At present, we couldn’t have enough methods for adding that extra jolt to our bedroom action. We’re always looking for something new.

Something exciting that could bring a refreshing touch of novelty in our sex lives.

Hence the invention of the now famous and highly-cherished world of vibrators.

And getting to know some of the best vibrators in the market is the first step towards this journey. Getting it wrong means that you will have a bad or ‘meh’ first impression. And I am sure no one wants that, right?

Vibrators can serve you and your partner in several ways. Be it individual masturbation or if you want spicy foreplay before the main event.

Some of them help to increase blood flow and, in turn, stimulate your genitals. It results in getting you moist faster in case you have difficulties getting aroused.

And in the same spirit; Men have also found reprieve from the invention of male vibrators. Some of them help with conditions like erectile dysfunction by stimulating blood flow to the penis.

It’s no secret that vibrator toys are the go-to solution for most women. Some like using them for clit stimulation. Many also find g-spot vibrators pleasurable and very satisfying.

So, what are some of the best vibrators available in the market? And how can one use them to get memorable experiences?

Let’s take a quick dive and find out.

Types of Vibrators Available in the Market

Some of these vibrators may seem familiar, while others may come out as completely new. They include remote-controlled, vaginal, realistic, extra-quiet, egg, and clitoral vibrators, among others.

Remote Control Vibrators

Remote control vibrators are the ultimate game-changer in the long distance sex toys category. These take away the need for one to involve their hands when using the toy giving you the ultimate hands free vibrator experience.

They come with a separate remote control device that helps channel commands to the motors. Again, you can control them using either an external control, a computer, or your mobile phone.

In mobile phones/computers, users may need to install unique apps to access the functions.

Also, the remote control helps to change a toy’s vibration intensity, mode, or speed. A toy could allow or reject distance control, depending on the model or type of connection.

Vaginal Vibrators

Most of these types of vibrators come in an all-too-familiar shape that looks like a shaft/dong. But other models take the form of butterflies, rings, and rabbits.

What’s more, they also come in varying lengths, with some measuring 6” while going up to 11”.

Now, due to their compact size, they give users easy handling. And because of this, one can use them through inserting, with great comfort.

Most vaginal vibrators come made with silicone, smooth plastics, PVCs, and other materials. Silicone is the best choice as it is body-safe, sanitized, and soft to touch.

In use, most vaginal vibrators work great to give external stimulation. The significant bit is that you can achieve the highest pleasure with the least movements.

Also, some of them work great both for clit stimulation and internal penetration.

Magic Wand Vibrators

The Magic Wand vibrators are the masters of clitoral stimulation. These types give precise stimulation when one wants to get a clitoral orgasm.

Now, unlike the vaginal vibrators, the Magic-Wands won’t work well inside a vagina. This is because their design includes a massive bulbous head that’s broader than its body.

And as much as they also come from varying materials, silicone is the most preferred here as it is easy to clean, soft, and can withstand high temperatures.

On usability, magic-wands come as either wired or hands-free(wireless) and can be paired with attachments for an even better experience. The wireless models need batteries to power them up. And the wired models come with a power cord that you can plug into the socket.

Realistic Vibrators

Realistic vibrators could come as a massive relief if you are a person who relies on sight on top of feeling. This is because these models get manufactured with a design that resembles a real dong.

Most of them function as penetrating devices and come in large sizes. (They can go up to 12 inches long).

They come made from materials such as silicone(best), jelly rubber, and soft plastic.

Worth pointing out is that these toys use batteries to power their motors. And most of them have a control button interface that lets you adjust the mode and speed.

Also, you can change the level of intensity with some.


Well, do you figure that you are more of a stealth operator? Or that you love getting down with your business without calling people’s attention?

If yes, then this category of vibrators is the perfect match for you. These toys come fitted with motors that deliver almost silent vibrations.

That feature makes them very discreet in use and hence best for private individuals. Despite their quiet nature, the intensities are still decent and provide pleasure. Also, they’re powered by batteries or sockets, for models that have power cords.

When we talk about size, they’re small (3.5” average length), but you can find some going up to 11”.

And like other vibrators, they come made from either silicone, ABS, or various TPE forms.

Bullet Vibrators

Now, I would say that Bullet Vibrators are the ultimate masters of disguise in the market. And learning to use them is a gratifying venture for any person. So, why are they called ‘bullet vibrators’?

This is due to the familiar bullet shape that most of the vibrators in this category take. But for clarity, they are also found in the form of lighters, eggs, pens, lipstick, and even tampons.

With body options such as this, you’ll find hiding them in plain sight very easy.

Bullet vibrators are also great for individuals who travel a lot as they’re easy to store and carry around. And as for functionality, most of them operate on batteries that get recharged after use.

This means that they last a while and can get used many times, provided they’re well-maintained.

Egg Vibrators

Egg Vibrators come in the shape of regular eggs and are also pretty small in size.

