Fleshlight vs Tenga Flip Hole: Which One Performs Better?

The duel of the top male masturbator brands is finally here. Fleshlight VS Tenga, which of these two wins in this comparison?

fleshlight sleeve vs tenga masturbator

So I know you’ve probably had of these two luxury sex toy manufacturers. And you’ve obviously wondered who would kick the other’s ass in a Fleshlight Vs Tenga head-to-head duel, right? 

Well, I have yet again prepared for you another conclusive comparison to mitigate this hassle. 

A Fleshlight STU vs Tenga Flip Hole breakdown!

When it comes to pleasure accessories (check out Fleshlight mounts and accessories), all you should look forward to is just that – PLEASURE!

So, stick around and get to know which of the two has worked to ensure you get the best orgasm you could possibly achieve!

Getting Down To Business: Fleshlight STU Vs Tenga Flip Hole

Fleshlight STU Vs Tenga Flip Hole

Now, it is a public domain that The Fleshlight company (Interactive Life Forms, LLC) has a pretty long industry presence.

They have developed and created interesting sex toys since 1995 and have not, at any one point, dipped their curve of innovation.

As for Tenga on the other hand. They are also a popular brand that has gone out of its way since its inception back in 2005.

The company has won a religious following mostly in Germany and Japan and has a fair popular usage from people in other regions as well.

In case you might be wondering, the Fleshlight brand has maintained a strict adherence to the production of quality at any cost.

The company has made sure that every toy produced by it has a distinguishing user experience not easily matched with other competitors.

Taking this up… Fleshlight has attained a special recognition amongst millions across the globe for its super-sleek and extra-sensual SuperSkin sleeve.

They got a patent for this creation in 1998 that gives the best vaginal stimulation while ensuring longevity in the long run.

Fleshlight also gives amazing discounts on their products if you get them from their official online store or other trusted distributors.

While we can’t say they’re cheap, we also can’t say they’re outrightly expensive given the quality and product durability coming with it.

Moving on to Tenga

These guys have also done a genius work in revolutionizing the category of male masturbators.

It goes without saying that the sleeve textures they have designed over the years are truly BADASS!

I mean… Yeah, they are primarily made from elastic TPE material, but the kind of kink it brings to your mind is all too inviting 🙂

On these two’s body design, usability, and other specs, we’ll take an adventurous rush and dig through them at the Features Face To Face section below.

But just before then…

Check out this comprehensive table showing how they compare side-by-side:

Fleshlight STU
Tenga Flip Hole
Insertable Length
Orifice Type Available
Sleeve Texture
Cleaning & Maintenance
Fleshlight STU
Has a standard size build
long enough to
accommodate most guys
10” H x 3.8” W x 3.8” L
1.4 lbs
8.5 inches
Vaginal, Anal, and Oral
Gold casing, Varying sleeve
colors (transparent also available)
Multiple sleeves with multiple
textures e.g. Destroya,
Mini-Lotus, Original, etc
Solo, Couple play
SuperSkin material (patented)
Easy, Takes longer to dry on its own
Lasts way longer as the
material is very elastic and
does not deform nor degrade
easily from multiple uses
$60 – 100 (Fleshlight)
Tenga Flip Hole
It is fairly smaller but compact, A bit
wide across its girth but has a very tight
2.68” D × 3.35” W × 6.89” H
1.63 lbs
5.90 inches
Black, White, Maroon, and Silver
It comes with one permanent sleeve
attached to the toy but has a very
detailed texture pattern
Solo, Couple play
Elastic TPE plastic
Easy, Dries faster because the sleeve
has a two-way split capability for an enhanced air-dry
This is a temporary toy, Tenga warrants only up to 50 uses
$89.99 (Lovehoney), 
$75.00 (TengaUS)

For a quick recap:

A Quick Fleshlight Review

A Quick Fleshlight Review

The Fleshlight STU has upheld a unique product design, filling our loins with the best orgasmic pleasures the toy could give.

Amongst the big pointers on their scoreboard, they make standard-sized sleeves that fit into most of their Fleshlight casings

What this means is that you can enjoy different sleeve textures on one body casing. You don’t have to get another toy altogether to get a varied experience!

Adding to this:

  • It is a top-tier in the most realistic Fleshlight category.
  • Provides an awesome experience for building stamina.
  • It delivers what it promises.

