DDLG: Beginner’s Guide To Daddy Dom / Little Girl Relationships

What is DDLG? Wonder no more! You’ll learn everything starting from daddy dom, little space terms to rules, punishments, outfits, communities, little girl, and scenes.

Daddy Dom Little Girl Relationships

So what the hell is DDLG?

What Is The Meaning and Definition of DD/LG?

DD/LG is an acronym for Daddy Dom / Little Girl. 

DDLG in its core is a kinky age-play/role-play between two consenting adults and is a close cousin to BDSM. 

DDLG has NOTHING to do with incest, it’s a play between two CONSENTING ADULTS.

ddlg cuddle

Play. Consent. Adults.

DDLG has a lot of different shades from the most hardcore to the most vanilla. 

Daddy Dom takes the role of the caregiver, the one who dominates and disciplines the little.

Little Girl takes the role of the child-like, sweet girl and regresses in the age. The age can vary from baby who wears the diapers or a young teenage girl. 

Little Girl is submissive, she takes the role of a silly, bratty girl, who likes to cuddle, play with toys, follow the rules, break them, be punished, and so on.  (though it can also work the other way around with dominatrix).

She gives the control to Daddy and trusts he will do what’s best for her.

DDLG play doesn’t need to be sexual, but oftentimes it does create an extra excitement and arousal, which leads to more passionate sex.

Wink, wink.

The age-play usually has set times for it, and people refer to it as “Little Space”.

Little space serves as a temporary escape from day-to-day adult responsibilities, stress and boredom.

Plus, it’s fun!

It adds variety and color to relationships!

daddy dom little girl

Little space is romantic, safe & caring place.

The easiest way to enter the Little Space / DDLG play is by designing specific scenes, wearing special outfits that clearly indicate the start and the end of the play.

Usually Little is the one with special accessories like she is ordered to wear an adult diaper, use a pacifier, sippy cup, onesie, cute pajamas and go around with a teddy-bear. 

Some DDLG scene examples could be:

  • being bathed & dressed up,
  • using a coloring book, having a tea-party with stuffies
  • being ordered to go to sleep early and daddy reads a fairy-tale

DDLG can also include disciplinary actions like punishments and chores. 

Sometimes Little’s mood changes quickly and she can be indecisive, bratty or moody.

Because of that she needs to be taught discipline and be punished.

Common punishments could be:

  • standing in the corner
  • holding soap in his mouth for swearing
  • being ordered to write 50 times the same line: “I will obey my Daddy and will be a good little girl.”
  • spanking, paddling, flogging

Now, when you got the quick definition…

There’s a lot more to know. I’ve created this guide to be the ONLY RESOURCE you need for DDLG!

What can help is also if you and your partner take this BDSM test to find out your sexual archetype.

It will help with understanding each others sexual needs.

The REAL Introduction To DDLG

I’ve been there.

You keep hearing about DDLG everywhere, but besides a plain definition of what DDLG is it’s virtually impossible to find step-by-step guide anywhere!

How do I play DDLG?

What is it really?

Is it a kink?

Is it BDSM? 

Is it romantic? Is it sexual? Is it purely about dominant submissive relationships?

It’s sooooo confusing, isn’t it?

Plus, some people get confused it with BDSM taboo stuff or even incest…


So you want to spice up your relationship and may hope maybe DDLG will make your love life kinkier, more passionate and bring you closer together.

Plain, old vanilla sex just doesn’t pack the punch it did, doesn’t it?

(btw…an easy way to add variety is by trying out new sex toys together 😉


You’re in the right place!

I’ve been there.

Before I went into DDLG, learning more about sex and BDSM, my sexual relationships with my girl was going downturn.

Yes, we had sweetness and cuddliness, but we missed the passion and variety in our love life. Until DDLG.

DDLG has 50 shades of it so you can really adjust it to your needs and create your own shade.

Those shades are also the main reason why it’s so so tough to understand the Daddy Dom, Little Girl play.

Some call it in BDSM context, some play it in entirely romantic sense.