Yeah, they measure up to only 3” and come in various color options. And as you would have guessed by now, they’re best suited for external body stimulation. This includes parts like the clit, anus, labia, etc.

And since we use them on the clit, the best vibrators of this kind get made from silicone. This is because of silicone’s soft, gentle, and high sensations. One other good thing is that cleaning silicone material is very easy compared to TPE.

Now, most egg vibrators have control buttons for adjusting the vibrations. But some hands-free models need the use of remote controls.

Others may yet again come with a downloadable phone/computer app. The app helps users adjust the mode, intensity, and pattern of the vibrations.

Clitoral Vibrators

As per what the name suggests, Clitoral Vibrators get built to stimulate the clitoris. And because they’re also small in size, they’re not an ideal option for a penetrative toy.

Some of the most common designs come in the shape of clit suckers. These usually work by providing the air pulses through the toy’s head, thus creating the feeling of suction.

Clit suckers are the best for women who feel overstimulated by ordinary buzzy toys.

Using clitoral vibrators may involve the use of control buttons to adjust vibrations. The exciting bit is that some of them have powerful vibes.

Small/Mini Vibrators

Well, these two are pretty obvious if you read from their name. In general, this category includes all vibrating toys of small size and measure.

You can store or hide them away with great ease. They’re also great if you move a lot as they’re easy to carry around.

With regards to their shape, they come in a lipstick body design most times. But other models don’t take this shape but come in a phallus design.

Some of the toys have realistic detailing that may include veins. It gives them a more natural feel and appearance as compared to those smooth toys.

What Are The Other Vibrating Toys?

Take a look at some of the other special categories of the best vibrator toys. These take more surprising forms, sizes, and functionality.

Butterfly Vibrators

Butterfly Vibrators take the shape of a butterfly that’s attached to strings. And because of these strings, most of them perform best when worn as panties on your genitals.

Their vibrations don’t make a lot of noise and allow very discreet usage. It is besides the fact that you can adjust the string to make the toy more fitting.

And as they come in relatively small sizes, they only cover the labia and clit areas. So, they’re not insertable/penetrative vibrator toys. The length of these toys ranges from 3 to 5 inches. What’s more, some models may lack attachment strings.

This means that you may need to operate them using your hands to get the most pleasure. The safest and most pleasurable material for this type of vibrator is silicone.

Only make sure that you don’t submerge the motor in water, or else the toy may break down.

Finger Vibrators

Finger vibrators are among the top favorite vibrators for foreplay action. You can wear them over one or two fingers and get some of the most intense masturbation experience.

These are also famous for couples who like to heat things before actual sex.

They come made from silicone, rubber, or soft plastic. Most of these materials are light and so have dismal weight when worn on your fingers. Again, because of their nature, a good deal allows use underwater or in the showers.

Now, although these models also vibrate, you’ll find that the experience is unique. And I guess this is because the vibrations are more focused on stimulating the clit than other parts.

Tongue Vibrators

When looking for cunnilingus substitutes, then tongue vibrators are worth checking out. These vibrator toys come in the shape of a tongue.

They also come fitted with an internal motor that generates vibrations for stimulation.

For the best experience, you should use lube along with these toys.

And as they intend to mimic licking from a real human tongue, the best material option would be silicone. Silicone tongue vibrators are pretty soft and can get you off with lots of satisfaction.

However, other options exist that include jelly rubber. They sell cheap but don’t offer the best of health safety to users due to their toxins.

Vibrating Panties

Vibrating panties are some of the most ingenious vibrators currently on the market. Their design looks like a real panty and has vibration motors fitted around the groin areas.

To use these toys, you have to put them on as you would do with your cotton knickers and turn them on. They can get you wet and climax if you or your partner is creative enough with the controls.

And to make things spicier here, you can surrender the control to your partner if you have one. You can do this with models that have separate remote control functions. These could play a significant role in BDSM if you’re into that kind of play.

Depending on the material, you can wash and wear the vibrating panties as often as you please.

And while most of these toys come in the design of thongs, some consist of laces and seductive cut-outs.

Vibrating Butt Plugs

As you might have read in my recent articles, vibrating butt plugs are some of the best anal vibrators. They cut it for BDSM scenes and also provide the same level of satisfaction in solo plays.

These toys come in a similar shape that resembles an oval bead with a flared base for safety.

These plugs give great anal stimulation and some of the strongest orgasms (for men). They do this by stimulating the anal walls and muscles and, in the case of men, give orgasms.

And as for the ladies; You can also achieve intense orgasms if you have one of these stuck up your butt during PIV sex.

And the fantastic thing about them is that you can use them in several sex positions!

So, what’s your take on vibrators? Have you spotted anything fancy that you’d want for yourself or your girl/man? You can also check out the strongest vibrators.

And if you find buying any of this stuff isn’t in your budget, then you can check out these ideas for homemade vibrators.