8 Best Sex Swings & Slings Reviewed In 2021 (With Stand & Portable)

Discover the best sex swing combination for you – whether you’re looking for a stand, portability, or the most comfortable sling. We review all of them here:

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Last year’s lockdown left my partner and me with no other choice but to stay home. ALONE. TOGETHER.

The first few weeks were great. Some work stuff. A bit of fun stuff. And more sexy stuff.

I guess we went overboard with the last part (*oops*). We exhausted every trick in the book and wanted some more. More positions, more pleasure, more anything.

Then, I remembered we had bought a door sex swing we planned on using on our quick getaway but hadn’t because… jet lag, punctual tour guide, exhaustion, blah-blah.

Now, we had a lot of time to use it. And boy, oh boy, why did we forget about it?

In the months that followed, our sex life took a sizzling 180-degree turn! The swinging added more motion, made things more exciting, and touched places we didn’t even know existed.

Then we experimented some more, bought more swings…

And in this article, I want to share the best ones that we’ve tested so far and some that’s highly recommended by fellow swingees, so you find a comfortable swing that can boost your sex life.

But if you can’t wait to get on some swingin’ action, click through the tabs for our TOP 3 PICKS:

Best Sex Swing Stand

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of installing your sex swing on a ceiling, get the Screamer Sex Swing Stand. It’s a heavy-duty stand that’s compatible with both single- and dual-hook sex swings to ensure your safety. Plus, it’s very easy to set up and take down.

Set-up only takes less than 10 minutes, and you don’t need an engineering degree! You only need to use 4 large bolts to assemble it with NO ADDITIONAL TOOLS. Clip the hooks onto any of the three solid rings, and you’re good to go.

Image and features below.

Best Overall (SexualAlpha Top Pick)

Screamer Dual Hook is hands-down our number one sex swing pick. Its dual-mount design means that your combined weight is distributed between two mounting points, so you feel SAFER. And the straps are DOUBLE the thickness of average straps for more comfortable and extended play. Go ahead, be rougher than Tarzan – you aren’t going anywhere.

PLUS, it’s very versatile. You can hang it on your ceiling, stand, door mount, etc. You can even add as many attachments as you want for the best levitating bangin’ experience.

Image and features below.

Most Comfortable Sex Swing

But if you prefer comfort over versatility with your sex swing, get the Screamer Non-Leather Sex Sling. Unlike most leather-made sex slings, this sling is made of super-soft, non-sticky material for the most secure and comfy flyin’ action and easy cleanup.

We spent over an hour swinging back and forth with 0 rug burn. It’s so nice to go at it without worrying about chafing or getting rashes (NOT THOSE KINDS!). Once done, just throw it in the wash as if nothing happened.

Image and features below.

Top 3 Sex Swings in 2021

screamer stand sex swing

Screamer Sex Swing Stand


Price: $$$
Holdable Weight: 350 lbs. Material: Tubular steel frame (47 lbs.)
Hook Count: Can use both one and dual
Features: 12 mounting points, quick assembly

screamer dual hook sex swing

Screamer Dual Hook


Price: $$
Holdable Weight: 300 lbs. Material: Cotton canvas
Hook Count: Dual
Features: Handles, stirrups, removable straps

Screamer Non-Leather Sex Sling


Price: $$
Holdable Weight: 300 lbs. Material: Micro-suede
Hook Count: Four points
Features: Washable, comes with a bag, 28″ wide, 38″ long, springs and chains included

Top Hanging Swings

Screamer Dual Hook

1. Screamer Dual Hook

SexualAlpha top pick

Price: $$ | Holdable Weight: 300 lbs. | Material: Cotton canvas | Hook Count: Dual | Features: 2x stirrups & handles, handles 4″ wide webbing straps

  • Dual hook design for extra comfort and safety
  • Thick, well-padded seat straps for extended play
  • Machine-washable removable straps
  • Comes with a small carrying bag for storage and travel
  • Springs and chains can be noisy during sex

You want your swing to be SAFE, so you can freely explore a variety of angles and positions without the fear of falling. And you want it to be COMFORTABLE, so you can enjoy the action for an extended time without hurting your neck, back, joints, etc., right after.

