The 9 Best Male Masturbator Toys in 2021

Discover the best male masturbator toys all in one place that are durable, hands-free, easy to clean, and intensely pleasurable!

Male Masturbator Toys

I personally spent over 40 hours in research and reviewed 94 best male strokers to complete this detailed guide.

Top Male Masturbators In 2021

spinning thrusting cup

Spinning & Thrusting Masturbation Cup


Price: $$$
Internal Length: 3.7″
Material: Silicone, ABS
Simulation: Vaginal
Usability: Reusable

tenga egg

Tenga Egg


Price: $
Internal Length: 2.5″
Material: Soft Plastic
Simulation: Heart-shaped
Usability: Multiple uses

Meiki Zhang Xiao Yu

Meiki Onahole


Price: $$
Internal Length: 6.5″
Material: TPE
Simulation: Vaginal
Usability: Reusable

Most Affordable Masturbation Sleeves

If you’re shopping for your first masturbation toy… You shouldn’t break the bank at your first attempt.

Old habits die hard, and sometimes nothing can beat good old hand.

This is why here you’ll find the best cheap male sex toys that won’t last as long. But these toys will give you a good grasp of what you can expect if you invest in sex toys.

They are great first time toys with affordable price points.

Let’s take a look at every budget choice one by one:

tenga egg masturbator sleeve

Tenga Egg

Tenga is a well-known sex toymaker and you can use this masturbation sleeve for 2–3 usage times. It’s ultra stretchy and has a texture inside. 

There are 6 textures available in total and it’s discreet look makes it a great gift that’s easy to hide when needed.

It fits every size penis (stretches up to 12″ length). It will be the perfect affordable introduction to upgraded masturbation.

The device comes with included lube and will be fun for solo use or with a partner.

If you liked the one texture, experiment with all 6 — for $60 you can get Tenga egg variety 6-pack.

silicone automatic male masturbator

3D Automatic

Later down the article, we’ll take a look at high-quality hands-free masturbators. But you’ll notice that the price point increases quite a bit (up to $200).

This simple, yet advanced no-name brand blowjob machine will set you back only $35. All the while giving an exciting sucking automatic kind of sensations. Plus, it has a rechargeable battery.

If interested, explore our guide on the best blowjob machine for other options.

There are 10 vibration modes. It’s actually made from silicone which means that the material is quite durable. 

While don’t expect the motor to work for a long time, but it’s definitely a great bang for the buck.

A cool benefit is that the toy’s transparent nature makes it a bit more discreet. Also seeing your penis through the toy gets very exciting.

fleshlight quickshot masturbator explained

Fleshlight QuickShot Vantage

Budget pick

Ask around about male sex toys and the first thing everyone mentions is Fleshlight.

The brand is so good at marketing that even the best pocket pussy almost is a synonym to Fleshlight.

But there’s a reason why I recommend to stay away from most fleshlights… All the while still I recommend Quickshot.

Fleshlight is great at PR. Hell, they even made a vagina contest. But most of their male masturbator toys don’t deliver.

Even their Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit has great marketing, but it’s not a great male masturbator.

Do you know what is the biggest reason why the guys who buy male sex toy end up not using it?

The pain of cleaning.

Masturbator feels better… But it doesn’t feel THAT GOOD to spend few minutes of post-orgasmic time cleaning your jizz. Turning the sleeve inside out and drying it up, is a pain.

Quickshot has so many great pros:

  • it’s discreet — it doesn’t look like a female vagina, and it takes little place.
  • easy to clean — before orgasming put a paper towel in front of your penis. It will ensure that there is zero mess. Cleanup is a simple as rinsing in warm water.
  • can use in partner’s play — she can give you a blowjob while adding little extra with Quickshot. Especially handy if the penis is larger than average or the girl is a beginner in blowjobs. No more pressure for deepthroating.
  • easily control the intensity — squeeze the toy to increase the tightness. This functionality makes it a good male masturbator for any penis size or shape.

Additionally, if you want a fully hands-free experience… You can purchase Quickshot Launch.

This male masturbator can be adjusted to 4 different stroke lengths and speed up to 250 strokes per minute.

sex doll torso masturbation toy

Sex Doll Torso​

Sex doll torsos focus only on the most crucial female body part.

It doesn’t look very realistic, but you can use the masturbator in two main poses — doggy or missionary. And yes, you can use it for anal sex.

And since it’s a lifelike size and weighs 5.9lbs you can use it in a realistic sexual intercourse way. 

You’re not stroking your penis, you’re thrusting in the sex toy.

