Fleshlight Quickshot Review [2021]: Comparison between Vantage, Pulse & Boost Models

In this Fleshlight Quickshot review, we test the most popular quickshot models & compare how they stack up against full-blown Fleshlights in 2021:

fleshlight quickshot in hand

Small, cheap, and versatile: Fleshlight’s Quickshot range promises a lot. 

But how does it deliver on those promises? 

And how does it stack up compared to the rest of the Fleshlight family? 

Fleshlight is the biggest name in male sex toys, and for good reason. 

They’re constantly adding new toys to their lineup so there’s something for every penis owner to enjoy. 

Quickshots are the smallest and lowest-priced Fleshlights available. In this review, I’ll walk you through all the important things to know about the Quickshot range so you can decide if it’s right for you. 

Here are the highlights if you don’t have time to read the whole thing: 

The Good

Quickshots are a huge step up from your hand. The open-ended design means they work wonders for edging and couples’ play.

They’re small, compact, and easy to hide and store compared to full size. What’s more, they’re super easy to clean.

And best of all, they’re cheap so you can test one out without breaking the bank. 

The Not So Good

Compared to bigger Fleshlights, Quickshots are messier when you finish and make a louder noise during use. They can also be a bit tight for girthier guys. And the sensations aren’t the same as bigger FLs, they don’t imitate sex in the same way. 

The Bottom Line

It doesn’t feel like a proper Fleshlight, but if you want something cheap, small, and easy to clean then Quickshots are for you.

They feel like a huge improvement on your hand (or someone else’s even) and they’ll last longer than most pocket pussies if maintained properly. 

If you want the full FL experience in a smaller package though, try the Go or Flight models instead.

Fleshlight Quickshot is for you if:

  • You want the Fleshlight experience on a budget
  • You want a portable and discreet stroker
  • You like to see the action
  • You want easy clean-up and storage

Fleshlight Quickshot is not be for you if:

  • You like to bottom out
  • You’re a gentleman of girth (they are tight)
  • You need something super quiet

Quickshot Models: First Impressions

Every Quickshot ships in a plain cardboard box, inside which you get a box with some branding on it. Nothing special here, after all these are the cheapest Fleshlights available, no need to package them like they’re iPhones. 

The first thing I noticed before even taking it out of the box — IT’S TINY! Like, really small. At least 3x smaller than a regular Fleshlight. Small enough to hide just about anywhere. 

Inside the box, you get your sleeve, caps, and case, along with the usual sample sachet of lube, booklet, and a QR code for some FL content.

fleshlight quickshot what is in the box

All the Quickshots are the same size. The difference between them lays in the orifices, colors, and internal textures. 

Here are the technical specs of my Quickshot Vantage: 

Total length
4.4” / 11.2 cm
Insertable length
3.5” / 8.9 cm
2.75” / 7 cm
Canal diameter
0.75” / 1.9 cm
8.6oz/ 190g
Hard Plastic (case), TPE (sleeve)

Quickshot Toys: Which One Should You Get? 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_7930.jpg

Quickshot Vantage 

Best for all-around use

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_7929.jpg

This is our main focus for today. Ice clear so you can see the action, with a screwing motion that gives you three dimensions of pleasure to work with. Also my personal favorite.

Quickshot Boost

Best for guys who want secrecy

About halfway between the Pulse and the Vantage, we have the Boost. Thick ribs and nubs are satisfying but not too intense. It has a black case and looks a bit like a photography lens, so it’s the most discreet of the bunch. You could hide it in your underwear drawer and it would arouse you, but never arouse suspicion.

Riley Reid Quickshot

Best for the most intense feeling

Modeled after the famous porn star, this Quickshot has anatomical orifices and some intense nubs and bumps that you can feel from every direction.

Quickshot Pulse

Best for couples play 

This one has ridges that gently massage your shaft, so it’s great if you get overstimulated easily. It’s transparent like the Vantage so you can see the action, and the mild texture isn’t that distracting if you’re using it as a blowjob aid.

