5 Best Female Chastity Belts To Wear in 2021

One of the greatest ways to dominate your sub is through orgasm denial. It puts you completely in charge of their pleasure…meaning, they can’t get any without your say so!

Female Chastity Belts

Just imagine…edging your female sub closer and closer to the point of orgasm. 

And then STOP. 

Leave them in a state of frustration and desperate wanting until you decide they are ready (or worthy) of release

But, even the most obedient of subs may be tempted to have a little solo play when you’re not around. 

That’s where chastity belts come in…

What You Thought You Knew About Chastity Belt…

When you hear the term ‘chastity belt’, you might imagine medieval metal panties.

The popular story goes that chastity belts were used by men to lock up their women, to protect their ‘property’ as they went off to the Crusades. 

But historians now believe that this is not only a myth but a joke.1

Chastity belts did exist of course, but they were used much later (and rarely!) as an anti-masturbation device.

From the 18th century to the 1930s, fiddling with your own junk was considered a cause of mental health issues. 

But with the locking up a lover myth AND the historical anti-masturbation use, it’s no surprise that the BDSM community has jumped on the concept of the female chastity belt!

What Is a Female Chastity Belt?

The modern female chastity belt takes the same design as panties but with a few changes… such as swapping silk and cotton for leather or steel.

And the addition of an adjustable and locking waistband and/or crotch-band.

The sole aim is to restrict access to any pleasure point- clit, pussy, or ass

No intercourse, no masturbation…no sexual release. 

So, now you know what it is… which chastity belt for women should you buy?

Let’s get into the sordid details, shall we?

Top Female Chastity Belts

Clear CTRL Deluxe Chastity Belt

Clear CTRL Deluxe Chastity Belt


Price: $$
Belt Material: Clear vinyl
Waist Strap: 23” – 40”
Crotch Strap: 25” – 38.5”
Fastening: 3 padlocks

Bondage Boutique Chastity Belt

Bondage Boutique Chastity Belt


Price: $
Belt Material: Leather
Waist Strap: 25” – 35”
Crotch Strap: 20” – 31”
Fastening: 2 metal padlocks

Female Hybrid Chastity Belt

Female Hybrid Chastity Belt


Price: $$$
Belt Material: Stainless steel, silicone & BioThane-coated webbing
Waist Strap: Small – Large
Metal Plates: 6.5”x7.5” & 7.8”x9.0”
Fastening: 2 metal padlocks

Bondage Boutique Leather Female Chastity Belt

1. Bondage Boutique Leather Female Chastity Belt

Best overall

Belt Material: Leather | Waist Strap: 25 – 35” | Crotch Strap: 20 – 31” | Fastening: 2 metal padlocks- waist & crotch  | Additional Features: Removable dildo & butt plug: 4.5” length / 1.25” diameter

The Bondage Boutique Chastity Belt consists of two adjustable soft double-lined leather straps (waist and crotch), which gives a high level of comfort. 

Both straps are also lockable giving your dom the appropriate restraint and control. 

BUT, this belt also brings the sub plenty of pleasure with a removable dildo and butt plug that can be attached to the crotch strap. 

Chastity belts don’t have to be a complete fun stopper!

You can even secure these attachments to the outside of the strap and enjoy some pegging or same-sex fun. A great way for doms to get their kicks while prolonging the pain of orgasm denial for their sub.

The only real downside of this chastity belt is that the metal padlocks rattle about quite a bit. Which can be annoying during playtime, and embarrassing if you’re wearing it in public. 

But…maybe that could be a part of your humiliation play? 

Clear CTRL Deluxe Locking Chastity Belt

2. Clear CTRL Deluxe Locking Chastity Belt

Best bang for your buck

Belt Material: Clear vinyl | Waist Strap: 23” to 40” | Crotch Strap: 25” – 38.5” | Fastening: 3 padlocks

If you want to be able to see EVERYTHING you have locked up, then this chastity belt will make you a happy dom. 

Not only do you get great visuals, but this deluxe chastity belt also gives a high-level of security, adjustability, and comfort for less than $100! 

Let’s go into more detail…

You have three padlocks (two at the waist and one at the crotch) giving you that extra restriction. BUT the clear vinyl material allows you full visual access. 

So as you tease your sub, you can see how wet they are getting.

The waist and crotch straps are adjustable allowing for a snug fit. But the nice touch is the hourglass design of the crotch strap.

The wider top and bottom means more coverage over your fun holes, while the narrowing in the middle means it fits nicely between the legs.

While the clear vinyl does give a pretty view, it can get a bit sweaty in there… 

Maybe not the best for longer periods of wear but great for BDSM scenes or if you’re into futuristic roleplay!

