Fun Factory Share & Sharevibe Review in 2021 (After 3 Months of Use)

An honest Fun Factory Share and Sharevibe review where we test the strapless strapons for both woman-to-woman and pegging purposes. Here are our results (and best tips):

The Fun Factory Sharevibe is one of the more popular strapless (AKA double) dildos on the market. Similar to the Share but with added bullet vibe, it’s been getting more attention recently. 

(Or was it just me who got into strap-ons late?!)

But is it right for everyone? Will it work without a harness?


Over the past 3 months, I’ve had a chance to test it with my (very) close girlfriend as well as with my boyfriend.

And the story with Sharevibe is a bit more complicated than a simple “buy it!” 

THE GOOD | Using Sharevibe feels super intimate – having more skin contact is great, and it’s way more intense than a normal strap-on. It works great for woman-to-woman play – the feeling of your partner’s movements, the added clitoral stimulation and a built-in bullet vibe make for a wonderful experience. 

It’s made of high-quality seamless silicone that is safe to use and easy to keep clean. So Sharevibe should last for years of fun. 

THE NOT SO GOOD | Sharevibe will not work well for pegging without a harness. Also, some women find the wearer’s bulb uncomfortable to wear due to its bigger size. The bullet vibrator is nice, but it’s not a standard size so you can’t easily swap it out for your favourite one.

THE BOTTOM LINE | Both the Share and the Sharevibe are really fun toys to use, but they’re not right for everyone. 

If you’re a vagina owner who mostly has sex with other vagina owners, then go for it!

But if you’re looking for a toy for serious pegging, then you should look elsewhere or at least use a harness. 

Here’s the TL;DR.

Sharevibe is for you if: 

  • You hate straps and buckles
  • You like strong pressure on your G-Spot
  • You plan to use it with other vagina owners  
  • You care about material safety and quality

Maybe not for you if: 

  • You’re looking for an effective pegging toy
  • You like it rough and wild 

Sharevibe: My First Impressions

I’m going to focus on the Sharevibe here since that’s what I spent the most time with. In terms of impressions they’re extremely similar, the only difference really is the Share doesn’t come with the vibrator. 

Sharevibe comes in a nice, minimalistic box. The toy itself is not wrapped in anything, but an extra carton layer that slips on top of the box connects the two with a hygienic seal.

Thanks for making sure I know I am the first one to touch (and use) my Sharevibe, Fun Factory!

Both Sharevibe and Share are made of soft, luxurious silicone that feels gorgeous to the touch. 

The Sharevibe comes in hot pink and a dark purple, while the Share is available in a lighter shade of purple or black. 

Whatever colour you choose, the Share and Sharevibe both look beautiful. With strap-ons and other wearables, you get a lot of the confidence from just how good the toy looks when you wear it. 

And for me, wearing the Sharevibe looks good and feels good. 

Now, What’s The Difference Between Share and Sharevibe?

You might be shocked to learn this, but… 

The Sharevibe vibrates and the Share doesn’t. 

I know! Huge surprise (not really).

Apart from this, there isn’t a lot of difference between the two toys. 

Here’s a handy table of their tech specs: 

Insertable length (wearer/receiver) 
Circumference (wearer/receiver)
How secure is it for the wearer? 
Other details
3.5” / 6” 
4.5” / 3.5”
Medical-grade silicone
Fully waterproof
3.5” / 5.5”
4.5” / 2.6”
Medical-grade silicone
Removable 3-speed bullet vibrator
Fully waterproof, USB rechargeable

In practice, 

The Share has a slightly longer shaft with a pronounced ridge that looks more like a real penis head. This makes Share more suitable for massaging the prostate and/or hitting the G-spot. 

The Share is also a bit thicker and longer than the Sharevibe. In fact, it might be a bit too big if you’re new to pegging, so bear that in mind if this is your first rodeo

On the other hand, the Sharevibe doesn’t have as much of a ridge. 