Quickshot Stamina Training Unit

Best for stamina training and realism

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_7914.jpg

These are the least discreet Quickshots. They have gold cases, pink sleeves, and anatomical orifices. But what they lack in stealth capabilities they make up for in realism. The STUs were designed to mimic real sex as closely as possible, so they live up to their name.

STUs come with two orifice choices – Mouth/Butt and Lady/Butt. The inside of the sleeve is the same so it comes down to whether you like mouths more or vaginas.

Brent Corrigan Quickshot

Best for men who like men

The only Quickshot so far that’s intended for men who have sex with men, Brent Corrigan’s Quickshot features a mouth and a butt orifice and a texture that’s pretty similar to the Stamina Training Unit – soft bumps and a gentle spiral.

How Does The Quickshot Vantage Look And Feel? 

fleshlight quickshot and case

My most recent acquisition (as well as my favorite) was the Vantage, so that’s what I’m going to be talking about in this section. 

Let’s start with the looks— 

Fleshlights have never been the prettiest of toys. 

I mean, just compare them to some of the higher-end female toys out there and you’ll see what I mean. 

On the one hand, you’ve got a refined brightly colored penis shape, sleek and rounded and friendly and elegant. 

And on the other hand… you’ve got a pussy in a giant flashlight case with branding on it. 

Now don’t get me wrong I’m a big fan of FL, but it’s not for their looks. 

That’s why I quite like the Quickshot, especially the transparent ones like the Vantage. It’s compact, you can see right through it and the design is actually pretty nice in my opinion. 

Sure, it doesn’t compare to those postmodernist works of art over at Tenga, but The Quickshot is one Fleshlight I don’t mind looking at. Especially in use, but we’ll get to that. 

The outer case is small — purely practical, to hold the sleeve in one place while you stroke.

And the inner sleeve is as lusciously soft and inviting as any sleeve I’ve felt. 

But enough about the aesthetics. I’m here to tell you how good these things are for masturbating, not arguing that they should be displayed in the Guggenheim… 

How To Use A Fleshlight Quickshot 

fleshlight quickshot used on dildo

There are two situations where you’ll likely use a Quickshot: alone or with the company. 

Solo Play 

How much lube you’ll need depends on a lot of things, like your size, how glidey or draggy you like it, etc. 

But as a general rule, you don’t need much lube for a Quickshot. You definitely don’t need it drenched and dripping or the lube will go everywhere. 

And if you’ve spent as much time as I have, trying to clean lube off a sofa (don’t ask), you’ll know it’s not a good time. 


Quickshots are about as straightforward as strokers get. You just put it on and start jerking, right? 

Well yes, but there are a few things to keep in mind to maximize your experience: 

  • Rotate it! By twisting as you move you get a whole new dimension of pleasure out of the sleeve. Try it both clockwise and counter-clockwise. 
  • If you want extra tightness, you can take the sleeve out of the case and squeeze it on yourself. Keep in mind that this will lessen the effect of the internal textures and might be messier, but try it anyway and see. 
  • Shorten your strokes and target different spots, like the head and the base of the shaft. This is especially good if you want to get into edging.

That should cover the basics of how to use a Quickshot to the fullest on your own. 

But there’s another time when the Quickshot shines… 

With a Partner 

Do you know what’s better than a blowjob? 

How about a blowjob assisted by a Quickshot? 

Because of the open-ended design, your partner can stroke you during a blowjob for double the fun. 

This also helps to solve the mess issue… if you know what I mean. 

All in all, I’d say the double function of the Quickshot makes it double the value for money. 

Just make sure not to use much lube or it won’t taste very good! 

Quickshot Accessories

In addition to the 6 Quickshots, you can buy right now, Fleshlight also offers some supplementary gear to enhance your adventures. 

Here’s a quick summary of each of them, along with my opinion. 

