Fleshlight Turbo Review [2021]: Thrust Vs Ignition Compared

In this Fleshlight Turbo Review we test in detail Fleshlight Turbo Thrust vs Ignition, how they compare, how to use them, and what are the best alternatives:

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We love them, we want them, wars have probably been started over them. 

But what happens when you crave a sweet BJ but there are no options available? 

Seems like the good folks at Fleshlight thought of this too, and they came up with the subject of today’s review. 

The Fleshlight Turbo claims to be a sleeve that imitates the feeling of a quality deep throating whenever you want it. 

So does it? 

Read on and find out! 

You can also check the recap below.

The Good 

The Turbo looks awesome, feels good, and differentiates itself from the usual line-up of Fleshlight Girls and Classics.

Those three entry points are unique among masturbators I’ve tried and offer a ton of different ways to experiment and tease yourself.

The Not So Good

It doesn’t really imitate a blowjob all that well (no sleeve does), so if you want something convincing then you’ll probably wank away disappointed.

There’s also no anatomical orifice so if you want visual realism you should choose something else. Finally, the case feels a bit flimsier than a regular Fleshlight, so there’s a bigger chance of it breaking. 

The Bottom Line

The Turbo is to blowjobs what regular Fleshlights are to sex — they’re not realistic, exactly, but they give the impression of it. As long as you don’t expect 100% realism, this is a great addition to any guy’s line-up. 

Fleshlight Turbo is for you if:

  • You want a unique and interesting sleeve to play with
  • You want something noticeably different from the usual vaginal/anal sleeves

Fleshlight Turbo might not be for you if:

  • You want a sleeve that’s tight with lots of resistance
  • You expect a super-realistic blowjob sensation (that’s almost impossible)

My First Impressions of Fleshlight Turbo

The Turbo, like most Fleshlights, ships in a plain cardboard box for discretion’s sake. As usual, you will find an actual Fleshlight box with hygienic seals on it. 

I liked the packaging for the Turbo — more minimalist and stylish than a lot of other Fleshlight boxes. It helps that the Turbo itself is pretty, too. 

Inside the box you get: 

  • Clear Turbo Case
  • Thrust Sleeve 
  • Thrust Orifice
  • Instructions for use and care
  • The usual marketing materials 
Fleshlight Turbo unboxed

So far, so normal. Now let’s take a look inside… 

Fleshlight Turbo Tech Specs

Here are the facts and figures: 

Insertable Length
Clear Hard Plastic (case), “Blue Ice” TPE (sleeve) 

Note that even though it’s the same size and shape as a regular Fleshlight, the Thrust doesn’t fit very well in the Universal Launch. You can get it to fit in, but it slips and moves around. 

Everything else is exactly what you’d expect from a Fleshlight. 

Turbo Thrust vs Turbo Ignition – Do They Actually Feel Like a Blowjob?


It’s made of a hard plastic outer case and a very jiggly clear blue TPE sleeve. They used to make the sleeve in a metallic copper color, but they discontinued it. You can probably pick one up from third-party sellers if you really want to. 

The Turbo has three entry points, which are basically three chambers separated by tight entrances. This is meant to mimic the lips, tongue, and throat sensations of a real blowjob. 

The orifice part at the top is detached from the rest of the sleeve, so it moves and jiggles independently. 

Both versions of the Turbo have three insertion points that mimic the lips, tongue, and throat feeling when in use.

They don’t look anything like a mouth, which is pretty different from some other blowjob toys I’ve tested before. 

That’s not a bad thing — a whole fake mouth can be a bit creepy for a lot of guys (especially if it has teeth!) so a non-anatomical look is fine by me. 

From the outside at least, the Turbo Thrust and Ignition look similar. They’re both pretty to look at, the Thrust maybe a bit more so with it’s curved fan of external holes. 

Fleshlight Turbo Review top view with box


I don’t know the science behind it, but every different colored Fleshlight (i.e. not flesh-colored) is extra sticky. When you touch the sleeve it will literally stick to your skin. 

It’s a bit weird but no big deal — when used with lube it feels great. It might be even softer to the touch than a regular Fleshlight. 

