If you’re just getting wind about the world of dildos, then I guess you’re only 28,000 years late!

Try googling about the Hohle Fels Phallus after this walkthrough, and you’ll see where I am getting with this. That siltstone model was the very first discovery.

Since then, the world has come up with numerous other versions of dildos now getting used worldwide. The significant part is that dildos have evolved considerably with each passing year and grow better over time.

As you will get to see here today, there are currently myriads of dildos available for selection. All these have different shapes, material build, size, and functionality during usage.

So, are you a solo player? Maybe you travel too much? Wait, is it that you’re out looking for something that could bring that extra sauce to your bedroom scene? Or let’s just say that you want to explore your body first before getting hooked to a partner.

It doesn’t matter.

What does, is that this kind of toy could give you one of the best penetrative actions of your sex life.

Are you ready for the dive?

Types of Dildos Currently In the Market

To give you an organized presentation, I have prepared for you today a comprehensive list of them. The dildos include up to 13 different types that I have, rounded up for you.

These include – among others – inflatables, double-ended, anal, suction cup, metal, and squirting dildos. So, let’s take a more in-depth look into each of the categories down below.


Fantasy dildos are some of the most ingenious creations to ever come into the universe of dongs. Most hedonists have grown fond of them because of the surrealness that surrounds them.

This type of dildos has earned this name because they draw inspiration from mythical beings. Many times these dildos are hand-crafted so that you might get a few options for customization. Thus lots of work goes into producing them.

Zombie Dildos

Wait. What?!

Yes! Zombie dildos aren’t for the faint-hearted. And for obvious reasons, if I might add.

Zombie dildos come in almost every color. Some even glow, and others come from a blend of more than one color.

Their body design takes after animated zombie characters. Some look very convincing to the eyes as they resemble real human bodies that are decaying. They also come with deformed shapes. The shaft’s texture also has the grossest external shaft textures that you’ll ever come across.

As scary or as off-putting as they may look – that does not compromise the quality of stimulation you will experience from them. Now, is that not a silver lining? 🙂

Dragon Dildos

These type of dildos draw their inspiration from fantasy dragon characters. You can find these characters in Viking mythologies, and they play a massive part in the dildo designs.

Dragon dildos are incredibly sleek and come in many varying shapes and sizes. Also, these toys come with unusual curves, while others have a tail detail included. And again, there are lots of color options for you to pick from depending on where you look.

Most of them come from soft silicone material, which will give you a pretty wild ride during penetration.

Some Dragon dildos don’t look anything like a penis. Some go the extra mile of taking tongue, tail, or even dragon-horn designs.

Werewolf Dildos

Well, I’ve heard individuals opining that Werewolf dildos are a lot safer compared to horses. And taking a wild guess, I could attribute this to the fact that werewolves have smaller anatomy.

Werewolf dildos may have a broader body and might have testicle-like elements added just for detail.

And for the shaft, it’s nothing human-like. This is because they have a much narrower tip that widens along as you move towards the base.

They come made from materials like silicone (the safest choice), rubber, and soft plastic. You’re better off going with the silicone option as they’re free from harmful toxins.

Alien Dildos

Alien dildos are also a part of the crazy toy designs you’re most likely to encounter in a sex shop. And I must admit that these are some of the most intriguing models as they’re made from pure imagination. (Area 51 hasn’t given us an official body image of aliens yet)

Right now, Alien Dildos could go from tentacle-like designs to things like hooked phalanges.

They also come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and materials to build the overall body.


This category represents dildos that get their body design from real-life animals. Top of our list of the best animal dildos today include the dog, walrus, and horse dildos.

Walrus Dildos

I know, right? Who would have thought they’d see the day?

Well, walrus dildos are toys inspired by the dongs of the maritime animal called the walrus. And as you’d expect, the respective dildos have taken after their enormous penis size. The size comes as a great relief to the size queens and junkies.

And although they’re characteristically big, these models come in various options of ‘large.’