If you check BDSM books, some authors list over 8 different types of Daddy Doms. 

For the purpose of simplicity, I separate DDLG in 3 shades:

  • Vanilla: It’s where you don’t involve any sexuality in the roleplay, but just stick to the Caregiver and Little relationship.
  • Kinky: It’s where you play out Daddy / His Little Princess fantasy. Daddy takes care of his little princess, but sometimes Princess is a little brat and then she requires some punishment which leads to fun erotic foreplay.
  • Hardcore (BDSM): Master/Slave play. Master/Mistress takes complete control over the life of his slave, responsibilities, and decisions. It’s the most hardcore power play, that can add incredible novelty in your life. But the basis are the same – it’s all about polarity – dominant & submissive energies.

cgl caregiver little

Related DDLG Acronyms and Definitions You Should Know:

ABDL — Adult Baby / Diaper Lover

ABDL is a close cousin to DDLG. 

It’s super popular, because nothing puts one in a helpless baby state as an adult diaper.

The dynamic is the same as DDLG, just ABDL play always start when the diaper is being worn. 

It’s like a diaper little space serving as clear beginning and clear end.

Example: Daddy orders Little to put on her pull-up for the night and the rest of the evening. This indicates that Daddy is ready to play and feels like Little needs some care from him.

CGL — Caregiver / Little

CGL means the same as DDLG. 

Caregiver is someone who takes a dominant role – daddy dom or dominatrix (mommy domme).

Little is the one who regresses in age and plays a role of a little submissive child (can be male/female).

Little Space is the term used to describe the mindset that Little enters when she thinks and acts younger than she is. It can involve both Daddy Dom and Little Girl, but it can also include just the Little. “Entering the little space” means slipping into the child-like mindset.

For example, Little can just say, “I’m going to my little space. I’ll go draw, color the book or organise a tea party with my stuffies.”

If both Daddy Dom and Little play it, then it would involve Daddy Dom taking care of Little, ordering her to do some chores, but mostly it’s about taking care of his Little. 

The main appeal to DDLG is how usually women have so many responsibilities during the day, that they need this little space to escape from the stress and responsibilities. Being a silly, sweet little girl does this job splendidly.

Daddy Dom — this term is used both in BDSM and DDLG community. Daddy Dom is someone who takes the dominant role over the Little girl. Dom both dominates and disciplines the Little.

Discipline includes giving punishments and treats.

Little — little is someone who likes to pretend to be younger than she is. When Little is in the role/headspace she is at her most submissive, vulnerable, and sometimes bratty mood. The Little age usually is around 2-8 years old. It’s a fun way for littles to escape the responsible reality and relieve stress.

BDSM Switch — switch is a term used for a person who likes to switch roles. He’s sometimes dominant, sometimes submissive, and has fun in both roles. They are like sex chameleons 🙂

As you may have guessed there can be other combinations though in this article I focus on Daddy Dom as male and Little Girl – as female:

  • MDLB – Mommy Dom / Little Boy (dominatrix…femdom)
  • MDLG – Mommy Dom / Little Girl
  • DDLB – Daddy Dom / Little Boy

Note: For simplicity reasons in article I’ll say Daddy Dom, but it can also mean Mommy Domme. Same way I’ll say Little Girl, but it can also mean Little Boy.

D&S — Dominance & Submission, dom & sub

You’ll hear these terms the most in BDSM community. 

D&S are DS letters from BDSM.

But even more often the dominant is called  – DOM for short and Submissive is called – SUB for short.

Oh, and I should mention also: Top and Bottom, which some people use. 

Top is Dominant.

Bottom is Submissive.

Dominance and Submission may include ageplay, but it’s more general term to indicate how one person takes Dominant role and other obeys.

The reason why Dom & Sub play is so popular is because for passionate love life you MUST have polarity.

You need a clear leader and a clear follower. It’s the basis of sexuality – most woman are attracted to alpha males and most men are attracted to submissive women they can care for and ravage.

