External Prostate Milking: How To Stimulate It From Outside

Practicing external prostate milking without inserting stuff in the rectum is another great way of orgasming. The best part is that you don’t have to always strip naked and you may perform it anywhere. Using varying pressure and pace, you can experiment using your fingers and vibrators.

External prostate milking is a pleasure-giving technique that was done in the grapevine but is now popular.

Most of us have already heard about prostate orgasms using prostate massagers here. And the first thought that comes to the mind is inserting stuff up your butts… 

Now, that’s internal prostate milking.

This method, on the other hand, is all about getting an external prostate orgasm without sticking anything up your ass.

Massaging your prostate is a good way of stimulating pleasure and enhancing your orgasms as supported by Medical News Today.

There are a couple of methods that you can do while solo or with a partner. This includes the use of fingers and vibrators to boost the experience.

And the best part is that there are numerous combinations that can help you get it right in your first try…

All this and more are highlighted by yours truly in this extensively-researched article.

Knock yourself out…

Where Is “External Prostate” Located?

“I’ve been into prostate massage for about 3 years now and tried all sorts of toys. The other day I was lying down and getting warmed up to jerk off. 

And was pressing basically at the very base of my cock on my right testicle. I know what a prostate orgasm feels like and I without a doubt had one (several really).”

Source: Reddit user, Pegleg69.

Now, let’s hit the breaks here for a moment before we get to the external prostate location

When I talk about an external prostate, I don’t literally imply that men have a secondary prostate.

The prostate gland’s ratio is one per guy (not unless you have a special condition).

And about its precise location…

The small gland is found right behind the rectum’s wall. It is snuggly placed just beneath the pelvic bone and is also on the lower side of the bladder.

Now, what I really mean by an external prostate is the region that is directly beneath it.

This is the area that spans between your scrotum and peen and looks like an unclaimed land.

To get what I am talking about…

When you hold your testicles with your hand and pull them up towards your belly, you’ll see it beneath.

And so, to locate the prostate without having to insert fingers and other stuff in your ass takes a unique approach.

For us, in this instance, you’ll find that locating it is way easier when you get yourself into a squatting or kneeling position.

Once you’ve gotten yourself to this posture, your prostate gland will become downward-pressed.

This, as a result, will expose it as your weight’s pressure will press it against your taint’s floor.

If you are a beginner in any kind of prostate stimulation, then this position is recommended to get you starting.

While kneeling/squatting, if you reach down there you’ll feel a soft lump of tingly muscles that give in when pressed.

Well, worth noting, this “lump” is actually a thick mass of skin wall that contains countless nerve endings.

These nerves are the ones responsible for the “tingly” sensation when touched. And they are also the ones that give you that uncanny pleasure when someone licks or strokes your taint.

So, to achieve an external prostate milking…

The key is to keep the stimulating gestures purely in this area while avoiding massaging your prostate anally. 

But how do you get yourself to do that? Read below on how to massage the prostate externally.

“You can massage your prostate externally or internally, and likewise, each method can be used with a toy like this one or your/a partner’s fingers. Some men prefer one method of massage over the other.

But both can be successfully used to Massage the Prostate and even bring an individual to orgasm. One who regularly employs Prostate Massage will notice improved blood flow, enhanced urinary flow, and promotion in the integrity and health of the prostate tissue.”

Source: Reddit user, Isopiestic.

“To find it you might want to just first get used to your finder up there. Then have your finger there as you masturbate to orgasm with penile stimulation.

As you come, press forward with the finger and you should clearly be able to feel the size and shape of the prostate.
Then give that area a bit of a massage. Later though.”

Source: Reddit user, ColdFireCompendium.

How To Massage The Prostate Externally?

It goes without saying that this is the most prized agenda in our little meeting today.

Highlighting the details… 

It is good you know that you can go about this with or without a partner. And the same can also be said about using toys.

In the end, it all boils down to what you prefer as an individual. 

The other factor that has turned as important is whether you have an extra sensitive taint or not.

Having this information about yourself will help you choose the kind of approach you’ll use.

And also, don’t forget to use lube when necessary. It’s an effective way to reduce friction that would otherwise irritate the soft underneath.

So, in a flash, let’s check some of the top tips I researched. These could help with the question of how to massage the prostate externally.

Experiment With Pace

#1 Experiment With Pace

This is a good way of starting off your external prostate milking journey.

Getting to know the amount of speed your prostate warms up to is a great way to understand your body. You may start with slow and long simulations across the external prostate region.

Then after you’ve familiarized yourself, you can start doing faster and shorter rubbing strokes.

The main idea of experimenting with pace is to keep you from harming the delicate nerves in any way.

Getting too rough with yourself is always not advisable as it may result in (longterm) injuries.

And to close it down, this will also help you know what the experience will be like using hands or toys.

Play With The Penis At The Same Time

#2 Play With The Penis At The Same Time

This is another great way to spice up your external prostate milking.

Yeah, yeah… I know…

I normally advise guys to stay clear away from their penises when going for a prostate massage. And you might have also come across the same advice in other places online.