And yes, the Screamer Dual Hook Sex Swing satisfies on both counts (and more). That’s why it’s our number one pick and the overall best that I’ve tried by far.

Its dual hook design means that your weight is distributed between two mounting points, so you feel SAFE as you get into sexy swingin’ action.

Say your combined weight is 350 lbs. (It’s mostly him, right?) With two hooks, you’re only putting 175 lbs of pressure on each hook, making it way easier for the structure to hold tightly and putting minimal pressure on your walls. One hook would be under serious pressure.

Your partner can even lay down on the swing as you ride ‘em as long as you’re within the swing’s maximum weight limit.

Most single-hook swings with heavy bars will hit you if they come down (*ouch!*). BUT NOT WITH THIS SWING. If a hook comes down, only one side will give, and nothing will hit you.

Unlike other sex swings with only 2” wide seat straps, you get two 4” wide seat straps for your butt and back. Plus 1/2″ thick padding for more comfortable and extended play.

This swing even comes with an adjustable pair of hand grips, footholds, and a FREE headrest for more support and comfort as you explore various positions.

All accessories are adjustable and removable, so you find the best combos that work for you.

What I like most about this swing is its versatility. You can mount as many (or as few) attachments as you want or however far you want on your ceiling, stands, door mounts, etc.

The farther the distance between the mounting points, the more comfortable it will be for you. That means if you’re on the curvier side, you don’t have to worry about the seat straps pinching your thighs.

The only downside is the springs and chains that can be noisy if you’re feeling too frisky. But nothing that a squeeze of WD-40 or silicone lube can’t fix.

Bondage Boutique Deluxe Fetish

2. Bondage Boutique Deluxe Fetish


Price: $ | Holdable Weight: 300 lbs. | Material: Nylon & velvety padding | Hook Count: One | Features: 2x body straps, 2x foot stirrups

  • Affordable single-hook sex swing
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Has a support bar with removable padding
  • Can spin 360 degrees for increased range of motion
  • Plastic adjustments may dig into thighs with the wrong position
  • Lacks neck support and arm straps for certain positions

If you’re looking for a quality, budget-friendly swing that you can try, get this sex swing from Bondage Boutique.

For $100, it’s a practical purchase for couples who are still unsure if sex swings are for them. Plus, couples who’ve found door sex swings to be limiting and uncomfortable.

This swing was our second purchase after our first door sex swing. And it opened a whole lot more weightless sex possibilities for us.

While it lacks arm straps that other sex swings offer, like the Screamer, this is the perfect set-up for switching positions easily and quickly.

For you and your partner, that means not losing the moment or getting all awkward when you get into new angles you want to try (trust me, we’ve been there).

It’s effortless to set up; you only need a sturdy, single mounting point like a ceiling joist to screw the eye bolt. And you’re done!

What I like most about this swing is that you can go around on a spinning adventure. Simply attach a 360-degree spinning swivel hook at the top of a single hook, and BAM!

Now, you have more chances of finding the right angle and penetration depth without tiring yourself out. (Yeah!)

Unfortunately, the swing comes with all-plastic hardware. So, if you’re on the curvier side, you have to find a good position for the attachments not to dig into your thighs.

And some horizontal positions may be a bit uncomfortable as you’re not getting any headrest for neck support.

Whipsmart Pleasure Swing

3. Whipsmart Pleasure Swing

Best for plus size

Price: $$ | Holdable Weight: 450 lbs. | Material: Nylon & velvety padding | Hook Count: One | Features: Comes in 4 colors, no handles, 3x stirrups

  • Offers more weight support for plus-size couples
  • 5” wide padded straps for extra comfy swinging
  • Removable straps for a variety of positions
  • Narrow overhead bar can put pressure on hips
  • Small eye hook needs to be replaced with a welded one for safety

For couples who are on the heavier side and scared if a single hook can hold you, Whipsmart Pleasure Swing just might be what you’re looking for.

According to manufacturers, this swing can hold a maximum weight of 450 lbs. WOW!

BUT WAIT, hold your spinnin’ horses!

