6 Best Floggers & BDSM Whips (Leather, Heavy, Rubber)

Ready to feel the pain and satisfaction at the same time? Discover the best flogger and different types of BDSM whips suited for you!

Floggers BDSM Whips

If you love a bit of slap and tickle in the bedroom, then floggers and BDSM whips may already be on your kink list.

But as with any sex toy or tool, not all floggers are made equally and not all will give you the same sensation.

When it comes to impact play, you really need to know what you’re buying and how best to use it in order to keep everyone safe, happy, and horny.

This is why we’ve put together this list of the best floggers and BDSM whips. Plus a comprehensive buying guide on how to wield your weapon of pleasure and pain SAFELY.

Let’s get cracking, shall we?

Top Floggers & BDSM Whips

If you’re in a rush, then jump straight for the Buffalo Hide Flogger. It’s a good all-rounder giving a range of sensations. 

But I would really recommend taking your time to search for the right impact tool for both dom and sub.

Let’s get to it!

Sex & Mischief Flogger

Sex & Mischief Flogger


Price: $$
Handle Material: Vinyl fabric
Flogger Material: Faux leather
Length: 24”
Features: Faux jeweled handle

Buffalo Hide Flogger

Buffalo Hide Flogger


Price: $$$
Handle Material: Nylon rope
Flogger Material: Buffalo leather
Length: 30”
Features: Wrist loop

Beginner’s BDSM Flogger

Beginner’s BDSM Flogger


Price: $
Handle Material: Faux leather
Flogger Material: Faux leather
Length: 18”
Features: Folds to 6.5”

 Buffalo Hide Flogger

1. Buffalo Hide Flogger

Best overall

Handle Material: Nylon rope | Flogger Material: Buffalo Leather | Length: 30” | Colors: Black / blue-black / red-black / silver-black | Additional Features: Wrist loop

The tails from this flogger are made from thick Buffalo hide. The leather brings a certain softness but the width of the tails at 3/8” means it still packs a good thud. 

You can use this flogger as a gentle warm-up or for a full-on thud fest. And if you snap the wrist just right you can deliver some stinging sensations too

The weighted and solid shaft is wrapped in twisted nylon rope for a comfortable grip.

And the decorative knots on either end mean that it won’t slip out of your hand as you swing. No matter how hot n sweaty you get!

The only downside – at $170 it is a little on the pricey side. But the fact that it gives such a range of sensations, it might be worth it. 

Sex & Mischief Faux Leather Flogger By Sportsheets

2. Sex & Mischief Faux Leather Flogger By Sportsheets

Best budget flogger

Handle Material: Vinyl fabric | Flogger Material: Faux Leather | Length: 24” | Colors: Black

This flogger by Sportsheets is slightly shorter, meaning a more intimate spanking session. The shorter tails are also easier to control so you can connect with greater precision.

The faux leather material is soft enough to tickle and tease, but you can also get a little bite with it. So it’s a good option for those looking to spice up their playtime without going too far. 

The handle is wrapped in vinyl though, which can really sweat your hand. But for just 12 bucks, you can get over it! PLUS, there is a wrist loop to help you keep a hold. 

Lovehoney Beginner’s BDSM Flogger

3. Lovehoney Beginner’s BDSM Flogger

Best for beginners

Handle Material: Faux Leather | Flogger Material: Faux Leather | Length: 18” | Colors: Black | Additional Features: Folds to 6.5”

The Lovehoney Beginner’s BDSM Flogger is ideal if you’re embarking upon your first foray into flogging.

The soft faux leather allows you to explore the lighter side of BDSM sensory and impact play.

You can trail it over your lover’s skin for a tickling sensation to arouse the nerve endings. Remember the skin is one of the body’s largest sex organs! 1

Or with a quick flick of the wrist, you can deliver slightly harder slaps and stings. Nothing too intimidating. It’s just enough to excite.

It also looks the part with the sleek smooth faux leather tendrils and sturdy handle. You even get that exciting ‘THWACK’ sound. But, it’s really quite gentle on the skin. 