Daddy Dom needs a woman he can dominate, the same woman needs someone with whom she will be able to let go, especially sexually. 

There is all this talk about man/woman equality, but when it comes to sex life. Equality is boring, polarity is a must for amazing sex.

And sex is the cornerstone of a good relationship. Even if you’re super sweet and supportive in the day-to-day – in the bedroom you both need polarity..!

Master / Slave — This is not really part of DDLG, but I wanted to mention it so you get the full picture. This is the most hardcore roleplay where Master takes completely ownership of his Slave. 

They are also called Gorean (slave master) and Kajira (a slave girl). This is where you have collars, collar ceremony, training, consensual contract between each other. 

It’s also where you involve with bondage, impact play, humiliation, degradation in the play. 

Why Do We Do That Voodoo — Why Does DDLG & BDSM Turn Me on?

If you’ve enjoyed spanking, punishments and role-plays, you may wonder and feel guilty that such taboo things turn you on.

First of all, we suffer from years of conditioning, where Church/Society says that sex is bad and shameful act. Which is exactly why it’s so appealing.

We like tasting the forbidden fruit. 

On other side, wecravevariety. If you’ve had sex with the same partner the same way for years, you’ll eventually get less and less interested in sexual intercourse.

Prostate milking anyone? 😉

Kinks, BDSM, DDLG are answer to this.

When you introduce new plays, new sensations, new accessories, new places or even new partners to your sex life – it comes back to life!

You could also try public sex, tantric sex, vibrating panties in public…etc.

And I always say that sex toys are the easiest way to add to variety.

Plus, exploring deeper realms of sexual play increases intimacy and connection. 

For example, pain can bond you like nothing else.

Let’s say you are playing DDLG, you’re a little girl, you did something that’s bad for you and your Daddy Dom knows it.

He decides to punish you and bends you over the knee. 

ddlg punishment daddy dom

It’s a painful ritual that drives the message. It will release the emotions that you have been suppressing – you may cry.

Afterwards when Daddy Dom cuddles you in the aftercare, you’ll both feel more connected than ever.

Plus, pain and pleasure is a magical combination.

Have you ever experienced runner’s high or felt an incredible moment of happiness?

While there are many ways to sexual bliss, people practice kink in order to get that natural high.

Kinks are great to shut of your mind, release shame, and experience a heightened sense of pleasure.

The DDLG play is so popular because it creates POLARITY.

We need someone to take control and someone to submit. We need masculine (active) and feminine (receptive) to achieve sexual balance.

When that balance is not met, passion dies and often people seek their needs outside of the relationship or they just settle unhappy with porn.

ddlg adult life little space

Supporting Little in DDLG play is easy, and as for Daddy Dom – naturally extra polarity does well for relationships.

I cann’t imagine any girl not appreciating Daddy taking care of her.

Me and my girl we discovered we played elements of DDLG naturally before knowing what it was!

For example, Nastja sometimes cries from the shower as a little kitty — “mau…mau…mau…burrito…” — which means she wants me to take towel and dry her up 🙂

At other time when I brought her a toothbrush to clean her teeth, she opened her mouth and said — “please…could you do it for me..?”

And so I did… and it was tons of fun ;D

It’s a super sweet and funny play. 

Those little things add variety in relationships and are the little moments that you will come to cherish.

So don’t be surprised to find out that you have been playing some kind of DDLG already!

But now…

If you want, you can take it to the whooooole new level! Just keep readin’! 😉

OK, you’ve had an initial talk – what’s next?

The Step-by-Step Formula For Playing DDLG:

  • #1 – DDLG Rules: Communication & Agreement
  • #2 – Little Space: How To Enter DDLG Scene Play?
  • #3 – DDLG Aftercare & Debrief

There are the core elements that you should include in your DDLG play.Let’s get to each part one by one:

#1 – DDLG Rules: Communication & Agreement

This is where you negotiate and discuss how you want your play to look like. Its the most crucial step, let me give you some ideas.

