Fun Factory Manta Review [2021]: After 3 Months (Penis Stroker Vibrator)

In this Fun Factory Manta review, you’ll learn how good of a penis vibrator this toy is, how it compares to alternatives, and if the price point is justified.

fun factory manta with box and charger

A vibrator for men? What will they think of next…

That was my first thought when I heard about the Fun Factory’s Manta. 

I’ll be totally honest, I was pretty sceptical about what the Manta could offer.

So when I got ahold of mine I had A BIG SURPRISE coming my way. Actually, I had quite a few…

The Good | You will discover new kinds of orgasms with Manta! Vibration-induced orgasms are way different to a stroker or your hand. Also, frenulum play is a whole new dimension of pleasure to explore! it’s well-made and will last for years.

I also loved how multifunctional and innovative the Manta is, too. You’ll never get tired of exploring and seeing what feels good! Not to mention 

The Not So Good | The Manta is not an intuitive toy. I had to work out how to get the best results from it. For me, that’s a fun and interesting challenge, but if you want something simple that can make you orgasm in five minutes no problem, this isn’t the toy for you. 

The Bottom Line | Overall, this is a fun and unique male masturbator that is perfect for edging, as a vibrating stroker and for sensational vibe-enhanced BJs. 

If that doesn’t sound like your idea of a good time, then it’s better to look for something more traditional that fits your needs. The Manta isn’t cheap so it’s not a “try it once and leave it in the closet for five years” toy. 

But if you want to add some variety and discover the joys of male vibrators, then the Manta will pay for itself in no time!

Here’s the TL;DR.

Manta is for you if: 

  • You are bored with stroking toys
  • You like edging, taking your time and building intensity
  • You have occasional problems with gaining or maintaining an erection 
  • You are ready to invest in the good quality

Maybe not for you if: 

  • You just want to orgasm quickly and easily 
  • You want something cheap
  • You’re below average girth

First Impressions

Is presentation important? 

That’s a tricky question. There are the people who say that yes, presentation is important, and then there are the people who are WRONG. 

Of course, presentation is vital! How else can you give a good first impression?? 

It seems that Fun Factory agrees with me because they give a great first impression. The Manta is packaged beautifully, like a new phone or an Xbox. 

Inside the box, there’s the Manta itself, a magnetic USB charging cable, and the usual mini instruction manuals. 

Picking up the Manta, it feels solid. Well-made, typical German craftsmanship. It’s not heavy, but – well, have you ever picked up a pocket pussy and thought “this feels awful in my hand, it just feels cheap?” 

Holding the Manta, I get the opposite feeling. It might seem trivial, but those little details and touches make a big difference to how I feel about a product. Especially when I have to compare it to a whole collection! 

So, Fun Factory get points for style. 

But what about substance? 

Functionality, Design and Usability

Here’s the spec sheet with all of the essential details: 

  • Size: 17cm/7in total length, 5cm/ 2in width, loop diameter 3cm 
  • Weight: 230g – nice and light 
  • Batteries: rechargeable, magnetic charger
  • Buttons: There are 3 buttons to control the toy. The + and – do exactly what you expect, and the FUN button switches it on and off
  • Materials: body-safe silicone for the head and the bottom half is plastic. 
  • Other details: It has a loop handle making it easy to hold and use, and the whole thing is waterproof. It also comes with a 2 years manufacturers warranty! 

Did you see that?? 



That’s pretty rare in the male sex toy world. Most strokers in particular are made of TPE or some other porous plastic. That means if you don’t clean them religiously and dry them out perfectly you get a hole full of mould. And no-one wants that. 

Not to mention, the electronics are frequently so badly made they break after just a few uses. 

Maybe my standards have been lowered by years of sub-par male sex toys with shoddy craftsmanship, I don’t know. 

But the Manta impressed me enormously with its build quality. It looks good, it’s made of body-safe silicone and in three months of regular use I haven’t had any problems with it. I’m confident it will last years without breaking.