Also, it sells at a decent price ($69.95) if you consider the mileage it can take you if you are a gentleman who values long-term relationships. That’s one of the coolest tags I’ve ever seen on these toys.


  • The toy is more durable and long-lasting.
  • Its sleeve texture is soft, smooth, and gives a satisfying experience.
  • Discreet look and use.
  • Very easy to clean.


  • Can be a bit expensive
  • It takes longer to dry compared to the Tenga Flip Hole.

A Quick Tenga Flip Hole Review

A Quick Tenga Flip Hole Review

The Tenga Flip Hole is the first release of the Tenga Flip Series. Though it doesn’t have the super-feel of the SuperSkin technology like Fleshlight, it adopts a unique TPE sleeve that has one hella detailed texture.

Tenga’s always made it a mission to give the most ingenious designs when it comes to texture creation. 

The Flip Hole’s sleeve is heavily textured and looks nothing like a real vag, but will blow your nuts all the same! 

There are guys who’d feel the sleeve is a tad too intense. This is especially if you have a sensitive penis but it gets the job done if you like it rough and tight 🙂

As most studs like to phrase it… “The Tenga Flip Hole’s internal sleeve looks like one aggressive obstacle course for our penises.”

To comb it further… This product’s design includes a sliding arm that doubles as a sturdiness harness and a drying stand after you clean it.

What’s more, it has a 3-point pressure pad on the outer surface. These pressure points allow you to adjust the tightness/looseness of the sleeve around your dong. They also work to control the level of air suction inside the sleeve when you’re stroking.

Closing this off… 

Its generally small size makes it a great toy to use for long periods of time without tiring your hands.


  • Has a great intense texture (if that’s your vibe).
  • Easy to clean and dry.
  • Has a compact size that makes it easy to use for extended periods.
  • It is cheap.


  • It is a temporary toy with a warranted 50-use lifespan.
  • Doesn’t have an interchangeable sleeve for a varied experience.
  • Its insertable length leaves guys above 5.9” out of the party.
  • The sleeve feels like rubber and gets tacky after a few uses.

Comparing Fleshlight and Tenga Flip Hole Features Face To Face

Well, let’s dive into the fine details that make these two masturbators such big deals in the current sex toy market.

fleshlight vs tenga Design and functionality

Design and functionality

Starting this straight up from the overall body design… The Fleshlight STU is slightly above the Tenga Flip Hole on the general outlook and aesthetics. 

Now, don’t get me wrong on this… 

The Fleshlight has a neatly done finishing on its ergonomics with a very sturdy plastic casing covering the internal sleeve.

The Tenga Flip Hole’s design, on the other side, has a rather ugly seam showing at the mouth of the toy. This is, in some ways, kinda weird and off-putting as it messes up what would’ve been, otherwise, a stellar design.

And that’s just one side of the story…

From the first touch, the Flip Hole doesn’t just feel like it would hold the fort for long. Maybe that’s because of the choice of materials used to make them… Who knows? :/

Fleshlight’s STU, on the other hand, has a pretty firm grip on it and delivers a pleasant weight to the palm of your hands. 

And speaking of sturdiness, the Flip Hole’s seamed case shifts a bit when you’re using it. This makes hand-use not entirely comfortable and the gaps created during this may pinch your palm. 

Fleshlight is firmer and has a near-perfect hold during use. This gives it a higher handling performance over the Flip Hole. 

Also, replacing Tenga’s sliding arm is a bit difficult at times. This may come as a turn-off, especially when you’re in a rush to shoot a quick one.

Moving on to the materials used by each.. What has either brand used in their toys? 

As always, Fleshlight has used top-of-the-top materials in making the STU model. This includes a strong plastic for the body and their signature patented SuperSkin sleeve.

The SuperSkin makes the Fleshlight’s internal surroundings supple and subtle to the touch as it’s also stretchable.

Now, the Tenga Flip Hole uses TPE plastic to make its complex internal sleeve. Whereas this choice of material is less durable, it does serve you some awesome experiences in its initial first few uses.

What you’ll most notably feel is that this sleeve has a more rubbery than skin sensation when you insert your penis in.

And since we’re already talking about insertions… One thing that lots of guys have complained about using the Tenga Flip Hole, is that lube leaks out – a lot.

This is majorly caused by the design flaw of having an open seam right at the mouth of the sleeve. 