Inside the case, it’s easy to grip and hold on to, so no worries about getting a wrist cramp halfway through. 

And what about those internal textures? Do they feel like the real thing? 

Let’s start with the Thrust. It’s not very tight like a vaginal or butt orifice. Those external holes and entrances give you a lot to play with and a lot of potential variety, which is great. 

And once you get inside, you’re treated to winding, rippling internal textures that caress and massage the whole way down.

It’s gentle but very stimulating — you feel a lot on the surface without that pressure you feel from normal, tighter Fleshlights. 

The Ignition is a bit more intense. Well, I say a bit. A lot more. It’s more reminiscent of a deepthroat feeling…

…there’s a bit where it tightens up a few inches in that really reminds me of hitting the back of the throat, which is awesome. 

In all, the Ignition is a bit tighter and more pronounced with the textures whereas the Thrust is one smooth ride from beginning to end. 

Here’s a handy comparison table to help you decide which one sounds better. 

More gentle and inviting 
More intense and probing
More realistic 
Less realistic
Sloppy BJ feeling
“Normal” deepthroat BJ feeling

Fleshlight Turbo Review uncapped

It might look different, but the Turbo works just like any other Fleshlight. Simply warm it up with your sleeve warmer or a bowl of warm water, squeeze in plenty of lube, and get to work. 


  • Use less lube than you would for a regular Fleshlight and add some water spray to make it more like saliva (which means, more realistic blowjob feeling)
  • Use the different holes! Those port-looking entries are great for foreplay, or to push to the side and get in the “throat” with extra pressure on your shaft. Experiment with it. 
  • Don’t use it cold. Some Fleshlights feel good at room temperature but not this one. Always warm it with the sleeve warmer or hot water. 

Now. I don’t pop right away with this thing. But it has that perfect balance of gentle, saliva-soaked pressure, complete with throat sounds and the feeling of that little tongue thing trying to slow you down as you pierce into the throat. The finish is incredible, heart stopping when done right. As much as I don’t want to like it, it’s my first go-to. Every time.

Some_Attorney, Reddit

Fleshlight Turbo vs Regular Fleshlights

Well, there’s the obvious stuff — the Turbo is transparent, blue, science-fiction-y, and cool, where the regular Fleshlights are flesh-colored with black cases and generally look like anatomical orifices. 

I prefer the look of the Turbo, personally. I like that it looks futuristic and interesting. 

But wait! I hear you cry out. What about Fleshlights with mouth orifices, surely those are more realistic? 

To be honest, I’m not such a fan of mouth orifices on Fleshlights. They can look a bit creepy sometimes. 

And the feeling is just like that of a regular Fleshlight hole but with a looser entrance, which isn’t the best option most of the time. 

So the fact that the Turbo looks and feels completely different is a refreshing change. 


There’s a lot less resistance with the Turbo than with regular Fleshlights. 

In fact, they are much less tight in general — much like a blowjob compared to actual sex.

During penetrative sex there’s a resistance, right? A feeling of pressure, of being surrounded by something substantial. 

Well, the Turbo feels quite different. It’s lighter, more teasing, there’s less pressure and squeezing on your shaft. 

Sounds good, right? Let’s see…

Fleshlight Turbo Review inside out midway

My Experience with Fleshlight Turbo

Taking the Turbo Thrust out of the box got me excited. Maybe it was the cool design. Maybe it was the idea of trying a totally new kind of Fleshlight. 

Maybe it was the anticipation that I could finally have found the elusive convincing BJ sleeve. 

Whatever it was, I was psyched. 

So I took it out, got it and myself warmed and lubed up, and away we went. 

The first good thing — it looked AWESOME. Just playing around with it and not going all the way in was so much fun to look at, both in a sexy way and in a “damn this thing looks cool” way.

The blue techno-looking vibe of the Turbo takes away from the realism, but for me, that’s no problem at all. 

I know some purists might not like any BJ simulator that doesn’t look like a mouth, but I would say just try it, then you tell me if it doesn’t work for you. 

So, the look was a turn-on. What about the feel? Does it really feel like a blowjob? 