Bondage Boutique Faux Snakeskin Whip

4. Bondage Boutique Faux Snakeskin Whip

Best for intermediate kinksters

Handle Material: Faux Snakeskin | Flogger Material: Faux Snakeskin | Length: 9 meters | Colors: Red

Looking for something with a more intense bite? Then the Bondage Boutique whip should bring the sting you seek. 

This is a mini-bullwhip meaning it has a single tail. These are much harder to control than multi-tailed floggers. And they are much more painful too. This is not a whip for newbies!

BUT… if you’rean experienced dom or a sub with a decent pain thresholdthen you’re in for a cracking good time! 

The red faux snakeskin makes this look pretty badass, and it kinda is… 

The tip of the tail is thin and flat, delivering a real sharp n painful sting.

Depending on the force used, you may end up with some pretty red marks. But nothing too dramatic and they should fade in a day or so. 

Voodoo Black Skull Cat-O-Nine Flogger

5. Voodoo Black Skull Cat-O-Nine Flogger

Most painful whip for S&M

Handle Material: Leather | Flogger Material: Leather | Length: 28” | Colors: Black | Additional Features: Wooden skulls on tail ends

If you like more pain with your pleasure, then this badass Cat-O-Nine flogger will certainly pique your pony. 

The cat-o-nine tails flogger is based on a torture device dating back to ancient Egypt. The ‘cat’ was so-called because of the cat-claw like marks it would leave on the victim’s skin. 

These days ‘the cat’ has been tamed a little for the bedroom.

BUT don’t be fooled, this is still capable of causing serious pain and so suited for the more experienced S&M players. 

This black leather flogger features 9 hand-braided tails knotted with wooden skull beads at the ends. It even looks hardcore!

The fact that the little skull beads have been hardwood treated to make them HARDER and resistant to shattering says all you need to know!

The handle has a steel core, so is quite heavy. But it’s balanced which makes it more comfortable to hold and swing for longer sessions. 

Doc Johnson Silicone Flogger Whip With Dildo Handle

6. Doc Johnson Silicone Flogger Whip with Dildo Handle

Most versatile flogger

Handle Material: Silicone | Flogger Material: Silicone | Length: 18” | Colors: Black | Additional Features: 5.5” insertable dildo

Sometimes flogging can be such a turn-on that you can’t wait to be fucked. With the Doc Johnson silicone flogger, you don’t have to! 

You can have all your flogging fun and then just turn it around and insert it into your ass or pussy.

There are just four tails though, which seems a little stingy. Why not more Doc, huh?

And the flexible silicone makes the tails harder to control.

That said, the tendrils do have bulbous and weighted tips for a decent impact of a thud with just a touch of sting. 

The only thing that might put you off about this double-ended design is having something sweating in your hand and then popping inside your body! 

BUT, being made from 100% silicone, it’s easy to clean and to sanitize.

What Is A Flogger?

Floggers+ bdsm whip+ Riding Crops+ Spanking Paddles

A flogger is a sex device used in impact play. It’s kind of like a multi-tailed whip swung by the dominant partner, connecting with their sub’s skin to give pleasure or pain. 

Or a sweet mixture of both. 

Depending on the material and style of the flogger, you can deliver different sensations, the main two being a sting or a thud.

The terms “floggers” and “whips” tend to be used interchangeablyand will often come under the same category when you’re shopping.

And you might also see paddles and crops lumped in with them as well. BUT each one is a little bit different… 

Let’s break them down.


Floggers havea short, firm handle also known as the shaft. At one end of the shaft, you have the neck with several falls/tails/tresses hanging from it.

At the other end, you usually have a small hanging loop for attaching to a belt or for storage.

BDSM Whips

Whips consist of a firm handle with just one long strand of leather/faux leather. Since the fall is longer, they are harder to aim and can provide a very powerful sensation. Better left to the more experienced BDSM player.

Riding Crops

Instead of spurring on and controlling horses, you can do the same to your sub! Thislong rod, usually made from fiberglass or PVC, has a leather loop or ‘popper’ at the end. It’s a good beginner option as the stiff neck means a less powerful swing.

Spanking Paddles

Paddles have a large surface area made from stiff material like leather, wood, or silicone to deliver a deep ‘thud’. They can be used to mark your sub but generally, they make a good beginner impact tool. 

