The Most Discreet Fleshlights, Packaging & How To Hide One

Your hand is not good enough anymore, you want a masturbator… But you want to avoid embarrassment and keep it secret from your relatives?

Look no further, we got you covered with a discreet fleshlight.

Most Discreet Fleshlights

In this guide you’ll learn about the most discreet Fleshlights you can purchase that won’t give you away.

Then we’ll discuss how Fleshlight packages their deliveries, how you can receive it in a safe way…

And finally we’ll discuss how you can hide your Fleshlight once it has safely arrived in your hands.

Let’s get started with the best Fleshlight sleeve that can be hidden safely.

Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage

Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage

Total length: 4.4″ | Insertable length: 3.5″ | Material: Superskin | Colors: Clear, Blue Ice, Riley Reid orifice

This is our #1 recommendation both because of its price ($30-40 range) and discreetness.

For $35 you’ll get a masturbation sleeve that you can insert 3.5″ length, but it’s great for stroking action (and better than the hand).

It comes with a hard case so you can put it anywhere you want without worrying that the toy will get squished.

Because of it’s small size – the packaging box is very small and it’s very easy to hide it. Even when you see it – is it obvious that it’s a male masturbator?

I don’t think so. I cannot imagine a more discreet toy, but there is one challenge:

You need to watch out for noise. If you like to stroke vigorously – Quickshot Vantage will make suction noises that can be heard quite easily in a silent environment.

To remedy this challenge you need lockable doors & your relatives being used to you playing music (or watching TV loudly?).

You must have a background noise that will disguise Fleshlight noises. Another idea is to use it in shower as water dropping gets noisy too.

Just hide the Fleshlight in your clothes or towel and you’re good. Bath and stroking Quickshot underwater works too (and you don’t need to worry about lubrication).

Also, note that for some Quickshot Vantage is too small to have an immersive enough experience.

If that could be your issue, read about the next product below…

Fleshlight Flight Pilot

Fleshlight Flight Pilot

Total length: 8″ | Insertable length: 6″ | Diameter: 2.75″ at base, 2.25″ on end | Material: Superskin | Colors: Black, Clear

Fleshlight Pilot is slightly larger than Quickshot, but with it you get that famous suction adjustability with end-cap that gives added realism feel.

It comes in 2 colors, but if you care for discreetness, the black one will work a lot better. If you look at it, it looks more like a futuristic sound system, accessory, or a container for a drink.

Definitely, not a masturbator. The only thing that could give it away is the brand name written on the side, but then again I’m pretty sure your parents won’t know it.

Your male friends might, but all guys masturbate – so what?

Fleshlight Flight Pilot comes with fun textures that you’ll learn to love especially if you take your time and build your sensitivity by edging.

Some compare the texture with Stoya Destroya one – it’s really good, so don’t be worried that there is only one texture option available.

It’s made with the idea that you could safely through it on your travels, avoid raise eyebrows in airports, and have fun wherever you go.

An added benefit to its smaller size is that it’s easier to handle and hold.

Note: Keep in mind that you should only use a water-based lube with this (and you need lube to use it). Avoid other tingling or hybrid lubes as they will affect badly the material.

Is Fleshlight Packaging Discreet?

Based on where you buy the Fleshlight (from their site or Amazon) you’ll get either in generic brown plain box or black bag.

I would really not recommend buying from Amazon though as there are many reports of bootleg Fleshlights being sold, them being damaged, appearing used etc.

discreet packaging box from fleshlight

When you buy through official Fleshlight site there are ZERO WORRIES that you will get the right product.

Also if you’re worried about bank statement then know that when buying from, it will show in statement as ILF (Interactive Life Forms). The return address is the same.

Update: Now it seems like shipper name now is FLI S.L. Either way, rest easily, it won’t reference Fleshlight name or any other giveaway term that would indicate that box contains adult sex toy.

Where To Hide Your Discreet Fleshlight?

After buying the best anal Fleshlight or any other type of Fleshlight what’s next?

Now let’s cover the best tips to disguise your Fleshlight after it has safely arrived in your hands.

