7 Best Nipple Clamps, Pinchers & Clips For Sexy & Painful Play

Dive into another level of stimulation with the best nipple clamps. From fun, sexy, vibrating to painfully pinching BDSM pinchers…

best nipple clamps

At first glance, nipples appear to be unassuming little humps.

Yet these pearls are loaded with erotic potential.

In fact, our brains are literally hard-wired 1 for nipple arousal.

Just looking at them can kindle a certain twitch in the nether region.

And suckling them can lead to full-blown nipple orgasm—even without genital stimulation. 2

If you already love nipple attention, try an upgrade on sensation with a set of sexy nipple clamps.

After all, nipple play can bring your love session to a new explosive level.

And, if you’re wondering how to make your nipples more sensitive–read on! Clamps increase sensitivity and thus the capacity for nipple pleasure.

So let’s get to it with a selection of our all-time favorite nipple clamps.

Top Nipple Clamps, Cuffs & Pinchers For All Situations




Price: $$$
Type: Vibrating
Material: Plastic
Pain Rating: Gentle
Adjustable: Yes

Entice Tiered Sexy Nipple Clamps

Entice Tiered Sexy Nipple Clamps


Price: $$
Type: Crocodile clips
Material: Nickel-free metal, PVC cushioning
Pain Rating: Gentle
Adjustable: Yes

Nipple Clips With Magnetic Weights

Nipple Clips With Magnetic Weights


Price: $
Type: Alligator clamps
Material: Steel, vinyl coated tips, and magnets
Pain Rating: Medium
Adjustable: Yes

Entice Tiered Sexy Nipple Clamps

1. Entice Tiered Sexy Nipple Clamps

Overall best for beginners

Type: Crocodile clips | Material: Nickel-free metal, PVC cushioning | Pain Rating: Gentle | Adjustable: Yes | Color: Rose Gold | Price: $20 | Special Features: Double-tiered chain

  • Suitable for beginners
  • Super sexy & attractive design
  • Provide the option of chain play
  • Only tighten to a certain point
  • Difficult to adjust in a heated moment

If you’re a beginner, these soft nipple clamps offer a gentler experience that will still turn you on.

The flattering design is our favorite part–the rose gold looks beautiful on any skin tone.

Just the visual makes this set a stunning addition to any collection—beginners and advanced alike.

They also provoke a wide range of erotic sensations. The feel of the chain swaying against your skin and the sound it makes bouncing up and down add to the sensuality.

The screws make these easy to adjust: just twist.

These clamps won’t bite too hard, but you can tease your partner by giving the chain a light tug to increase pressure. 


2. Nipplettes

Best vibrating nipple clamps

Type: Vibrating | Material: Plastic | Pain Rating: Gentle | Adjustable: Yes | Color: Pink or purple | Price: $25 | Special Features: Battery powered vibrator, waterproof

  • Vibrations enhance the clamping effect for double the pleasure
  • Waterproof for aquatic play
  • Come with extra batteries!
  • Try them on the clit too!
  • May slip off with vibration
  • Quite bulky and the color may be distasteful to some
  • Lightweight
  • Single speed
  • Noisy

For those who want to experience a new level of nipple thrills, Nipplettes offer a sensory treat.

They don’t get super tight, so the vibration effect is the real highlight with these babies.

These are great for beginners, with adjustable pressure and a push-button start.

The only drawback is that in the throws of trembling pleasures, they tend to vibrate right off the nipple. It takes some fiddling to find a position where they’ll stay put.

The colors may not be to everyone’s taste, but you’ll love the velvet touch of the smooth-coated plastic. 

Added Perk: they’re waterproof!

Nipple Clips With Magnetic Weights

3. Nipple Clips with Magnetic Weights

Best weighted nipple clamps 

Type: Alligator clamps | Material: Steel, vinyl coated tips, and magnets | Pain Rating: Medium | Adjustable: Yes | Color: Black and silver | Price: $16 for one clip | Special Features:  6 one-ounce magnets

  • Add up to 6 ounces of weight
  • Cool, functional design uses magnetic weights
  • Package only includes one clamp —must buy two to make a set

Let gravity pleasure you with these very functional nipple clips.

Adding weights to clamps is a great way to slowly increase the severity of nipple pain/pleasure.

The magnetic design of these makes it uber easy to add weight. 

As you become accustomed to the sensation of the clamps, add another ounce. The aching will surge again with a renewed awareness of the pressure.

