10 Best Onaholes & Meiki Reviewed In 2021: (Tightest & Most Realistic)

If you crave for authentic and unbeatable realism, keep reading as we review the best onaholes in all categories that will satisfy your fantasy:

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Do you crave a realistic sex feeling whenever you want, wherever you are and even if you’re playing alone? 

Then you’ve cum to the right place. 

Having tried everything from Fleshlights to milking machines to cheap weird off-brand pocket pussies…

…I can say that generally, Onaholes deliver the most authentic experience for the best price.

Seems like the Japanese really take their realistic flesh feeling seriously. 

Today we’re taking a deep dive into the best Onaholes money can buy right now. 

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Best Mouth Onahole

Blowjobs more your thing? In that case, you’ll want the Magic Eyes La Bocca Della Verita. Beautiful lips, detailed tongue and throat textures… it even has a uvula and teeth! All that makes for a stunningly genuine blowjob simulator.

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Best Overall (SexualAlpha Top Pick)

Best overall, the Meiki Zhang Xiao Yu. Hard to pronounce but easy to get off with, this thing is on a whole new level of realism I didn’t know existed thanks to the dual layer technology and ridiculously good material. It’s also fully waterproof for bath or shower time fun.

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Most Realistic Onahole

Then we have the Puni Ana SPDX for most realistic. This beauty is built around a skeleton with artificial flesh in between, so it feels more like sex with a real woman than a stroker. It’s small enough that it’s easy to store, but solid enough to feel like more than just a sleeve. 

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Top 3 Onaholes in 2021

La Bocca Della Verita

Magic Eyes La Bocca Della Verita


Price: $$
Internal length: 5 in
Type: Mouth
Weight: 0.9 lbs

Meiki Zhang Xiao Yu

Meiki Zhang Xiao Yu’s Onahole


Price: $$
Internal length: 5.5 in
Type: Vagina
Weight: 1.75 lbs

Puni Ana SPDX

Puni Ana SPDX


Price: $$$
Internal length: 6 in
Type: Vagina + ass
Weight: 8.8 lbs

Top Onaholes in 2021

Meiki Zhang Xiao Yu’s Onahole

1. Meiki Zhang Xiao Yu’s Onahole 

SexualAlpha Top Pick – Best Overall

Price: $$ | Internal Length: 5.5 in | Type: Vagina | Weight: 1.75 lbs 

  • Realistic feeling
  • Perfectly positioned g-spot
  • Incredible softness
  • Hard to use hands-free
  • Delicate

Just taking this work of art out of the box you can tell it’s going to be something special. It’s got some weight to it and a satisfying jiggle. Not to mention that skin texture is something else! 

It’s shockingly realistic compared to your average Fleshlight, too. They claim to use dual-layer technology to achieve this result, but I’m convinced there’s some witchcraft involved somehow. 

It’s tight and grippy, almost like the real thing, and the exaggerated g-spot is perfectly positioned to massage the glans when thrusting. 

It feels so real that I almost want to call it “she”.

So soft I want to ask her about her skincare routine. 

All that luxurious softness does come at a slight cost. The three layers are quite delicate and easily torn, so don’t be too rough or scratch it. 

Plus because the material is so soft it will collect dust easily, so make sure you clean and dry it properly after every use if you want it to last a long time.

And trust me, you will definitely want it to last a long time!

Magic Eyes La Bocca Della Verita

2. Magic Eyes La Bocca Della Verita

Best Mouth Onahole

Price: $$ | Internal Length: 5 in | Type: Mouth | Weight: 0.9 lbs

  • Realistic deep-throat
  • Removable tongue
  • Very stretchy
  • Some people might find it creepy
  • A bit tight for bigger members

Want it to feel like your birthday every day? 

I’ve tried plenty of blowjob machines before, and for realism, there’s no beating this one. 

Everything is super soft and stretchy, except for the hard plastic teeth – it’s a very convincing oral simulator! 

The tongue is removable so you can enjoy the walls of the toy like a traditional sleeve, but leaving the tongue in makes a huge difference in realism.

