Anal Toys

Anal Toys

Anal sex or anal play has gained a significant following over the past couple of years. In the beginning, people could only talk about anal sex in hush tones for fear of judgment. But things have since changed.

In the wake of the ever-growing world of technology, anal sex has gotten more fun.

In more significant parts, this gets attributed to the fact that we now have some of the best anal toys. These have helped a lot in easing people into anal play.

So, since going anal may seem intimidating, there are toys also made for beginners. These kinds of anal toys will help you stretch your butt and make you more receptive to backdoor sex.

When done right and with the right toys, you could achieve very intense anal orgasms. And you can enjoy these results solo or with a partner.

And this is even more interesting with men. And it’s because they can get mind-blowing prostate orgasms by stimulating the prostate gland!

And in case you’re wondering, both males and females enjoy anal sex.

Anal 101

What Are The Types of Anal Toys?

When it comes to getting an anal toy, there isn’t a cheat book that can help you get the perfect match. In my experience, you’ll have to begin somewhere then experiment through until you get what makes you tick.

On this page today, I am going to share some of the best anal toy types with you. I will also explain how some of them get used and highlight their physical features.

In the line, we’ll talk about anal beads, butt plugs, anal probes, inflatable anal toys, anal dildos, anal vibrators, prostate massagers, among others.

So let’s dive in…

Anal Beads

Anal beads are a sequenced chain made up of beads. They are also called anal pearls. When looking for them, you will find that they come in varying sizes. And it includes small, medium, and large bead sizes.

Anal beads get used when one wants to have exciting foreplay before sex. To work, one needs to insert them inside their or a partner’s butt hole first. You can get off from them when they get pulled out of your butt slowly. This action results in very intense full-body orgasms with some people.

Again, the right thing with anal beads is that they’re suited to both men and women. And I recommend them as a great starting point for beginners although they work well with pros too.

Anal beads come made from various materials. Amongst them, silicone, metal, rubber, plastic, etc. Also, you could find other options that have vibrations and offer a unique sensation when used.

Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are also called anal plugs or even ass plugs.

Most of them have a bulb shape with a slightly tapered tip for easy insertion into a butt. If you check online, you will notice that butt plugs come in varying sizes. And like anal beads, you can pick from the small, medium, and extensive options. You can choose from the options according to your level of experience.

To get the best of these little suckers, you should wear them before actual sex. This way, they will help your butt to relax by stretching the anal sphincters. It is a great way to prepare yourself for anal sex.

Butt plugs mostly get worn over short periods. But others find it more exciting to keep them on for extended periods. More so for PIV sex or masturbation and even in BDSM sub/dom scenes.

These toys come in three other categories:

Weighted Butt Plugs

Weighted butt plugs provide very intimate sessions, although they don’t have the vibrating feature.

They come fitted with some internal weights that cause a unique sensation of fullness in your tank. And for variation, they’re made in different sizes and weights for you to pick.

Butt Plug Tails

These are pampered butt plugs, haha. They are butt plugs but come with a tail that’s attached to one end.

The tail detail, most of the time, comes from fur. But you can also find options that have some other soft materials.

When in use, the tail hangs outside as the butt plug goes into the ass. It creates the impression that whoever’s wearing it has a tail.

Butt plug tails are a great way to enhance pup play in BDSM.

Tunnel Butt Plugs

Tunnel butt plugs are butt plugs that have a hole that goes through them. You can use this hole or tunnel in several ways to bring spice into your experience.

Like for instance, some opt to use this hole by inserting bullet vibrators in them. This makes the experience a whole lot better if you’re into vibrating toys.

Tunnel butt plugs suit the more advanced and experienced players.

Anal Probes

Anal probes also pass as versatile toys. They look like a smaller dildo and have a smooth body with a tapered tip at the top to make insertion easy.

Anal probes options include those that vibrate and others that don’t. Also, these toys are longer than vibrators and are a great option to do deep stimulation. And this also works for both g-spot and prostate stimulation.

You can use these toys to stimulate the anus, vag, or even the clit.

And they work well with beginners getting into anal play but also go well with advanced players.

Inflatable Anal Toys

Inflatable anal toys are pretty much the same as the other models in the market. The only thing that sets them apart is that once inserted; you can inflate them. As a result, this will increase the size of the toy and gives you a fuller feeling.

That’s one of the safest ways through which a beginner can get an anal toy into their bodies.

And as the toy fills up with air, it enlarges in size and stretches the sphincter muscle simultaneously.

You should consider getting an inflatable anal toy if you are a size junky.

Anal Dildos

Anal dildos are very common and are in the top 10 best anal toys. These dildos come in the shape of a dong with a lot of variations as some get customized.

These types of toys provide sexual pleasure when you use them for anal penetration. And the good thing is that they come in different sizes to suit the tastes of other players.