Lovehoney Tease Me Adjustable Nipple Clamps

4. Tease Me Adjustable Nipple Clamps

Best clamps for simplicity & discreet wear

Type: Tweezer clamps | Material: Metal, silicone coating | Pain Rating: Gentle | Adjustable: Yes | Color: Purple and metallic | Price: $16 | Special Features: Dangling heart charm

  • Subtle, wear under clothes
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Simple to adjust with a slider – great for solo-play
  • Option to add weights or matching clit clamp (not included)
  • One-color option—if you don’t like it, you’re out of luck
  • Appeal more to female
  • They don’t get tight enough for some pain seekers

These lovely, little tweezer clamps are perfect for the discreet wearer.

Minimalistic in design, clip them to your nipples, put on your clothes, and go about your day.

Dainty and feminine, these nipple clamps are also a great option for beginners.

If you’re intimidated by the alligator clamps, you’ll enjoy the simplicity of these.

These clamps are more on the subtle end of the pain spectrum–if you’re looking for a serious bite, keep reading!

Bondage Boutique Squeeze And Tease Nipple Clamps

5. Bondage Boutique Squeeze and Tease Nipple Clamps

Best Japanese clover clamps

Type: Clover clamps | Material: Metal with rubber-tipped pinching pads | Pain Rating: Strong | Adjustable: No | Color: Silver | Price: $13 | Special Features: Chain connects the pinchers

  • Painfully fulfilling
  • Great for men and small nipples
  • Industrial look
  • An affordable investment 
  • May be too painful for the more sensitive nipples out there

Japanese clover clamps (AKA butterfly nipple clamps) are great for men, as they fit tinier nipples neatly without coming loose and slipping off.

Thanks to the intensity of their pinch, these clamps are perfect for the S&M enthusiasts.

This set comes with textured rubber on the tips of the pinchers for extra sensation. When you tug the chain, the clamps tighten.

There is no option to loosen these pinchers—you’re stuck in painful bliss (until removed, of course).

Definitely not for beginners. But, if you’re after the kind of deep pain that alligator and tweezer clamps just can’t provide, give these a whirl.

The bare-bones design of clover clamps are sure to give you the aggressive bite you crave. You can even add weights if you’re feeling brave. 

A word of caution: Do be sure to check often for bruising with these babies so you don’t do real damage!

Extreme Talon Nipple Clamps

6. Extreme Talon Nipple Clamps

The most painful nipple clamps

Type: Needle-tipped clamps | Material: Metal | Pain Rating: Extreme | Color: Silver | Price: $30 | Special Features: Clamps connected by chain

  • Unique design for a different kind of experience
  • Simple and attractive
  • Not for crybabies
  • Can cause slight damage 

If you’re after painful nipple clamps, these bad boys deliver.

Designed for the nipple torture connoisseur,  they create an utterly original sensation. The sharp and directed pain really sets them apart from other styles. 

Push the plunger in and the talons emerge from their cocoon. Pull back and they retract, tightening around your nipple.

Scary stuff—I’ll bet you’re simply shivering with…anticipation.

Do be sure to keep some rubbing alcohol on hand as these can pierce the skin when pulled tight!

DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Collar With Nipple Clamps

7. DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Collar with Nipple Clamps

Best clamps for an overall look

Type: Tweezer clamps | Material: Leather, steel, rubber-tipped clamps | Pain Rating: Medium | Adjustable: Yes | Color: Black and silver | Price: $35 | Special Features: Chain attaches clamps to collar

  • H.O.T. On any gender
  • Badass genuine leather collar
  • Vintage BDSM look
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • May not clamp tightly enough on tiny nipples
  • Chains/clamps do not detach from the collar 

This nipple cuff and collar combo is ideal for dominance play. They provide a classic sub look that is a super turn on.

The thick, leather collar looks sexy on men or women—and is adjustable between 13 and 20 inches to fit most necks.

But it’s not just about looks—the overall quality is superb.

The tweezer clamps are well made and a great investment in their own right.

With a nice range of intensity—from fairly light to quite strong, you’ll squirm just as much as you please.

Meanwhile, the chains, which drape in a lovely arc around the breasts or pecks, can be tugged on for extra play.

Everything You Should Know To Find The RIGHT Nipple Clamps For You

Nipple clamps are used to enhance nipple sensitivity and increase pleasure.

They are commonly used for BDSM play but they’re also just plain sexy to look at and can be worn as nipple jewelry.

Types of Nipple Clamps

There are loads of nipple clamp varieties out there, but here are some of the most common. Each one has a slightly different effect, so have fun experimenting.