If you’re on the girthy side then the Verita might feel a bit tight, especially with those hard plastic teeth. You could always cut them out if you’re up for a bit of sex toy DIY, of course. 

In short, the only way they could make this any more accurate was if the tongue actually moved. (Although when I think about it, that might be a little creepy… ?)

Puni Ana SPDX

3. Puni Ana SPDX

Most Realistic

Price: $$$ | Internal Length: 6 in | Type: Vagina + ass | Weight: 8.8 lbs 

  • Solid and weighty
  • Curved vaginal hole for more sensation
  • The bone structure feels genuine
  • Skeleton makes it harder to clean
  • An anal hole could be more interesting

The Puni Ana SPDX is like a middle ground between a stroker and a full-size sex doll or torso. 

It’s basically a scaled-down replica of a female torso, complete with hips, ribs and pelvis. 

It might seem odd reading about the bones in a masturbator, but if you hold one in your hands it all makes sense. 

The vagina hole is perfectly curved to stimulate the penis head. The anal hole is similar, just tighter and straighter. They could have done something to make the butt hole a bit more different, in my opinion, but it’s no big deal.

The two holes connect at the end for easier cleaning, which is handy since you can’t turn it inside out and rinse. Drying is the most tedious part of the process – using a hair dryer with no heat is helpful. 

The skeleton and weight behind the SPDX intensify the experience hugely. You can grab and hold onto it while thrusting, which makes a huge difference. It feels more like having sex than any handheld stroker. 

If you like the idea of a full-body or torso experience but you’re not sure about the cost, then this would make a great starting point.

Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro

4. Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro

Softest Vagina Onahole

Price: $$ | Internal Length: 5 in | Type: Vagina | Weight: 2 lbs 

  • Ultra-soft material
  • Perfect if you’re sensitive
  • Not as stimulating as some people like
  • Not much suction

Entering this thing is like a cloud. I think it’s some of the softest material I’ve encountered so far. It’s tight (hence the “virgin” description) but so yielding I couldn’t believe it’s only a single texture. 

The feeling is so subtle that if you suffer from the dreaded Death Grip Syndrome, you might be a bit disappointed. It’s much gentler than using your hand, which I love, but it might not be to everyone’s taste. 

To get the most out of the Fuwatoro, you have to take it slow and enjoy the whispery, squishy sensations. Ideal for edging and long build-up play. 

If you’re sensitive and enjoy gentler stimulation, the Fuwatoro is exactly what you’re looking for. 

It makes a good stress ball, too! 

Thrust Pro Mini Andi

5. Thrust Pro Mini Andi

Best Ass Onahole

Price: $ | Internal Length: 5 in | Type: Butt | Weight: 0.45 lb

  • Small and portable
  • Vibrator compatible
  • The internal texture doesn’t vary

The interior of this toy is shaped like anal beads, but(t) in reverse.

The ripple effect combined with the narrow opening makes this a great anal toy for any butt lovers out there. 

It’s light and portable for easy travel and the slot for a vibrator means you can add more stimulation besides stroking. 

Oh, and did I mention the best part? Andi is a steal at just $20

That means it’s less than half the price of a Fleshlight sleeve. If you’re new to masturbators this would be a good place to start. 

If you like it – great! You can graduate to something more elaborate. 

And if not, well it was only twenty bucks. ??‍♂️ You can’t lose!

Hibiki Otsuki

6. Hibiki Otsuki

Best Texture

Price: $$ | Internal Length: 6 in | Type: Vagina | Weight: 1.5 lbs

  • Ribbon folds give great suction
  • Doesn’t need much lube
  • Not very durable

Another onahole in the likeness of an adult model, this time Japan’s Hibiki Otsuki. 

Compared to our top pick, the Meiki ZXY, this sleeve is a bit less realistic, instead going for more detailed and noticeable textures

The varying, undulating texture is the perfect blend of realism and stimulation

Plus it’s so smooth and yielding that you don’t need lots of lube to use it – even during long sessions, it will keep gliding beautifully with only a small amount. That means less mess to clean up.

The supple material does have one minor downside; it tears easier than some other sleeves.