Its spring can ONLY hold a maximum weight of 200 lbs. If you’re going to put more weight than that, you have to upgrade the spring and find a mounting system to support the total weight.

Still, you’re getting three 5”-wide super thick padded straps for that extra comfortable swingin’ action. Plus, you can adjust or remove the straps however you please for a variety of positions.

Most single-hook swing bars could smack you in the face if you take it for a vigorous spin (uh-oh). However, Whipsmart was explicitly designed with a narrow overhead bar (14” – the narrowest on the market!) to avoid this.

The only downside to a narrow bar is that the swing may put pressure on your hips with extended use. But that’s a tiny bit of compromise for the variety of positions you can do with it.

I personally didn’t experience major discomfort while using it. And I loved that it came with a graphic booklet teaching us more sexy moves to try on the swing.

The Best Sex Sling

Screamer Non-Leather Sex Sling

4. Screamer Non-Leather Sex Sling

Most comfortable sex swing

Price: $$ | Holdable Weight: 300 lbs. | Material: Soft, non-sticky micro-suede | Hook Count: Four points | Features: Washable, comes with a bag, 28″ wide, 38″ long, springs and chains included

  • For comfort-lovin’ folks and those with physical limitations
  • Made of super-soft, comfy, and washable material
  • Sturdy 4-point support
  • Extremely adjustable and versatile with handgrips and stirrups
  • Limited number of sex positions to explore
  • Not for couples with little room

If you prefer comfort over versatility with your sex swing, you’re better off getting a sex sling. And we can’t recommend Screamer’s Non-Leather Sex Sling enough.

However, sex slings require a bigger space than hanging and door swings. So, if you have limited space, you might want to sit this one out and check the last item on our list.

Screamer’s Sling is the only one out there with four separate springs and chains that you can mount on average ceiling heights. OR a four-point stand for some secure and comfy air action!

PLUS, it comes with adjustable handgrips and stirrups, so you can choose to go from shallow to deep penetrations with ease.

Unlike its leather sling counterparts, Screamer is made of super-soft micro-suede material for the ultimate comfort and enjoyable ride and not the my-ass-is-sticking-to-leather kind.

No matter how wild you and your partner become, you don’t risk your skin from getting rug burns or chafing. And it’s machine-washable for easy love stain clean-up.

The only downside to sex slings is they don’t give you as many position options as most not-so-comfy sex swings.

Stockroom’s Leather Sling

5. Stockroom’s Leather Sling

BDSM dungeon choice

Price: $$$ | Holdable Weight: Very sturdy | Material: 100% cow leather | Hook Count: Four points | Features: 37″ long, 22.5″ wide, 16″ wide at the base

  • Made of quality black leather that feels great on skin
  • 2-ply support straps and leather stirrups for extended wear
  • D-ring attachments for easy set-up
  • With a black leather pillow for added comfort
  • Expensive
  • Need to buy rope and chains separately to hang the sling

If you’re looking to expand your BDSM sessions, then a leather sex sling is a must. But this sling is a major upgrade.

You must be committed to the lifestyle and have enough space (or a dungeon) for some thrilling play. If you’re not comfortable mounting your sling on your ceiling, invest in a quality 4-point sling stand.

Oh, and hanging this sling on either requires buying chains and rope separately. Expect to spend extra dollars on top of its $355 base price. But I’d say you’re still getting your money’s worth. Here’s why…

Most leather slings are similar in some respects, but what makes Stockroom’s Leather Sling our pick is how it’s assembled.

Other slings have a sharp corner on top of the leather material that can dig into your thighs if you spread your legs far apart. But this sling is assembled the other way around to avoid this discomfort.

While leather slings are not meant to be TOO COMFORTABLE (I mean, just look at all that rugged steel and leather piece of art!), Stockroom’s quality leather sling feels great on the skin.

Yes, you can use its leather stirrups for deeper penetrations. BUT like most sex slings, you’ll only enjoy a limited number of sex positions.