  • Define your age-play
  • Define rules, rewards, punishment
  • Define limits, safe words
  • Define the Little Girl role
  • Define the Daddy Dom role
  • Talk about the scenes, accessories & outfits you would like to have

Defining How DDLG Will Look In Your Relationships

It’s important to create your own definition for your DDLG play, that will explain what you’ll do in the Little Space and how The Little role will look like.

It could be something simple as:

“DDLG is something we play from time to time, where Little takes a role of bratty 6-year old little girl and Daddy becomes a caregiver, who gives assignments to Little, and can punish Little if she misbehaves.”

daddy dom little girl relationships

Good introductory questions to ask are (mostly to Littles):

  • How would Daddy and Little express romantic affection? Would you keep it as a caring play, include romance, or you mix it with sexual?
  • How often would you like to play DDLG?
  • Do you want to go all in the play or you would just prefer to play out elements of it like sucking on a pacifier or just wearing age play clothes?
  • Do you want to play DDLG in public, where people might overhear or see you? Would it be embarrassing? 
  • Is there some special setting that makes enter Little Space?
  • Do you enjoy when something unexpectedly makes you feel Little? Can it be re-created intentionally?
  • When in little space how will you behave yourself?
  • As little are you bratty, helpful, moody, shy?
  • As a Little do you feel submissive to your Daddy Dom?
  • Do you have a Little personality different from your everyday self? If so, what are the differences? (same for Daddy Dom)
  • What clothing you would like to wear in the little space? (special panties, onesies, diapers)
  • Would you be able to do DDLG play without these clothes?
  • List 3 characteristics of the ideal Daddy Dom for your Little
  • Would you want to use diapering toiletries like baby powder, baby oil, diaper rash cream..?

  • DDLG Rules & Protocol

    There are so many incredible opportunities for setting up rules and protocol in DDLG ageplay.

    Littles’ lives are often defined by limitations, which are fun to break and be punished for.

    You can set rules for Little Girl only or maybe Daddy Dom needs to comply with some of them too, up to you.

    First of all, decide how you’ll address each other:

    Name Ideas for Little Girl: Princess / Bunny / Darling / Cutie / Kitty / Baby Girl / Angel / Boo / Sweet Love

    Name ideas for Daddy Dom: Daddy / Dada / Master / Papi / Sir / Mr. Bear / Mr. Leather / Lord

    Here are some example rules you might wanna borrow:

    • Bedtime is 10.00 PM and when Daddy tells it’s time for bed, you must comply.
    • Address Daddy Dom only as Daddy / Mr. Bear etc.
    • Eat with cute plastic dishes and utensils.
    • Always be well mannered like “Thank you” and “Please”.
    • When your Daddy comes home, greet him with a hug, kiss, and a colored picture
    • Hold hands with your Daddy when crossing the street together.
    • Tell Daddy what’s wrong when you feel upset about something.
    • When you are with Daddy don’t tie your own shoes or put on your own seatbelt. Let him do it.
    • No drinking or smoking.
    • No swearing, no talking back to your Daddy
    • Only sit in the backseat of the car.
    • Only take bubble baths, no showers
    • Sleep with Teddy Bear stuffie.
    • Suck on your paci whenever using a computer or watching TV.
    • Wear diapers to bed.

    If rules are too hard to remember you can also create a simple mantra that you refer to when not knowing how to act.

    Create a Simple Mantra Rule

    • “Daddy knows best.”
    • “Sugar & spice & everything nice. That’s what I’m made of.”

    Daddy Dom can also simply create one rule that Little Girl must obey for the day, like “You may only eat veggies and fruits today.”

    If you would like to bring this further, you could create a contract like Christian did in 50 Shades of Grey.

    BDSM contracts are popular in that community to agree exactly how relationships will work.

    Another idea you could take from BDSM community is collaring ceremony. Many DDLG fans like to wear cute collars which indicate the play and submission to their masters.

    You could also sign a Certificate of Adoption to make it official Kids use it to adopt pets or their stuffies… you can use this to adopt your little 😉

    Daddy Dom responsibilities

    Daddy Dom agrees to take care for the Little and commits to treat Little accordingly — teach, reward, punish and nurture.