Anal Vibrators

Anal vibrators can give you a different kind of sensation when you use them. They’re just like other anal insertable with the additional motor for the vibrations.

Anal vibrators could rotate, pulsate, or have varying intensities and speeds at the same time. Also, they come fitted with powerful motors that create powerful vibrations. It ensures that the vibrations travel virtually through your anal walls and also stimulate you.

The other perk of these toys is that both males and females can use them. And they are much more reliable to men when they want to try prostate play.

P-spot Anal Toys (Prostate massagers/Prostate stimulators)

Prostate massagers and prostate stimulators are toys explicitly built for prostate stimulation in men. They operate with the same approach as dildos and butt plugs.

They come with bodies shaped like dongs and have tapered tips that rest gently on the prostate wall. Some prostate toys have a set of bulbous bulges along the shaft that adds to the experience.

And again, for safety, these toys usually have a thin neck at the base. This allows them to hold firmly in place as the anal sphincters hug their muscles around it.

It’s important to point out that prostate toys require clenching and unclenching for effect to work. Some experienced prostate players, on the other end, can get off without moving the toys much.

Squirting Anal Toys

These are toys that get made to stimulate the anus and imitate the act of cumming in a climax.

Squirting anal toys come with a hollow tube inside them that you can use to pump artificial cum through. To do this, you will have to have a separate syringe that you can use to push the cum out.

Squirting anal toys come in various materials that include silicone, TPE, soft rubber, amongst others. They’re also available in different sizes and colors.

Double Penetration Sex Toys

Double penetration sex toys allow users to have sexual stimulation from two places at the same time. For women, these toys will stimulate both their vag and the anus when a partner wears it on them.

On the other side, men can enjoy this too, especially if they go with a toy that has vibrations. When worn, the vibrations can also give some stimulation on the testicles, depending on the power.

Double penetration sex toys may prove handy in BDSM or even foreplay action.

Huge Anal Toys

Huge anal toys are no walk in the park. They come in enormous sizes that’s way much than the regular toys (10 inches+). They are the Godzillas in the world of insertable anal toys.

And because of this fact, they’re not meant for newbs and beginners in anal play. Only advanced and experienced players may have the creative knowledge of using them.

And for the feeling, these toys come in different materials to give users different experiences. These in part include silicone, stainless steel, glass, soft rubber, TPE, etc.

What Are The Top Anal Toy Materials?

Two top factors determine the type of material in toys. It could be where or how they get used and whether they’re safe for use on the human body.

You must also note that the type of material plays a big part in determining the cost of a toy.

All in all, here within, I am going to highlight them under two main categories. And those are ones with softer materials and the other with firmer materials.

Softer materials


Silicone is the most sought after material in all the categories of sex toys. This is because of the material’s soft nature and the premium finish that it gives most of the toys.

On the positive side again, silicone does not contain harmful toxins like phthalates and latex. It makes it very safe to use on human bodies without the fear of any allergic reactions.

It also gets topped with the fact that they are not porous and, therefore, don’t retain bacteria.

And as if that’s not enough.

Silicone material can withstand heat up to very high degrees without getting damaged. And for this reason, you can opt to warm them first before using them on yourself.

And the other perk with this material is that cleaning and maintaining it is a breeze. You can choose to either use warm water and soap or a preferred toy cleaner. Heck, you can even boil some of the silicone toys, and you’ll achieve sterilization all the same!


Rubber attempts to take the likeness of silicone properties. The only difference is that most rubber materials are a result of a mixture of other elements.

And though they may appear soft or plush, you may find traces of latex and other toxins in them. That’s part of the reason why most toys made from rubber get sold at lower prices than silicone.

Firmer materials

These materials have a harder appearance and assert more pressure when used.

Some of the common ones include:

ABS Plastic

ABS plastics get used mostly on the body casings of toys. But several anal toys consist of only this material.

Cleaning ABS plastic is pretty straightforward, and the material could last a while if maintained well.

Borosilicate Glass

These get used in making some of the most aesthetically beautiful anal toys on the market. This is because they’re sturdy and smooth when the final product gets finished.

Glass anal toys make a handy tool for temperature play during BDSM. And maintaining them is relatively easy as cleaning is also a breeze.

And though they’re safe to use, newbs should still exercise caution with them.


Anal toys made from metal have smooth, sturdy, and some weight when held. And like glass, they’re also great to use in temperature play because they conduct heat well.

Also, cleaning them is an easy process as most of them are waterproof.

Stone and Wood

Wooden toys aren’t the best option if you like to keep your tools clean. And it is because wood is highly porous and can retain lots of liquid and solid dirt. It is resulting in a bacterial infestation after a while. But aside from that, they do make some cute anal toys.

Stone models are scarce and hard to come across. But still, they do make some beautiful toys with great aesthetics.

Merry sexing, everybody!