Fun Factory NOS Vibrating Cock Ring Review [After 3 Month Testing]

In this FunFactory NOS review you’ll learn how effective is this NEW vibrating cock ring, how to use in couples play, get most out of it, and if it’s a worthy investment:

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If you are wondering if the Fun Factory NŌS is worth buying, this article is for you. Before finding the NOS, I’d already written off most cock rings for my partner and me. 

I’d had mostly bad experiences with them, like cheap material, shallow vibrations, awkward pauses to readjust it, and that one time my dog thought mine was a toy and almost swallowed it.

The c-ring market has stepped up its game these days, and I definitely feel that with the NŌS. In this article, I’ll cover the good, the bad, the meh, and my experience with the NŌS Ring to help you decide if this toy is for you.

Let’s get into it!

The Good

The NŌS Ring is a great cock ring designed to maximize both his and her pleasure. It is super strong, has 4 vibration speeds and a 5th shuffle mode.

The ring is uniquely shaped to fit the true anatomy of a penis which makes it stay perfectly in place — no more sliding or fiddling during sex.

Its tilted design and the dual-motor extensions stimulate both sides of the clit for a deeper and more satisfying orgasm. It is made of silicone, which makes it fully body-safe.

The Bad

The button is flat, and its placement in the center of the toy can be hard to click during sex.

The vibes are quite intense, so for a sensitive clit it may be too much. If overused, it may dull your sexual sensations over time.

The Bottom Line

Despite the unfortunate button placement, we found The NŌS Ring to be a high-quality cock ring that greatly enhances both partner’s experience during sex.

It’s best for those who crave strong vibes, men wanting to improve their stamina, or ladies who need clit-stimulation to orgasm. 

Fun Factory NŌS Ring is for you if:

  • You are tired of the cock rings that don’t stay in place
  • You want a toy that lasts years instead of months
  • You need clit stimulation to cum
  • You love strong vibrations

Fun Factory NŌS Ring is not for you if:

  • Your body is sensitive and won’t enjoy strong, intense vibes
  • Your (or your partner’s) penis is far above average girth

Fun Factory NOS: The First Impressions 

The NŌS Ring comes in a small, simple box. Inside, there are:

  • the NŌS Ring, 
  • a magnetic charger, 
  • information booklet, 
  • a storage pouch. 

The NŌS Ring itself looks like a ring with bunny ears, which fits entirely in your hand, even with the extensions.

Fun Factory Nos Ring unboxing

Surprise, surprise!

Once you open the cover that slips on the box, you will find a small questionnaire to fill in with your partner.

Fun Factory Nos Ring game

Functionality, Design & Usability Overview

First off, The NŌS Ring is made with a non-porous body-safe material. The quality is medical grade, top-notch silicone. 

It feels very soft and nicely squishy to touch, and super flexible. The material used makes it waterproof and easy to clean. 

It has only one button right in the center, so no rocket science needed to figure it out.

The storage pouch is spacious and can fit even a couple of small toys inside. The material feels like paper… But it is not. 


The NŌS Ring measures 3.15 inches (8 cm) in total length, from tip to base, while the internal diameter of the ring is about 1.2 inches (3 cm).

The ring is ideal for most penis sizes, with a good amount of give to accommodate users around or a bit above average.

NOTE: If you are in a very well-endowed group, it may feel a bit uncomfortable or even tight.

The space between the bunny ears is set at less than 0.2 inches (0.5 cm). Seems narrow, but they are super flexible, and in use, they will not hurt you. 

Instead, this allows for the optimal amount of pressure to stimulate the clit from both sides.

Design & Color

The internal ring on the NŌS isn’t a perfect circle, because…well… neither is the penis.

Instead, it’s slightly flatter on two points inside. This design is anatomically correct and made to perfectly hug the shaft without sliding around in use. 

Fun Factory Nos Ring front view

The bunny ear extensions have 2 motors and are tilted at an angle to have better contact with the clit during penetration.

NŌS comes with 4 built-in vibrating speeds, plus a 5th setting that allows the ring to automatically shuffle through the 4 vibe patterns. 

There are two color options, Black & Deep Sea Blue. 


The vibes on the NŌS are nicely rumbly and not at all buzzy. So the lower settings are hardly noticeable even in a quiet room.

If a silent room is at about 30db, and typing on a mac keyboard makes 43db of noise, the NOS is at about 36 dB on speed 1. Even at the highest vibe speed, it only reaches 43 dB. 

Many toys that are considered not loud have sounded at 50 dB, so the NŌS is well below that.

At the second speed, if you are in a quiet room and move about 3 meters away, you stop noticing it. 

The high rumbles are about as noticeable as the buzz of a fridge — it’s there if you really listen for it, but not something that attracts your attention.

So if you have some nosy neighbors, don’t worry. They are more likely to hear your snoring than the NOS Ring.

Battery Life

The NŌS Ring lasts for an hour of playtime when fully charged, which takes 1 to 2 hours. It’s more than enough since you should only wear it for up to 20 minutes in one session. 

The Fun Factory charging cables feature a rounded magnetic charging port, which can easily become disconnected. Double-check that it’s fully attached when charging to avoid disappointment later.

Fun Factory Nos Ring and charger

How to Use The NŌS Cock Ring

To use the NŌS Ring, the wearer slips it onto his penis, where it sits at the base. The extensions should be facing outward to hit the clit and labia during penetration.