    Daddy Dom makes his desires and commands clear at all times. He disciplines the Little Girl only out of the desire to better her, but never out of anger or frustration.

    Things Daddy Dom Could Say During The Play:

    • “Because I said so”
    • When Little let a curse word slip out or get too smart with him and he says, “watch your mouth”
    • When Daddy tells Little to do something he’ll say, ” go be a good girl and…”
    • When Little tests Daddy Dom and he gives Little the stern look and says “daddy doesn’t repeat things twice or accept smart mouths.”
    • “That wasn’t a suggestion.”
    • “Wanna say that again?
    daddy dom strict

    Little Girl Responsibilities

    Little Girl agrees to obey the Daddy’s rules to the best of her ability.

    Little Girl will inform the Daddy of all her desires and perceived needs recognizing that Daddy is the better judge of how and if these should be satisfied.

    Little commits to speaking respectfully to the Daddy at all times. Little agrees to maintain her appearance (clothes, style, and hair) in a juvenile manner during the play.

    In regard of treats and screen time, Little gives up all the rights for her own gratification and passes them up to Daddy Dom.

    daddy dom strict

    DDLG Punishments, Discipline and Humiliation

    Now we touched the sweet part of DDLG, what about something kinkier?

    Many people who are into age play are into punishment and humiliation.

    Even if these words might sound scary, don’t worry. It’s not about actually hurting anyone — it’s a play.

    The attraction to this kinky side is because they love the feeling of not being in control (or opposite…love to dominate).

    Someone else is calling the shots, and it can be very comforting.

    Discipline is how submissive can feel submissive, dominant be clearly dominant. 

    Receiving discipline is a great way where she can show her dominant partner that she trusts and will obey him.

    Plus, it can be insanely erotic.

    ddlg bdsm spanking

    Good questions to ask Little are:

    • Do you enjoy physical discomfort when in Little Space like spankings, hair-pulling, rough penetration?
    • Do you enjoy emotional discomfort like being teased, denied, scolded or dirty talk?
    • Should punishments be non-sexual, sexual or mix of two?
    • Would you want to try being punished by other tools like wooden paddle, belt, flog, whip..?

    Safe Word  — if you are into punishments, then it’s a very good idea to establish a safe word. You use safe-word if your partner goes too far.

    One popular safe word is “Mercy”.

    But even better is traffic light safe words:

    • Green: I’m feeling great, keep going.
    • Yellow: I’m on the edge, but keep going
    • Red: Stop it.

    With these safe words Daddy Dom can ask playfully during rough punishment — “What color is my Little? Is she doing OK?”.

    Little can easily tell how she’s feeling without interrupting the play.

    Don’t worry if you don’t get it all right at first.

    The first times will be awkward like with everything you do for the first time.

    #2 –  Little Space: How To Enter DDLG Scene Play?

    Little Space doesn’t need to be rigid. It can also just happen without any scenes, but in this case I’ll talk about more deliberate plays and full-blown DDLG scene plays 🙂

    There are 3 ways that can help enter into Little Space:

    1. Through objects, outfits, accessories (example: when in diaper – that’s the little space)
    2. Through immersive roleplay and specific scenes
    3. Through hypnosis or guided meditation

    #4 – It happens naturally, there are no set scenes, Little just naturally enters the Little space and it just happens. This is the best way, but may not happen initially.

    Think of what kind of scenes you would like to experience.

    Usually the easiest way to enter the little space is through some activity – like bathing, doing the chore, watching a cartoon and then putting on the outfit o a diaper for example.

    Other objects could be: blankie, sippy cup, baby key chain toy, onesies, pacifiers, school uniform.

     But not to worry, at the end of the article there is the whole section on DDLG accessories and outfits 😉

    Few popular scenes for little space are: dressing/undressing and bath, feeding, doing chores, coloring the book, making tea party with stuffies.