Female Hybrid Chastity Belt

3. Female Hybrid Chastity Belt

Upgrade pick

Belt Material: Stainless steel, silicone & BioThane-coated webbing | Waist Strap: Small- Large | Metal plates: XS/Small – 6.5″x7.5″ & Medium/Large – 7.8″x9.0″ | Fastening: 2 metal padlocks

Why settle for a chastity belt when you can have a chastity shield? This handcrafted belt is really bringing medieval back!

There is a lot more to this design which is probably why it has the price tag of $325! 

The main feature here is the shield. Made from stainless steel, it covers your labia and has a secondary mesh shield covering your slit. 

The mesh makes it breathable, which is good for your pussy. BUT…this mesh is BioThane-coated webbing. 

What’s that? I hear you ask.

Well, it’s basically polyester with a TPU or PVC coating. Not the best materials for your va-jay-jay. But I guess since it’s not actually touching or being inserted, it’s fine…

I do like the adjustable thong though. It’s made of steel cable covered in smooth silicone- which is really easy to clean and sanitize.

This is the sexiest looking chastity belt on our list but maybe not the best for restriction. Pretty sure, I could get a sneaky finger in there!

But, if you’re more into the aesthetic eroticism of chastity belts, then this will do the trick.

Female Chastity Belt

4. Uberkinky Female Chastity Belt

Most comfortable for longer wear

Belt Material: Stainless steel & soft foam | Waist Strap: 35.75” – 40.5” | Crotch Strap: | Fastening: 1 metal padlock at waist

Next on our list of lockable panties, is the Female Chastity Belt from Uberkinky. It’s a pretty simple belt design based on those from the 16th and 17th centuries.

The stainless steel lockable waist strap and the crotch panel are bothtrimmed in foam to let it sit comfortably against the skin.

It also comes in two sizes (S/M and L/XL) with notches along the waist strap to make it further adjustable and even more comfy. 

But what makes this particular chastity belt suitable for longer periods of wear is the vaginal and anal openings in the crotch panel. 

The anal hole is a large oval shape measuring 2.4” x by 1.5”, so should be wide enough to allow the passing of poop without any mishaps.

That said, there is always a bit of splashback! 

So, to be on the safe side make sure you give the area a good clean after each elimination. We’ll get into the topic of hygiene a little later…

Y Shape Stainless Steel Female Chastity Belt

5. Y Shape Stainless Steel Female Chastity Belt

Best custom made chastity belt

Belt Material: Stainless steel & silicone | Waist Strap: 23.6” – 35.4” / 35.4” – 43.3” | Fastening: Buckle lock on waist and padlock on crotch

Buying a super adjustable chastity belt is one thing, but having your very own custom made belt is something else entirely!

Etsy is a great place for finding artisan chastity belts for the seriously kinky. You can find belts of quality craftsmanship made for YOUR BODY. And at a relatively decent price. 

For example, this Y-Shape Stainless Steel Female Chastity Belt from ‘Badass Workroom’ is just $120. 

So, what do you get for your money?

Well, you can either choose from the two standard waist sizes or contact them with your specific measurements.

You also have a heavy-duty buckle lock on the waistband and a padlock on the crotch for additional security.

But, what I like most about this belt is that the crotch area is stainless steel on the outside, but has a silicone backing. Meaning the silicone sits next to your pussy and not the metal. 

More comfort AND nice and easy to sanitize. 

The only thing about this belt is that it’s not really that much to look at… I mean, when I think handcrafted, I expect something pretty! And this Isn’t exactly that.

BUT, if you want functional and well-fitting, then you can’t go wrong here.

How To Measure For a Chastity Belt?

Finding the most comfortable chastity belt can be a challenge. But, measuring is MUCH easier for us ladies than it is for males searching for chastity cock cages

So, at least that’s something!

Here are a few tips on how to measure for your chastity belt:

First of all, use a soft measuring tape, not a metal one! 

Most chastity belts will fasten around the waist, so this is your first measurement.

That said, some belts may fasten on the hips, or have a secondary strap for the hips, in which case, take the circumference from your hip bone.

Then it’s crotch time… 

When measuring your crotch length, keep in mind the type of model of chastity belt you’re going for. Is it sitting on your hips or your waist? 

Put the top of the measuring tape to the right spot (hip or waist) and pass it between your legs. Have it quite snug, then pass it up over your butt.

If you’re going for a custom made chastity belt, the manufacturer may ask for other measurements.

But they should be able to talk you through exactly what measurements they will need to make your unique fitting belt. 

Watch Out For Materials

The majority of female chastity belts are made from stainless steel or leather. Some will feature foam padding or silicone for added comfort.

Ideally, you want a material that is body-safe, non-porous, and easy to clean. 

Medical grade stainless steel will be your best bet. Leather looks great and all, BUT it’s a skin…so highly porous. 