It looks less anatomical and is a bit thinner, but the vibrations make up for the difference. 

Both the Share and Sharevibe are made of high-quality, body-safe silicone which is absolutely gorgeous. 

For me, it has the perfect balance of firmness and flexibility for all kinds of play. It is stiff enough to insert with ease, but with enough give to not overwhelm you.

Moving on!

Both models are easy to keep clean too. 

All you have to do is wash your toy with warm soapy water and leave it to air dry. You can even boil them – just make sure you take the bullet vibrator out of the Sharevibe first! 

The Sharevibe comes with a magnetic USB charging cable for the bullet. For 2 hours of charging you get around 90 minutes of playtime (depending on the intensity). 

The bullet vibrator itself is removable and has 3 speeds and 2 patterns. It’s not the most powerful thing in the world, but both partners will feel it rumble through the silicone shaft!

Both the Share and the Sharevibe have nice fat bulbs (the part that goes inside the wearer). 

Some might even find it too big, but for me, personally, It gives a feeling of fullness and hits the G-spot beautifully. And the give of the silicone actually makes it less intimidating than it looks. 

The ridge is great for stimulating the clitoris, adding an extra dimension of pleasure when grinding on it. 

When not in use, the Sharevibe feels pretty secure. Unless you’re soaked, you can stand up and hold it in without having to clench your pelvic floor like a gorilla fist. 

But what about in use? After all, that’s the whole point of these dildos, right? 


How to Use and Get the Most out of Share and Sharevibe

One of the more common problems with strapless dildos is that they don’t stay in very well during sex. 

The Share and Sharevibe are better than most strapless dildos for this. But there’s still a learning curve. 

If you’re the wearer, then inserting it so that it stays in can be a bit tricky. You have to test it a few times with different amounts of lube

Not enough lubrication and it feels uncomfortable to put in, but too much and it slips out easily. A few users might not need any at all, some might need a lot. 

Explore and experiment! That’s always part of the fun. 

There’s a knack to thrusting with the Sharevibe in place which can be tricky, so for the first few times, it’s better to take it slowly.

Going from 1 to 100km/h usually ends up with the Sharevibe on the floor, which ruins the sexy mood when you have to go clean it off and start again! 

What About the Vibrator? 

The bullet vibrator in the Sharevibe really adds to the experience. It’s especially stimulating for the wearer, so you can feel the vibrations right up against your g-spot. 

The vibration is pretty good for the receiver but not super strong. I’ve also used it as a normal vibrator and it is a bit too strong for me even, but I prefer the low-medium strength. So don’t expect the WeVibe Tango levels of power. 

It’s a shame you can’t just swap it out for a stronger bullet on the fly. The Sharevibe’s bullet is extra wide, so you would have to pad the space around your favourite vibe to keep it in place. It’s still great, but it could have been perfect if the bullet was a standard size.

But does it make such a big difference? Let me tell you about… 

My Experience with Sharevibe 

Let me give you a bit of context first… 

I have this close friend of mine. Both of us have always chosen men to build relationships with, but the connection we have takes us into all sorts of fun occasionally.

During one such time, I got to test the Sharevibe with her. 

After the initial success, I decided to also try it with my boyfriend. And these were two different experiences. 

First up: 

Using Sharevibe with a Woman

After plenty of foreplay, we were ready to go. Getting the Sharevibe to stay in place was the first challenge – I had to adjust it until it felt firmly in place, which took a bit longer than I expected. 

I’d already practised using the right amount of lube to insert it, so that wasn’t an issue. 

Having it in while she gave me a “handjob” was incredibly stimulating. The way it moved and hit my G-spot… I could have orgasmed just from that but we were just getting started!

When it was time to get down to business, things got even better. 

The biggest advantage of strapless dildos is the feeling of connection. Because it’s inside both partners, we could both feel how the other was moving.

Everything felt receptive and responsive, and every motion massaged my G-spot like no normal strap-on ever could. All I could say was WOW. 