The toy itself isn’t made from high-quality material. It’s TPE — that feels realistic, is cheap, but is a porous material.

This means that this sex toy won’t last long. It will start smelling and get sticky quite fast. And yes… cleaning is a pain too.

But then again, it’s $60. If you compare it with top sex dolls torsos on Lovehoney — Thrust Pro Elite

It’s $300 there…yes, it weighs almost 6kg, but it’s still TPE. A price range couldn’t be further apart.

Better, but not 5x better or 5x longer lasting.

If choosing TPE and budget, I would buy 5x 60$ torso every time.

Top Hands-Free & Automatic

We have a complete guide on the best hands free male masturbator if you want more options.

thrusting masturbation cup by bestvibe from different angles

Spinning & Thrusting Masturbation Cup

Hands-free and automatic

A quality automatic and hands-free machine will set you back $150–$200.

But if you are looking for something simple… A non-branded sex toy that would give you lots of different sensations… You might like this male masturbator.

It does a lot of things well. It’s not a great sex toy, but you’ll get to experience stroking up/down, spinning, vibrating for a small price.

Plus, the masturbator has a suction cup for hands-free usage. Cleaning is easier than you would expect. It comes with a rechargeable battery.

Item has 90 days warranty by BestVibe.

Don’t expect it to last a long time. But it will last more than enough for you to decide if you want something better or not.

tenga fliphole male masturbator

Tenga Flip Hole

Overall best

There are many guys who started with Fleshlight. But later they upgraded to Tenga because it’s simply better.

Tenga toys have incredible textures. At the same time, they are a lot easier to clean. You can pop open the toy in the middle making every use fun.

Yes, they have a hard case, but those 3 buttons allow you to control the pressure. You can apply the pressure in the right amount and place as you please.

Tenga stands out the most by their intense textures. Meaning, it’s very hard to last long with them. They will be too intense as stamina training masturbation machines.

Then men love that they can open each Tenga like a book for easy cleaning and drying.

Yes, the material still is TPE, which is porous. 

But you get very soft texture. With very careful care and cleaning it will last you a long time.

It does make quite a bit of noise when you actively apply suction or stroke rapidly. That could be a deal-breaker for some.

There are tons of Tenga variations available.

But here we’ll discuss their more advanced models:

  • Tenga Flip Hole​— this is the original model that’s been around for 7 years and that brought fame to Tenga. It’s been battle-tested and with proper care will last for a long time. There are 4 different model textures that you can recognize by colors — white, black, red, gray. The most popular are the White and Black models.
  • Tenga Zero Flip Hole— Zero is their newel model that you can recognize by its sleeker design and round shapes. The older Flip hole was bulky (it’s 400g) and some had trouble holding it. Well, this is no problem with Zero. The whole experience has a luxury feel. There are two models — white and black. Black is a lot more intense and the holes are tighter. Keep that in mind.
  • Tenga Zero EV (vibrating) — EV model adds two high-quality bullet vibrators to the masturbator. They are rechargeable and will has 5x vibration settings. Vibrations give very exciting new sensations where you don’t even need to stroke. Press the sides for suction and play with vibrations. Feels intense, and if you don’t stroke, it becomes an automatic masturbator 😉

kiiroo onyx vr sex toy

Kiiroo Onyx 2

Upgrade pick

What if you want a masturbator to do the stroking for you? What if you want to watch virtual reality porn and have a masturbation machine simulate the experience?

Or better yet… What if you want an immersive experience with VR goggles ($35)?

You can use Kiiroo synced with VR porn, live webcam sessions. It also is popular as couples toy for long-distance remote control by your partner. You may be in United States, while your sex partner is Canada… But you can still have virtual sex.

While many toymakers attempt to offer teledildonics (artificial intelligence) toys… Kiiroo is one of the rare companies that actually succeeds in doing so. Plus, their customer service is fast and reliable.

Kiiroo doesn’t do actual stroking. It has 10 contracting rings that stimulate this sensation. It goes up to 140 strokes per minute.

You use it by downloading and connecting it with the Feelconnect app via Bluetooth. Then follow instructions to use it with your chosen VR content or webcam room. You can also let your partner control the app.

It’s an incredible sex toy that embraces the latest technologies.

If you like to really upgrade your masturbation experience where toy does the work… Kiiroo 2 is a great choice.

Oh, here’s also an honorary mention of Lovense Max 2.

If the previous version was buggy, Max 2 actually works. 

It’s another good automatic masturbator that allows you to control it via the app.

This means that someone else can control it too. 

