Male Chastity Contract & Agreement: Ready To Use Template

If you’re into male chastity play and BDSM, you have heard about the chastity contract from people around the internet. Here you get one for FREE.

chastity contract


What is Chastity Contract and How To Create One?

It’s a widespread practice between people who like to submit to their partners and take it to another level by making it official and signing the contract. 

I know that it might be intimidating, thinking that you need to sign something and then follow the rules written in that contract, but in reality, it can be an enjoyable way to spice up your routine. 

It is in no way a real legally binding document, and you create the rules with your partner, so it’s all safe and harmless. 

When I first learned about the whole chastity community, I wanted to try having a contract, but I didn’t know where to start or how to create that type of contract.

It took me a while to figure everything out, but now I have a template that I personally use, and that serves me well. 

So, I thought it would be helpful to share it with you guys as well. If you’re curious about getting a contract but are unsure where to start, this will be perfect for you. 

Let’s jump in:

Important Parts of Your Chastity Contract

OK, before I give you my chastity contract template to use, I want to go over the essential parts that I think every contract should have and what each of them represents. 

Now, of course, just because I think they’re essential, it doesn’t mean you have to have them in your contract, everyone is different, and you should adjust the contract according to your taste and needs.

So, essential contract parts are:

  • Definitions – this is a part that should be at the beginning of your contract, and it’s a place where you put in all of the phrases you’ll be using and what every one of them means. It’s essential, in my opinion, because it makes sure that you and your partner are on the same page. 
  • Contract Terms and Termination – this is where you’ll define how long this contract is valid and the reason for its termination. 
  • Duties of the Slave – this is where you outline all the duties or obligations the submissive partner needs to fulfill.
  • Duties of the Keyholder – this is where you would outline your keyholder’s responsibilities and what they’re entitled to. 
  • Punishments – this section is where you would outline how the submissive partner would be punished if they break their rules/duties.
  • Signatures – a place at the very end of the contract where you and your partner sign to ensure that the contract is now binding (not legally, of course!). 

Now that we have all the important parts of the chastity contract let’s jump into my contract template that you can use if you don’t know where to start.

Chastity Contract Template

chastity contract definitions


Slave – the partner in the relationship who has agreed to wear the DEVICE and follow the RULES and accept the PUNISHMENTS for breaking the rules at the discretion of the KEYHOLDER until the contract is terminated.

Keyholder – the partner in a relationship who has agreed to hold the KEY to the DEVICE and control her SLAVE, by setting the RULES and giving PUNISHMENTS until the contract is terminated.

Device – a secure, good quality male chastity device (cock cage) worn by the SLAVE to prevent them from masturbating, pleasuring themselves in any way without KEYHOLDERS’ permission.

Key – the mechanism that unlocks the DEVICE and is kept by the KEYHOLDER until the contract is terminated.

Rules – a set directive for the SLAVE to follow and execute at the mercy of the KEYHOLDER in order to please them, until the contract is terminated.

Punishments – a set of corrective measures to ensure that the RULES are followed by the SLAVE until the contract is terminated.

chastity Contract Terms and Termination


The initial contract duration is [insert the date here] and is valid until that date. 

Both partners, the SLAVE and the KEYHOLDER are signing the contract and agreeing to all the terms on their free will, without any influence or bribes from the external sources. 

During the initial contract duration, the contract can be terminated at any time by either the SLAVE or the KEYHOLDER if there are any health or safety issues.

If, however, there are no health or safety issues, only the KEYHOLDER has the power of terminating the contract.

Contract modifications can be made if both parties, the SLAVE and the KEYHOLDER, agree to them while the contract is signed. 

chastity Contract Duties of the Slave


  1. The SLAVE agrees to wear the DEVICE as long as the KEYHOLDER demands it, and there are no health or safety issues.
  2. The SLAVE agrees to not try to escape the DEVICE in any way, for no reason, unless there are health or safety issues.
  3. The SLAVE agrees to submit to the KEYHOLDER completely and give them complete control over themselves.
  4. The SLAVE agrees to obey any pleasure orders from the KEYHOLDER.
  5. The SLAVE agrees not to watch pornographic movies or read pornographic magazines without permission from the KEYHOLDER.
  6. The SLAVE agrees to do all the chores the KEYHOLDER might ask them to do.
  7. The SLAVE agrees not to spend any money without the permission of the KEYHOLDER.
  8. The SLAVE agrees to be punished for not obeying the rules set by the KEYHOLDER.

chastity contract Duties of the Keyholder


  1. The KEYHOLDER agrees to keep the KEY to the DEVICE until the contract is terminated or comes to an end. 
  2. The KEYHOLDER agrees to treat the SLAVE with human respect and ensure their safety during the term of the contract. 
  3. The KEYHOLDER agreed not to let the SLAVE remove the DEVICE under no circumstances unless for cleaning purposes or if there is a medical emergency.
  4. The KEYHOLDER must remember that the SLAVE asked for it in their free will.
  5. The KEYHOLDER must agree to always sexually tease the SLAVE. 

chastity Contract  punishments


  1. If the RULES are broken by the SLAVE, the KEYHOLDER has a right to enforce light physical punishment like spanking, slapping, biting. 
  2. If the RULES are broken by the SLAVE, the KEYHOLDER also has a right to enforce the loss of privileges like access to finances, entertainment like TV. This is usually combined with increasing the chore list for the SLAVE.
  3. If the RULES are broken by the SLAVE, the KEYHOLDER has a right to deny any sexual pleasure until the SLAVE learns their lesson, which can be up to a few months. 

chastity Contract signatures


The Chastity Contract is active immediately after signing it.

Slave Signature _________________________________ Date __________________

Keyholder Signature _____________________________ Date __________________


So, if you’ve wanted to try creating your chastity contract to spice up your sex life, now you can easily do that. 

It’s not very difficult, and once you and your partner are on the same page, it only takes 10 minutes to sign everything and start playing. 

I hope that you found my template helpful and don’t be shy to edit it and make it more your own to fit your needs and preferences.

Feel free to print it out and make it official! Now it’s time to find the best cock cage and get started.

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