What Makes A Good Flogger?

Well, it all comes down to personal preference.

Do you want a lighter touch? Or do you want to feel the bite across your flesh? Or maybe you want to feel something deeper, harder, and longer-lasting?

The length of the falls (tendrils of the flogger), how many falls, and the material will all affect how you use the flogger and the sensation. 

Talking of sensations…

Sting Or Thud?

A sting is much sharper but fades fairly quickly. A thud, on the other hand, will feel deeper and often more forceful. 

A flogger with more tails will sting a larger area but the sensation won’t be as sharp as one delivered from a single long-tailed whip. 

It’s all a matter of physics…more tails means the energy is distributed. But with a single tail, the energy is concentrated.


With the multi-tailed flogger, the longer the falls are the more it will begin to act like a single-tailed whip.

Therefore, the more painful the impact and the more experienced you should be to swing it safely. 

If you’re brand new to flogging, then stick with a flogger no longer than the length of your forearm. 

As a newbie, shorter floggers are easier to control. Less chance of you getting tangled, snapping yourself accidentally, or seriously hurting your play partner! 

The longer the whip, the more momentum you have. Always perfect your technique with pillow practice before using it on your sub.

The Falls: Width And Number

Wider falls tend to group together as you swing them. The same goes for when you have a flogger with more falls. 

More falls means more surface area and more weight connecting with your sub’s skin. 

The result? A nice resounding THUD!

And doms, just remember that the more falls or the wider they are, the heavier your flogger will be to use.


You can get floggers and BDSM whips in all sorts of materials, from silicone to cotton, to PVC, rope, and even metal (which by the way are only for the hardcore S&M veterans!).

BUT the most popular material for floggers and whips is leather or faux leather.But of course, all leathers differ and so too will the sensations provided. 

For example…

Suede/Cowhide: Supple and soft, this leather gives more of a thud than sting.

Deerskin: Super soft, almost like silk. It will give a gentle thud with very little sting. Great for beginners, those into light impact play or advanced kinksters needing a break from hardcore flogging.

Elk Skin: This is pretty much like suede but a little heavier. You’ll get a light sting with a medium thud. A good option for stepping things up in the pleasurable/pain department.

Buffalo Leather: Buffalo hide is heavier and thicker than cowhide. You’re going to get a deep thudding sensation that will leave bruises. 

Rabbit Fur: Soft n fluffy, with almost no sting or thud. Better for light sensation play rather than impact. 

Horse Hair: This has a real scratchy feel to it and will deliver a sting of medium to high intensity.

Faux Leather/Combination Materials: Synthetic materials can mimic the sensation of leather. Depending on the exact material combo you will get a mixture of sting and thud.

The Handle

Subs and sensations are not the only consideration when it comes to choosing a flogger. The top is the one wielding the whip, and to do it safely, they have to be comfortable too. 

Much of this comes down to the handle and how good it feels in your hand. 

A handle that has a good grip, that’s balanced, and doesn’t weigh too much will be much easier to work with. AND will let you lash your sub with masterful precision for longer.

How To Use A Flogger Correctly & Effectively

The very nature of impact play means there is always a risk of getting hurt. Following a few simple safety measures will let you focus on the good stuff… sexual pain power!

Here’s what you should keep in mind:


An absolute must for any BDSM scene. Choose something easy to remember. Have both safe words and safe signals, so that if your partner is gagged, they can still stop play. 

Pillow Practice

Especially important for BDSM whips. Before you go anywhere near your partner, practice whipping a pillow. Get used to the aim, the length, and the force needed.

Safe Parts Of The Body

There are impact play body maps out there for a full rundown on which areas are good to go and which are to be avoided. Or check out the video below by the guys at RealLife Kink.

Buttocks, backs/fronts of the thighs, and the forearms are all ripe for a flogging. The calves, inner thighs, backs of shoulders, and upper arms are a little more sensitive but are also fine. 

But steer clear of the back of the neck and the spine!

Ready For a Flogging Frenzy?

Whether you’re into hardcore S&M or want to explore sensation and impact play there is the best flogger to fit your kink.

Feel the thud, savor the sting and get to thrashing your sub with one of the most extreme sex toys!


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