  1. Quickshot Launch

    Turn your Quickshots into an automated masturbator! It can stroke you off at up to 250 strokes/minute and has high customizability. It also has a smartphone mount so you can watch your favorite porn while you use it.

    It’s not interactive though and only works with Quickshots. I’ve actually reviewed the QS Launch before, so if you’re interested and want the full details check this out. 
  2. Shower Mount Adaptor

    Works along with the Shower Mount so you can stick your Quickshot to the side of the shower and thrust hands-free. The Shower Mount and Adaptor together are about $50 though, which is pricey. It will work on many flat smooth surfaces, not just the shower.

    I’d say it’s not worth it unless you really want to use your Quickshot hands-free. 
  3. Sleeve Warmer

    It… warms up the sleeve. Obviously. Works fine but you can achieve the same result with a bowl of warm water. 
  4. Quick Connect

    Stick two Quickshots together for double the length and variety of feelings. It’s easy and fast to use, holds them securely together, and reduces mess when you finish. If you dig Quickshots then I would recommend it. 

Quickshot vs Full-size Fleshlight: Which is right for you? 

fleshlight quickshot and fullsize models comparison

The first time using a full Fleshlight is like “wow now I get it! Where has this been and why didn’t I get one sooner?” 

But a Quickshot isn’t really like that. 

I would put it this way: if a Fleshlight is designed to imitate sex, then a Quickshot is an upgrade on a handjob (whether that’s from yourself or someone else).

It’s not exactly that one is better than the other, it’s that they’re meant to do different things. 

That being said, there is a number of reasons to go for one over the other, so let’s take a look: 

  • If you have a sensitive penis, then the Quickshot might be the best way to go for you.

    Intricate textures and tight orifices are great, but you know when you’re about to cum and your glans get overly sensitive? To the point where you can’t really move or it kind of hurts?

    Well, with the Fleshlight that can be a slight problem. Since you’re inside this incredibly stimulating tunnel with a lot more going on than any real hole, the feeling can be overwhelming.

    Not so with the Quickshot. Because your head should poke out through the top of the thing, when you’re close to orgasm you can keep stroking without feeling like both your heads are being electrocuted. 
  • You can bottom out in a Fleshlight and surround yourself with it, so full-size feels more special.
  • Quickshots are easier to clean, travel with, and hide than the massive full-size Fleshlights. 
  • Full-size Fleshlights are more expensive. Quickshots are better on a budget.
  • They will both last about the same length of time — not forever due to the TPE, but about a year or two if well-maintained. Quickshots might get worn out faster around the edges.
  • Full size has a TON more options. There are like 6 Quickshots and some of them are out of production, but there are dozens of Fleshlights. Maybe even 100. 

Essentially, if you want the full Fleshlight experience you have to get the full size or at least something like a Fleshlight Pilot. They feel so much more like real sex than the Quickshot. 

However, if you’re on a tight budget, need something discreet, or want something you can use with a partner, you could do a LOT worse than a Quickshot. 

What about if none of those things is an issue? 

I’d get both. Nothing beats mixing and matching them up for an unrivaled range of sensations. 

My Experience With The Quickshot Vantage 

fleshlight quickshot in hand

Right out of the box I was impressed with the feel of the Vantage. It’s very small and light, but it feels solid. Well made.

Somehow it reminded me of going to a restaurant where the knives and forks are heavy and you just know the food’s going to be good. Maybe it’s a psychological thing. 

Anyway, a few squirts of lube and I set to work with the Vantage. 

I used about as much lube as I would for a regular-size Fleshlight, which turned out to be a mistake. 

See, with strokers there’s always an ideal amount of lube to apply that heightens the experience, and it differs with every sleeve. 

Too much lube and it glides along too much. You don’t really feel the intricacies of the textures, just a smooth sensation. Nice, but not perfect. 

On the other hand, not enough lube and it drags, which can be distracting. 

