Fleshskins Review [2021]: Fleshlight Blue Ice Grip After 3 Month Testing

In this Fleshskin review you’ll learn what to expect from Blue Ice texture, how to use it, what to watch out for & its top alternatives (hands on tested):

If you‘ve never tried a Fleshlight or other types of sleeves, you‘re in for a TREAT.

If you‘re already a Fleshlight fan, you‘ll want to add this budget-friendly option to your toy arsenal. 

This Fleshskin review will break down why you‘ll appreciate this lightweight sleeve when you‘re in the mood for something a little more exciting than your hand or when you want to add some spice to one-on-one time with a partner. 

The Good

The Fleshskins Blue Ice is made from the same material as other Fleshlight products, which gives it the “real” feel that makes these toys top-notch. Also, like those other products, it doesn‘t require batteries or any special maintenance, and you can simply use your hand to control the tightness of the sleeve.

It‘s the most lightweight of all the Fleshlight products, so it‘s great for tossing in your travel bag, and it comes with a handy drying stand that serves as a case. 

The Not So Good

The material is sticky, which you don‘t notice when using Fleshlights that have cases. Also, the Blue Ice is only available in one texture, while other Fleshlight toys come in different styles.

If you have a long penis, you might be disappointed with the length of the sleeve if you‘re used to a standard Fleshlight.

The Bottom Line

If you want to try a manual masturbator for the first time without dropping a lot of cash, the Fleshskins Blue Ice is about half the price of a Fleshlight and a no-brainer purchase for people on a budget. 

If you‘re looking to add another toy to your repertoire, this quick and simple sleeve offers different sensations and is lightweight enough to make it great for travel. But if you’re looking for that full immersion feeling, you’re better off with a regular Fleshlight.

Fleshskins Blue Ice is for you if:

  • You like to control the pressure and tightness of your Fleshlight using your hand
  • You want a lightweight toy for travel
  • You’re looking for something different from your usual Fleshlight
  • You find other sleeves too tight

Fleshskins Blue Ice might not be for you if:

  • You have a longer-than-average penis and prefer a full-immersion sleeve
  • You want a choice of textures

Fleshskins Blue Ice: My First Impressions

The clear, textured storage case looks nice with the pretty blue sleeve inside. I instantly wished all Fleshlights came with a drying stand like this one.

The storage case seemed large for a toy marketed as great for travel, particularly the unnecessary height of the base.

I‘d put it in a small sex-toy bag or wrap it in a lint-free cloth and leave that bulky case at home. Of course, that would mean sacrificing the drying stand, but it’d be worth the extra space in my luggage.

Aside from the sleeve and drying case, the package came with a Fleshlube sample and some care and use instructions.

Let‘s Talk About Fleshskins Specs


The Blue Ice is an open-ended sleeve about half the length of a standard Fleshlight sleeve.

  • Total length: 5.35”
  • Inner canal: 4.7”
  • Inner diameter: 0.75” that will stretch to accommodate almost any girth
  • Case height: 8.75”


The Blue Ice sleeve comes in the same SuperSkin material Fleshlights are known for and is a translucent blue that lets you see your penis moving inside it.

The outside feels a little like the cheap jelly toys we gave up long ago, but it’s 100% safe and phthalate-free.

How Does the Fleshskins Blue Ice Look & Feel?

The Outside

The toy itself feels unpleasantly gummy to the touch and sticks together for a few seconds when you squish it close.

The finger holes and little nub to rest your thumb beneath are a nice touch, and they’re necessary once things heat up. But I immediately wondered how long it would be before one or more of them tore.

The material makes it hard to get your fingers in and out of the holes with one hand. Once your fingers are in, though, no amount of lube will make you lose your grip!

The Inside

The neutral opening gives way to a section of large nubs followed by a section of ridges. The tip features small raised bumps for more intense texture near and around the head of the penis.

While I do prefer the feel of the flesh-colored SuperSkin on the original Fleshlights, this feels amazing, too. And once I got into it, the stickiness didn‘t bother me because I was too busy enjoying myself.

How to Use Fleshskins Blue Ice

To use this toy, stretch it over your lubed penis (only use water-based lube), put your fingers through the holes, and have a ball!