To turn it on, just press the one button. 

Fun Factory Nos Ring in hand

The extensions are flexible and will move with you as you grind. Instead of just rubbing the top of the clit, the bunny ears stimulate the clit on both sides, for optimal arousal and pleasure.

If your girl needs clit stimulation to cum, this could easily be the best c-ring for that.

Different Ways to Use NŌS

The unique design of the NŌS Ring offers more options for play: You can flip the ring upside-down, with the bunny ears on the bottom of the shaft to hit the clit in doggy style or reverse cowgirl.

It also takes blowjobs to the next level, since the constriction of blood flow delays the male orgasm making them super intense. Plus, your partner can control the vibe speeds during fellatio to create more intense pleasure.

You have 4 vibe speeds and the 5th mode for complete hands-free play. Just set it to vibe 5, and let it do its thing.

Then you and your partner’s hands are free to touch, play, bake a cake, whatever you want.

By the way!

Most cock rings have a flat design, which means that the vibes are mostly felt on the shaft of the penis — fun for the wearer but not very useful for female pleasure. 

NŌS, on the other hand, has most of its body tilted to the front. With such a design, NŌS reaches the clit in various positions.

Fun Factory Nos Ring side view

Is It Safe to Wear the NŌS Cock Ring?

The NŌS ring is entirely safe to use. Like other c-rings, the NŌS works its magic by slowing the blood flow out of the penis, resulting in a harder erection for everyone’s pleasure.

But too much of a good thing is never really good.

As a rule, listen to your body. Pain is not normal so if it starts to hurt, take it off right away. You should only wear the ring for 20 minutes or less anyway.

If you have any type of blood condition, sadly this toy isn’t for you.

And although it can help you achieve a longer-lasting hard-on, it’s not an end-all solution or medical treatment. If you’re experiencing ED, you should still see a doctor for proper treatment.

My Experience With the NŌS Cock Ring

The NŌS Ring was charged straight out of the box, ready to go after a quick cleaning. We were very skeptical since the shape just looks unusual and not at all what I’m used to with cock rings. 

My boyfriend slipped it on with ease, and once turned on, I was surprised by the vibe intensity. Even setting 1 was like a silent earthquake against my clit.

Working our way up, the vibes start to get more aggressive and feel quite punchy at speeds 3 and 4. 

Great for lovers of strong vibes, but if you’re sensitive like me, stick to vibes 1 and 2. Anything higher might be going too Mike Tyson-ish down there.

The design of the extensions stimulates the clit on both sides, almost like a (not so) gentle, rumbly squeeze. I feel like this let the vibrations reach deeper, which was super satisfying.

Fun Factory Nos Ring front view in hand

The vibe is nice and rumbly, and it doesn’t oversensitize the clit (if you use it at the right speed), allowing space to cum multiple times. 

And I want to say that it really lives up to its purpose for hands-free play except when changing the vibe speed.

What impressed me most was how the ring stayed perfectly in place the whole time. No slipping, and no fiddling.

Overall, I found the NŌS Ring to be a high-quality toy, with only the button placement being a downside.

Many c-rings fail at delivering enough female pleasure, but the NŌS Ring successfully targets both male and female pleasure.

Yes, the vibes are quite intense but if you aren’t too sensitive, this toy can easily become your number one go-to cock ring. 

Price, Where To Buy

You can buy the NŌS Ring directly from the Fun Factory website. (Note: Make sure you’re on the US site if you live in the US. It should say “”)

This way you can trust the reliability, and it should come with a hygienic seal when bought from the manufacturer.

The NŌS Ring costs 69 EUR, or 99 USD. If you live in the EU, Fun Factory currently offers free shipping on all orders over 19 EUR. 

What Do Other People think About It?

Need more help deciding if the NŌS is for you? Here’s what a recent buyer says about the NŌS Ring. 

My initial feedback on it is that the vibrator in it feels moderately strong and the silicone is thick and will create a good amount of tension. I’m fearing that it will be a little too small for me (I’m over 6″ in circumference). However it looks pretty nice. What I like about handling it is that the vibration motor on it isn’t huge like with other cock rings. The NOS is probably going to be easier for me to thrust with because of that. It comes with a storage pouch too which is nice.. not a lot of cock rings do.

Obsession Rouge, Reddit


As an alternative, check out the Hot Octopuss Atom Plus. The shape of this one allows vibes to reach the clit, and also the hard-to-hit male perineum. This c-ring gives the ultimate stimulation as far as male pleasure goes.

The NŌS is already pretty intense, but if you want the strongest vibes on the market, go for the Je Joue Mio. It comes with 25 vibe speeds that go deep for intense, satisfying pleasure. Plus, it’s stretchier than the NŌS ring and can fit larger girths more comfortably.

“Cumming” Full Circle

Overall, the NŌS Ring is a great vibrating cock ring that fulfills its intended purpose of delivering female and male pleasure simultaneously and equally well.

If you can overlook the questionable button placement, it’s a high-quality toy that’s easy to use, and of quality material that’ll last for years.

And the best part? It actually stays in place, leaving you and your partner’s hands and minds free for more of the fun stuff!

That’s a wrap on the NŌS Vibrating Cock Ring review! I hope this helped you on your toy hunt. 😉



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