It should last a long time if taken care of properly, but if you like to be rough with your strokers then the Hibiki Otsuki won’t last forever. 

Julia Onahole

7. Julia Onahole

Best for Suction

Price: $$ | Internal Length: 6 in | Type: Vagina | Weight: 1.5 lbs

  • Curves inside for extra sensation
  • Beautiful breasts
  • A little wobbly

This is a stroker with something extra to look at. Julia’s breasts are big, bouncy and super fun to play with.

Well, they’re relatively big at least. Julia is a scaled-down model, the body of a beautiful woman in a portable size. 

The internal curve combined with the g-spot feature are ideally positioned to massage the glans. You can also turn it 90 degrees for a new feeling.

The breasts make it a bit floppy in the middle, so it’s difficult to use one-handed. But when you have so much yielding flesh to play with and enjoy, why wouldn’t you want to use both hands?

With Julia, there’s no chance of getting bored. You can play with the tits or change position to keep yourself entertained at all times. 

Realistic Onahole Torso

8. Realistic Onahole Torso (Vaginal and Anal)

Best Value Onahole

Price: $$ | Internal Length: 5.7 in vagina, 4.5 in butt | Type: Vagina, Butt | Weight: 5.9 lbs

  • Full body experience but smaller
  • Spine support
  • Butt has great suction
  • Heavy to carry for travel

Now I know what you’re thinking. 

This isn’t the cheapest toy here, so why is it the best value? 

Well, that’s because this torso has three uses in one, and they’re all great. 

The full breasts are good for foreplay to get yourself worked up.

The vagina has lots of textured bumps and nodules for maximum stimulation and a stretchy 5.7” of insertable length. 

Whereas the ass is smaller and tighter, with some impressive suction too.

The built-in spine means it will stay in shape however you use it. That’s right, you can even put her on top for some riding action! 

The fact that it’s so good for so many different modes of pleasure makes this toy the best value onahole in my book. 

Thrust Pro Elite Alana (Vaginal and Anal)

9. Thrust Pro Elite Alana (Vaginal and Anal)

Life-Size Onahole

Price: $$$ | Internal Length: 7.5 in vagina, 5.5 in butt | Type: Vagina, Butt | Weight: 15.4 lbs

  • Feels responsive
  • Very spankable ass
  • Great curves
  • Hard to clean
  • Not submersible

Two openings with ribbed holes. 

An ass you can stroke, squeeze and spank to your heart’s content. 

What’s not to love about the Alana Thrust Pro? 

With a US dress size of 6-8, this lady has some gorgeous curves for you to admire and get stuck in. 

Both holes are lovely and grippy, which combined with the curves and the nice round ass means you can enjoy almost any position. 

The weight of it feels more real than any stroker and keeps it in place however hard you want to pound it. It’s like Alana pushes back as you thrust, so it’s mentally realistic as well as physically. 

It takes a long time to wash and dry and you have to keep powdering Alana to keep it in good shape. 

But it feels so real that you can’t help but want to take care of her. 

Real Body Julia Life-Size

10. Real Body Julia Life-Size

Best Torso

Price: $$$ | Internal Length: 6.7 in | Type: Torso | Weight: 44 lbs

  • Vagina and ass meet for easier cleaning
  • Breasts are mesmerizing to touch
  • The color isn’t very realistic

We’ve saved the biggest for last. 

It’s a life-size torso model of the beautiful Julia, an AV star from Japan. 

The squishy tits are a wonder to behold. Whether touching them with your hands or using them to stroke yourself off, I can’t imagine any man getting bored of those beauties. 

I couldn’t help but think they could have colored Julia’s nipples and entrances to make it more realistic. Everything feels nice and real, but if you crave a perfectly lifelike appearance you might be a little disappointed with the look. 

Pro tip: If you buy a Julia it’s a good idea to invest in a douche cleaning kit for easier cleaning. It’s too hefty to rinse in the sink, and as with every onahole cleaning, it thoroughly is essential. 

What to look out for when buying an Onahole?