Also, they come in different colors, material build, and have varying shaft textures too.

So, think you can keep up with this Godzilla-like dong from a 12-foot long animal

Dog Dildos

Dog dildos are a class of dildos that get their phallus design from an actual dog’s anatomy. Some of them look pretty realistic. Especially if you land on one that has the trademark knot in the middle of its shaft.

They come made from materials like silicone, soft plastic, PVC, among others. Also, depending on where you will get yours, they have different colors and varying shapes.

Some of them have attachment options that let you mount them on strap-ons or sex machines. And aside from that, some brands allow you to customize yours to fit your other fetishes. (like, let’s say, some fur details)

Horse Dildos

It’s no shame in fantasies, even if one of them is getting drilled by a stallion’s schlong. And rightly so, as these beasts also have a habit of packing massive rods under them.

Well, horse dildos are also a noble name in the world of sex toys. They’re made to resemble the penis of real-life horses. It means that you can freely enjoy such anatomy without the fear of breaking any law.

They also fall under monster-sized dildos and are a great companion for advanced peggers.


Strap-ons are a great accessory in a hedonist’s world. It boosts lesbian sex or pegging action as one can attach a dildo onto the harness for penetration.

They also play a significant role in hetero-couples’ sex as some strap-ons serve as penis extensions. So if you’re looking into pegging, you should buy or consider DIY one yourself!

Check out this quick overview of them below…

Double Strap-ons

These are not to be confused with double-ended dildos. The harness typically comes with space for two dildos. This means you may use it either for double penetration of one partner or for simultaneous penetration of both the giver and the receiver.

And in case you’re curious, they’re mostly made either from silicone, TPE, soft plastic, or jelly rubber.

Female Strap-ons

Female strap-ons are fantastic for lesbian and hetero couples as they’re both easy to use and light. These strap-ons look like a dildo with a wearable base. That part is placed inside the wearer’s vagina so that lovers can enjoy penetration without additional straps.

Hollow Strap-ons

Suppose you’re suffering from ED, decreased sensitivity, or want a sturdier size enhancer. In that case, you may want to reconsider hollow strap ons.

This category of dildos is sort of an upgraded version of penis sleeves. It includes a harness worn around your waist and a hollow penile sleeve attached at its front. Men can insert their peens in the open sleeve and enjoy bigger girths and lengths.

Cyberskin Dildos

Cyberskin Dildos currently enjoy recognition because of how amazing some of them look. Companies using the material(Cyberskin) have replicated the veins, softness, and structure that a real dong has.

These kinds of toys look incredibly realistic and bring a real-deal experience. Although the material used in these toys is porous and I’d better recommend you stick with silicone.

Glass Dildos

Well, as the name suggests, these are made from glass. And this makes glass dildos a top favorite amongst many. Their hardness and ability to absorb the temperature is what kinky users love.

What’s more, is that they’re easier to maintain as cleaning them is a total breeze. But as the material is, well, glass. You have to take care not to break it.

Borosilicate dildos will give you the best quality.

Metal Dildos

Metal Dildos, on the other end, may not necessarily look anything like a penis. They’re often shiny and have a good reputation for giving some powerful g-spot/p-spot orgasms.

Among the other metals, stainless steel toys have the longest durability record to serve for years on end. Just make sure that you keep disinfecting them before and after every use.

Inflatable Dildos

Inflatable Dildos are a great way to go if you’re considering testing your limits. Before using, you have to pump them with air to give them shape and form. Newbies could pair well with this type of toy as they’re easy to move and store.

As these come made of latex and rubber, make sure you clean them well and keep them to yourself.

Anal Dildos

So, how are anal dildos different from ‘normal’ ones? The main difference is that most anal dildos have a slightly tapered tip. The tip is to make the toy’s head rest gently over one’s prostate.

You can opt for silicone options if you want something soft to ride. Alternatively, you can go for the glass/stainless-steel options if you’re looking for durability.