The battery is rechargeable and lasts about 60-120 minutes on a full charge depending on speed.

This brings me to a minor disappointment – the magnetic USB charger.

Now, normally I LOVE magnetic chargers. Ever since I broke my favourite keyboard by tripping over a loose wire, I really appreciate the safety of magnetic charging. 

HOWEVER. This one isn’t perfect. The connection on the magnets isn’t that strong and I’ve sometimes snapped it on and left it, only to come back hours later to find the connection wasn’t perfect and it hasn’t charged at all. 

It’s only happened a couple of times – normally it just snaps on and gets to charging no problem – but when it takes 8 hours to fully charge it’s always worth checking that it’s charging properly before leaving it alone. 

Apart from that, everything about Manta’s construction is FANTASTIC. 

So it’s worth the very minor inconvenience of double-checking that it’s charging every time.

Manta comes in three colours – Deep Sea Blue, Moss Green, or Black. My favourite is blue but it looks cool in any colour.

On to the design. 

The important bits are the wings and those stylish ridges at the business end

The wings are what makes this toy so innovative. They are flexible and hug the shaft to vibrate the whole penis instead of over-stimulating one spot. 

If you’ve ever tried vibrating cock rings or something similar, you might have noticed that the sensation dulls after a few minutes of constant vibration. It can even get uncomfortable. 

What I like about the Manta is it’s super easy to move around or take off – no more fiddling around trying to slide a cock ring on or off and getting your hands covered in lube! 

The wings are flexible and will wrap around most of the penis pretty comfortably without encircling it. 

The only exception to this is if you’re extremely blessed in the girth department. If you’re packing a beer can, then it will only stimulate about half of your girth at once. 

I don’t think that’s a bad thing, but something to consider if you’re lucky that way!

Moving on to the ridges.

They do more than just add friction. They are designed to hold and distribute lube evenly and make for a smoother gliding action. 

Of course, because the Manta is made of silicone you can only use water-based lubes which dry out faster than oil or silicone-based ones. 

Fortunately the ridges help in this department so you don’t have to re-apply lube every 2 minutes. More like every 10 minutes! 

The Manta has 6 speeds and 6 different patterns to try out, but I found the medium speeds (2-4) were my favourite most of the time. Too low and it was more of a tickling sensation than a pleasurable one. Too high and it was too strong and desensitised my skin a bit. 

This is just a very rough guide; every speed and pattern can be pleasurable in their own way, from certain angles or with certain techniques. That’s one of my favourite things about the Manta – there’s always something new to try and a way to make it fun. 

How to Use and Get the Most out of Manta 

Fun Factory says there are three main areas to use it in. The biggest appeal for me was using it solo as a masturbator – that’s how I spend most of my time with it. 

But I have to tell you about these other two ways because they’re worth a try and extremely fun to play around with. 

1. For Blowjobs 

With a partner, it makes an absolutely divine blowjob enhancer. Have you ever received a bj and thought “This is great, but I wish my partner’s face vibrated”

Well, you’re in luck! The Manta delivers exactly that feeling. 

Simply put the wings around the base of your shaft and let your partner do their work. 

It feels like getting deep throat action… that VIBRATES. 

2. During Couple’s Play

You can also put it around the base of the shaft and use it during sex. The vibration feels great, but your partner might not get that much intense vibration coming through.

If you can get the angle right, though, you can turn your penis into a vibrator!

Sadly, during sex it’s not easy to hold at the right angle. I found it awkward to keep it in the perfect position and also enjoy sex.

It feels similar to a cock ring, but better in some ways because you don’t have to awkwardly shove it on and get it to fit comfortably. 

On the other hand, you have to… hold it in place with your hand. So there’s a trade-off. 

To be fair, it is a toy that is mostly meant for solo use, so I don’t expect it to be perfect in everything!