Fleshlights’s sleeve design doesn’t portray such flaws and uses lesser amounts of lube in the long run. 

Again, as you’ve seen from the table above, Fleshlight has a longer insertable depth and will accommodate most people. Even those who stretch up to 9 or so inches.

Tenga Flip Hole has a total insertable of about 5.90” and although it may accommodate a lot of guys too, it may cut off the well-endowed.

In case you’re wondering about the suction levels on these two toys, Fleshlight STU allows you to adjust this by unscrewing (couldn’t help it ) the cap at the closed end. 

On the other side of the fence, suction in the Tenga Flip Hole is a bit wanting as it doesn’t provide a means to regulate airflow as in Fleshlight above.

As a result, this causes the Tenga to produce some pretty loud slurpy sounds when thrusting… Very dangerous if you’re having a nosey Karen next door.

To bury this section…

There are very diverse textures (vaginal, oral, and anal) available for the Fleshlight male masturbator. This means that you get to enjoy several different sleeve textures using one Fleshlight body without having to buy a new toy. 

Tenga Flip Hole has one permanent sleeve that comes with the model. The silver bullet here for them is that the texture is amazingly detailed and gives you a great stroking experience.

Usability, how do they feel?

One thing that’s shared between the Fleshlight STU and Tenga Flip Hole is that both work well in a Solo or Couple Play.

Their generally small size makes them good hand strokers and will allow long session usages.

Getting to use them…

Fleshlight has a silky-smooth sleeve that stretches for a comfortable penile fit.

What’s more, when you unbox it, there’s no scent that lags on the sleeve’s material and you can immediately start your session once you’ve cleaned and lubed up well.

The Flip Hole though has a strong industrial scent that lingers in the insides of the sleeve.

This is primarily because of the TPE material used and may require a couple of uses before the smell completely disappears.

Immediately upon contact with your penis, the Flip Hole’s sleeve sends a flush of adrenaline through your dick’s nerves! As your penis goes past the tight entrance, the tip first gets rubbed with a coarse set of triangular stimulators

From the entry point, your peen will be stimulated by the click orb. Then side ribs at the center, and a powerful combination of the wing gate plus the Quattro wave creates waves of very intense stimulation.

It’ll do you right to know that this kinda intensity isn’t meant for everybody, especially if you have a sensitive peen.

And in case you might be wondering, Fleshlight’s sleeve leans more on the side of gentleness. The entry has a well-pronounced labia that comes complete with a detailed clit to enhance your imagination. 

The initial part of the orifice is also tight like the Flip Hole but with a more sense of realness to an actual vagina. Fleshlight’s texture is smooth and keeps the intensity moderated and this works well for most guys.

Again here… 

After several uses, you’ll start to notice that the Tenga Flip Hole’s sleeve gets tacky. That’s a good sign as that your time together has sadly come to an end.

And you gotta toss that thing away. But if you’re still clingy about it, then patting it with some talcum powder may help solve that sticky situation.

Fleshlight’s sleeve has no such faults because of its silky surface and will give you a very long mileage, especially if you know how to maintain a girl 🙂

What comes in the package?

When you get your Tenga Flip Hole delivered, it arrives with a user manual and a free sample of their Hole Lotion lubricants. They come in 3 different characteristics: Mild, Real, and Wild… And of course, the toy itself 🙂

If you get the Fleshlight STU value pack, you will get the stunning Fleshlight Standard Training Unit and a water-based lubricant made by Fleshlight called the Fleshlube

In addition to that, there’s a Fleshlight Shower Mount for a hands-free experience and an anti-bacterial cleaner called the Fleshlight Wash Cleaning Spray.

This is all topped with a Fleshlight Powder that helps to keep your toy dry and free from mold build-up.


Both Fleshlight’s online store and Lovehoney offer a valid one-year warranty on the respective products if you order them on their official sites.

What’s more, like is the case at Lovehoney, you’ll get a free guarantee so long as you’ve set up a buyer’s account on their site.

How easy to clean & durability

The big points here go to the Tenga Flip Hole’s ability to snap open for proper lubing and cleaning.

This gives you access to the numerous folds and crevices in its texture details. You may wash it with running water and a mild soap/toy cleaner of your choice.

What’s more, once you’ve clipped it open, it allows for maximum airflow and will dry faster than the Fleshlight. 

