Fleshlight Universal Launch Review [2021]: Hands-on Test

An honest & in-depth hands-on test of Fleshlight Universal Launch review. Learn how good it fares against other machines in 2021. Is it ACTUALLY worth it? Read on:

When the original Fleshlight Launch (check our old review)… uh, launched about 4 years ago, it caused quite a stir.

Interactive, automatic masturbation using your favorite Fleshlights? Who could say no to that?? 

And while the first Launch was good fun, it also had a lot of technical issues. 

Well, here we are a few years later and Fleshlight has released the Universal Launch. Faster, easier to handle… no interactive features. Hmm. 

But now that even your fridge can play Doom, can a hands-free automatic stroker with no interactive options stand up to the competition? 

Let’s find out. 

No time to read the whole review? No worries, here’s the TL;DR. 

The Good 

It’s compatible with most Fleshlights and has a nice range of options you can control. Nice long stroke length, 3 positions, and speed options.

You can also use it while charging, so it shouldn’t run out of juice.

It’s also pretty quiet and ergonomically designed, so it’s practical. 

The Not So Good

It doesn’t come with a Fleshlight, so if you don’t have at least one already that’s more money.

It isn’t cheap, and the lack of interactive or high-tech features means it doesn’t compare so well to more advanced autostrokers.

Also, it’s not waterproof AT ALL and not the sturdiest, so you have to be careful with it. 

The Bottom Line

If you couldn’t care less about connectivity, then this is a simple and effective automatic stroker that works.

If you do want those extra features though, there are plenty of better options out there. 

Fleshlight Universal Launch is for you if:

  • You already have a few Fleshlights and want to step up your game
  • You want to elevate your masturbation to a new level
  • You want an automatic machine that’s easy to set up and use
  • You prefer manual control at all times

Fleshlight Universal Launch is not for you if:

  • You want interactive features like funscripts and remote control
  • You need something discreet
  • You want turbo-speed stroking (250rpm is nice but there are faster strokers)
  • You hate watching porn on your phone

My First Impressions Of Universal Launch

The Universal Launch showed up at my door in a BIG plain cardboard box. I was excited just taking it inside. 

Turns out size does matter… about some things, and when I’m ordering products bigger is always more fun to open. 

Inside the box you get: 

  • Universal Launch
  • Universal Smartphone Mount
  • A Magnetic Mount and a Magnet
  • A Wide Mount
  • Power Cable
  • Quickstart Guide
  • Instruction Manual

What you DON’T GET: 

The Universal Launch doesn’t ship with a Fleshlight sleeve included. So if you don’t have one, you have to order it separately. 

I have to say that out of the box it looks pretty nice. It’s made of glossy black plastic, which attracts dust like crazy but does look good. 

Now on to the business end. 

Let’s Talk About Tech Specs

14” (15.25” with smartphone mount) x 11.5” x 7.5”
about 3.2lb
Charging time
about 1.5h 
User time
60 minutes
Max Stroke Speed
Max Stroke Length

As you can see, it’s pretty big. This isn’t a toy you can hide away and keep undiscovered very easily. 

2.5” of stroke length doesn’t sound like a lot, even for my very average size, but I found it to be more than enough most of the time. 

And 250 strokes per minute feels A WHOLE LOT FASTER than the original Launch, which clocked in at a measly 180.

Charging time of about an hour and a half and use time of 60 minutes seems average at first, but the best feature of the Universal Launch is the Active Launch Mode. 

That’s a fancy way of saying you can use it while it’s charging. Infinite stroking! Count me in. 

Fleshlight Universal Launch Design 

The first Fleshlight Launch looked a bit like a coffee machine or an air purifier. Maybe a games console? 

It was futuristic and spacey, but it had some GLARING design issues. For one, it wouldn’t stand up on a flat surface. The soft rubberized bottom was comfy on your lap, but it wasn’t hard enough to keep the thing upright. 

I had to constantly check that it wouldn’t fall over! 

Not to mention that it had no handles, so it was like holding a greasy football on your lap!

So it’s nice to see they’ve reworked the design with practicality in mind. 