Favorite Sex Swing Stands

Screamer Sex Swing Stand

6. Screamer Sex Swing Stand

Best sex swing stand

Price: $$$ | Holdable Weight: 350 lbs. | Material: Tubular steel frame (47 lbs.) | Hook Count: Can use both one and dual | Features: Height 7’2″, Length 6’2″, Width 6’7″, easy to assemble

  • Single- and dual-mount compatible
  • 12 mounting points for versatile play
  • Easy to assemble; no tools required
  • Comes with a canvas case for portability and easy storage
  • Takes quite a bit of space
  • Pricey

Mounting a sex swing on your ceiling requires a lot of know-how and trips to your local hardware store.

If you’re embarrassed to ask about the hooks your swing needs, OR if you’re like me, who despises assembling furniture from scratch, get the Screamer Sex Swing Stand. PERIODT.

Seriously, it takes the hassle out of worrying about the compatibility and safety of your swing.

This fantastic stand has 3 solid rings so that you can mount your single- or dual-hook swing fast. PLUS, it comes with 12 additional attachment points for shibari, suspension, bondage, and all sorts of kinky play.

It’s a heavy-duty steel frame that holds up to 350 lbs. maximum weight, so you don’t have to worry about it slipping on your floor or you and your partner falling. You know, just in case you get into some hot and heavy action.

BUT it does take quite a bit of space. So, just keep that in mind.

What I like most about this stand is that it’s easy to assemble and take down. For a person who’s not a pro at assembling ANYTHING, it took me less than 10 minutes to set it up and around the same time to take it down.

Huh? Who knew I would be this good? Fun, levitating sex as a motivation, perhaps?

The only downside to buying a stand is that it’s pretty pricey. I spent around $400 just for it without the swing. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Pipedream Fetish Fantasy

7. Pipedream Fetish Fantasy

Most heavy-duty stand

Price: $$$ | Holdable Weight: 400 lbs. | Material: Tubular steel frame (47 lbs.) | Hook Count: One point | Features: Height 80″, Length 92″, Width 66″, easy to assemble

  • Perfect stand for plus-size couples
  • Has extra bars for additional support
  • Compatible with 360-degree spinning sex action
  • Can be used without a mounted swing
  • Only compatible with single-hook swings
  • Pricey

If you’re a plus-size couple looking for a sturdy stand for your sex swingscapades, get Pipedream’s Sex Swing Stand. It holds +50 lbs. of Screamer’s maximum weight limit for more secure swingin’ action.

It’s a bit taller than the Screamer stand, so make sure to find a suitable room or space for it. But don’t worry, assembling it is just as easy as the Screamer. Taking down, the same.

The only major difference between Pipedream and Screamer is that the former only holds single-mount sex swings.

YUP, you miss out on the benefits of a dual hook sex swing. BUT you can still take advantage of the 360-degree sex action if you have a 360 spinning sex swing.

This stand pairs perfectly with Fetish Fantasy 360. Oh, wait. Do you have one? No? Don’t worry. You can always transform your single-hook sex swing into one.

HOW? Simply add a spinning swivel hook at the top of your single hook, and voila! (Just like what I did with our Bondage Boutique swing.)

What I like most about Pipedream’s stand is that it comes with extra bars and a sturdy overhead bar. You and your partner can hold onto them as you’re exploring different positions.

That means you get additional support and don’t have to worry about losing your balance as you’re getting into the action.

Plus, the frame has built-in steel loops to connect your bondage cuffs, restraints, and ties, even without a mounted swing for that knotty fantasy experience.

Most Recommended Sex Door Swing

Sportsheets Door Jam Kit

8. Sportsheets Door Jam Kit

Budget choice

Price: $ | Holdable Weight: 325 lbs. | Material: Nylon velcro | Hook Count: None | Features: 2x adjustable suspending straps; Neoprene-cushioned seat straps, 2x sturdy stirrups & handles

  • Most affordable sex swing
  • Best for sex swing beginners, apartment dwellers
  • Easy to set up, works on any door frame
  • Very portable; you can use and take it anywhere with you
  • Requires a strong-ass door for the best experience
  • Not the most comfortable
  • Limited sex positions

Have you ever fantasized about being thrown off the wall by your partner for some I-can’t-wait-to-get-off-your-clothes-I-want-you-now kind of sex?