Chin Dildos

Chin Dildos have a unique use as they get worn over faces/chins instead of the waist. Their basic design entails a mouth gag and a protruding penis that extends upwards when worn. Using them involves having a partner strap them over their face and lie down face-up. Next, you slide yourself onto it, letting your partner enjoy the view of your crotch as you thrust.

BDSM scenes get hotter with the aid of these.

Dildo Balls

If you’re looking to get pleasured while burning a few calories, then dildo balls may suit you. These dildos have a ball base at the bottom and a penis structure sticking out at the top. After applying lube, you sit on it and bounce to get some thrusting stimulation.

Some may have foot harnesses included to prevent the ball from tipping over when you bounce. Some have found exciting experiences with these rockers once they mastered their way around it.

Double-ended Dildo

More like the proverbial double-edged sword, double-ended dildos will serve two at a go. They have penis heads on both ends and could work great in Vag-Ass, Vag-Vag, and Ass-Ass.

They come in various materials and colors. They also have different lengths for different experiences.

Suction Cup Dildos

At present, you can’t talk about a hands-free experience and fail to mention suction cup dildos. They have a circular and cut-off base that allows them to attach to multiple surfaces. Once bound, you can ease yourself onto one enjoy the ride.

What’s impressive is that you can also attach them to sex machines for a different experience.

Squirting Dildos

These types of dildos have a nutting feature that mimics real ejaculation. They come with a penetrative structure that has an internal vent through which artificial cum passes. Also, for the cum, there is a superior lube/liquid bought separately serving that purpose. Hence, why they’re called squirting dildos.

It’s always the right call to check their ingredients to prevent any reactions with your body.

Types of Dildo Materials

So, what are the common materials used in dildo-manufacturing?

Jelly Dildos

This material comprises a mixture of PVC and plasticizers that make them attain rubber-like specs. It’s a common material used but a good number of people shy from it. I figure it’s because some have traces of phthalates considered harmful for body use.

TPE, Cyberskin, UltraSkyn, and TradeMarked Materials

TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) is a common material used by many sex toy companies. They’re the same as TPRs(thermoplastic rubber) and have a nice stretchability to them.

Most materials, including the jelly above, fall under this blanket title (TPEs).

Higher-quality TPEs could get used in production. But that may come expensive considering it requires natural plant oils to substitute plasticizers. The other thing is that as good as they may be, they’re too porous hence challenging to keep clean and impossible to sanitize thoroughly.

UltraSkyn, Cyberskin, etc., are examples of some trademarked TPE material. They’re trademarked because their creators have used a secret formula/recipe to make them. There are numerous others, as also seen in Fleshlight’s Reel-Feel sleeves.


Silicone is the top material used to make dildos and other sex toys, and they’re body-safe. This is because of its premium softness and easiness to clean.

Silicone is non-porous, soft, and silky smooth, which makes it a perfect fit for dildos.

Toys made from silicone can retain body heat and can withstand up to 400 degrees. This means you can sterilize them using hot water without the quality degrading.


Metal dildos come in the form of stainless steel, aluminum, or other metal blends and are also in demand. They’re specific to people who prefer dildos with more challenging surfaces.

That aside, they’re easy to clean and very durable. That said, always choose stainless steel first – as this material will serve you for years.


These also fall under hard-surfaced dildos and come in the form of glass. Using and cleaning glass dildos is easy. And most have beautiful aesthetics compared to the rest.

When shopping for a glass dildo, choose borosilicate glass, as it won’t break as easily as a soda-lime glass can.


These get made from wood. You can craft them into different molds and acquire a variety of forms in the process.

Once ready, they are covered with a lacquer that makes your toy water-resistant and non-porous.


These also retain heat and can keep warm for up to 20 minutes, and are body-safe.

And as a part of hard-surfaced dildos, it’s easy cleaning them up.


This takes us back to the Hohle Fels Phallus for reference.

Currently, stone dildos get crafted and polished from granite. And apart from their function as sex toys, you can also appreciate them as art pieces.

Dildos 101

Other Types of Dildos