    And here are some Little Space related questions to ask:

    • Do you want Daddy Dom to make all decisions for Little when in Little Space?
    • Are there certain places that make you feel like a Little Girl?
    • Is there something that might pull you out of Little Space? Like making decisions? (a good trick for this… answer from Little space: shuffle your feed, look at your toes and mumble, “I don’t know.”)
    • What are the things you would like to do during the little space?
    • Do you have imaginary friends? Are you friends with your stuffed animals and toys?
    • Does your Little self have chores? Homework? If so, do you have a good attitude about it?
    • Do you enjoy using DDLG to motivate you to do boring work like paying bills and having a reward for it?

    ddlg scene little space

    How To Design Your Own Little Space: The Scene Elements

    DDLG play will work better if you take the time to set the mood.

    Make use of all five senses:

    1. Sight — get your stuffies out, cover the place with pink blankets, arrange your toys. Put on cute clothes.
    2. Sound — put on some sweet, silly music. Youtube has plenty to pick from, Disney Medley will def remind you of your childhood!
    3. Smell — get candles or room sprays that smell of chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon buns.. or burn some incense.
    4. Touch — diapers, cuddly teddy bear, or a baby blanket really can put you in the little space mood
    5. Taste — this is where adult pacifier comes into play… or get a candy that you associate with childhood.

    So what are some activities you might play during your DDLG play?

    I included everything starting from most innocent to kinky and sexual 🙂

    little space little girl ddlg

    A Massive List of DDLG Little Space Activities:

    Cook Some Cookies — Create a play around making sweets and decorate them. I know my ex-girlfriend had a fun Christmas cookie baking session with her friend every year. I didn’t know at the time, but that does sound quite a bit like fun little space!

    Take a Bubbly Bath — make super bubble bath, get the bubble blower, floating rubber ducky and you might consider getting a cute scrub.

    If you can top it off with a girly tower, you’re golden!

    Pigtail Making & Hairbrushing — this is a great act to do right after a bath. Brushing the hair is very intimate and feels very special. If Daddy knows how to make pigtails, even more fun! But you can always teach him!

    Play Battles — this can be super fun for both Daddy Dom and Little girl. Though be warned, it might put Daddy in little space too – water guns, nerf funs, plastic swords. Plus, you can always end up the battle by using a foam sword as a handy spanking tool. 

    Oh and don’t forget about tickling. If you go for actual wrestling and intense tickling, don’t forget to negotiate it upfront and keep in mind the safe word. Me as a Daddy Dom I always get too carried away in wrestling that I don’t notice I had pushed the limits.

    Be Dressed By Daddy Dom— nothing makes Little feel more helpless and little than being dressed. Having panties or diaper pulled up, shoes tied is a great trigger for Little space. Plus, Little can always have fun by untying her shoes and asking Daddy to fix it. Putting sippy cup on Daddy’s head then is icing on the cake

    Play Board Games — remember, how much you loved playing them in childhood? Pick something simple with coloful design. Plus, you can always find a kinky board games or kinkify them yourself.

    Create Something — sew something, make paper crafts or just draw your Daddy and your family? If you’re not into drawing, just use a coloring book. Plus, you can always explore fingerpainting, body paint, sidewalk chalk etc.  

    Watch Cartoons — it’s probably been years since you last watched Lion King? What about Cartoon Network? Top it off with some snacks, pink blankie and Little space is there!

    Dressing Up — this is probably the easiest one. Getting a cute onesie, or sexy sweet outfit will create scenes naturally. If you both dress-up it will make for immersive roleplay and will be tons of fun.

    Play Outside — If you are adventurous you can go to kids playground, go to beach for sand castle building or even going to movies, parks from little space can be tons of fun.

    Pet Play — Little Girl becomes a cute little pet or maybe Daddy becomes a pony. If you wanna take it further, you can even find saddle for your pony. There is also a whole BDSM furry community that you can explore if you like this kind of play

    Read a Bedtime Story — you don’t necessary need to have a fairytale book, any fiction book will do well.

    ddlg play relationships

    Take Little To The Shopping Spree — this could be a reward or punishment. You can agree on budget upfront and go either for sweet stuffie shopping, lingerie shopping. It can be punishment when Daddy goes shopping, but doesn’t get anything for little. And you will never know for sure which one it will be upfront!