I used too much lube the first time. I think my mistake was applying it to both myself and the Vantage. 

After a few tests, I found the perfect ratio for me. A couple of dollops spread around the sleeve is golden. 

That’s some good news — Quickshots don’t need a lot of lube, which saves you money long-term. Lube is expensive!

So what about the actual feeling? 

Once I’d sorted out the lubrication, time to really put the Vantage to the test. 

Long story short — it passed with flying colors. 

The subtle screw texture gave a twisting sensation as I moved it up and down, and the open end meant I could stimulate whichever area I wanted and target specific spots. 

Once I reached the point of no return I could switch focus and not overstimulate the head, but I didn’t have to stop moving entirely.

The results were… explosive. 

Made quite a mess, but it was definitely worth it. 

What about the noise? 

It sounded like… you know when you stir a big pot of macaroni and cheese? A bit like that. 

The noise didn’t bother me, but if you need secrecy then some music or a blanket should muffle the noise enough. 

To sum up the whole experience: 

  • It doesn’t need a lot of lube, which is nice. 
  • It’s louder than I was expecting, but not annoyingly so. 
  • It felt great targeting different areas at different times. 
  • Finishing is messy! 

How To Clean The Fleshlight Quickshot

Have you ever cleaned a full-size Fleshlight? 

4/10, not great. The cleaning is a hassle even with a sex toy cleaner, you can’t turn them inside out without damaging them, and with the more complex and tight Fleshlights drying them out can take hours. 

But the Quickshots? 

10/10. A breeze. You just turn it inside out, rinse and wash. That’s it. 

PRO TIP: Be careful with soaps. Either use a mild one that you’re sure doesn’t break down oils, or just use an alcohol solution to disinfect it. 

Then you can either leave to air dry (which takes 30 minutes max) or blot with a towel (cloth is usually better; paper can stick to the material). I prefer air drying as the material is sticky — it picks up lint and dust like a magnet! 

To make it last longer, you also have to powder it with corn starch. You don’t need Fleshlight’s own brand stuff, it’s basically just regular old corn starch you can get from any supermarket. 

This is actually the reason why I use my Quickshot Vantage more often than my regular size Fleshlights.

Not because it feels better, but because I don’t have to think “will I have time to clean this properly after I’m done?” 

Quickshot’s Price And Where To Get One

You can buy the Quickshots and accessories from Fleshlight themselves, where they retail at around $38

That’s about half the price of a regular Fleshlight, so you can get two and mix up the sensations. 

Considering they’re much better quality than a cheap knock-off pocket pussy, AND that you can use them for couples’ play too, I’d say the Quickshot is good value. 

Don’t forget that Fleshlight has a Loyalty program that lets you earn points in a few different ways. You can later use those points as money off your purchase.

I really like the fact that I could go balls deep with the toy and then hold the top half of my penis with my hand at the same time. Let’s just say I need to work on my stamina because I blew my load so quickly! Guess that’s why they call it the Quickshot. Afterwards, it was very easy to clean which was a bonus!

FivefootfiveSX, Reddit

Fleshlight Quickshot Alternatives 

Fleshlight Go Surge | Basically a smaller, lighter Fleshlight that gives the full Fleshlight experience in a more compact package. If you want something that’s fairly portable, cheaper than the regular size, and still envelopes you full instead of being open-ended, then the GO series is worth a look. They’re about $65 so more than a Quickshot but less than the regular. 

Fleshlight Pilot | Another “travel size” Fleshlight, the Flight Pilot is sleek and tight with some very nice textures on the inside. It’s a non-anatomical orifice and an internal tunnel that’s similar to the excellent Destroya model. Very nice suction, too. 

Final Thoughts

As far as small, discreet strokers go, the Quickshot is one of the best that money can buy.

Sure it lacks the features and all-encompassing pleasure of the bigger Fleshlights, but you can have hours of fun with it and hide it in your sock drawer no problem.

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