If you do go leather, use a sex toy cleaner and wipe it down. Just be aware that this will affect the quality of the leather and still won’t sterilize the material. 

Start Cheaper

Chastity play isn’t for everyone, and they aren’t the cheapest sex toy on the market. As with any new adventure, start with something cheaper first. 

Explore the kink to see if it’s something you could really enjoy. If it is, great! If you find that it’s not your thing, then no biggy. You won’t have wasted too much money. 

The challenge, of course, is finding cheaper that doesn’t scrimp on quality or comfort. But our best overall pick from Bondage Boutique gives the full chastity experience for less than 40 Bucks.

Now, Why Would Women WANT to Wear a Chastity Device?

Some non-BDSMers think that female chastity belts are some form of female oppression. An idea that likely stems from that Crusades myth. 

But as with any sex toy or BDSM play, there is always a choice. 

No one should be wearing, inserting, sucking, or humping anything against their will. And forcing anyone to wear a chastity device for any reason is NOT part of BDSM. 

That’s just abuse, plain and simple. 

All BDSM play should adhere to the rules of SSSC (Safe, Sane, Sober, and Consensual). Which we’ll explore more later but you get the gist.

Now that we’ve got that clear…

Why would someone CHOOSE to wear a chastity belt?

Well, here’s a few kinky reasons and scenarios to help explain…

Power Play

Wearing a chastity belt can reinforce the power dynamic within a sub/dom relationship.

Giving control of your sexual pleasure and orgasm to someone else can be highly erotic. It’s like the forbidden fruit. When you know you can’t have it, you want it all the more. 

You can also combine power play with…

Tease & Denial Play

Tease and Denial is the practice of being teased to the brink of orgasm and being denied full release. 

Instead of your master simply stopping the fun, they lock you into a chastity belt. They get you super fuckin horny, but you can’t even sort yourself out to relieve the pressure. 

Repeating the T&D again and again over a period of time will seriously drive you wild. And when you are finally allowed release, expect it to be quick and POWERFUL! 

Humiliation & Torture 

If you’re into the more hardcore side of BDSM, then erotic humiliation and torture can be just what you need to get your rocks off. 

Wearing a chastity belt in view of your partner (or at a play party) can be demeaning. And a huge turn on. 

Maybe your dom can add in some body-writing to shame your slutty-sub-ass? 

Or maybe you’ve been naughty and need to be punished? Adding impact play with floggers or some extreme toys can ramp up the torture and intensity of being belted.

How To Use Your Chastity Belt Safely & Enjoyably

As mentioned above, all BDSM play should follow SSSC: Safe, Sane, Sober, and Consensual.

It doesn’t matter if it’s vanilla or hardcore, or what sex toy or act is in question- if even one of the “SSSC” is missing, it’s a big fat NO. 

Here are a few tips to make sure you get the most out of your chastity belt experience:

Agree On A Safeword

Safewords and signals are hugely important to any play. Communicate with your partner BEFORE you get kinky.

Discuss hard and soft limits – what you’re absolutely not comfortable with and what you might be okay with. Then agree on HOW you will communicate those during play. 

Choose words that are easy to say and remember. AND have signals that the sub can express if they aren’t able to speak. 

Take Care Of Lock & Key

Always have an extra key for both sub and dom for the event of an emergency. And, before locking up…make sure you have an escape plan and nearby tools, should that key get lost or the lock is faulty.

If the idea of a heavy-duty padlock is too much, buy plastic disposable locks that you can get out of with just a pair of scissors. 


Depending on the style of chastity belt, you may be able to wear it long term. But this doesn’t mean days, weeks, or months of total lockdown of your labia. 

Longterm for chastity belts can mean up to 8 hours locked-wear.

After that, you will need to take it off for a really thorough clean of yourself and the belt. You can lock it back on after this of course.

Anyone asking you to wear the chastity belt for longer without suitable free-time for cleaning, are ignoring the ‘Safe’ part of the SSSC rule.

How’s that? 

Well. I have two words for you… Yeast Infection. 

You need to stay on top of hygiene to avoid infections (and nasty odors).

For the same reason, it’s important to keep it clean while you’re wearing it. Reach in behind the crotch strap/shield as far as you can and wash around the area with warm water and a soft cloth. Just be sure you and the belt are completely dry after washing. 

A healthy pussy is a happy pussy after all…even if it is locked up!

Under Lock and Key

Chastity play can be a great way to up the kink level in the bedroom.

Putting your pleasure in the hands of your partner can reinforce your relationship and lets you prolong and intensify the fun!

So what are you waiting for? Lock into your chosen female chastity belts and experience a true pleasure!


  1. Sarah Laskow (2017). “Everything You’ve Heard About Chastity Belts Is a Lie”. Atlas Obscura. https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/everything-youve-heard-about-chastity-belts-is-a-lie.
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