For foreplay though, the Manta works well as a vibrator for women. It’s especially fun as a teasing toy when used on the labia or clit. 

So if you want a toy specifically for penetrative sex, then buy a vibrating cock ring. 

But if you want a whole lot of options in one neat package, then the Manta is a much more versatile tool in your sexual arsenal. 

3. Solo

And now for the MAIN EVENT!

Using the Manta alone as an adventurous masturbator. 

And I do mean adventurous – I hadn’t tried anything like this before. I love new experiences, so this was right up my street. 

In fact, if you’ve never tried frenulum vibrations to masturbate before then give it a shot! You’ll thank me later. 

You could use a bullet vibrator or even an electric toothbrush if you don’t want to jump in at the deep end with the Manta. Use a spare toothbrush head, obviously :D. 

Back to the Manta and those delicious multi-speed vibes. 

At the base of the shaft then higher speeds and varied patterns make a wonderful rumbly sensation, kind of like a deep tissue massage. Very stimulating! 

You can also try using it as a stroker, starting from the tip of the glans and sliding it down (need plenty of lube!). Or start from the base of the shaft and work your way up. This delivers waves of vibrating pleasure that sent shivers up my spine. 

It might be difficult to finish just from the vibrations alone, depending on how sensitive you are, so it’s a good thing you can use the Manta one-handed and use your free hand to – well I’m sure I don’t need to tell you! 

My Experience with Manta

Is the journey as important as the destination? 

Sorry, that was a bit too philosophical. 

Is the build-up to orgasm as important as the orgasm itself? 

If you answered “YES!” then the Manta was made for you. 

Because truthfully, this isn’t the easiest masturbator to finish with. 

It was made for exploring those spots you didn’t know you enjoyed. 

It took some uses to get to grips with the Manta, but I’m very glad I did! It’s not intuitive like a regular penis stroker, but there’s a whole world of things to try with it. 

Probably my favourite way to use the Manta was on the frenulum, which I highly recommend. 

Stroking it up and down the frenulum was like playing an incredible edging game with myself. Keeping it at the lower intensities and building up slowly leads to incredible, wildly intense orgasms. You know the kind where your head feels fuzzy and your eyes won’t focus? 

It took me several tries to figure out how to achieve this result reliably, but I’m so glad I did. 

Oh, and did I mention the secret bonus trick? 


I don’t normally have any trouble staying hard. But sometimes my brain is in the mood but there’s not much happening in the trouser department. 

This happened a few weeks ago. 

Maybe I was a bit tired. Maybe I hadn’t had enough vitamins that day. 

Didn’t matter… 

…Because in just a few minutes with the Manta I was pitching a full mast!

That’s right, because of the vibration you don’t even need to be rock-hard to get the most out of this toy. 

So if that’s something that affects you then the Manta could be just the solution you’re looking for. 

Well, How Much Is It? 

I have to be honest here…

Manta IS NOT the cheapest male vibrator you could get but it is one of the best male vibrators to invest in. It retails for $139.99 from Fun Factory’s website. 

It’s normally best to get your toys directly from the manufacturer, but if you plan to get a few things at once, you can also get Manta from Peepshow Toys here.

Final Thoughts 

The FunFactory Manta is a toy for the adventurous man who has tried strokers and Fleshlights and all those “normal” male sex toys and who wants something different. 

The fun you can have exploring and experimenting is practically limitless. 

If you’re turned off by the price or sceptical about the use of a male vibrator then fair enough, but my advice is to give it a shot.

The Manta pays for itself by offering brand new and entertaining sex experiences you might never have had before. How many sex toys can really claim that? 

Fun Factory Manta Review

Dainis Graveris

Fun Factory Manta


This unique male vibrator is perfect for edging, vibrating stroker, and sensational vibe-enhanced BJs. You will discover new kinds of orgasms and you got a whole new dimension of pleasure to explore!

Dainis Graveris

Dainis Graveris

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