10 Best Penis Sleeves [2021]: Most Realistic, Large & Thick Sheaths In One Place

Your search for the best penis sleeve is over! Looking for the most realistic, thick, or simply large cock sheath? Read on:

best penis extender

You don’t need to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars to satisfy your partner’s well-hung pornstar fantasy (or yours).

I spent over 30 hours scouring the web, reading user reviews, and crowdsourcing expert opinions to check if I’ve missed anything new in 2021.

I got 20+ different cock sheaths in total, tested them all, and evaluated each based on partner and user experience, quality, and overall sexual satisfaction.

THE RESULT? 10 of the best penis sheaths, so your partner could come harder and you last longer.

But if you can’t wait to show off your overnight schlong, here are our TOP THREE PICKS:

#1 – Get Vixen Colossus if you and your partner are after the most REALISTIC looking penis sleeve.

It’s as close to the real thing sliding inside of her as possible, thanks to its soft, high-quality silicone material. PLUS, its firm tip means that you don’t have to worry about being 100% erect before putting it on.

#2 – Now, if you’re looking for an AFFORDABLE option for your first penis-sleeve experience, get Lovehoney Mega Mighty.

It’s a soft but firm penis sleeve that increases the length and girth of your shaft, giving your size queen the perfect fill and thrill. Its lack of internal sensations also means that you can last longer.

But for a low price, you will need to give up some of the realism and get not that great of material…

#3 – Next, if variety and mutual sensations are your things, go with Perfect Fit Fat Boy.

It’s a textured sleeve that adds GIRTH, NOT LENGTH to your shaft for your partner’s satisfaction. And gentle internal nubs, so you also feel pleasurable sensations as you thrust inside and out.

The Top Cock Sleeves Available Today

lovehoney mega mighty

Mega Mighty


Price: $
Sleeve’s Girth: 1.5″
Insertable Length: 5.5″
Material: Soft Plastic
Feel: Flexible

Vixen Colossus

Vixen Colossus


Price: $$$
Sleeve’s Girth: 2.25″
Insertable Length: 6.75″
Material: Silicone
Feel: Realistic

Perfect Fit Fat Boy

Perfect Fit Fat Boy


Price: $$
Sleeve’s Girth: 1.25″
Insertable Length: 6.5″
Material: Silicone + TPR
Feel: Stretch, Realistic

There are tons of choices, but to navigate the minefield properly you first need to think about whether you want the sleeve to help:

  • With ED,
  • To increase the size (length, girth, or both),
  • Or decrease sensations to be able to last longer.

Got it? Good. With this in mind keep checking the best options:

Best for ED

There are times when she wants you to keep going, but no matter how much you want it your buddy down there disagrees.

Well, that’s where a realistic feeling sleeve comes to play. My suggestion is not to save money on this as you want the sleeve to feel as real as possible.

vixen colossus penis extender different models

1. Vixen Colossus ⭐

SexualAlpha top pick

Material: Silicone | Length: 10” | Insertable Length: 6.75” | Girth: 2.25” | Feel: Realistic | Size Options: 3 (girth and length)

  • Made from soft, high-quality silicone
  • Hard tip makes it easy to use even when half erect
  • Handy color and size choices for a perfect fit
  • Not cheap
  • No internal sensations for men

Vixen Colossus is the most popular option between monster cock seekers.

It is great for guys with ED challenges, smaller penises, and if you like realism and veins.

If you don’t want extra sensations, want to last long, and give the size girlfriend wants this is an excellent solution to the problem.

Just keep in mind that because of the ball strap, you cannot trim this toy. Either you get the size right, or it’s not going to fit. Vixen models aren’t too stretchy.

2. RX Sleeve

Custom made ED penis sleeve

Material: Silicone | Length: 6.5” – 8.6” | Insertable Length: 3.5” – 6” | Girth: 2.25” | Feel: Realistic | Size Options: Many (custom made)

rx sleeve demonstration

RX sleeve offers custom-made penis sleeves that help with erectile dysfunction and offers many sizes.

However, it’s pricey. Expect to say goodbye to approx $400.

It does feel realistic, has an adjustable waist, and is the only FDA-approved penis extender company.

Best Budget Penis Sleeve

These are NOT the highest quality options, but they are cheap. Great to fool around, give a sleeve for a trial run to see if they come anywhere close to your expectations.

I really dont suggest using them over long term. Pulling condom over these would be also a good idea as the materials are not the safest. With low price manufacturers are forced to make shortcuts and in this case material quality suffers.

lovehoney mega mighty large cock extension

3. Lovehoney mega Mighty 1-3″

The best budget large penis extension

Material: Soft plastic | Length: 8.5” | Insertable Length: 5.5” | Girth: 1.5” | Feel: Realistic, flexible | Size Options: 3 (size and color)

  • Great value for the price
  • Big increased size
  • A perfect balance of firmness and softness
  • Reduces feelings for men
  • Challenging to put on

While this penis sleeve is not 100% silicone, it doesn’t contain phthalates. It also doesn’t have a weird smell.

