Fleshlight Launch Review [2021 Update] – Discontinued?

Spoiler alert: Fleshlight Launch has been discontinued (BUMMER!). But they’ve released a new Fleshlight Universal Launch version which we recently reviewed here.

New FL Universal Launch released this year…

Down below you can still read about Fleshlight Launch (an old review)… and it’s top closest alternative.

I know, I know. I hate to be the harbinger of bad news, but Fleshlight and Kiiroo stopped collaborating for quite some time now. In short, you can’t buy one anywhere, ANY MORE.

But wait… GOOD NEWS incoming…

Kiiroo heard all the requests and complaints from Launch users (me included), rose to fill the void, and released a new and improved automatic masturbator… Think of it as the Launch V2.0 that never happened, just BETTER.

MEET Kiiroo Keon!

kiiroo keon automatic male masturbator

I was an avid Launch fan with the variety of Fleshlight sleeves I can use with it. Fellow FLyers have the same sentiments. It was the high-quality automatic masturbator to beat IMO, and it had its moments.

BUT Keon took me by surprise and is even better. 

Here’s why:

  • Keon is a lot more silent, compact, and lasts longer.
  • It feels intuitive to use and easier to hold (I can hold it with just one hand!).
  • It feels like a solid, high-quality device, not the plastic feel that Launch left.
  • Connecting to the interactive app is easy even though you’ll still need to work extra to get the perfect sync with the interactive videos (same as with Launch, the best sync comes from perfectly synced scripts and downloaded videos on a computer, not streamed ones)

If you want to learn more about Keon, here’s my detailed review otherwise keep on reading the old Fleshlight Launch review (R.I.P.).


I’m a self-proclaimed sex nerd (*figures*). I’ve been collecting different Fleshlight sleeves over the years, from the OG Pink Lady to Stoya Destroya.

Then I keep coming back for more. Flesh crack is real, brotha.

But while I love putting my pleasure in my own hands, I wanted something more. Something to enhance my experience.

Then, I thought to myself, “what if my Fleshlight moved on its own?”

Lo and behold. The gods of pleasure heard my cries (and moans?) and gifted me with the Fleshlight Launch.

I’ve been using this toy for over a year now. And in this review, I’ll cover everything you need to know before you decide to shell out 200+ bucks for this bad boy.

But if you’re strapped for time, here’s the TL;DR:

The Good | The Fleshlight Launch works as an automated masturbation machine. It gives a whole new meaning to masturbating with a Fleshlight. And it offers very realistic sensations once you put it in interactive mode.

The Not So Good | Content delivery and syncing still need a few tweaks here and there. Even a piece of high-quality innovation this good isn’t perfect. It takes time for toymakers to listen to user feedback and improve.

The Bottom Line | If you’re an avid FLyer, the Launch is a no-brainer. It makes masturbation more immersive, luxurious, and exciting that you’ll keep coming back for more. But if you’re extremely pragmatic and don’t want to go through the process to learn it-set it up-maintain it-repeat just to get off, you might want to sit this one out.

This is for you if:

  • You want to take your masturbation experience to a whole new level
  • You get excited/aroused with the idea of being pleasured than always doing it yourself
  • You own at least one regular full-sized Fleshlight and thought your experience would be better if there were less hand action involved
  • You value the experience of discovery – an early adopter of sextech
  • You don’t mind some flaws in content quality and variety for the thrill of automated pleasure

This might not be for you if:

  • The thought of doing it with a “robot” scares you
  • You prefer refinement over discovery in pleasuring yourself
  • You’re looking for an effortless masturbation experience
  • You want quality and variety in your adult content experience with the Launch
  • You’re gay/bi/curious and enjoy a lot of same-sex content

What’s in the Box?

Opening my Fleshlight Launch package kinda felt like opening an Xbox on Christmas when I was a kid. Huh, not exactly the same feeling when you’re now the one buying your stuff. But it felt DAMN close!

I really liked that it came in a discreet brown box, just showing my name, address, and some blurb as with my other Fleshlight orders from Interactive Life Forms (ILF).

I rushed it inside my room, opened it, and found the Launch’s big black box. The packaging itself looks high-end, with a list of its specs on one side. It could easily pass off as an appliance box to someone who’s not familiar with, uhm… the Fleshlight brand.

I flipped the box open, got rid of the black Styrofoam panel, and found the following contents:

  • The Fleshlight Launch wrapped in plastic;
  • A universal charging USB cable;
  • A quick set-up card;
  • A short manual;
  • An authenticity card for 1-year warranty activation;
  • A black envelope with information and instructions on interactive content access

NOTE: If you’re wondering, the Launch does not come with a Fleshlight sleeve, even a Fleshlight case. You can only use this device if you have an existing compatible Fleshlight (much more on that later). So yeah, you have to buy a Fleshlight if you don’t have one yet.