Instead of a black and silver monolith, you’ve got a Star Wars machine gun turret complete with handles and buttons to help you “fire”. 

It’s about the same weight as the original Launch but it feels lighter and easier to use. Plus, the smartphone mount is a nice practical feature AND unlike the Quickshot Launch, there’s no risk of friendly fire. 

Overall, I like the look and utilitarian feel of it. 

But I do have a few issues with the design. 

First of all, glossy black plastic may look nice but it picks up dust like a chinchilla in a trash can. (DISCLAIMER: NO ANIMALS WERE PLACED IN TRASH CANS DURING THE MAKING OF THIS REVIEW). 

And when Fleshlight Superskin is pretty dust-friendly already, it doesn’t seem like the best choice.

Keep it in a bag or the box it shipped in and it should be fine, but next time I think Fleshlight should go for a less dust-hungry material. 

Second: while the smartphone mount is a neat feature, I think a tablet mount would be better.

I think it would make it unstable to use, but who knows. I’m not an engineer, just a guy who likes to watch porn on bigger screens when possible. 

How To Use Universal Launch 

One good thing about not having tons of fancy digital features is that the Universal Launch is really easy to use. 

You can get started in a couple of minutes. 

First up, put the Fleshlight in the loop and tighten it up using the ratchet system.

You want it tight enough that it doesn’t slip if you try to move it, but not so tight that it might damage the case.

Don’t worry; it’s way simpler than it sounds. 

Once it’s in, you can put your phone in the mount at the top like you would any phone mount. Now’s a good time to choose your material to watch. Otherwise, you might get lube on things. 

Then lube yourself and the Fleshlight up. Use a bit more lube than you would when using the Fleshlight manually. An extra dollop should do the trick. 

Press the power button (right finger button) for three seconds and boom! Let’s get FLying!

There are four buttons to learn on the control handles. When you hold it, there are two buttons under your thumbs and two you reach with your fingers. 

The right finger button is POWER/START/PAUSE. Turn it on, start and stop whenever you please. 

The right thumb button controls the STROKE SPEED. Up for faster, down for slower. 

The left finger button changes the POSITION, so it can work your head, shaft or towards the base. 

The left thumb button changes the STROKE LENGTH shorter or longer as you please. 

And that’s basically it.

Which Fleshlights are Compatible with the Universal Launch?

Despite its name, the Universal Launch is not quite universal. It doesn’t fit every single Fleshlight under the sun. 

But it DOES fit the majority of them.

The Universal Launch works with: 

  • FL Go
  • FL Ice
  • Fl Turbo
  • Stamina Training Unit
  • Original Fleshlight
  • All Fleshlight Girls 
  • All Fleshjack Boys 
  • FL Vibro
  • Sex in a Can 

Basically, any regular size Fleshlight will fit the Universal Launch. It doesn’t work with the Flight or Quickshot. (Actually, there’s a Quickshot Launch if you like those.) 

The Universal Launch will also fit many other off-brand strokers that have similar dimensions. It’s an impressive line-up of holes that should keep most gentlemen satisfied. 

Fleshlight Launch vs Universal Launch 

I’m in two minds about the new simplified Launch. There’s no Bluetooth, remote control, or interactive porn this time around. Feels like a step back from the original Launch. 

On the other hand, there were a whole bunch of bugs and tech issues. That meant it was rarely smooth sailing on auto mode with the original Launch. 

In some ways, not having to deal with that headache all the time is a relief. 

Who wants to mess around with Bluetooth and sync settings when you could just be having a nice simple automatic fap session? 

So if you are an avid fan of high-tech wanking solutions, the original was the better machine. 

But in many other ways, the new Universal Launch is an improvement. It’s got: 

  • Faster top speed. 
  • Ergonomic design. 
  • It won’t fall over on a flat surface. 
  • Smartphone mount. 
  • It kind of looks like a rocket launchpad and that’s cool. 

There’s a lot to like here. If you prefer manual control (like me most of the time) the new Universal Launch is the better machine. 

But. Looking at them side by side I can’t help thinking the Universal Launch is missing some important features that hold it back from being the masturbation machine of the future. 

