm, just in different speed levels/intensities.

Then, DYNAMIC MODE with 3 different patterns giving distinct levels of insane weirdness. Finally, there’s ALGORITHMIC with 3 modes of alternating low-intensity thrusts and great spikes.

Unique to Stronic G (vs. other Stronic pulsators) is its curved head that targets most vagina owners’ G-spot.

The hook shape goes in, locks the spot, and secures the sex toy in place for pinpoint sensations.

Depending on your anatomy, it can hook your pubic bone, so it won’t leap out when you change positions.

If you’re thinking of bringing your Stronic G with you wherever you go, you can take advantage of its travel lock feature.

To avoid the toy buzzing inside your luggage or any place you’re bringing it, press the “−” and “FUN” buttons simultaneously for half a second.

This combo will lock your toy to avoid embarrassment or keep the toy from accidentally turning on. If you want to unlock the toy, simply press the “+” and “FUN” buttons for half a second.

BOOM! Now, you’re ready to have fun!

Note: You know you’ve successfully locked/unlocked your toy when the buttons blink and the toy buzzes for a brief moment.

Finally, the Stronic G charges through a magnetic charging system. There’s no need to insert a huge pin into a tiny silicone hole that’s going to get loose eventually with regular insert-charge-remove-repeat cycles.

Simply connect the charger to the toy’s magnetic points found at the bottom of the handle. The top part glows red to indicate that the toy’s charging.

Initial and succeeding charges take 8 hours maximum. The 3 buttons on the handle also double as charging indicators.

If the “−” button blinks, that means the toy has 33% or less power; the “+” button, charged between 33% and 66%; and the “FUN” button, up to 99% charged.

Once the lights are out, the toy’s ready to go. A full charge will last between 40 and 120 minutes, depending on your speed or pattern usage.

Of course, Stronic G’s a waterproof and quiet toy — things I’ve already mentioned in the previous sections.

How To Use Fun Factory Stronic G

Stronic G is quite easy to use once you familiarize the control buttons. By default, the toy’s locked. To unlock it, simply press the “+” and “FUN” buttons simultaneously for half a second.

After the toy gives a quick buzz, you can press the “FUN” button once, then the “+” button next to turn the default PERFECT START mode on.

Pressing the “+” and “−” buttons lets you cycle through the 10 different speeds and patterns. 

Once you’re done playing (or if someone knocks on your door unexpectedly), you can press the “FUN” button once to turn the toy off.

To travel-lock the toy, press the “−” and “FUN” buttons simultaneously for half a second.

Always apply an ample amount of water-based lube on the shaft, and don’t hesitate to reapply as necessary.

Stronic G can be used hands-free with the right angle.

For most vagina owners, positioning the toy upward rubs the front part of the vaginal wall better.

There are two ways to do this: You can put pillows underneath your bum to get that angle OR fold and roll a small towel or shirt and place it under the Stronic.

See what works for you. You can even do both. For me, the former (plus some reinforcements) always gets the job done.

My Experience & Stronic G Review 

Stronic G’s hooked shape and persistent wiggling movements have hit the perfect mark for stimulating my G-spot. *Yay!*

I’ll start with the shape. Using curved over straight dildos is ALWAYS my way to go when I need to hit my G-spot for vaginal Os. And Stronic G’s hook-like, somewhat upturned head does a great job at it.

The hooked tip locks the G-spot, thereby sending pinpoint pulsations to the area.

Plus, keeping the toy in place. And the head just gives enough cushion as the toy pulsates back and forth.

Sometimes, I get sensitive down there that putting TOO MUCH focus on my G-spot is a no-no.

But Stronic G’s flat, slightly soft silicone head is squishy enough that it doesn’t give me any discomfort.

Unlike thrusting a dildo with your hand or using a sex machine, Stronic G won’t give you long, deep thrusts. But its short, insistent movements are powerful enough to build up to a big O.

And the best part? It’s SUPER QUIET even at the highest speed settings!

I’d say you need to take your time with this toy if you want to appreciate its G-spot-hitting efforts. But the payoff is way worth it.

The narrower shaft may not give that fullness that size royals prefer. But it’s the perfect size to really feel the toy moving in and out of you.

Fun Factory toys are notorious for having that draggy ouch-you’re-tugging-at-my-vagina kind of silicone material if you’re not wet enough. I didn’t get that with the Stronic G.

Some smoothness makes its movements less draggy. And that adds to the overall build-up of pleasure from the toy.

I really liked that I can use Stronic G hands-free. Have you ever tried getting tired halfway through thrusting your dildo in and out of you? Of course, you do!

Usually, I take this toy out if I’m feeling lazy, want to give my hands some rest, or simply relax.

I don’t need to keep a steady hand on the toy’s handle. Instead, I just prop some pillows under my butt, lie down, turn my favorite pattern on, and let the toy do its pulsating magic.

This gives my hand more freedom to explore other erogenous zones. Sometimes, I even whip out my go-to bullet vibe for clit stim plus Stronic G’s G-spot hitting stim if I’m really in the mood.

And the blended sensations are CRAZY.

Unlike internal vibrators, internal pulsators add sensations without taking away the external clit vibrator’s experience. And I really liked that.

The only time I needed to reach down for the controls was when I wanted to change the toy’s rhythm or speed and take time.

Now, Stronic G has a lot of speeds and patterns to offer. But what really works for me is the varying constant speeds after the default perfect start mode.

The first constant “Samba” mode gives me a good start. Then, when I’m almost there, I hit the “+” button once, then twice from “Rumble” to “Quicky” to get off.

The dynamic and algorithmic modes were just too much and too erratic for my G-spot’s liking.

If I just want a good vaginal “massage” time, you know the kind where I can text boo, watch some Netflix soft action, or read some erotica at the same time… I use my fave constant “Rumble” mode.

And honestly, it’s my go-to speed when I use Stronic G. I even save it using the toy’s memory function by holding down the “FUN” button until I feel two buzzes.

In case you’re wondering, you can reset your fave setting by holding down the same button till the toy buzzes five times.

What’s The Price And Best Places To Buy

So, here’s the moment of truth…

Stronic G will cost you around $169 a pop straight from Fun Factory’s website.

Yup, not the cheapest G-spot toy on the market. But it’s one of those rare toys that’ll stimulate most vagina owners’ elusive spot for the best orgasms.

What Do Other People Think About It?

A lot of vagina owners have been singing (or moaning) praises to Stronic G’s wonders. Here are some of them:

“I personally have the Stronic G and absolutely love it. The shape and smooth texture put the focus on that pulsation.”

12chinchillas, Reddit

“I have the Stronic G, and it’s absolutely my favorite powered sex toy. I can use it hands-free (even while standing up!).”

LadyPseudonymia, Reddit

But of course, the G-spot is quite elusive. And no two vaginas and sex toy preferences are alike. So, yeah. It’ll be a miss for some of my ladies like titaniumflower over here: 

“Personally, I was disappointed by the Fun Factory Stronic toy I had (the Stronic G) — it was just too narrow of a range of motion to be effective for me. They’re high-quality toys, but they might not work for everyone.”

titaniumflower, Reddit

Final Thoughts

Stronic G is the sex toy for hardworking ladies who want to give their hands their much-needed rest, relax, or take their time with their pleasure.

If you’re used to working hard and thrusting deep for the best vaginal orgasms, save your 170 bucks because you can’t do those things with this toy.

But if you’re willing to invest in hands-free, insistent moves or try a different pulsating sensation to hit your G-spot, then it’s worth giving a shot.



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