Well, that advice sticks…

But with external prostate stimulation, giving yourself an extra hand goes a long way in getting fantastic orgasms.

In this case, for example, you may opt for the light stimulation of the glans and frenulum areas of your penis.

This will help you rise to the occasion while you feel the nerves rushing from your penis your taint.

“Frenulum stimulation is the tits btw. I blew a huge load after doing it. I recommend it to everyone with a penis and it should be a standard part of every girl and guys bag of tricks.”

Source: Reddit user, JackEnhoff.

#3 Great To Play With It During Handjob Or Blowjob, Or Even Intercourse If With Partner

Yes, it gets better. Whoever thought that now you could actually focus on external prostate stimulation when getting head?

As it turns out (as I also discovered), mixing these two things make a stunning combination.

This could get you to orgasm pretty hard if served right. The warm breath from your partner’s oral gives you that “extra-delicate” brush over your spot.

This is very pleasant especially when you’re the right amount of “turned on”…

Also again with a partner, you could have them give you a handjob as you focus on yourself. The meat of the meal here is the randomness of your partner’s strokes.

When mixed with a guided finger or toy stimulation, you’re set to achieve a powerful orgasm!

What’s more, you can also stimulate this pleasure when administering anal or vaginal sex.

When you’re on top, your partner could massage you from behind as you give penetration. 

#4 Being Super Horny Helps

Arousing yourself before engaging gears is also very rewarding. This is because you would have fine-tuned your pleasure nerves to be most receptive.

To get there, have a good foreplay session. 

This will fill your prostate with seminal fluids. In turn, it will bulge – growing more sensitive to any superficial stimulation.

Use An External Vibrator

#5 Use An External Vibrator

This is after you’ve built a steady vibe with your stimulations if you’re a newbie.

The use of a vibrator is very potent in massaging an enlarged prostate. It helps enhance the circular stimulating motions and strokes.

The best kind to do this work is the ones that have flat body designs. This gives a padded shape that’s important when placing such toys below your nuts.

Some include the Magic Wand which is a majority’s favorite and delivers powerful vibrations.

If you prefer a toy that’s wearable over your fingers then Fin by Dame would also work.

#6 Fingers Or Prostate Massager

When all is said and done, there’s no crime in taking it to the next level with internal stimulation.

You can achieve this solo or with a partner.

When solo, you can use a prostate toy like Aneros. As you massage your prostate internally, you also stimulate your external prostate region.

This is a blissful method that I’ve personally used to give me unimaginable pleasures.

If you have a partner, with consent, you can have them finger your ass in place of a toy. This will give you the same release as with a prostate massager if you have a skilled partner. 

Also, you can finger and rub yourself at the same time. Just slip your index + middle finger in your anus, then use your thumb to rub your taint.

Other People Tips & Experiences:

Check other people’s experience with external prostate milking from Reddit:

Read what this user had to say:

“If you can feel things adequately from the outside and really want that to be your only way to go, then be gentle and consistent.

It takes time and a lot of cool-headed patience to get there sometimes even in the best of circumstances.”


And from ImNotYourNarwhal:

“An ex-bf and I were both into anal play, and we also experimented with external prostate massage.

I kept massaging the area just between the anus and the place where it stops feeling like you’re pushing at the “inner penis shaft”, lacking a better word. Pushing at the shaft through your perineum produces a sensation that doesn’t feel very awesome at all.

I’m guessing if you’ve been touching his perineum, you’ve felt this “inner penis shaft”? Yup, right behind where you feel that shaft ends.

Apparently, the best method is to use 2 fingers in a kinda ‘come-hither’ motion.

Anyways, so get two fingers and put them where you feel that “penis shaft” end, and move them in that motion – a gentle, smooth crooking of your fingers”


“Lay on your back; get hard and masturbate like you normally would. When you get close to the point of no return, stop. DO NOT touch your dick again.

You are feeling for a hard mass that could actually be confused as the base of your dick, but definitely below the balls. Apply gentle, but steady pressure to either the left or right of this mass. At first, it might feel a little weird, almost borderline painful, and sorta like you’re gonna piss yourself (ignore that, you won’t).

You’ll feel this sensation in the head of your dick, as well as locally where you’re applying the pressure. Just lay there applying the gentle pressure. If you want, you can gently massage up and down, or side to side. Very quickly you should have pre-cum dripping from your cock.

At this point, flex your PC muscles as tight as you can, hold for a few seconds, then do the inverse and “push” like your peeing. At this point, for me, my abs start involuntarily flexing. Sometimes violently. Just go with the flow. Let your body do what it’s gonna do.

It’ll calm down a little, or maybe even stop, and then you should be able to repeat as many times as you want.”



External prostate milking is the next best thing after internal stimulation. It gives men a broader variety of pleasure to pick from. 

And even more appealing… 

External prostate orgasm is also possible with men who still aren’t open to things getting into their ass.

This is because you can stimulate yourself into orgasm without inserting toys in your rectum.

Hope this has helped you with your query…

Have you enjoyed reading this article? I bet you’ll enjoy reading juicy prostate massage stories as well.

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