    Play with Dolls, Stuffies — it could be a tea ceremony or just whatever your imagination allows!

    Swimming — Swimming allows the aspect of being carried over water and you always can just play with the ball.

    Finally, there is a huge variety of BDSM dark age play activities, that you can do to push the limits.​

    Like rope bondage, deepthroating, nipple clamps, cock cages (if the woman is dominating one), fisting, etc.

    ddlg relationships youre mine

    Daddy Dom: “You’re MINE.

    But that’s out of the scope of this article!

    If you’re starting out then make sure you at least try some spanking and bondage with silk tie… and play with it at least a little bit!

    But you should already have more than enough ideas to try DDLG in your relationships 😉

    #3 – DDLG Aftercare & Debrief

    Lastly I wanted to discuss aftercare (like you would do after a squirting pussy experience) which is the BDSM term for taking emotional and physical care over your partner after the scene is completed.

    Aftercare’s purpose is to help you and your partner to recover after an intense BDSM play or sex session. 

    If your DDLG play is fun or relaxing, you might not see the point in aftercare, but still I would really recommend you look at DDLG play as 3 stages: – agreement, little space play, aftercare.

    In BDSM you would separate aftercare and debrief, but in DDLG you can easily blend both.

    Aftercare is useful because it helps you both get back into the real world and a special ritual for ending the play can make the whole play far more satisfying.

    Instead of being upset that the play is over you will be still looking forward to your aftercare.

    Cuddling is a popular way to finish aftercare, but it’s sweet so it doesn’t really interrupt the DDLG play.

    It’s better to do something adult, that eases you back to the real-life – like have a cup of tea, change to adult clothes and have a conversation.

    Now, time for…

    DDLG Debrief

    It’s always important to discuss what did you like, didn’t like, what can be improved about your play so your next time would get even better and more enjoyable. 

    Debrief is especially important if you tried something new like intense punishing so you would know if that’s something that you both want to go further with. 

    Debrief is a great time for this because you’re not yet back in your logical mind space, your mood is elevated and memories fresh.

    Just make sure there is a clear conclusion to play – like say, thank you, hug your partner.

    And now, if you’ve done all that — I crown you DDLG master! 🙂

    If you want a quick checklist to refer back I made this handy Daddy Dom / Little Girl Characteristics Map.

    Download it as a image or here’s a free PDF (right click: Save as)

    P.S. If you enjoyed this guide, please pass it along to someone else who would benefit from it. I would appreciate it a lot.

    But we’re not finished yet…

    The Best DDLG Communities & Forums

    When I started with DDLG it was a little confusing — there’s not much information about it and I needed to piece information together the hard way.

    Over time I found several incredible communities, where you can talk to like-minded people, ask questions and find some cool quotes, outfit ideas..etc.

    Once you join these communities you’re really feel like you belong! 🙂

    First of all, the best communities, the best managed seemed to be on Reddit.

    Overall for any intelligent sexual conversations, Reddit is hands down the best place to go. (here are more sex discussion Subreddits).

    For example /r/sex has 1.1m subscribers.

    But we are here for DDLG communities so let me share my top #7:

    Word of Warning: Just know that most of the SubReddits are NSFW (but super cute)

    #7 – DDLG Memes (25,000 likes)

    There are lots of Facebook pages and groups for DDLG, though FB slowly bans them as they don’t support sexual content there. 

    You can find the cutest pages to funny sexual meme ones. But overall DDLG quotes and memes is a great source of ideas to do or things to say in DDLG play 😉

    #6 – DDLG Friends Community & Social Network

    If you are looking to find littles or Daddy’s to play together with DDLG Friends is a great friendly place to find likeminded individuals! 

    Quickly after registering I was easily able to meet some cool people! Check it out!