Yes? No? Are you sure? Cuz this was always one of my fantasies. We’ve done it a couple of times, but we were mostly doing it from behind.

Some face-to-face action was a bit of a challenge because of our height difference. And extended lifts can be uncomfortable from time to time. That’s why we decided to try Sportsheets sex door swing.

The first time we used this swing, our experience was just out of this world. So, we decided to try and add more sex swings into our arsenal.

Now, a door sex swing is a practical buy if you want to try something new or see if using a swing will boost your sex life. It’s also great for couples on the go or those who live in houses with limited spaces for an entire mounted swing.

Setting this up is very easy. 1) You only need to hang both hooks on any sturdy closed door. 2) Now, you’re up and ready for some door bangin’ action.

What I like most about this door swing are its dedicated stirrups and handles that made climbing up and down fairly easy.

PRO TIP: Set the swing to a comfortable height before climbing up. Once you’re all set, pull the suspending straps to adjust and find the perfect height.

Unlike the others on our list, this is not the most comfortable, and positions are limited. BUT it’s a fair trade-off for couples who are still swinging their toes into weightless sex waters.

hanging sex sling showcased with specs

Don’t Forget the Attachments

Most swings come with “basic” attachments when you buy them—chains, springs, carabiners, body straps, etc. 

Some attachments like wrist cuffs, swivel hooks, support bars, even welded eyelet bolts are something that you need to buy extra

What? I still need to spend more money? Give me a break! I know. I thought about this too when I went into full-mode sex swing purchase.

But doesn’t it make sense to spend extra on attachments if you’re already investing in a swing that takes so much of your space, effort, and money?

HERE’S THE THING: getting these extras for your swing takes your pleasure and thrill to a whole new level. I mean, just look at us.

It’s kinda like buying a car with a basic package vs. adding a few extras you love. By customizing your swing, you get one hell of a product that gives you the comfort and versatility you care about.

Not sure what attachments come with your swing? Inspect the package or product description closely. You can find what’s included and what’s not.

You might discover that you’ll need to get additional accessories or attachments. You can get some that offer extra comfort and support and let you enjoy a variety of positions.

Most swings don’t come with headrest support. You can get this if you want to try horizontal positions with comfort. Ever tried holding your head horizontally for a few minutes with no support? Comfortable? I don’t think so.

Squatting attachments are another set of fantastic accessories. They give a major boost to squatting sex positions on your sex swing. Just make sure that they’re compatible with your swing.

For a list of other accessories to expand your experience, check this page out.

diy sex swing showing how to hang it

How to Use a Sex Swing

You can use a sex swing on your ceilings, doors, or walls. Even on a chin-up bar and a beam mount! But before you can use one, you have to know how to set it up properly.

Setting up a sex swing depends on the type of swing you have (more info on the next section).

For door sex swings, you only need to hook the tube-stoppers at the top of your door frame and slide them behind. Then shut the door to keep the swing firm and steady.

If you have a hanging sex swing or a sex sling, you have to drill hooks on your (bedroom) ceiling to attach the harness for suspension.

You also have the option to use a sex stand, so you won’t have to mount your swings or slings to any door or ceiling for support. 

Again, getting extra accessories like cuffs and headrests adds more pleasure and comfort to your flyin’ sexscapades. You can check our guide for more tips on how to make the most of your sex swing experience.

couple showing how sex swing work

Types of Sex Swings

Sex swings are categorized into three main types: door sex swings, hanging sex swings, and sex slings.

  • Door sex swings – the cheapest and easiest to set up, but you only get a limited range of motion and sex positions out of them. Plus, you need sturdy doors for them to work. A good starting swing for beginners, but you should get a free-hanging product for the best flying experience.
  • Hanging sex swings – come in one- and dual-point hook options. These body swings give you a full-suspension, weightless experience. One-hook swings can transform into 360-degrees spinning swings. Or you can simply get a spinning sex swing. Dual-hook swings don’t let you spin, but they offer more width that’s comfortable for peeps with wider hips.
  • Sex slings – these are the most comfortable because you mount them on 4-point hooks. Huh, you could even sleep on one! Yup, they’re that comfortable. These swings are perfect for older and plus-size couples and folks with physical limitations where comfort is the #1 priority.
  • Sex swing stands – not a sex swing per se but acts as a support for your swing or sling if you don’t want to drill holes on your ceiling. Quality stands are super secure, but they take quite a bit of space when out (though they are very compact when in parts). And yup, they’re quite expensive.

couple showing love swing in action

How Comfortable Are They?