A broad spectrum of users and experts recommend it as the first budget penis sleeve. The $30–40 range is pretty good.

Use this only to test the waters. If you like the penis sleeve idea, invest in quality, body-safe silicone items that will last you for years.

You’ll discover that Mega Mighty has the perfect balance of stability, yet not too jiggly.

The tip of the head is firm, but not too stiff.

Best for Adding Length & Girth

This is for cases when you just want to add thickness, or maybe you dont know what you want. If you’ve never tried a sheath, its hard to pick the right dimensions straight away.

In this case #5 bundle is best – you can try between 6 options, decide what sensations and size you like… And then proceed to find a high quality version of your choice.

perfect fit fat boy cock sheath

4. Perfect Fit Fat Boy

The most realistic penis girth sleeve

Material: Silicone + TPR | Length: 5.5” – 7.5” | Insertable Length: Stretchy | Girth: 2.25” | Feel: Life like, skin feel | Size Options: 10 length, girth and texture choices

  • Stretchy, will fit any size
  • Many size, texture & girth choices
  • Durable and realistic feel
  • Doesn’t increase the length
  • Cannot use when flaccid

Fat Boy textured penis extensions add girth to the penis, not length and adding interesting sensations during sex.

They feel like a thick condom, but inner knubs will provide extra sensations for a man.

You can choose between clear and black colors. Don’t buy this if you’re looking to increase length. Some like to use this as a reusable condom.

5. Mega Mighty Enhancement Kit (6 pieces)

Most versatile penis sleeve kit

Material: Soft plastic | Add: 2” or 3” | Girth: 2.0” | Feel: Realistic | Size Options: 6 piece kit, various sizes

mega mighty kit

What if you find it challenging to decide between different sizes, vibrating options, or not.. whether you want girth or length increase sleeve?

Don’t choose! Have it all! In this kit you’ll have:

  • 2″ increase in length sleeve
  • 3″ increase in length sleeve
  • girth penis sleeve
  • adjustable cock ring
  • and vibrating penis sleeve with a removable bullet to use elsewhere

It’s an excellent value for a kit, and you don’t need to worry about not getting the measurements right and can adjust things to your liking.

6. 1″ Silicone Clear Penis Extender

A budget body-safe silicone penis sleeve

Material: Silicone | Length: 5.5” | Insertable Length: 5.5” | Girth: 1.25” | Feel: Flexible | Size Options: 1 (but has 2 color choices)

Lovehoney 1 Extra Inch Silicone Penis Extender

This is one size, one extra inch adding penis sheath for a great price ($20-30 range).

It will fit great if you have an average size penis and the stretchy nature of it helps with a snug fit.

There is also a defined head and realistic veins that only add to the experience and lifelike feel.

7. Traz Rhino

For size increase & extra sensations

Material: Silicone | Length: 8” | Insertable Length: 4.5” – 7” | Girth: 1.75” – 2” | Feel: Soft, non-realistic | Size Options: 4 (girth and length)

The Rhino Stampede Vanilla Wave

Traz Rhino creates high-quality penis sleeves. It is the best choice for guys who are average-sized, and WHO KNOW that their wifey is a size queen.

Note that Traz penis sleeve also gives pleasurable sensations for a guy.

With the sleeve on, pleasure comes from inner sleeve ridges, not her vagina.

Sleeves come in 4 colors: vanilla, cinnamon tan, chocolate or purple.

Best Vibrating Penis Sleeve

We all know by now that women mostly come from clitoral stimulation. So extra vibrations somewhere there cannot possibly hurt, right? 🙂

Instead of fighting with 2 items: sleeve + cock ring – pick a combo unit and get the best of both worlds. Yes, you’ll usually end up compromising on quality of vibrator, but maybe she or you don’t need much. Vibrations add just that extra bit of variety.

8. Lovehoney Vibro 3″

The best vibrating penis extension

Material: Soft plastic | Length: 8” | Insertable Length: 5″ | Girth: 1.5″ | Feel: Soft, flexible | Size Options: 1 (but two colors)

vibro mega

This is a modification of Mega Mighty and comes with an added 7 function bullet vibrator that will add extra fun.

The ball loop keeps the sleeve firmly in place.

There are extra ridges on top of the sleeve to add clitoral stimulation.

It’s a good budget choice, but it’s not going to last long due to the material.

9. Pipedreams Fantasy X-tensions Deluxe

A vibrating penis sleeve to help last longer

Material: Silicone | Length: 4.75” | Insertable Length: 4.75” | Girth: 1.3” | Feel: Realistic | Size Options: 3 (girth and length)

fantasy xtension penis sheath

This variation of cock ring and penis sleeve enhances erections and has a vibrating bullet and clit ticker for her pleasure.

This open-ended sleeve wins in looks and adds a bit of texture during the intercourse.

You can also use a penis sleeve and bullet vibe separately.

Best for PE

Similar to ED, sometimes you just get too excited…she’s too sexy and you cannot handle yourself as long as you would wish.