  • Tweezer clamps look like tweezers. They have long arms within a metal ring that can slide up and down to adjust pressure.
  • Alligator clamps AKA clothespin clamps, have alligator mouths that “bite” the nipple. The jaws can be covered in rubber for a softer experience, or left raw for more pain. These clamps usually have a small screw attached to one side to adjust the pressure. Bullnose clamps are pretty similar, but with a pointier mouth.
  • String nipple clamps are like little ornaments that hang from your nipples by a loop. They’re pretty but daintier than the metal varieties. Still, they can get pretty darn tight with adjustable pressure. Great for those who want a gentler experience or are allergic to metal.
  • Vibrating clamps are what they sound like—clamps with batteries. Indulgent with a tantalizing vibe that compounds the pleasure of clamping.
  • Clover clamps are the crème de la crème for pain enthusiasts. Also known as butterfly clamps, or Japanese clovers (thanks to their origin in Japan). These babies are only adjustable in one direction: More. They get tighter as you pull on them and cannot be loosened again—until removed!
  • Like they sound, needle-tipped clamps are sharp little buggers. They look like the claw from the arcade machine and grip your nipple with ferocity. Adjustable, they can be tightened to the point of drawing blood, so not for the faint of heart!
  • There are lots of DIY nipple clamps when you’re in a pinch (excuse the pun). Clothes pegs are commonly used, as are binder clips. You can also rubber band chopsticks together for an adjustable option–slide the rubber band up and down to change pressure. 

DIY is a great option to find out if you like nipple clamping before making an investment.

However, they can cause much more not-so-erotic pain than store-bought alternatives.

How to Choose the Right Nipple Clamps: Considerations

If you’re feeling stumped on which type of nipple clamps are right for you, here are some guidelines to help.

  • Material: Metal, silicon, or string, you’ll want high quality. Choose a material based both on aesthetic (what looks sexy to you?) and one you won’t have an allergic reaction to.
  • Functionality: Obviously you want a quality product that works. But also consider which functions are important to you: Is it intense pain you’re after? Or more vibratory pleasure?
  • Nipple size: If you have big nipples consider a clamp with a larger surface area, such as tweezers. If you have smaller nipples, you’ll want a narrower clamp or a style suited to prevent slippage. Clover or needle clamps work for small nipples.
  • Concentration of sensation: The smaller the tip of the clamp, the more targeted the sensation. A broader tip will diffuse the sensation over a greater area.
  • Adjustability of pain: Can the clamp’s pressure be adjusted? What is the range of pressure available?
  • Special features: What excites you? Do you want the ability to add weights to increase the pain/pleasure effect? Do you want vibrations? Or the option to hang charms from your clamps?
  • Beginner or Advanced: If you’re new to clamps, start easy with “beginner-friendly” alligator or tweezer styles. Been around the nipple toy block and want up the ante? Consider a pair of clover or needle tipped clamps for a bit more pain.

How To Use Nipple Clamps

There are lots of ways to play with nipple clamps. Attach them for ten minutes during foreplay or keep them on for the duration of sex.

Play with the pressure of the clamps. Slowly increase the intensity by tightening or pulling on them.

If you wish to increase your nipple sensitivity, keep in mind that removing clamps is half the fun. As the blood rushes back into the nipple, it creates an amazing feeling.

The nipples will remain extra sensitive for some time. This is a good time to concentrate more licks, sucks, and other fondling on the nipples–they’ll respond with relish. 

Ultimately, nipple clamps can be used however it feels good for you. Have fun experimenting!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Nipple Clamps Work?

Nipple clamps work by decreasing the blood flow to the nipple, thus increasing nerve sensation.

The pressure also sends continuous signals to the brain, increasing stimulation.

How Do I Put Nipple Clamps On?

You can put nipple clamps on depending on the clamp type, but generally, you’ll want to attach the mouth of the clamp just beneath your nipple.

The goal is to grip mostly areola flesh. Then tighten to your liking.

Do Nipple Clamps Hurt?

It depends! Some are designed more to stimulate than to produce pain, while others are designed for pain.

Also, if adjustable, you can decide on intensity. They should never hurt in a bad (unsexy) way.

How Long Can I Wear Nipple Clamps?

The exact amount of time will vary by person, but a good rule of thumb is 30 minutes.

Are Nipple Clamps Safe?

When used appropriately, they’re safe. Remember, they are designed to cut off the blood flow to the nipple.

If they cut off too much blood for too long, it can lead to nerve and tissue damage.

Watch your nipples for signs of them turning blue or white—if they do, take clamps off.

It’s also a good idea to create a safe word with your partner if you’re playing with pain.

How Do Nipple Clamps Feel?

Like an intense pinching when they’re on, with both numbing and enhanced sensation. This is followed by a rush of pleasure when they’re removed.

The rush of blood back into the nipples can feel more like pain if they’ve been held within the clamps for a long time.

Sexy Conclusion To Nipple Play

An entire world of nipples is yearning to be sucked, pinched, licked, and adored—now you can give them some bondage toys to play with too.

Nipple clamps open up a new frontier for increased nipple sensitivity and pleasure. 

Regardless of whether you are a clamp-newbie or an experienced player, the best nipple clamps are out there to fulfill all your biting desires!


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