Design and Features

Once I removed the plastic from the device, I was not at all surprised by its sheer size. I mean, if you already own a Fleshlight or two, you know that they’re already bigger than your average FLASHLIGHT.

vr fleshlight from different sides

I was amazed at how compact the Launch is, knowing that it needed to make room for all its electronics stuff and a full-sized moving Fleshlight. But for first-time Fleshlight and Launch owners, the size will surprise you.

As far as first impressions go, it looked a bit clunky. Its black, glossy-textured plastic material with some silver highlights kinda reminds me of a sophisticated coffee machine. Then, you’ll find two LED buttons on the front, touch surfaces on both sides, and a charging port on the back.

What I like the most is its soft, rubber bottom base. Every time I used the Launch, it positioned itself comfortably against my body. I never experienced any discomfort, even when I used it at faster stroke speeds.

Just make sure that you don’t set it upright on any flat surface because it will tumble down. The cushioned material was unfortunately not designed to support the Launch’s weight. I’m glad I was unboxing the device on my bed OR ELSE… Buh-bye $200.

Though it’s a solid machine, it’s still an electronic device wrapped in one consumer-grade plastic box.

So, yes, it can survive the typical oh-my-hands-are-full-of-lube roll on a carpeted floor. But I doubt it will remain intact after falling on hardwood or tile floors.

Tech Specs

The Fleshlight Launch measures 12.75” high, 6” wide, and weighs around 3.30 lbs. (without a Fleshlight). If you include a full-sized Fleshlight in there, it could weigh about 4.40 lbs. in total.

It’s a surprisingly compact device, given its dimensions. Just think of the size as holding an inflated football in your lap. The Launch is just an inch taller and a couple of inches narrower than a well-inflated football (*not the partially deflated ones Tom Brady used, JK*).

But then, try hiding this ‘football’ inside your regular Ikea drawer. Yup, didn’t think it will fit as well as your Fleshlight and other pleasure toys, right? The Launch seriously takes some space, so you have to choose your hiding spot wisely.

Of course, you can always put it on display, minus your go-to Fleshy.

Friend: Hey, what’s that man?

You: (*cue sweaty palms and emotionless face*) Oh, just the new coffee machine I bought on eBay.

Friend: Cool!

You: (phew!)

Friend: Lemme try!

You: Sure. Err, what?!

Fleshlight Model Compatibility

Warning: DO NOT ATTEMPT to stuff your Fleshlight inside your Launch without reading this. 

Fleshlight Launch is compatible with all regular-sized Fleshlight toys. According to the folks at Fleshlight, Go and Flight adapters are in the works. But in the meantime, here’s a list of compatible Fleshlight toys and toys that don’t work with the Launch.

  • Original Fleshlight (any standard-sized or build your own model)
  • STU (Stamina Training Unit)
  • FL Girls
  • Fleshjack Boys
  • Turbo/Ice
  • Flight
  • Go
  • Sex in a Can
  • Quickshot Products

The internal length for Turbo/Ice sleeves and their standard full-sized counterparts might be the same. But there’s a tiny bit of difference in their case structure.

So, if you only have a Fleshlight Turbo or Ice, make sure to buy a standard full-sized case to hold the sleeve.

If it’s your first time ordering a full-sized Fleshlight along with the Launch, go with any compatible full-sized models we’ve included on our list.

My personal recommendation is the STU. It’s not too intimidating for beginners. BUT it still offers intense stimulations and builds your stamina, so you last longer in bed.

How to Use the Fleshlight Launch

guy using blowjob robot

Charging the Launch

The Launch does not come with any power brick (DANG!). But you can charge the device using its USB micro-charger cable attached to any of your existing devices’ power bricks.

I used my 5-watt iPhone charger (and my 12-watt iPad charger on some occasions), and it worked fine. No crazy chargers exploding, thank God.

You simply plug the charger cable into the back of the unit. You’ll notice the power button turning red. This means that the Launch is charging.

Wait around 6-9 hours or until the power button turns green. A green light indicates that the device is fully charged.

After one full charge, the device should run around 2 hours straight (I didn’t last that long for one session, TBH). If you forget when you last charged, a flashing red power button indicates that it’s running low on battery.

This is a sign that you should charge it. If you insist, and the red lights start blinking quickly, you only have around 5 minutes before the device shuts down. AS WELL AS YOUR ORGASM.

