Fleshlight STU Review [2021]: Does Stamina Training Unit ACTUALLY Help?

In this Fleshlight STU review you’ll learn if stamina training unit works, what to expect, how to use it, and how to get most out of it. Your all-in-one place guide based on ACTUAL experience! Read on:

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Way back in 2008, Fleshlight introduced their Stamina Training Unit or STU. 

It was marketed as… well, a unit for stamina training. Duh, right? 

But does it hold up as a viable solution for building endurance? 

Does this 13-year-old design still have anything to offer now that there are like a hundred newer models? 

It’s a bit more complicated than just a yes or no. 

Read on to find out what I think… and some SURPRISING SECRETS about stamina training I wasn’t expecting to find out. 

Here’s the TL;DR if you don’t wanna stick around. It’s ok, I’m not mad.

The Good

The internal texture is a simple design but it’s still an intense Fleshlight. It has great suction and stimulation.

And yes, you can use it to increase your endurance if you do the training right. It’s also cheaper than most full-size Fleshlights, so it’s a good choice for beginners. 

The Not So Good

You can use it for Stamina training, but it doesn’t work by magic — you can actually use any Fleshlight for that, this one isn’t anything special. The gold case is pretty gaudy and conspicuous, so good luck trying to keep it a secret! 

The Bottom Line

It’s not a mystical cure-all for premature ejaculation, but it is a stimulating Fleshlight that offers value for money and powerful orgasms.

It would make a good starter Fleshlight, but if you like varied textures then you should choose one of the Fleshlight Girls instead. 

Fleshlight STU is for you if:

  • You want an intense Fleshlight with a lot of suction
  • You want a cheaper first Fleshlight
  • You don’t want a bright gold Fleshlight

Fleshlight STU might not be for you if:

  • You want an immediate solution for PE
  • You like varied textures

Fleshlight STU: Out Of The Box

As usual, Fleshlight arrived in plain cardboard packaging. Inside, there was the actual Fleshlight STU box with a hygienic seal on it. 

Inside the box you get: 

  • The gold case
  • Superskin (TPE) Sleeve
  • Instruction manual
  • Sample sachet of Fleshlube

You can also download Fleshlight’s Stamina Training guide. In fact, you can do that from their website even if you don’t buy the sleeve.

I’d give it a read — it does have a few nuggets of valuable information in there. 

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Stamina Training Fleshlight Toys — Which One Should You Get? 

Here’s how the STU measures up. 

Insertable Length
Canal Diameter
Hard Plastic (case), TPE (sleeve) 
Lady, Butt, Pure 

There are three orifices to choose from, as you can see. The internal texture doesn’t change much, so just choose your favorite hole. 

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The classic vaginal orifice and the one I tested to make this review. The first inch or so feels very realistic and then the bumpy texture starts. 

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As with most Fleshlight butt orifices (and butts in general I guess), the entrance is extra tight. If you’re serious about stamina training it’s the biggest challenge, though not by much. 


For those who don’t like the anatomical look, there’s this plain hole option. The texture starts a little bit sooner than the other variants. The donut hole look combined with the bright pink color looks a bit odd to me, but I know some guys prefer the unrealistic look. 

How Does The STU Lady Look And Feel? 

Is it just me, or is gold a bit… much? 

I mean, Fleshlights are not the most stealthy of toys to begin with, but making a gold one? 


I count myself lucky that I don’t have to hide things at home. 

So that, combined with the bright pink sleeve that’s a bit too vibrant to be believable, and the STU isn’t exactly a miracle of realistic design. 

But that’s not why we’re here, is it? 


Ah. Well, that’s much better. 

The STU is a simple sleeve with basically no variety in the texture from beginning to end. From the entrance to the back, the internal canal is covered in big, soft bumps each about the size of a fingertip. 

You might think that sounds boring, especially when compared to the wild and wacky textures of some of the FL Girls. 

I thought the same thing. 

I’ll get to how it feels in use in just a minute. But for now, let me say… 

Boy was I wrong. 

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How to Use the STU — My Experience 

As with any Fleshlight getting started is simple. I took the cap off, squeezed the sachet of lube into it, put the cap back on, and gave it a little shake to spread the lube around. 

PRO TIP: If you’re going to shake it to spread the lube around, ALWAYS put the cap back on first. Think of it as a blender. 

Once it was ready, time to get to work. 

I wasn’t sure what to expect going into it. 

I’ve tried a lot of Fleshlights up to now. Gentle ones, intense ones, FL Girls with so much variety every inch was a new experience for my penis. 

None of them hit quite like the STU, though.