My Experience With Universal Launch 

I had it set up and ready to go in about five minutes, which was awesome. Who wants to wait around for the technicians to finish their calculations, right? Just beam me up already, Scotty! 

And beam me up it did. As soon as I turned it on, I was transported into a world of effortless stroking bliss. 

I started out on longer, slower strokes and cycled through all the different positions. Having these options respond at the touch of a button felt like magic. 

Maybe I’m a bit of a control freak, I don’t know… but I had a great time controlling every little aspect of how much and how fast I was being stroked. 

Some machines are hard to get the hang of and take a few goes to actually enjoy using. 

But the Universal Launch was enjoyable within minutes. 

The second time I used it, it ran out of juice when I was getting close. Anyone who’s used an automatic masturbator will understand my pain. 

But luckily, I remembered one of the Universal Launch’s standout features. 

You can use it while it’s charging. 

So I took it off me, plugged it in, and started up again. This time I could take as long as I wanted, so I treated myself to a nice extended edging session. 

And I gotta tell you. It’s GREAT for that. The intuitive controls meant I could precisely change the strokes to keep myself balancing on edge even longer than I could FLying the old-fashioned way. 

So I had a good time with the Universal Launch. But it didn’t replace my Kiiroo Keon as my go-to automatic stroker.

What About Noise? 

It’s not bad. No automatic stroker is ever going to be whisper-quiet, but the Universal Launch was quieter than I expected.

About the same as the original Launch, so around a low-speaking voice. 

It’s so big that you’re not going to be able to use it stealthily anyway without covert ops ninja training, but it’s not going to annoy the neighbors. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

If you use the Universal Launch right, you shouldn’t have to clean it much.

Most of the time you’re going to finish in your Fleshlight, which you clean the same way you’d clean any TPE toy. Rinse with water and very mild soap, then use toy cleaner or isopropyl alcohol. 

The Launch itself shouldn’t need any more than a wipe down with a damp cloth when it gets dusty or sweaty. 

DAMP, NOT WET. The Universal Launch is NOT WATERPROOF. Don’t get it wet. 

Where To Buy 

You can grab your Universal Launch (along with any other Fleshlight products) from Fleshlight themselves, where it goes for $199.75 (without a Fleshlight). 

That’s not cheap, and for me, it’s not a “buy it no questions asked” toy. 

I think it’s definitely worth the money IF you already have a few Fleshlights and don’t care about connectivity stuff. 

If that doesn’t sound like you, check out the alternatives. (More on that a bit below.)

What Do Other People Think?

Honestly, the value on this is quite poor. The original Fleshlight Launch, which came with Bluetooth mode, and more than 2 hour battery life was the same price…

fleshlightcollector, Reddit

I think it’s great – 2 weeks no issues so far. It’s getting trashed online because it’s not interactive – but I mostly prefer manual control anyway. Keon’s battery makes it limited – Plus you might damage fleshlight sleeves w/ Keon (bigger ones rub & drag on sides). Wider/Looser sleeves work great – Texas Tornado is my favorite so far.

Square_Price_28, Reddit

Universal Launch Alternatives 

If the missing interactive features are a dealbreaker for you, then you’re in luck! 

Kiiroo Keon is basically the original Fleshlight Launch 2.0. Kiiroo worked with Fleshlight to produce the original Launch, which got discontinued a couple of years later. 

So Kiiroo decided to make the Keon, which upgrades all of the interactive features. 

It’s got interactive porn, online device pairing for remote control, VR syncing… It’s like the future of masturbation is right on your doorstep.

The only downside is you can’t use Kiiroo Keon while it’s charging, so if you like looong sessions it might get tired before you do. 

All in all, the Keon is the superior choice for new buyers since you can use it with Fleshlight sleeves AND it comes with its own sleeve. 

Final Thoughts 

I understand what Fleshlight was going for by taking the simpler approach. Compared to other similarly priced toys it might feel like there’s something missing…

…BUT it can still be a lot of fun. It’s more reliable and easier to use than the original Launch, so if you’re all about that manual control it will be enough. 

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