Types of Onaholes 

There’s something for everyone to explore and enjoy. You want the right tool for the job… or the right job for your tool! Click through below for types of onaholes.


Many of the bigger toys have internal bone structures for added realistic feeling and weight. They often have multiple layers for better softness and tightness. Not to mention the weight behind those thick walls feels like entering a real woman!

Best for: Fans of the full-body experience


These give you quality simulated blowjobs that are hard to beat in terms of realistic look and feel. They’re usually super squishy, have tongues and even teeth for verisimilitude!

Best for: blowjob lovers 


Ranging from about 4 lbs to over 15, these nice big butts will bring a smile to your face. The size and weight of them mean a more lifelike thrusting sensation as you feel the resistance of those hips against you.

Best for: Guys who aren’t sure about a full-size doll, or are on a budget


Sometimes you just want to play with a nice pair of boobs. You can use them for tit masturbation or just something to fondle and relax with.

Best for: Boob connoisseurs 


Onaholes are some of the most detailed and supple vagina toys money can buy. Some are designed based on real adult stars, while others are anime-focused. Either way, the hyperrealistic skin-like textures on some of these toys have to be felt to be believed.

Best for: Well who doesn’t love vaginas?


These are normally similar inside to the vagina onaholes, but with tighter openings. Insertable length is usually shorter, and the suction in some of these holes is crazy!

Best for: butt lovers

Note that many onaholes have combinations of the above features. Vagina masturbators sometimes have butt openings as well, there are strokers with breasts, etc. 

Check The Size

More size feels truer to life which is great. But you have to keep them clean, dust-free and safe.

Onaholes range from extra-small strokers you can fit in your pocket to life-size bodies.

There’s something for everyone, so consider how often you’ll use it, whether you want it for travel or strictly home use, ease of cleaning and storage. 

What About the Tightness?

Is tighter really better? 

I don’t have an answer, this isn’t a TED talk. 

But Japanese manufacturers certainly seem to think so! 

Even their looser models are tighter than your average Fleshlight.

And if they’re not grippy enough on their own, you can squeeze the stroker-style toys with your hands for more pressure. 


They range from about 15 bucks to hundreds of dollars for a full-size body.

Whatever your budget, you’ll find something that fits. ?

Just remember like with any sex toy, you get what you pay for. Don’t expect cheaper onaholes to last forever. 


I’ve used the word “soft” so many times in this roundup that it’s started to lose all meaning. 

But I can’t help it. Almost all of them feel pillow-like and wobbly, sometimes even more so than real flesh!

Most onaholes are made of substances like TPE, which is a porous flexible plastic. It’s the go-to material for most male masturbators. 

Cleaning + Maintenance

If you’ve been doing your homework, you’ll know that TPE has to be kept clean and dry to prevent bacteria building up inside and ruining the toy. 

A lot of the smaller onaholes can be turned inside out, so cleanup is a breeze. Simply invert the sleeve and wash with water and a gentle cleaning detergent. Soap is fine, a dedicated toy cleaner is better. 

If you have a bigger onahole that can’t turn inside out, it’s a good idea to get a douche cleaning kit and then clean it out with a microfiber cloth on a long flexible handle.

And don’t forget to keep the material nice and fresh with cornstarch! Otherwise, they’ll collect dust in storage which is harder to scrub off. 

Onaholes vs Fleshlights

The debate comes down to which is more important to you: realism or maximum stimulation. 

  • Fleshlights are designed to look like real orifices with internal textures that are meant to provide maximum stimulation depending on what you’re looking for.
  • Fleshlights are meant to be used in their cases too to give you a more powerful sucking sensation.
  • Fleshlights are also longer on average, so they’re better suited for well-endowed guys who want full shaft stimulation.

On the other hand, onaholes tend to have softer “skin” and feel more realistic on the inside.

They come in a wider variety of shapes (like a whole torso!) and they don’t come in cases. That means you can squeeze them with your hand for pressure and adjustable tightness


Hopefully, you have a better idea of the best onaholes and what makes these Japanese toys so special. 

With all that variety it’s important to think about what you want so you make the best decision. 

Have fun out there! 

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