It’s a great couple’s toy. Lovense also has developed a VR Game — Mirror Life. You can sync Max 2 with the porn star game for some upgraded fun 🙂

Up to you what you choose, we prefer Onyx 2, but Max 2 offers different sensations. You need to decide which ones you want more.

Most Realistic Male Stroker

onahole male masturbator make explained

Meiki Onahole

If you’re craving for realism, but aren’t willing to invest in full-blown sex doll just yet. Onahole is your next best choice. It’s made from real Japanese porn stars vaginas.

For the best onahole experience, you should take it slow and really feel the texture and the ridges inside. 

You’ll discover there is a frenulum ticker tucked inside and it feels nice, warm and tight inside.

The main downside for this Onahole is that it’s hard to clean. 

If you turn it inside out you’ll soon damage the sex toy. The best approach is to rinse it with warm water and anti-bacterial toy cleaner right after the session.

But if you want realism — people love this sex toy the most. While La Bocca Della Verita is the most realistic blowjob toy… This is the most realistic of the pocket pussies toys.

Compared to Flip Hole this Onahole texture feels a lot calmer. It will be best enjoyed if you go slow at the start. Don’t forget to warm the sex toy up before

Favorite Vibrating Masturbator

fun factory manta vibrating masturbator

Fun Factory Manta

To enjoy this toy you need to relearn or expand your masturbation habits.

If you’re like me, chances are that you grew up knowing only about stroking your penis. After all, that’s how you also have sex — thrusting in and out.

But did you know that we have a frenulum that we could easily compare with the clitoris? 

Thing is, initially it’s not as sensitive… But as you tickle it, you’ll eventually be able to have incredible different kinds of orgasm? Did you know about that?

While most guys stick to the hand or get a stroker… They miss on vibrations that ladies have learned to fully exploit.

Introducing Fun Factory Manta.

While there are plenty of the best male vibrators like Cobra Libre II, Hot Octopuss, Autoblow AI and Man Wand… Fun Factory will give you the best experience.

It has soft and wide wings that you put on your glans to enjoy those deep, rumbly vibrations. 

Plus, if you want you can even use Manta to give yourself up/down gentle vibrating strokes too.

Manta is 100% waterproof, vibrations are more silent than most toys, but you can still hear it.

You’ll be blown away by the orgasm you can have by just keeping this toy next to your frenulum. If you’re not convinced, try it with your finger first.

male masturbation toys key features explained

What You Should Know About Men Masturbator Toys? 

There are plenty of male masturbation toys and from the first look, they all may look the same to you.

But the devil is in the details. It’s impossible for us to tell which is the best male sex toy.

We know what’s best for one guy will be a deal-breaker for another man.

Start by thinking about these questions upfront. In that way when you’re considering each option in-depth you’ll know what you’re looking for:

  • What’s your budget? — you get what you pay for. Anything under $30–40 and you’ll be better served to stick with your hand (only exception few-time use Tenga Egg). If you want anything with a motor (hands-free) and you should expect to spend $100+ for a quality device. Want the masturbator to sync with VR porn? $200+. 
  • Are you looking for a hands-free automatic masturbator? — if you want to be stroked, then there are only a few good options. Autoblow 2 or Fleshlight Launch. Or you can look for masturbators with a suction cup. With these, you can thrust into them yourself. Finally, Liberator Fleshlight Mount is handy for fixing the masturbator in place.
  • Ease of cleanup? — Open-ended masturbators are easy to clean and make sure they last a long time. Also, there is no limitation on how deep you can thrust. But these masturbators don’t look very realistic even though they feel incredible. Tenga Flip Holes are awesome alternatives. They flip open like a book, making them extremely easy to clean.
  • Durability & maintenance— Most masturbators consist of TPE. It is a cheaper and softer material. But it’s also porous and over time will harbor bacteria and deteriorate. Silicone is easier to clean and it will last longer, but it’s not as realistic/soft. So here’s the dilemma — pleasure vs durability, safety, maintenance. Know that all masturbator materials are liable to tear. You stretch the masturbator as you use it after all. The best defense for that is to use plenty of lube. 
  • Hide-ability/discreetness — You must consider the size of the toy. Can you afford to have a toy that looks like a vagina? Some masturbators don’t even look like sex toys while others like sex doll torso are a big piece of life-size ass. Not very discreet, so not the best choice if you have little space that you share.
  • Noise levels — First, keep in mind that the fast thrusting max setting on the toy will create more noise than slow sliding up and down. Closed-ended toys like Tenga Fliphole, for example, create suction inside. It feels awesome, but it also makes slurping weird noise the faster you go. You have two choices . Pretend you have a party (loud music) and lock the doors. Or go with open-ended toys like Quickshot Vantage that’s a lot more silent.
  • Realism? — meaning, you want the masturbator to feel like a real thing? like real vaginal sex? Well, then you’re looking at Onaholes (look out for Meiki one). These blow job toys have made an anatomically correct and ultra-realistic internal hole. 
  • Vaginal/anal/blowjob simulation? — lookout for the sex doll torso which has 2 holes one for anal and pussy, but don’t worry about that too much. With most masturbators, you can control tightness, suction, and pressure. Anal = tightness. Blowjob = suction sensations.