Fleshlight is also very easy to wash. This is because of its sleeve’s ability to stretch and so you can turn it inside-out to clean both sides. For Fleshlight, you may use water and your preferred soap/toy cleaner or the Fleshlight Wash Cleaning Spray if you get the value pack. 

The Tenga Flip Hole beats it hands-down when it comes to fast drying. It cuts down the time between use, cleaning, and storage a great deal.

Price considerations

Well, in this particular comparison, both toys are fairly cheap and most guys can afford to get their hands on one.

On a normal day though, the Fleshlights have always displayed a higher price tag as compared to Tenga products. Tenga is mostly geared towards making affordable male masturbators.

At the time of this comparison, Fleshlight was retailing at a $65 – 100 price range while the Flip Hole was at $75 – 90.

Not forgetting, you get free shipping for orders above $50, $60, and $99 within the US from USTenga, Lovehoney, and Fleshlight respectively.

For more offers, you can look up Fleshlight, Lovehoney, and the Tenga US stores.

DON’T BUY these products from Amazon or eBay!

As you probably know by now, the sellers there mostly distribute cheap knockoffs that are made with potentially unsafe materials. This makes it dangerous for body use and could bring harm to your health.

Stand-out Features

tenga flip hole Stand-out Features

What are the features we’ve found to stand out between the two?

Worth mentioning is that the Tenga Flip Hole has a very cool 3-point pressure pad on its cover. You can use these pressure points to adjust the tightness/looseness of the toy’s grip.

The Fleshlight lacks this additional feature in its design and relies on the sleeve’s default settings for grip.

The other thing’s that the Flip Hole has a pair of slide arms that also double as a drying stand. This is what makes the Flip Hole dry faster than the Fleshlight.

What Do Other People Say:

From Reddit:

One user, mt_47 gave this comprehensive comparison of the two: 

“Size: The full-size Fleshlight is much bigger so no lube comes out of the back, as sometimes with the Tenga. 

Suction: Tengas air control can really suck your limb dick in, while the fleshlight “suction” is almost not feelable in comparison.

Noise: The Tenga makes a loud smacking sound if you use not the right amount or thickness of the lube. The fleshlight on the other hand makes a whistling sound like a tea kettle because of the missing suction.

Material-feel: I prefer the fleshlight cause it is softer and the wideness of the fit texture lets me feel the spiral at the beginning of the difference of the tight areas. The Tenga just feels overwhelming and I have a hard time figuring the “balls” in the back, but maybe I am too girthy for it. Really the suction is what keeps me going back to the Tenga from the fleshlight.

Quality: The Tenga consists of flapping mechanisms with the softer silicone in a double U-shaped hinge as one piece. Yeah, small plastic bits hold it together and two already broke after half a year. Small tears also occurred in the material already. 

Cleaning: The Openable hinge makes the Tenga easy to clean but the deep ridges and holes that are placed really awkward and tend to collect a lot of lube. 

Conclusion: I will try to get more fleshlight because of the “ecosystem” with the shower mount, maybe a Launch in the future, and cause I am a bit bigger if Tenga makes an XL-version of their Flip series maybe I will be up to them again.”


Also, read Dutch_Tuna’s comment on the Flip Hole:

“I recently got the white one (cheapest I could find) and I am not disappointed! You don’t get those sensations from the real thing. The last time I used it my orgasm was so strong it felt a bit uncomfortable. Like my head and stomach imploded, next to the usual sensation.

The inside material very easily washes up. Just a quick flush in the sink and it’s clean again.”


Final Thoughts:

We’ve clearly seen how these two have battled it out in this face-off…

Simply put, if you want a toy that gives you a rough edge, then the Flip Hole is what you’re looking for. 

But if you want something with more realism and varying sleeve textures, then stop wasting time and get yourself a Fleshlight! 

All that said and done… It’s pretty darn obvious that the Fleshlight has whooped ass in this fight!

More so… 

You Should Buy Fleshlight If:

  • You want an unequaled masturbating experience.
  • You want a toy that could last you a while.
  • You value quality no matter what the price is.

You Should Buy Tenga Flip Hole If:

  • You want a discreet toy that doesn’t shout its purpose.
  • You want something intense and tight.
  • You only want a temporary arrangement.
  • You like fast-drying toys.
  • You don’t mind the loudness.

Ready for the next face-off? Check out the guides below:

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