Interface and Operation

The Launch is jam-packed with a bunch of features in one simple interface. Although it’s designed to be intuitive, it takes some practice. And I mean SERIOUS PRACTICE before you get the hang of things.

But worry not, I got you covered.

So, when you’re holding the Launch, you’ll see two LED buttons on the front. The lower power button turns the device on or off. You also use this button to start or stop the device’s stroking action.

Meanwhile, the top mode button (with the square) allows you to alternate between interactive and manual modes.

On either side of the device, you’ll see two touch surfaces. Swiping the left side or using the control surface allows you to adjust the stroke speed. The right side, on the other hand, enables you to control the stroke length.

Holding down the power button for 2-3 seconds activates the Launch in its default interactive mode (the manual mode should be the default IMHO). Blinking blue light means that the device is in Bluetooth pairing mode.

To initiate the interactive mode, you need to connect the gadget via Bluetooth to your smartphone’s FeelConnect app. Only then can you sync it to any interactive (video or VR) content. You know they’re paired successfully when the mode button turns solid blue.

To use the device in manual mode, you have to press the mode button for 2-3 seconds. This can be frustratingly tricky for a lot of users (me at times).

You can’t feel any vibration, ring, or press of a button like what your trusted smartphone or BT speaker does. It’s just a touch surface.

You’ll know that manual mode is on and Bluetooth pairing is off, nonetheless, when the mode button has NO LIGHT.

Manual Mode

Activating the manual mode gives you direct control over the device’s stroke speed, length, and starting position. All you have to do is swipe or tap the left and right control strips.

Adjusting the stroke speed means focusing on the left-side control strip. Swipe away if you want faster strokes, then swipe towards you if you want slower strokes.

Focusing on the right-side control strip allows you to adjust the stroke length and starting positions. Swipe away for longer strokes, then swipe towards you for shorter strokes.

If you want to adjust the stroke starting position, simply tap any of the three outlined spots you can find on the right control strip. Starting the stroke higher entails tapping the furthest spot. Then, tap the nearest spot to start the stroke lower.

Pressing the power button once always stops or starts the device. If you want to turn off the device completely, hold the power button down for 3 seconds.

I prefer starting with the lower settings, focusing on the tip of my penis, and stroking at shorter lengths. Then I choose the longer strokes and then tap the middle and furthest spots for my entire shaft. You know, just to mix things up.

I usually stick to the same stroke speed, though the Launch delivers up to 180 strokes per minute (3 strokes per second). The textures from the Fleshlight sleeve alone can get pretty intense easily.

But all these manual adjustments can take a LOT OF WORK AND FOCUS! What’s a man gotta do for some hands-free action?

Playing manual is great at first, but things can get unreal and robotic (no variations!) that you start thinking you’re just playing with another toy robot.

Thank you, next!

Fleshlight Launch Interactive VR Experience

Using the Launch’s interactive mode is where you’ll feel the kind of sexual experience that’s as close to the real thing as possible. (Now, we’re talking!) It offers subtle strokes and speed variations and a fully automated interactive experience. (Keep going!)

With more surprises and less predictability, you feel like something (or someone) is involved in your pleasure. You can even make your experience hands-free, with the right angle and a bit of creativity.

PRO TIP: Prop the device on two pillows on your bed or the sofa for support.

So, what do you do?

  1. Download the FeelConnect app on your smartphone. It’s available for both iOS and Android users. (Sometimes, the app will prompt you to have a firmware update.)
  2. Open the app and scan the QR code from your preferred website (FeelMe.com, PornHub Interactive, UFeel.tv) to connect your phone and Launch to the content.
  3. Go to the interactive category video, click sync interactive toy to video, then select “Watch in App”.

Now, you just sit back, relax, and enjoy the interactive show. Easy-peasy!

You can also sync your favorite content with the Launch. Just check the scripted videos posted on the RealTouchScripts site and download what you like.

You can even create your own video scripts or interactive content by downloading the following software:

  • RealTouchScripts — the community where people share their scripts and new users can learn how to create their own
  • Buttplug — the software you need to connect your web browser with the Fleshlight Launch
  • Synchyndink — this is the hardware synced movie player by Buttplug
  • Funscripting add-on for Blender — use this to write your scripts for the Launch
  • Scriptplayer — this is a stand-alone player with lots of functionality. You can use it for scripting your videos.

Want more? Connect the Launch to some awesome VR goggles and good headphones.

Check out Kiiroo’s VR ShineCon goggles with headphones. They are iOS and Android compatible and work great with PornHub VR videos too.

VR goggles to compliment the best blowjob machine

With the Fleshlight Launch out of stock, Kiiroo Keon connects seamlessly with these VR headsets and interactive videos.