As always, I loosened it up with the screw cap, inserted myself fully, then tightened it to get that extra sucking feeling. 

And once I was all the way in, I got my big surprise. 

The constant tight stimulation from thrusting onto those bumps almost put me in a trance.

Kind of a surreal feeling, actually. I wouldn’t describe it as realistic, even though I was thrusting into it rather than stroking myself. 

The only way I can describe the feeling is like there was A LOT going on. 

The constant pushing through the dense forest of massaging bumps with no end, combined with the pretty powerful suction was… crazy. 

I tried twisting it around to give a different sensation, but that only heightened the intensity of the massaging feeling. Now I was in a whirlpool of nodes rubbing against every square inch! 

Before I knew it, I was done. Way faster than I usually last with a Fleshlight (or sex, for that matter). 

Now, I’m no Tantra master, but I don’t suffer from PE myself. Sure, every now and again I get overexcited and finish too fast, but normally I would say I have a decent handle on controlling myself. 

But with the STU? 

It was like being a nervous teenager getting laid for the first time all over again. It can’t have been longer than 3 minutes. 

I wasn’t even sure what happened. “Did I even enjoy that?” I thought to myself. 

I like to take my time with Fleshlights, build up slowly to the big explosion, but this time I had no chance. 

This is exactly what the STU is designed for — constant overstimulation so you have to slow down and work on controlling yourself. Suddenly I understood why. 

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Getting The Most Out Of STU 

PRO TIP: Rotate it for a different sensation .

It feels very different thrusting into it as opposed to stroking yourself with it. 

If you’re going to use it for stamina training, then I would recommend thrusting as that’s a much more realistic action than stroking yourself. 

If you plan on training a lot, maybe get a mount for it or position it between some pillows. Or better yet, put it between some pillows using the rolled-up-towel trick. 

In case you don’t know, you roll the Fleshlight in a towel (preferably an old one) into a cylinder like you would if you were going to the beach. (But maybe don’t bring a Fleshlight to the beach). 

Once it’s wrapped up, put it between some sofa cushions for a more solid hold and less messy lube on the cushions themselves. 

Does the Fleshlight STU Improve Stamina?

I have some good news for you and some bad news. 

The good news is that YES, of course, you can use the Stamina Training Unit to increase your sexual stamina. 

The constant high-intensity feeling, tightness, and suction combine for an experience that is going to make you cum as quickly as possible if you’re not careful. 


There’s nothing special about the STU that makes it uniquely suited to training. It’s not a magical amulet that will protect you from PE. 

In fact, you can use any Fleshlight (or another stroker) to improve your performance.

It’s more of a marketing term than anything else. 


It does have a few advantages when it comes to training over some of the other sleeves. 

Namely, the uniform high-intensity texture.

Those bumps feel great and give you a predictable feeling that you can use to transform yourself from one pump to Don Juan. 

But here’s the thing.


Do you know the saying practice makes perfect? 

Well, just using a stroker does not count as practice. 

It’s like driving a car. 

We all know someone who’s a bad driver, right? Even though they’ve been driving for a long time. 

There’s a family friend I know who doesn’t even look where she’s going when she drives. She’s TERRIBLE at driving. And she’s been doing it for about 40 years. 

If going through the motions was enough, she’d be as good as Lewis Hamilton by now with that kind of experience! 

Just like driving then, simply going through the motions is not enough to improve.

It’s true for driving, lasting longer in bed, and just about any skill you can learn. 

You have to practice properly. 

Read on to find out how. 

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Fleshlight Stamina Training Guide 

So you want to be a sex god? 

Don’t we all. 

I’m not about to tell you that I’m the greatest lover the world has ever seen. 

I didn’t spend ten years in an ashram learning the ancient secrets of divine banging. 

But I did my research, put it into practice and it WORKED to help me last longer. 

Here’s how to use the STU (or any Fleshlight) for REAL stamina training: 


Learn to Relax

Orgasm is half mental and half mechanical. The mental side has whole books written about it, so I’m not going to do it justice in an article about a Fleshlight! 

But the mechanical side? That’s much easier to learn how to control. 

First, you gotta learn how to relax your muscles. 

You know when you’re getting close to finishing your stomach and pelvic muscles get all tense? That’s an automatic response designed to make you cum sooner. 

The good news is you can control that easily. All you have to do is relax those muscles on purpose whenever you get too close to the edge. 

When you’re using your Fleshlight, concentrate on keeping those muscles loose and relaxed. Don’t worry about anything else when you’re practicing this. 

Pretty soon you should notice that you last longer and can keep yourself further from the edge! 


