5 Best Open Mouth Gags: BDSM Mouth Openers

If you want to gag your pretty little plaything AND still enjoy their mouth, then check out the best open mouth gags.

Open Mouth Gags

Ball gags, bit gags, penis dildo gags…they are all fun in their own special way. BUT, they do take away that hole as an option for your sexual gratification.

There is something super hot about having a silent sub with their mouth open wide, drooling uncontrollably, and waiting for your cock…

So, if you’re itching to kick your gag play up a notch, then read on!

The Best BDSM Open Mouth Gags

Open mouth gags don’t differ much from one to the other. They only have one job to do, right? 

So, the choice really comes down to the type of mouth opener you’d like, the materials, size, and aesthetics. We’ll delve into those details a little later. 

But for now, here are the 5 BDSM mouth openers that we like best.

Top Open Mouth Gags In 2021

Bondage Boutique O-Ring Gag

Bondage Boutique O-Ring Gag


Price: $$$
Gag Material: Silicone
Gag Size: 1.5” (outer diameter)
Strap Material: Leather
Length: 21.5”

DOMINIX Deluxe Lip Gag

DOMINIX Deluxe Lip Gag


Price: $
Gag Material: Silicone
Gag Size: 1.5”
Strap Material: Faux leather
Length: 23.5”

Scandal Stopper O-Ring Gag

Scandal Stopper O-Ring Gag


Price: $$
Gag Material: Silicone
Gag Size: 2”
Strap Material: Silicone
Length: 26.5”

DOMINIX Deluxe Silicone Open Mouth Lip Gag

1. DOMINIX Deluxe Silicone Open Mouth Lip Gag

Gag Material: Silicone | Gag Size: 1.5” | Strap Material: Faux leather | Length: 23.5” | Fastening: Buckle | Additional Features: Accentuated lips

This open mouth gag is made from super flexible silicone. The squishiness makes it really comfortable for both dom and sub.

The wearer can actually close their mouth to swallow if they really need to, which makes it a great starter gagging toy.

It’s probably too tame for the BDSM veterans wanting stricter restraint though. 

The inner rim of the mouth gag fits neatly behind your subs teeth…keeping them nicely out of the way.

The material doesn’t have much ‘slip’ though, so use a little lube to slide your cock in.

Bondage Boutique XL Silicone O-Ring Gag

2. Bondage Boutique XL Silicone O-Ring Gag

Gag Material: Silicone | Gag Size: 1.5” (outer diameter) | Strap Material: Leather | Length: 21.5” | Fastening: Buckle

This oral gag provides a more rigid restraint. The sturdy O-ring is completely coated in smooth silicone, so no damage to your sub’s teeth if they try to bite down. 

One disappointing thing with this piece is the mislabeling as XL.

If you have an average size cock or larger, then you’ll struggle to get more than the tip through the o-ring. 

So, not the best option for forced oral. 

BUT it does look super kinky and it still has a decent mouth-stretch to have your sub soaking in saliva no time. 

Scandal Silicone Stopper O-Ring Gag

3. Scandal Silicone Stopper O-Ring Gag

Gag Material: Silicone | Gag Size: 2” | Strap Material: Silicone | Length: 26.5” | Fastening: Buckle slider | Additional Features: Plug on a chain

This open mouth gag is made entirely of silicone. The mouthpiece, the straps, and the stopper that plugs your sub’s mouth.

That little extra is great for stifling their moans!

The O-ring measures 2” in diameter, giving a slightly wider stretch than the Bondage Boutique gag.

But, this one is more flexible so if the stopper is removed, the wearer can bite down to avoid jaw ache.

The silicone strap with the buckle slider can get a bit fiddly though and doesn’t stay in place as a buckle with pin fastener would.

DOMINIX Deluxe Silicone O-Ring Gag

4. DOMINIX Deluxe Silicone O-Ring Gag

Gag Material: Silicone | Strap Material: Silicone | Length: 22.5” | Fastening: Buckle | Additional Features: Lockable strap

This O-ring gag is covered in medical-grade silicone for a velvety smooth feel. The added comfort makes it suitable for wearing in longer scenarios or during rougher play. 

But there are two things that set this mouth ring gag apart: its lockability and the metal connecting rings.

The latter gives you more options for power-play fun. You can attach leads, reigns, or straps to restrain your sub even further.

Stockroom O-Ring Gag

5. Stockroom O-Ring Gag

Gag Material: Silicone | Gag Size: S: 1.75″ / M: 2.125″ / L: 2.5″ | Strap Material: Leather | Fastening: D-ring buckle

This sexy little number is a simple metal O-ring gag wrapped in leather. The straps are also made of soft subtle leather. 

They fasten to fit any sized head by looping one of the straps through the D-ring buckle. 

While leather does look proper badass for bondage, it’s extremely porous meaning nasty bacteria can settle inside it.

You can ‘clean’ it with mild soap and water, but it won’t be sanitized completely. 

If you want an open mouth gag you can share with partners, then go for a silicone gag.