  • Hiding it in plain sight – if you’ve got Fleshlight Flight Pilot, you could just keep it at your desk. Nobody pays much attention in obvious places, they look for hidden stash. Put it next to coffee cup and other accessories.
  • Computer case – if you’ve got a personal computer, you can easily remove the case and keep it warm there.
  • A safebox with a lock – a classic, but might work depending on how much your relatives respect a lock.
  • Empty shoebox, old school backpack – who really goes through old shoeboxes or electronics cases? If still worried, old bags are also a good idea for hiding.
  • Water tank in toilet (in a ziplock bag) – how often do you look in there? Unless you have broken toilet chances are it’s one of the safest spots and handy if you usually use Fleshlight while going in shower.

Finally, here’s another idea – why not talk to your parents about it?

Masturbation is natural and maybe you’ll have a healthy conversation, you’ll have a laugh and you can agree on not being disturbed when doors are closed or loud music is on?

I thought it’s insane to talk about it, until me and my girlfriend talked.

We understood that sometimes we prefer to masturbate by ourselves and simply agreed to give each other space for it.

Might sound crazy, but maybe you’re overcomplicating things?

Here’s some bonus tips from other fellow creative minds:

“Safeboxes and safes and such are too obvious. If you want total safety without raising alarm, you can either stash them in non-active house vents, or my personal approach, use an old schoolbag with notebooks, papers, etc etc and stash them at the very bottom underneath all of it.

No one will ever look in there, and if they do, they gotta dig down to get to them.”

– Reddit user, GammaDoomO

“I used to have two Fleshlights and they all fit in my drawer (which is locked) but recently I bought a new one, the Goddess. The problem is, it’s too big so it won’t fit, and I had to come up with this: I take the sleeve off of the case, place it in the drawer, and hide the sleeve in a tiny area between my wardrobe and some crates.

If anyone happens to find the case, they won’t know what the hell that is. I just hope the person doesn’t throw it away. “

– Reddit user, neirato

I keep it at the back of my underwear drawer. I figure that’s a decent off-limits place for most people. If someone is close enough to me to be messing around in my underwear drawer, they’re close enough to me to know about the Fleshlight.

My SO knows about it, but I still keep it mostly hidden and out of site anyway because I don’t want random people or friends or family dropping by and seeing it, of course.

– Reddit user, jawshyouwahwah

How To Hide Your Fleshlight While It’s Drying?

Now, this is another issue. For your toy to last a long time you need to know how to clean Fleshlight.

Wash it, dry it and then apply cornstarch on it.

But you cannot exactly put out a vagina looking piece the same way as you would dry clothes… so what could you do?

One idea is to put it on a hanger the same way you would put the jacket and keep it in your closet for 1-2 hours (just dont forget it).

But what to do if that’s not an option either? Here’s another idea:

I got my first fleshlight a while back, and my main concern I had with it was letting it air-dry, more specifically, if anyone I live with would see it air-drying.

I found out that one of the best ways to keep your sleeves out of sight while they dry is to take all the parts out of an old computer case and use it as a storage box, which is seemingly perfect, considering computer cases are designed to facilitate airflow.

Mine is situated on top of my dresser in such a way that the vented sides of the case face away from someone who might be looking at it, but they are not obstructed by anything.
The only way someone would know there is a fleshlight inside it is of they went up to it and took a close look through the sides, or opened the case.

The only downside I could see with this is maybe someone would ask why you have an old computer just sitting around, but since mine was already there for quite some time, no one suspects a thing.

Hope this helps anyone out there since I couldn’t seem to find anyone else out there with the same idea, save for one guy on the Fleshlight forums who wished ILF sold a nondescript ventilated box but I guess he didn’t realize that’s pretty much exactly what a computer case is.


Bringing It All Together

Now you have all the best tips on how to take care of your Fleshlight safely and discreetly.

It’s time to enjoy your hard-earned fun!

Hope this guide came handy and you’ll be able to enjoy your discreet Fleshlight now.

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