Comfort is vital to choosing a good sex swing—like how adjustable is it? How secure are the adjustments? Does the swing come with wide seat straps, leg stirrups, handles, and a headrest?

You want to feel comfortable when you’re on your swing (pleasure over pain!), especially if you’re trying new sex positions you can’t find on the Kama Sutra.

The padding inside the straps is vital. Cheaper swings often have thin padding. Plus, the straps themselves are narrow, making the swingee susceptible to cuts and bruises.

I know I’ve been saying this for the nth time, but never, ever buy a sex swing on Amazon. You often find cheap, low-quality toys and counterfeits (and will make you lose faith in sex toys). NOT GOOD FOR YOUR COMFORT AND SAFETY.

For curvier folks, choose your sex swing wisely. If you have wider hips, you need wider sex swings with broader straps and thicker pads.

One-point hook swings are often narrower, while two-point hook swings are wider. Don’t let the fit models from the packaging or advertisements fool you.

They might be comfortable on the swing, but that might not be the case for you. If you have mobility issues, your best bet is a sex sling. It offers the highest comfort.

diy sex swing solutions presented

How Much Space You’ve Got? And Can You Drill The Holes?

Door sex swings are so popular because they take little space and require little effort to set up. 

BUT you’re depriving yourselves of the full-suspension experience that only full-fledged sex swings can offer. OH, HELL NO! ??‍♂️

Then if you have a hanging sex swing, you have to: drill a hole in the ceiling, buy a sex swing stand, or repurpose some other frame into a swing stand.

Each option has its drawbacks:

  • Drilling a hole in the ceiling – the most affordable option, but you need to find a secure place with a support beam to drill the hole. You can easily disguise the eye bolt and put a fake smoke detector or a hanging plant when not in use. Yet, some serious DIY skills are a must, and you can’t do this if you’re just renting your place.
  • Door sex swings – very portable and easy setup as long as you have solid doors. You can take a door swing on your travels and even mount it on a hotel door for some bangin’ action.
  • Sex swing stands – they’re a bit pricey and can take up the most space. But they’re heavy-duty pieces that are compact when disassembled. You also benefit from the extra surface to hold on to or for extra bondage play. It’s a long-term investment and a good one.

using chinup bar to hang sex swing

DIY: How To Install & Mount

Installing a hanging sex swing is very easy. You can simply drill a hole on your ceiling or mount your swing directly to a stand. For detailed steps on how to install a sex swing, check our installation guide

But if you don’t want to drill ‘em holes or pay more money for a stand, there are a few creative ways to make your own sex swing.

For example, you can use a chin-up bar on your door and attach your sex swing without drilling. Or, if you have gym bags at home, you can use their bars as mounts. The former works for both single- and dual-hook hanging swings.

Test your mount to make sure it holds your sex swing well. You need to be sure that you’re safe, so you can relax, levitate, and focus on your pleasure.

kamasutra of sex swing positions

Positions to Try

Sex swings offer a lot of sex positions that you can’t even find in the Kama Sutra! But before you get into some serious acrobatic action, adjust the swing height to your preferred position.

Be sure to play with the sex swing before having actual sex in it. You don’t want to end up with a sex swing that is way too high or low at the heat of the moment.

Check our best sex swing positions guide if you don’t want to miss out on all the juicy action.


Get a sex swing now and see how it takes your sex life to new heights.

Start with a cheaper door sex swing and move up to high-quality ones so that you can customize ‘em for the most comfortable and versatile flyin’ experience.

Show your partner (and yourself) what you’ve been missing all this time. You haven’t had the best sex until you’ve had sex in one of these swings.

Explore new angles, kinks, and different positions you never thought possible in the air. 

Ready, set, FLY! ?

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