However, full disclosure: security became a bit of an issue when we got really into it. 

Pop quiz – what happens when women get turned on? 

That’s right, we get wet. A+. 

And what happens to silicone when it gets wet? 

Correct again. It gets slippery! A+. 

So the more turned on I got by what we were doing, the harder it got to keep the Sharevibe in securely. 

When we kept things slow and grindy it was fine. More than fine – it was great. But for something like doggy style? 

Not the best idea. The Sharevibe started to wobble around and feel loose, which made me laugh, which made it fall out. 

It was a really fun moment, but I understand that not everyone has the same sense of humour in the bedroom. 

So, what’s the verdict? 

The skin-to-skin contact and intimate feeling that comes with it is to die for. 

I loved the grinding action of the clitoral ridge combined with the intense fullness of the bulb, topped off with the vibrations. My partner enjoyed the vibrations too, but she felt they could have been stronger in some positions. 

And like I mentioned earlier, another more powerful bullet wouldn’t fit in the opening without being muffled by some cloth or tissue paper. 

In any case, we both had a great time, and the Sharevibe worked wonderfully in the more relaxed positions. If you own a vagina and mostly have sex with other vagina owners, then you shouldn’t run into any problems. 

And if you like your sex hard and fast, the Sharevibe can be used with a harness for stability. You lose some of the skin contact, but keep all the other benefits of the double action. 

And What About Pegging? 

Well, here comes the bad news. 

Pegging with a strapless dildo is REALLY DIFFICULT. 

It’s simple physics, really. Or biomechanics. Or something – I don’t know, I’m not a scientist. 

Basically, it doesn’t work because butt muscles are stronger than vagina muscles. 

With a lot of warming up and an ocean of lube, we managed to have some success… 

…But we both agreed that we missed the security of a harness. 

The Sharevibe can get in, but any kind of thrusting motion and it’s likely to slip out of the wearer. Not great for topping your partner if you constantly have to stop and adjust the toy. 

Pegging is as much mental as physical, and reliability is crucial to everyone having a good time. 

So unless you have a pelvic floor like Wonder Woman, stick with a harness. 

If you do go for Sharevibe and a harness, I suggest you start with the Temptasia Briefs. For just $25-30, they aren’t going to break the bank! 

Or if you want the best, then the SpareParts Joque is pretty much the gold standard of comfortable, stylish harnesses. They’re pricey, but as soon as you put them on you’ll know it was money well spent.

Where Can You Get One? 

You can pick up the Share and/or the Sharevibe directly from Fun Factory’s website. It’s usually best to get toys directly from the manufacturer (or a reliable sex shop), so you get that guaranteed warranty. 

Any Better Alternative For Pegging? 

Fuze Tango is the best strapless strap-on that actually works for pegging. It’s quite similar to the Share, but it’s a bit firmer which makes penetration easier. 

It’s still gorgeously soft and silky and made of medical-grade silicone, just like the Share. 

Plus, you can insert a standard bullet into it for vibrating play, so try it with all your favourites! I’d recommend the WeVibe Tango if you like awesomely powerful, deep vibrations. 

What Do Other People Think of Sharevibe? 

Omg, my wife can throw some serious action my way with our fun factory share vibe. We are both new to this but she is really getting into it now. I am so excited and I had to share!


Picked this up about a week ago. It’s our first strapless strap-on, so it took some getting used to for her. The receiving end is pretty thick, but not too thick, it just took some working up to. The skin to skin contact is great. The included bullet is crazy powerful, holding it made my fingertips numb! But my SO(and I) thoroughly enjoyed it!


Final Thoughts

The Fun Factory Share and Sharevibe were intended for use by lesbians mostly, and it shows. They are ideal toys for women who have sex with other women. If you want fun, intimacy and closeness then these toys are a steal! 

Overall, the Share and Sharevibe may not be the perfect choice for everyone, but they are a hell of a lot of fun.



Anastasia is a sex toy reviewer and a part of the SexualAlpha's Core Team.

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