So, you’ve seen the goods now it’s time to figure out which type of open mouth gag you fancy.

Here’s what you need to know to make your choice: 

What Is An Open Mouth Gag and Why Use Them?

An open mouth gag is exactly what it sounds like…a sex device to hold the mouth open! 

It’s a great way of adding extra kink to bedroom bondage, BDSM scenes, role play, humiliation, and power play. 

For the wearer, an open mouth gag can enhance arousal by making them feel even more submissive. And for the dom/domme, it can turn them on by reinforcing their dominance. 

Some fetishists also love the drool that is part and parcel of open mouth gags.

Plus, BDSM mouth gags just look HOT!

Types Of Mouth Gags

There is a whole world of gagging toys out there to explore. Open mouth gags, or O-Ring gags, are just the tip of a very kinky ice-berg! 

The most popular oral gags are:

Ball Gags: Come as a solid ball or a hollow ball with holes for easy breathing. They are great for restricting verbal communication and swallowing. 

Bit Gags: Similar in style and effect to the ball gags, they are a solid bar styled on a horse’s bridle. 

Inflatable gags: These are usually in the form of a small rubber ‘balloon’ which can be inflated by a hand pump.

Penis gags: This is kind of like an adult pacifier shaped like a penis! It’s strapped into the sub’s mouth, forcing them to suck. They can also have an external dildo attachment for face-fucking fun!

Tape gags: A quick n easy way to gag your sub is with tape.

Muzzle gags: For kinksters into pony play or animal play, muzzle gags are an over-the-mouth gag that resembles a muzzle used on animals. 

Medical gags: Medical and dental gags like the Jennings gag or spider gags are metal devices that hold the sub’s mouth wide open for longer periods of time.

What To Watch Out For When Buying Your Open Mouth Gag?


If you’re just starting out on your BDSM journey, then start small and build up. Even the most experienced porn stars have trouble wearing open mouth gags for longer than 20mins. 

Go too big too soon, and you risk painful jaw ache or worse, lockjaw.

If you have trouble opening wide enough even for the smaller o-ring gags, try a bit gag. They are much less stressful on the jaw but will still leave you drooling.

O-Ring Material

Your main choice when it comes to O-ring material will be metal or silicone. You also have metal o-rings covered in silicone or leather. 

The two things to keep in mind when making your decision will be… 

  1. your teeth…careful of chipping on metal; 
  2. ease of cleaning…silicone and stainless steel can be sanitized, leather can’t.

One more thing about leather… wearing an open mouth gag makes you drool. A LOT. 

Leather doesn’t do so well in excess water. It has some resistance, sure, but over time it will become stiff and lose that lovely soft supple texture.

Quality & Adjustability Of Straps

The strap material, thickness, and fastening will all have an impact on the look and feel. Silicone is great for the mouthpiece itself, but not the most comfortable when it comes to straps. 

Soft leather or faux leather that won’t chafe the skin will be your best bet. 

Also, think about how easy the straps are to adjust. An ill-fitting gag can really hurt if too tight, or just become pointless if too loose.

A strap with holes and a buckle usually gives the best overall fit. 

Want the Most Extreme Mouth Opener?

There are open mouth gags and then, there are OPEN MOUTH GAGS! 

Most O-ring gags aren’t going to give you a hole wide enough to insert an erect penis. They are mostly for visual stimulation, getting your drool on, and enhancing the dominant and submissive roles during power-play.

So, if you want anoral gag that will allow for some face and throat fucking, then go for the more extreme medical gags. 

Most Jennings gags or spider gags will allow you to stretch the mouth open wide enough to allow you to insert a penis. 

ALWAYS have a safe signal agreed before getting into any gagging scene!

Need More Info On Gagging Toys?

Inspiration on how to use BDSM mouth openers

An open mouth gag is a great item to have in your bondage kit. Combine it with cuffs, restraining straps, and/or a spreader bar and enjoy being in complete control. 

If you can’t get your cock in through the O-ring, you can always cum or piss in your sub’s mouth… Take care though, swallowing is made difficult with open-mouth gags and there is a danger they could choke!

Another option is to fuck their open mouth with a smaller dildo. (Remember that choking hazard!) Get that toy nice and wet with your sub’s drool and then slip it into another hole of your choice…

You can also use your fingers to play with your sub’s tongue. Or, get your sub to extend their tongue and have them give your cock, pussy, or ass a sloppy lick.

If you like a little humiliation play, get your man to wear an open mouth gag and then paint his lips with a bright red or pink lipstick. 

How to make a mouth gag?

Take a trip to your local hardware store and look for a metal O ring. You can make straps by attaching some rope or leather strips. 

Just be careful with bare metal o-rings, as you can chip the wearer’s teeth. 

To avoid that, you can get even more crafty and wrap it in soft leather from a craft store. 

Open Wide Baby!

So, there you have it fellow kinksters. Your guide to the best open mouth gag.

All that’s left for you to do is…open wide and say, “Ahhhhhh”! 

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