My Experience with Fleshlight Launch

Manual Mode Experience

After familiarizing myself with the Launch’s buttons and functions, I wanted to get right into the action.

I was excited to use it after a hectic day at work, starting with the manual mode. I got my STU and inserted it inside the Launch. Lubed up and turned it on.

Just the first stroke at the lowest speed setting got me saying, “Woah!” Then upwards, “oohhhhhhh”… I then thought to myself, “this is sweet.”

Keeping both hands steady on the Launch and seeing my go-to Fleshy work me up and down, I became speechless. I never thought this automatic action was possible in my 30+ years of existence.

It felt as if someone was in the middle of the action, yet I was just by myself controlling the Launch with my hands and focusing on my pleasure.

The fact that this device was imposing its non-stop stroking action just to get me off was too much and too close for me to finish. So, I hit “pause.” (Huh! Gotcha!)

Phew! That was intense!

I drank a glass of water on my bedside table, lubed up yet again, and got back into action. With more focus (yeah, right!), I started with shorter stroke lengths and chose the lowest starting point.

This setting focused on the tip of my penis. I then went for longer strokes and adjusted the device to the highest starting point because obvs., I don’t want to neglect the entire shaft of my penis.

I mixed the stroke speeds and lengths. I was going crazy with the swipes. And then BOOM! (We know what happened next.)

I took a deep breath, and an unsettling emotion started to creep in. Post-orgasmic thoughts: “did I just sleep with… a robot?” I mean, everything felt so good that I felt as if I had sex with someone else.

Interactive Mode Experience

After a couple of weeks of use and exploring different sleeves from my collection, I’ve realized that playing manual was great the first few times. But the novelty wears off with the limited settings and robotic variations.

So, I tried playing with the device once again in interactive mode, taking advantage of my free 1-month interactive porn access. There wasn’t a lot of content when I first started using the Launch.

I chose the 10-minute video with two white chicks talking, seducing, and pleasuring me. I was surprised to see the Launch spring into action, with variations in stroke lengths and speed.

I felt as if someone else was making all the pleasurable decisions for me. I looked back, left, and right, only to find that nobody was inside the room with me.

Damn, this device is making me paranoid! As the girls err the device was working me, I observed a missed stroke or a bit of delay here and there.

These hiccups are not that noticeable unless you pay enough attention. But all this is understandable since we’re playing with new tech.

The full immersion and unpredictability of it all were more than enough to get me off – even way faster than in manual mode (and that’s saying something).

Was the $200 purchase worth it?

Yes! Especially for a pleasurable experience that you can repeat over and over again.

What Other People Think About It

Since the Fleshlight Launch is on the pricier side of the sex toy spectrum, I wanted to dig in if users are equally enjoying it.

“I feel like I’ve gotten $200 worth of fun out of Fleshlight Launch over the past nearly four months… Syncing isn’t perfect…it’s a little off. But to me, the real appeal and benefit of the Launch is the unique and exciting feeling of pleasuring motion. That is coming from a source other than yourself.”


“The Launch is a quiet, comfortable device with the right tech. With the extensive library of sleeves. You can tailor the experience to your liking easily. Sync’d videos are mind-blowing but in short supply.”


Price and Where to Buy

The Fleshlight Launch retails at $200 apiece. Prices may vary depending on your location, preferred shipping day, and promo code.

But since we’re here, and you’re looking for a full-blown masturbation experience, buy some VR goggles and headset too. You’ll spend around $300 for the BEST EXPERIENCE.

Oh, and there’s the $10-per-video rental fee or the $99.95 yearly membership fee.

You can get one at Fleshlight, Kiiroo, and Lovehoney official websites.

But sadly, the Launch has been discontinued. (Why go through all this trouble, Dainis? Why? Why? Why?)



If you’re looking for the next best thing to the Launch that delivers the most satisfying interactive automated pleasure, I cannot recommend Kiiroo Keon enough.

For just $249, you get a more powerful and compact device that you can charge faster and use longer. I suggest ordering the Keon at Kiiroo’s official website.

You get excellent customer support and warranty if you buy directly from these folks. And I went ahead and negotiated with them, so you get $25 off.

Just use my code SEXUALALPHA upon checkout. (You’re welcome.)

Final Thoughts

Fleshlight Launch is becoming a new favorite for die-hard FLyers and new users alike.

If you want to enjoy every texture of your Fleshlight sleeves or simply want to take your masturbation experience to a whole new level, this is the device to get.

Yes, there’s not much interactive content just yet, and syncing still needs some work. But the Launch paired with my go-to VR headset got me off many times and never failed to entertain me.

So, what are you waiting for?

Dainis Graveris

Dainis Graveris

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