I would most recommend something from #4 PerfectFit sleeve options. Think thick condom. You still want to feel something, but not too much.

Well, but if you’re ready for something fancy, you can look at Flint below. It has open tip giving you some sensations, but the rest of the sleeve is closed.

It’s a fun item:

10. Bad Dragon Flint Cock Sheath

Fantasy wearable penis enhancer

Material: Silicone | Insertable length: 5” | Girth: 2.2” | Feel: Soft, realistic | Size Options: 3 (girth and length)

Bad Dragon Flint Cock Sheath

If you like something not realistic and all, yet body-safe, Bad Dragon company makes fun fantasy wearable sleeves.

Keep in mind that you need a hard penis to use and fit only average to big penis owners.

Buying Guide: Choosing a Penis Extender & Sleeve

To choose the right cock extension for you, it helps to first think of a penis sleeve as a sex toy that enhances your sex life or confidence.

There are many reasons to use it and learn more about what is a penis sleeve.

But when deciding between one or another, you need to consider the size, sensations that you get, and whether you want it to help with ED.

Here are different reasons why people buy cock sleeves:

  • Do you want to feel like a fucking champ while wearing it?
  • You and your lover want you to be the size of a horse? (is she a size-queen?)
  • Don’t want anything huge, just something to spice things up a bit?
  • Do you want it to help with ED?
  • As a way to numb sensations and last longer (fix PE issues)?
  • Are you looking to increase length? Girth? Both? If so, how much?
  • Eco-friendly alternative to the condom?
  • Is it essential that it’s realistic? Skin-feel or ridiculous is good?
  • Are you smaller than average and want to get bigger? (most sleeves tailor to average-size guys, so you must be cautious)
  • Do you want something cheap (but not body-safe, porous, smelly, sticky)? Or you want a penis sheath that’s made from medical-grade silicone and lasts for a long time?
  • Is it okay if there’s a ball loop for attachment? Do you want a bullet vibrator with a sex toy too?

Some sleeves like Fit Fat Boy are like thick condoms giving increased girth, decreasing sensations, but still giving you some.

For example, if you want penis sleeve to help with ED, you won’t feel a lot since the sleeve needs to be hard enough to be used without any erection.

Then it’s essential to communicate with your partner.

Does She Want You To Suddenly Gain Monster-Size Penis?

If she’s not on board, you just threw your money in the garbage.

One thing is if you know for a fact that she’s a size queen who likes more giant toys.

Maybe you found her secret toy drawer with bigger toys? Then it’s cool.

But what if she’s tight already and the look of gigantic cock instills fear in her?

“Baby, that’s not gonna happen.”

If unsure, better talk to her and avoid wasted time and money.

What Type Of Penis Sleeves are There?

There are many types of penis sleeves and they come in many different materials.

Most cheaper cock sleeves like Pipedream and Mega Mighty are not body-safe. They use TPR, TPE, and silicone combinations, making them porous (not an excellent long-term option).

The longest-lasting and non-porous best material for sleeves is silicone.

So while you can buy a cheaper sleeve to test waters, you should invest in a quality silicone penis sleeve if you like the play.

different types of cock extensions showcased

Then when choosing penis sleeves, you’ll notice these kinds of different designs:

  • Sleeve with a ball strap – it’s a closed-ended sleeve that you strap around your balls to keep it around securely.
  • Penis sleeve with suction type mechanism – straps are annoying, and suction is a good alternative. It’s harder to apply it correctly though.
  • Added vibrations – on top of the sleeve, there is an added bullet vibrator that can stimulate her clit and add extra sensations
  • Hollow strap-on dildos – these are hollow penis sleeves that use a harness to keep it secured.

Choosing The Right Size (Length & Girth)

Make sure the sleeve fits your penis. Fail to do this, and you won’t have an enjoyable experience.

Pay special attention to sleeve length and girth.

Most penis enhancers are made to increase girth, not so much length, and are made usually for AVERAGE size guys. Be careful with circumference because it may be too much for her.

This requires a correct measurement of your erect penis length. Later you can fit it with the right cock sheath.

Some sleeves are “one size fits all,” and you can trim it to fit your penis. Add some water based lube, pop the ball loop, and you’re good to go.

But if you’re smaller than average, be careful about extra girth.

If you’re larger than average count, on the fact that some cock sleeves will be too small for you.

If you’re average penis size (as described in this study1) — 4.5″-7″ then you are in luck. You’ll have immense leeway and most choices.

If you’re not average, make sure you carefully analyze sleeve girth, length, internal sizes, and compare yourself.

When you’re done with technical stuff and already ordered your top choice, that’s when the fun stuff starts.

Keep this guide handy where we explain step-by-step how to use a penis sleeve & get the most out of it.

If you still have some questions, please ask below I’m happy to help!


  1. “Am I normal? A systematic review and construction of nomograms for flaccid and erect penis length and circumference in up to 15 521 men’”. BJU International. https://bjui-journals.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/bju.13010.
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