Fleshlight Ice Review [2021]: Clear Ice Lady After 2 Month Use

In this Fleshlight Ice review, you’ll learn what to expect from this clear Ice Lady fleshlight, how it feels in use & compares against best alternatives in 2021:

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A long time ago I was testing a Fleshlight. I forget which one exactly, but I’m sure it was one of the original pink ones? Not important. Anyway. 

I remember thinking to myself “I wonder what this looks like on the inside…” 

I don’t know if Fleshlight can read my mind or if this was just a coincidence, but they came out with the Fleshlight Ice. 

Get this. They’re SEE-THROUGH. So you can see what it looks like from the inside. 

My wish was granted. 

But is the Fleshlight Ice everything I had hoped it would be? 

That’s what we’re going to find out right now. 

And if you’re pressed for time, no worries I got you covered. Here’s the short answer: 

The Good

You can see every inch of the action, which is hot for a lot of people.

The texture has the right balance of intensity, suction, and softness, there’s a nice choice of orifices and it should last a long time if maintained properly. 

The Not So Good

If transparency isn’t really your thing, then there’s not really any reason to choose the Ice over another sleeve.

The texture is good but there’s only one kind, while FL Girls has tons. It also picks up wayyyy more dust and lint than normal Superskin sleeves, so it’s a bit more annoying to clean and store. 

The Bottom Line

Fleshlight Ice is a great toy for anyone who wants to see their thrusting as it happens. If that’s not your or your partner’s thing, then it’s basically just a regular Fleshlight that picks up more dust.

It’s visual, unrealistic fun. 

Fleshlight Ice is for you if:

  • You like to see what’s going on
  • You want a Fleshlight that’s more fun to use with a partner
  • You want a quality Fleshlight with tight and intense internal texture

Fleshlight Ice is not for you if:

  • You want a visible anatomical orifice (yes they’re anatomical, but you can’t really see them in action)
  • You don’t want to look at your own penis while masturbating

First Impressions and Packaging

Pretty standard stuff here – like with most Fleshlights nothing about the packaging jumps out at me. That’s not good or bad, just average. 

Plain cardboard box for discretion? Check. 

Normal Fleshlight packaging that shows you what’s inside? Check. 

  • Transparent case with removable cap
  • Ice Lady Sleeve
  • Instructional materials 
  • Sample of lube 
  • Usual marketing offer stuff

All of that stuff is a check. 

Fleshlight Ice Review unboxed

Fleshlight Ice Series: Which One Should You Get? 

There are 4 full-size Ice Fleshlights. 

Here are the important specs if you want to know the details: 

Length: 10 inches

Insertable Length: 9.5 inches 

Material: Transparent hard plastic (case) / Clear TPE (sleeve) 

Fleshlight Ice Review seal closeup

On the inside, every Fleshlight Ice is the same. Each one has the same internal texture, same case, and same beautiful see-through material. The only difference is the orifice. 

Ice Lady 

A tight, crystal-clear vaginal opening. If you hold it still it kind of looks like a glass sculpture, which is cool.

Sometimes the “super-realistic” vagina openings can be a bit weird to look at like they land in the uncanny valley, so having it be transparent makes it better for me.

Note that the Lady is the toy I’m reviewing here, but again the inner textures and cases are all the same, so orifice is purely a matter of personal taste. 

Ice Mouth

The mouth is a little looser and more forgiving than the vagina, so it might be better for girthier guys who like the idea of see-through deepthroat action.

NOTE: Fleshlight seems to have discontinued the Mouth opening, so be careful if you’re buying it from third-party retailers. 

Ice Butt

You guessed it — this one’s a butthole. The tightest opening with the same great texture behind it. Butt Fleshlights generally need more lube than the others. 

Ice Pure

A non-anatomical opening that’s just a plain untextured hole — easy to get into and pretty loose, so this is the best one for sensitive guys or if you have a wide head. 


Look and Feel of the Ice Lady 

Just like any other full-size Fleshlight, it’s 10 inches long and about 4 inches wide, with 9 inches of insertable length. 

The inner canal is about an inch wide maximum, with thinner and thicker parts as you would expect. 

It has a great texture — stimulating and pretty intense without being too much for most guys. I would call it a “medium-high” intensity, which is my favorite level.

Don’t want to finish too fast but I also don’t want to get bored, you know? 

The tightness is on point too. My theory is that every guy has a sweet spot for Fleshlight tightness — too tight and it’s annoying to get into, too loose and you don’t really enjoy the textures. 

For me, the Ice is just right, like the X-rated version of Goldilocks. 

And as for the looks… well, it’s see-through. Not fully transparent, more like lightly frosted glass.

You can see your penis inside it, but not every wrinkle on your shaft. That’s probably a good thing, on balance. 

I really like the voyeuristic aspect of it. There’s something really hot about watching myself penetrate the Ice and go in and out. So for me, that’s easily the best part of the design.

Fleshlight Ice Review uncapped

How To Use Fleshlight Ice

Fleshlights are about as simple to use as sex toys get. Unscrew the cap, apply a generous helping of lube (a teaspoonful is a good reference), and get in there. 

You can also take the sleeve out of the case and soak it in warm water to feel like body temperature.

3 to 5 minutes should be plenty. 

Or if you want to do things the fancy way, Fleshlight has a sleeve warmer that does the job for you. Simply put it on and switch on the sleeve warmer, and bam! Perfect temperature Fleshlight every time you want it.

Finally, you can adjust the suction you feel with each thrust by twisting the base to increase or decrease airflow. 

Once you’re done, clean it up immediately. (More on that in a minute.) 


