Best Fleshlight Deals, Discount Codes & Money Saving Tips

Discover all the best ways to save money when purchasing any of the Fleshlight deals. Get your favorite masturbators by using the latest discount codes in 2021.

On a budget for the best cheap Fleshlight or simply hate to pay more than you should?

I get you. I’m addicted to sex toys and it gets pricey fast, which is why it pays off to spend a little extra time to read a guide like this and easily save 10-20-30% off your regular purchase.

I’ve been buying Fleshlights for years now and have identified all the best Fleshlight money-saving tips in one place!

What Kind of Discount Codes There Are For Fleshlight?

Here are the best discount codes available this year:

  • DCMDISCOUNT1 – 20% off for one purchase + free shipping (if you use different email you can get 20% again)
  • TUGBRO10 = 10% off site wide (supposedly)
  • WELCOME5 – use it to get $5 off the first purchase

Keep in mind that these might not work if you’re based in Europe or Canada. But for the US these definitely work.

20% discount is the best and, for example on $270 purchase I was able to save around $50. Not too shabby.

Check fleshlight deals section

fleshlight deals

While not as attractive as 20% off, Fleshlight Deals have a good discount if you buy things in bulk.

  • Buy 2 sleeves, Get 1 free (50% off) – this is a great deal if you want to try different sensations and have several Fleshlight Girls you like. Keep in mind that you’re only getting a sleeve, and you need to purchase or have orifice (hard case) to be able to use these.
  • Fleshlight Combo Packs – if you’re looking to get a lube, shower mount, sleeve warmer or Fleshlight Launch then it’s a good idea to explore their combo packs and save up to 25%.

These are evergreen promotions that they run throughout the year.

A good idea if you want the toy now, want to save some money but aren’t prepared to wait for special promos like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or any other holiday promos.

How to Redeem a Fleshlight Coupon Code

It’s easy.

First, you select all the items you wish to purchase, then as you proceed to checkout you’ll see the box to apply the discount code like this:

how to apply fleshlight discount code

Enter your code there, and once you click the “Apply” button you’ll immediately see the adjusted discounted price.

If it doesn’t change, you might have an expired code or another chance is that you picked an already discounted item. For those you cannot have a double discount.

This will usually happen with combo packs or special offers, or if you’re outside the US and the code doesn’t work in the EU, for example.

Fleshlight Sales Dates: Black Friday & Other Promotions

So, what about Fleshlight sales? Do they have them? And when?

Glad you asked:

Hands down the best deals you’ll always get on Black Friday, November 27. You will never find a better discount at any other time of the year.

Last year I’ve seen Fleshlight offering:

  • 25% off from all Fleshlights and Fleshjack toys (see our Fleshjack review for more info)
  • 40% of their combo packs
  • and if you spend $150+ you’ll receive a free mystery Fleshlight sleeve, Quickshot masturbator, or smaller gifts like lube, cleaner, talc.

For last years Fleshlight has been running fewer deals on other days, but you should still check in on other days like:

  • Cyber Monday
  • Christmas holiday deals
  • Thanksgiving weekend
  • Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and Halloween

The best way to keep an eye on Fleshlight sales is to subscribe to their mailing list (found on bottom of the site) in their Deals section.

Other Fleshlight Saving Tips

While we covered the best above, there are extra ninja tips on how you can save some more either by thinking ahead or using their loyalty program.

You could also explore different sex toy stores like Lovehoney, but keep in mind that usually these stores will have more expensive brand toys than you would find on original site.

The reason is simple. These stores are resellers and it would be silly for Fleshlight company to not keep the best prices for themselves.

As resellers these stores need to add price on top to have a margin for a profit allowing them for little room for discounts.

With that being said, you can get lucky. Just install Chrome extension Honey and go through the most popular toy stores like:

  • Lovehoney
  • AdamEve
  • PinkCherry
  • Shevibe
  • Babeland
  • JackAndJillAdult

Fleshlight Free Shipping

Fleshlight ships all packages with the help of UPS ground shipping. Within US shipping is 3-4 days and over $99 order there is free ground shipping.

Keep in mind that for air shipping (or international deliveries) the rates and time will be different.

The shipping is free only for ground service deliveries.

Fleshlight Loyalty Programs

Fleshlight has a VIP rewards tier system ensuring that the more you buy, the better discounts you get over time.

Every gold tier system, for example, every 1$ spent equals 4 points.

Then after every 500 points they have increased discount promos that you can use.

It’s not a lot, but it can add up:s

  • 500 points saves you $5
  • If you leave a review: 1 review = 500 points
  • If you follow Fleshlight on social media you get extra – 50-100 points
  • On your birthday you get – 500 points

You could play this game, but frankly easier is to just wait for Black Friday or just make more emails to get one-time 20% off on purchases.

Buy One Case For Two Sleeves To Save Money

While not a saving code or anything else, you could consider not buying the case for every sleeve you purchase.

Some guys have only 1 case for every 3 sleeves and they save money this way.

Of course, this will only work if you’re a true Fleshlight connoisseur, and you need to buy standard size Fleshlights, but thought it’s worth mentioning.

Does Fleshlight Offers A Military Discount?

No, it doesn’t appear that Fleshlight has any discounts for military as of the moment. It’s nowhere to be found on their site. There is only general Deals section.

Bringing It All Together

That’s it. All the best Fleshlight deals in one place! If you’re patient you can save up to 40%, but normally 20% is still easy to attain.

My favorite way still is to save up and buy a big combo of Fleshlight sleeves. Shipping is free, I get a big discount and attain plenty of Loyalty program VIP points.

If you know of any other good saving tips, do them share below.

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