We touched on the materials, but let me expand, as it’s an important topic.

The thing is that for all the other toys we would ONLY recommend silicone.

But almost all male masturbators consist of TPE material. It’s a porous material that’s not that durable and you can never 100% clean it. Doc Johnson has an especially bad reputation about it.

Unfortunately, the body-safe silicone doesn’t feel that good. Even the softest silicone feels too rigid compared to TPE alternatives.

Even big companies like Fleshlight or Tenga make their toys from porous materials like TPE. But some have skin sensitivities against such material.

The material will degrade over time no matter how you clean it it will harbor mold and bacteria over time. 

Also, you need to put cornstarch on it often or it will become very tacky.

It’s a tough decision, which is why we recommend both TPE and silicone masturbators.

How To Use It?

You might think it’s a dumb question, but stick with me and you might learn something.

At first, I also thought there is nothing more to know about masturbation. But then I learned there are plenty of masturbation techniques that transform the session completely.

For example:

  • try tickling your frenulum or playing only with your glans — no stroking. But make sure it’s lubed up there.
  • watch video compilations of female orgasms… All the while slowly playing with yourself and keeping up slow deep breathing for 10–15mins.
  • play around the area… You just might discover that playing with the balls is very pleasurable.

You won’t discover these things just by feverishly stroking. Also, you won’t become better in bed if you just go straight to the finish line.

Which is why here are the best tips on how to get most out of your masturbator:

  • warm the toy upfront — keep it in warm water for a few mins or get a heating rod. Nothing destroys arousal quite like freezing cold masturbator.
  • invest in lube — saliva is cool, but it doesn’t last long and your mouth gets dry soon enough. Lube it up generously and you’ll just fall in love with that delicious wetness and noises that it makes.
  • start slow — why not play with yourself? Tease yourself with excitement and arousal. Start with shallow insertion or lowest vibration settings. You’ll discover that your sensitivity increases. You’ll gain a lot more pleasure from the smallest strokes. And by the way, ladies also love starting slow so you’ll be actually practicing to become better in bed at the same time.
  • don’t ejaculate for a few days — if you want stronger orgasms and more pleasure abstain from any stimulation for a few days. Excess masturbation drains you. If you ejaculate a few times a day, you’ll notice that pleasure goes way down. Discipline yourself and you’ll enjoy every time a LOT more.
  • experiment — try doing things differently. Use a different hand. Vary the speeds, edge yourself for a long time. Play with settings, sensations if you have a more advanced toy. This is a fun way to keep the novelty and explore yourself vs just relieving the urge.
  • clean it up right after using — either clean the toy right after or don’t ejaculate in the toy. Since 99% of masturbators are made of TPE you must rinse thoroughly. Use a sex toy cleaner. Then dry, and apply cornstarch if you want it to last longer. If you want less cleaning simply keep paper towels next to you and pull out right before the glorious moment. Cleaning is the biggest reason why many guys don’t end up using their masturbators regularly.

Finally, it’s tons of fun to use the toys together with your partner. If you’ve been with any girl together for more than 6 months, you know that vanilla sex gets boring quickly.

The easiest way to keep the excitement high is to mix it up with sex toys. 

Get her off, let her get you off, use cock rings, remote-controlled toys, restraints…

And you’ll discover that you want to make love with your sex partner again 🙂

Bringing It All Together

I hope you’ve just unlocked a new world of masturbation for yourself.

But know it’s just a start.

If you are like us and believe that you must explore your body and you’re open-minded…

Welcome to the world of hedonists!

After my first PO, penile masturbation seemed so vanilla.

Oh, and if your budget allows there are also exciting sex dolls that look and feel crazy real!

Yeah, these dolls will set you back $1500–$2000… But you’ll be able to play out all your fantasy scenarios in real life in the privacy of your home.

While not for everyone, it’s incredible to see the kind of sex toys modern age has to offer us.

Wishing you plenty of pleasant evenings! Cheers!

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