How to Enjoy Using Your Fleshlight Ice

Want to get maximum pleasure out of your Fleshlight Ice? Well after far too long Fleshlights in general and the Ice Lady in particular, here are my best pro tips: 

  • My favorite way to get the most out of the suction is to make it loose to let lots of air in, then penetrate it all the way. Once inside to the hilt I then screw it as tight as it will go. Voila! Maximum suction. 
  • ALWAYS use water-based lube. Oil and silicone-based lube will damage and degrade the sleeve over time so it won’t last as long. 
  • You can put cornstarch or baby powder on most Fleshlights to stop them from getting sticky BUT if you do this with the Ice it will get cloudy and lose transparency. 
  • Rotate it! Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can only use it pointing “up”. Twirling it around creates a totally different feeling to just thrusting inside out. 
  • Want to go hands-free? Either wedge it between some couch cushions or roll it up in a towel and hold it in place however you can think of. Then you can go to town without using your hands! 
  • Speaking of towels, keep one close by so you can wipe the lube off your hands so you can adjust the suction mid-session. It helps with cleaning, too. Just like the Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy says, you should always know where your towel is. 

My Experience With Fleshlight Ice

Using it as a regular stroker was, for me, pretty much like any other. With my eyes closed, I couldn’t tell the difference between the Ice and some other Fleshlight. 

That’s not a bad thing — it felt great! 

And besides, using it with your eyes closed kinda defeats the whole purpose, doesn’t it? 

But the Ice really shines when someone is watching, whether that’s you or a partner. Or both. 

So my girl wanted to watch. She was curious what it actually looked like going in and out. 

Naturally, I invited her to give me a hand. 

She was fascinated watching it stroke up and down, and I was FLYING, so it was a win-win for both of us! 

This is DEFINITELY a great toy for couples who are strongly turned on by visuals. 

Fleshlight Ice vs. Regular Fleshlights

So, a big question: How is Fleshlight Ice different from Regular Fleshlights? 

Well, the material feels a bit more jelly-like than the regular, which can be nice — more wobble when you thrust. If you go fast you even get a cool ripple effect from it that’s missing in the regular Fleshlights. 

But there’s a downside. 

The clear plastic is STICKY. Like, really sticky. Much more than regular Fleshlights, which can get kind of gummy after a while. 

It makes it more important than ever to store it safely with the cap on because these things will attract more dust and lint than a vacuum cleaner. 

One time I washed it and left it to dry on the drying rack. No problems so far. 

But then… horror of horrors… When I went to put it away in the sex toy cupboard, I dropped it on the floor.

I guess the five-second rule doesn’t apply to Fleshlight Ice, because when I picked it up again it was covered in dust. 

And I don’t live in a pit of filth, I clean the floors regularly, I swear! 

It’s still pretty easy to clean so it’s not the end of the world, just… be advised. Sticky. 

Apart from that, there are the textures. 

Fleshlight Ice Review side view

Now, the Ice has a very nice internal texture. It’s got lots of variation, interesting zones, and good suction. Not the absolute best I’ve ever tried, but damn good. 


There’s only one Ice texture to try. 

Fleshlight Girls has dozens of different textures. Add that to the classic and there are so many you could literally never get bored. 

But if you really have your heart set on a transparent Fleshlight, you’re pretty much stuck with this one, the Flight Aviator and the Go Torque Ice.

It’s not a deal-breaker — like I said I really like the Ice texture. 

I just wish they had more different things to try out. Maybe one day they’ll introduce more – that’d be great. 

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Fleshlight Ice

The transparency factor makes me want to clean it more religiously than I usually do (and I’m pretty meticulous about cleaning my TPE toys). 


Because I can literally see when it’s not clean. 

Maybe not everyone likes the idea of that, but for someone like me who’s a bit of a hygiene freak (just a bit), I LOVE seeing that it’s spotless.

As for the washing itself, it’s just like a regular Fleshlight — rinse with lukewarm (not hot!) water or use isopropyl alcohol* to properly disinfect it. Simply pour in some alcohol, put the end cap on and give it a good shake for about 30 seconds. Then rinse it out.

Toy cleaners work just like isopropyl alcohol, though they can be pretty expensive. 

Avoid strong soaps as they can damage the soft material, meaning they won’t last as long. 

*NOTE: You gotta be 100% sure that it’s real isopropyl alcohol and not just regular old rubbing alcohol, cause the latter will damage your sleeve the same as soap. 

Fleshlight Ice Review with box

Where Can I Get One? 

Like any Fleshlight product, you should get it from Fleshlight themselves. 

It retails for $70. Not cheap, but you get what you pay for with strokers. Do you want the most reliable and well-known, or a suspicious knock-off for half the price? 

I don’t know about you, but personally, I don’t like to put my penis in anything I don’t trust.

Don’t forget that Fleshlight has a Loyalty program that lets you earn points in a few different ways. You can later use those points as money off your purchase.

Fleshlight Ice Review compared to other models

Fleshlight Ice Alternatives 

Maybe you’re not into the transparent aspect, so you still want a brilliant “regular” Fleshlight to use. 

Many of the Fleshlight Girls’ range are fantastic, but if you want the tightest, most intense texture and great suction, go for the Stoya Destroya model. It’s famous among FLyers, and for a good reason. 

Check out my review of the Destroya if you’re interested. 

Fleshlight have another transparent stroker that’s designed with blowjobs in mind, the Quickshot Vantage.


It’s super compact, cheap, and open-ended so it’s arguably even more suited for couples than the Ice Lady! Doesn’t have the same feel as full-size Fleshlight, but it’s half the price and gives a lot of fun in a very small package. 

Final Thoughts 

It’s simple, really. 

If you’re the kind of dude who likes to watch his penis as he’s getting stroked, you’re gonna like the Ice. 

If you’re not that guy, then try one of the Fleshlight Girls instead. 

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