The open-ended design of the Blue Ice is ideal for partner play. The hole at the tip is stretchy but small enough that popping through is an intense feeling that might not be for everyone.

Because the toy is so malleable, even if your penis is shorter than the canal, you can push it down to pop the head of your penis out whenever you want, which allows your partner to use a hand or offer some oral action.

My Experience With Fleshskins Blue Ice

I love giving praise for toys I like, but I have to include the not-so-good thing about the product in this Fleshskin review.

Okay, don’t get me wrong. I like this toy, but I dislike the sticky, gummy feel of it on my hand, and my partner isn‘t wild about it, either. 

Good thing it’s open-ended. That means lube does escape and get on my hand, which removes the gummy feel pretty quickly.

NOTE: Things can also get messy pretty quickly during and after the action because of the open-ended design. So keep that in mind.

I appreciated the finger holes and thumb rest once things got slick because it would have been hard to hang onto the sleeve without them once lube got everywhere.

A light dusting of cornstarch on the outside also helped at first.

Using both hands to get my penis inside and then putting my fingers through the holes afterward worked best. 

Three different textures along the length of the canal combined with varying pressure made using it a unique experience.

The squishy material, as annoying as it feels at first, shines when you get going. 

Squeezing at different points during the stroke and varying the position on my penis shaft meant no two sessions were the same.

I enjoyed the amount of control I had, as well as the lack of control when I let my partner take over. 

How to Clean Fleshskins Blue Ice

Clean-up consisted of running hot water through the sleeve and popping it on the drying stand, which is a fantastic feature that all Fleshlights should include.

The drying stand holds the toy open for maximum airflow and fast drying. 

I‘ve seen some product descriptions and Fleshskin reviews that mention how easy it is to turn the sleeve inside out to clean.

It is easy, but I wouldn‘t recommend it unless you want to risk tearing.

Never let anything dry inside it by cleaning it immediately after use, and you‘ll probably never feel the need. 

The sleeve is easy to squeeze and release under running water to be sure you rinse out all the inner nooks and crannies. After it’s thoroughly dried on the stand, put the cover on for dust-free storage.

So What’s the Price and Where To Buy?

While Amazon and eBay are popular with consumers, counterfeit products and potentially damaged or used items are a problem for these sites.

Buying direct from the Fleshlight website is the best way to guarantee you‘re not getting a knock-off or something that might not be safe to use. 

The Fleshskins Blue Ice is one of Fleshlight‘s most budget-friendly toys at $39.95. That’s almost half of the price of a full-sized Fleshlight.

Don’t forget that Fleshlight has a Loyalty program that lets you earn points in a few different ways. You can later use those points as money off your purchase.

I recommend that you purchase it directly from the Fleshlights website here:

What Do Other People Think About It?

A thorough Fleshskins Blue Ice review wouldn‘t be complete without a gander at what some users say online about their experiences with this sleeve.

Here’s what people are saying on Reddit:

“The sleeve is very stretchy and not at all confining but still holds a very nice grip with no pressure (there is the stretch of the fingers in the holes, but still..). But the pressure and how you and use it, my god. If you‘re a guy that likes to use your fingers to vary the pressure as you stroke, this is for you.”

Roton-Bissell, Reddit

“Well, when it‘s not bound by the hard plastic case, it has much more room inside, so almost any penis should be able to use [it]; the material does indeed stretch quite significantly. You also have full control of the tightness as well, and the finger-loops are comfortable, and allows you to maintain a good grip of the sleeve, even with lubed up fingers!”

thebiggayreview, Reddit


The best alternative to the Fleshskins Blue Ice has to be the Fleshlight Quickshot. It‘s similar in price, and it’s open-ended like the Blue Ice but with a hard case around the sleeve.

If you want the lowdown on this toy, check out our Fleshlight Quickshot review.

Final Thoughts

Like most Fleshlights brand products, the Blue Ice is a male masturbator that doesn’t require electricity or batteries, so it’s economical.

It’s also lightweight, affordable, and great for guys who like to vary how each stroke feels, as well as those who enjoy their partner having more control than a sleeve in a case can offer. 

I hope my Fleshskin review has helped you decide whether or not you want to give this sleeve-only toy a try!

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