Slow Down + Stop When Necessary

Learning when it’s time to slow the pace and when you need to stop to avoid the point of no return is an extremely valuable skill. You can practice it using your STU like this: 

  • Go slower than you usually would, and don’t watch any porn (at least at first). Concentrate on the feeling itself. 
  • When you feel yourself getting overexcited, slow down to a crawl and focus on relaxing your tensed muscles, especially your stomach and pelvis (more on that in a minute). 
  • EMERGENCY STOP: If you’re too close to finishing that slowing down won’t help, stop immediately. Don’t move. Concentrate on relaxing and bringing yourself back to a lower level of excitement. 



It should be obvious by now that being able to keep those muscles loose is key. 

Kegels and Reverse Kegels can help with this. They’re not just for women! 

Basically, Kegels are when you contract the muscles that you can use to stop yourself from peeing when you’re in the bathroom. Contract and squeeze the muscles tight, hold for up to 10 seconds, then release. 

Do these like any other exercises — a few times a day in sets. 

Reverse Kegels are the opposite. You’re trying to relax and stretch those same muscles. It’s a similar mechanism to when you relax your muscles to go to the bathroom (oh yeah — go to the bathroom before doing this exercise!

Wikihow1. has a pretty useful explanation for how to do these better. 

Once you’ve mastered doing these on its own, start doing them while using the STU. You should find that they help you stave off the point of no return and that it’s easier to relax in general. 

BONUS: If you get good at keeping those muscles loose you will have more powerful orgasms. Just in case you weren’t motivated enough already! 

So those are the best simple tips I have to help with PE. There’s a lot more I could say, of course — for example, there are lots of different medical interventions you can try if it’s really bad — but let’s not overwhelm ourselves with information. 

Besides, I’m not a doctor. Just a guy who wants everyone to get off. 

One last thing about endurance training. 

REMEMBER: Don’t ever beat yourself up about finishing too fast, whether masturbating or during sex. It’s never the end of the world, you can always try again. 

Cleaning Your Fleshlight STU

Once you’re done: 

  • Rinse with water
  • Rinse again with toy cleaner or isopropyl alcohol
  • Leave it to dry 

The STU isn’t the easiest Fleshlight to clean and dry as lube and mess tend to get caught in the bumps, so you’ll have to leave it to air dry for a while. A drying rack works best. 

You can use a paper or cloth towel to speed up the drying process, but the TPE will pick up lint and bits of paper and you’ll have to air dry it anyway, so I normally don’t bother. 

Expect to leave it to dry for a day. 

To keep it from getting sticky you can use Fleshlights renewing powder (expensive) or just plain corn starch (cheap), which does exactly the same thing. 

Fleshlight STU Where To Buy One

You can get your STU from Fleshlight themselves for $70. It’s cheaper than the Fleshlight Girls, so it makes a good starter Fleshlight for the uninitiated. 

Don’t forget that Fleshlight has a Loyalty program that lets you earn points in a few different ways. You can later use those points as money off your purchase.

What Do Other People Think?

“I would imagine that people who are excessively mechanically sensitive may benefit from the STU because its a fairly intense texture, but i’m circumsized and it generally takes me a long time to orgasm, so I wasn’t really expecting the STU to extend my stamina at all.”

dampnapkin69, Reddit

“After my first pause and reverse kegel I can last even longer but still had to pause. I went over 10-15 min for sure and stopped because I got bored lol.

I’d say so for this has helped me find techniques to stop the amazing sensations and get back in the game.”

mmmfoods, Reddit


Stoya Destroya

Do you think the STU is too tame for you? Want maximum intensity? Are you a Youtube kind of guy who puts Tabasco in your cereal? 

Then the Stoya Destroya is for you… you maniac. 

All kidding aside, I love this thing. Check out my full review for more info. 

Mini Lotus

Arguably the most realistic Fleshlight, the Mini Lotus isn’t as intensely stimulating as the STU, but it has a lovely rippling internal texture that feels sooo good whether you like to go slow or fast. 

Don’t let the “mini” in the name fool you, it’s a full-size Fleshlight. I have a full review on this one, too. 

Final Thoughts 

If you wanted an ultra-realistic Fleshlight that magically cures any premature issues, sorry to say you’re going to come away disappointed.

But if you just want a very intense, cheaper-than-average Fleshlight and you don’t mind that it’s bright gold, the Stamina Training Unit is a good choice for you. 


  1. “How to Do Reverse Kegels: 7 Steps”. Wikihow. https://www.wikihow.com/Do-Reverse-Kegels.
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