What Is The Best Harness For Feeldoe Type Strapless Dildos?

While Feldoe advertises that it can be used without a harness, truth is that most positions will be impossible to do no matter how strong Kegels you have..

So let us take you on a quest to find out the best harness for Feeldoe.

best harness for feeldoe

Whichever of the Feeldoe or Reeldoe strapless dildos you might own – Stout, Classic, Real of Slim, besides a few positions, it’s extremely hard to use them without harness.

Plus, keep in mind that Feeldoe was originally created for lesbians – for vagina to vagina penetration.

For ass (pegging) play strapless strapons cannot hold in since they need to pass anal sphincters that offer quite a bit of resistance.

Missionary position will work where receiver is doing the thrusting, but doggy position will be extremely challenging.

That is unless you get a harness for extra support.

What is the Best Harness for Feeldoe?

Basically any kind of harness will do, even the most basic harnesses will offer enough support to hold the Feeldoe in place.

But of course, no harness is the same as detailed in our guide on harnesses.

Depending on your budget there are harnesses that offer more versatility, comfort, ease of use, and let’s not forget the sexiness factor (looks).

There are two type of harnesses that you should consider:

  • adjustable joque type harnesses – most versatile & adjustable
  • boxer style harnesses – very comfortable, easy & fast to put on and remove

Here are the most comfortable harnesses that most pegging enthusiasts praise and recommend:

Lovehoney Full-Back Harness

Lovehoney Full-Back Harness


Price: $
Maximum Harness Size: 68″
O-Ring: 3 sizes 1.25″, 1.75″, 2″
Flexibility: Flexible
Material: Polychloroprene

Spareparts Joque Harness

Spareparts Joque Harness


Price: $$$
Maximum Harness Size: 50″
O-Ring: 1.25″-2″
Flexibility: Flexible
Waterproof: Submersible

Spareparts Tomboi Briefs

Spareparts Tomboi Briefs


Price: $$
Maximum Harness Size: 26″-44″
O-Ring: 1.25″-2.25″
Waterproof: 100% water-friendly
Material: Nylon Spandex

Adjustable Joque Type Harnesses

Joque type harnesses offer the most versatility and adjustability. Usually, there is a space for a bullet vibe, and you can adjust the harness to fit different people.

You can switch it, but the downside is that it takes time to do it. If you want to be spontaneous, it will be harder with joque harness.

spareparts joque the best harness for feeldoe

Spareparts Joque harness

The most comfortable

This is a more expensive harness, but it will be the only harness you’ll ever need to buy.

It is extremely comfortable, has stretchy O-ring built in that will support all Feeldoe sizes. It can be worn both by men and women, there is space for a bullet vibrator and it’s adjustable from 20″ to 50″.

Oh, and while it looks closed, there is a “curtain” that sits between your crotch area and the O-ring. And you can move it out of the way to use it for strapless dildos.

Lovehoney Full-Back Harness

Lovehoney Full-Back Harness

The Most Affordable

For a great price of $30, it is the most basic yet quality enough harness that you could consider.

There are no bells and whistles – it has adjustability from 25″ to 68″, comes with 3 rubber O-rings (1.25, 1.75 and 2 inches) and is machine washable.

While not the most comfortable, it offers adjustability and good enough support.

If budget is issue, you can always consider DIY harness option, of course.

Boxer Style Harnesses

These harnesses offer the most spontaneity. You just wear boxer shorts, put the Feeldoe through the hole and you’re ready.

Of course, there are also downsides. If you gain weight, want to switch briefs to another partner chances are they will not fit.

Briefs come in many sizes (usually 6) so unless the other partner is same body type, it won’t fit.

There is no better or worse choice, just the one that is right for you.

Spareparts Tomboi briefs

Spareparts Tomboi briefs

Spareparts is famous as a quality harness and bondage toy maker. Tomboi comes in seven sizes, different colors, and there are even different designs available.

If you are looking for sexy harness brief, Spareparts is your choice (there is even lingerie harness briefs).

RodeoH Purple Classic Briefs

RodeOh harness briefs for many people are the favorite to use with Feeldoe strapless strapon.

It offers 6 different sizes, fits like a traditional underwear and is made from machine washable cotton.

If you care to explore there are plenty of different harness models to choose from. Colors, sexiness factors, different functionality – they have a lot of options.

What To Watch Out When Shopping For Feeldoe Harness?

Know that strapless strapons like Feeldoe are NOT beginner toys. It will take trial and error.

The most important consideration for you should be: COMFORT.

The best combination so far has been: Joque Harness + Feeldoe.

This harness may lift Feeldoe a bit making some motions more difficult, but you will get a lot more pleasure out.

The security of a comfortable harness really makes any pegging experience great.

Finally, here’s what other people think about what’s the best harness for feeldoe or realdoe:

I thought my Feeldoe was just useless as toy until I used it a few times with harness and started to notice I was getting better at hanging on to it.

I use a Joque, which is a pretty nice harness as they go, and the relevant thing here is that it’s quite easy to adjust the O-ring to be really low.

Source: Reddit

I don’t have any advice on a harness, sorry, but I will say that it took me a couple tries to really figure out the best way to use it without a harness.

You might want to consider trying out different positions, and also just practicing more should help your muscles get stronger. It’s much easier to keep in if your legs are close together, so for example, lying on your back and having your partner ride you can work well. Lots of other options as well, I’m sure you can use your imagination.

Source: Reddit

There you have it.

Trial and error, some kegel practices will help, but a basic harness will be a game changer to let you finally enjoy Feeldoe.

If you have any tips or questions regarding the best harness for Feeldoe, feel free to ask below!

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