Well… sort of. Sorry if that’s not the categorical answer you were expecting, let me explain. 

Ordinary Fleshlights do not feel like sex. Even the supposedly hyper-realistic ones could never convince you that you were actually having sex with a real live person. 

But, they do feel A LOT MORE like sex than using your hand.

It’s like cartoons. You see a cartoon drawing of a person, and you know it’s just a drawing but it gives you the impression of a real person even though it could never convince you that it is. 

That’s what Fleshlights are to real sex, and that’s what the Turbo Thrust is to a blowjob. 

Anyway, enough philosophizing. I have to stop reading Baudrillard before bedtime. 

The Turbo Thrust certainly felt GREAT. 

Going all the way in did give that cartoonesque feeling of a sloppy deepthroat that just demanded more and more. I almost got carried away and finished too quickly before I could test out the other features. 

What about the separated entry points? 

It looks good and it was fun to use for foreplay. Messing around with the extra holes, going in and through the different spaces felt nice and looked interesting. 

It sorta reminded me of that playing around kind of foreplay, a little goofy but still a good time. 

But when it came to actually thrusting all the way, I didn’t feel it as much as I was expecting to.

The outer layer does move separately which is nice and the “tongue” chamber offered some lovely resistance, but once I was fully inserted and thrusting into it I couldn’t feel them all that much. 

So it’s a nice feature that looks really cool (don’t underestimate the power of appearances!), but it didn’t change my whole world. 

One last thing about my time with the Turbo Thrust — it does sound quite a lot like a blowjob. The first time I used it I had to stop and make sure I didn’t have some porn accidentally left on, it sounded so lifelike. 

I’m not sure how they achieve the blowjob sound, but personally, I’m a fan. 

So overall… 

Was I fooled into believing I was actually receiving some sloppy top? No. 

Did I have a good time? Yeah for sure! 

Fleshlight Turbo Review internal texture

Cleaning And Maintenance

It looks good, but the clear TPE is sticky. Really sticky. It will grab dust and lint like a pet hair remover. 

That means it’s even more important that you clean and dry it thoroughly. 

One arguably good thing about clear plastic is that you can see dirt and mess on it more easily, so you should be more motivated to give it a good cleaning. 

You clean it like a regular Fleshlight. A good rinse with warm water to get the excess mess off, then pour in some isopropyl alcohol or sex toy cleaner.

Close the cap, shake for about 30 seconds, then rinse it out again and leave it to dry completely. 

It should take about a day to dry out. Long time, but it’s better than using it when it’s still wet and having mold grow on it. Yes. That happens. 

One more thing. Careful with soaps. TPE gets chemically degraded by soaps as well as oils. So if you must use soap use the gentlest one you can find and use it sparingly. 

Where To Buy Fleshlight Turbo 

You can pick up your Fleshlight Turbo from Fleshlight’s website, where it goes for $70. Cheaper than the FL Girls range and should last about as long assuming you clean it properly. 

I’d say it’s good value whether you’re looking for something new to add to your collection or your first Fleshlight. 

Don’t forget that Fleshlight has a Loyalty program that lets you earn points in a few different ways. You can later use those points as money off your purchase.

Fleshlight Turbo Review comparison to other products

Alternatives To Fleshlight Turbo

For the real ultimate blowjob experience, I always turn to the Kiiroo Keon. It’s an automatic blowjob machine that you can use with their own strokers or you can even fit Fleshlights to it for a hands-free masturbation experience. 

It’s a luxury with a high price to match, but if you have the cash to spend it’s worth it just for the automated experience — not to mention the special features! 

Check out my full review of the Kiiroo Keon if you want to learn more. 

And if vaginal or anal Fleshlights are more your thing, I have to recommend the Stoya Destroya. It’s one of the older Fleshlight Girls models but still one of the best in my humble opinion. 

Intense, tight and will keep you electrified for however long you can last. Here’s the full review of this beauty. 

Final Thoughts 

There’s no copying the feel of a real-life blowjob no matter how much technology, time or effort goes into the endeavor. 

That said, the Fleshlight Turbos are a lot of fun to play with even if they’re not realistic. And sometimes that’s all you need. 

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