    #5 - DDLG Confess Subreddit (7.1K members)

    This is a place for daddy’s and littles to vent and give advice about any and all problems.

    In my opinion the best community if you’re looking for a discussion and get your questions answered.

    #4 - DDLG SubReddit (15.5K members)

    An 18+ subreddit dedicated to those in the DD/lg (Daddy Dom/little girl BDSM dynamic) community.

    Caregivers, littles, switches, and anyone curious are welcome here to share pictures, videos, start discussions and make friends!

    #3 - Age Playing Subreddit (20.8K members)

    A subreddit dedicate to age play roleplaying ala DD/LG: Daddy Dom, Little Girl or Big Brother, Little Sister, etc.

    #2 - DDLG Forum (44K members)

    This is the biggest non-Reddit related forum about DDLG.

    The most active sections are:

    • Little Space — a safe space for all littles to communicate and interact
    • Personals — a place to find your perfect someone if you don’t have one
    • DDLG discussion — a place to talk about DDlg and related topics

    #1 - Little Space Subreddit (30.6K members)

    A place for littles, middles, caregivers, and anyone interested in CGL, DDLG, or ABDL dynamics and lifestyles.

    The biggest DDLG community online (not including BDSM…)

    DDLG Quizzes, BDSM and Sex tests

    Quizzes and tests are great to learn more about yourself and can give you pointers that you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.

    Here are 3 tests I would recommend.

    several people displayed doing different bdsm kinks

    #1 – Discover Your Kink BDSM Test

    This test will help you learn your natural sexual preferences and the ways you get aroused or turned off.

    It’s extremely helpful to take together with your partner and discuss and you”ll discover that your relationships will transform inside and outside of the bedroom!

    #2 – Discover Your Emotional Little Girl’s Age

    This is a great little DDLG quiz to take for littles to help them figure out what’s their perfect little age. 

    #3 – What kind of Little Girl are you?

    This test on others will help Little to understand which Little role fits them the most 🙂 Bratty, sweet, princessy? 

    DDLG Shop: Outfits, Accessories, Lingerie & Diapers

    Cute DDLG Outfits, Pajamas & Onesies

    The easiest way to slip in DDLG play is through cute outfits.

    I did my best to filter through the fluff and find the best and highest recommended onesies and outfits available!

    From the absolute cuteness to kinky sexiness, outfits can really spice up your relationships, I can attest to it! Tried and true.

    cute ddlg outfit

    DDLG Sexy Lingerie & Cute Underwear

    Now, what could be a better surprise to your Daddy then sexy, kinky underwear that suddenly appears out of nowhere?

    Give these as a gift to your Little Girl and she’ll be eternally grateful! Plus, the best thing with lingerie – both Daddy and Little can really enjoy them!

    ABDL  & DDLG Play Diapers, Pull-ups & Training Pants

    Why diapers are so popular between DDLG and ABDL players? Because there is nothing quite humiliating and baby-like than wearing a diaper. 

    The polarity is clear. When one is wearing diaper, she’s a Little – no question about it. You can pick between one-time diapers and reusable pull-ups and training pants..!

    Up to you! However if you’re starting out, just get a pair of diapers and if you like to play 

    DDLG Accessories, Collars, Pacifiers, Stockings

    Now, finally this is the holy grail of misc accessories starting from cute pacis to kinky furry tail butt plugs!

    I told you, you can explore all 3 depths of DDLG play and maybe, just maybe this could be your introduction to BDSM as well!

    This play is super fun and if you give it a chance, you’ll never will need to complain about your sex life and relationships going stagnant! 

    Bringing It All Together

    Well, that’s it folks! Hope this guide skyrocketed your knowledge in DDLG and you have the necessary tools to try it out!

    If you benefited from this article, please share it around! 

    Oh…and if something is missing or unclear leave a comment down below! I’ll be more than happy to help, assist, and support you!

    Cheerio 😉

    See you in DDLG playground somewhere!

    P.S. If you want to further enhance your BDSM & DDLG play – you can explore sex furniture here and extreme sex toys here.

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