10 Best Fleshlight Girls: Celebrity Pornstar Fleshlights Reviewed

If you’re looking for a toy that will feel the closest to having sex with a real porn star, then this best fleshlight girl review is definitely for you!

Best Fleshlight Girls

Who among us wouldn’t love to have a chance to have sex with our favorite pornstars?

Well, Fleshlight has given porn and sex-toy lovers an awesome opportunity to experience what is perhaps the closest thing to sex with a real porn star

Back in 2008, Fleshlight started cooperating with some of our favorite porn actresses to produce masturbation sleeves made with exact replicas of their pussies and asses!

To date, 85 different porn stars have had their glorious genitals replicated on these pornstar fleshlight toys. 

Which Is The Best Fleshlight Girl Model?

Keep in mind that all of these actresses (and their modeled toys) are awesome in their own ways. There really isn’t a ‘best’ Fleshlight Girl, because we all have our own visual and sensual preferences. 

That said, some of these actresses (and their fleshlights) are more popular than others.

And today, we are going to be talking about some of the most popular actresses who have been featured on Fleshlights to-date

Each of the actresses has both lady-parts and ass replicas, but we will mainly focus on the juicy pussies here! 

The Fleshlights are rated so that you know exactly how much intensity to expect – 1 being the lowest, and 5 being the highest rate. 

Top Fleshlight Girl Models In 2021

Elsa Jean Tasty

Elsa Jean Tasty


Price: $
Intensity Level: 5
Opening: Pussy
Feature: Tight and cleverly designed

Riley Reid Utopia

Riley Reid Utopia


Price: $
Intensity Level: 4
Opening: Pussy
Feature: Ribbed pleasure and tight stimulation

Stoya Destroya

Stoya Destroya


Price: $
Intensity Level: 3
Opening: Pussy
Feature: 360-degree pleasure dome

Riley Reid Fleshlight (Utopia)

1. Riley Reid Fleshlight (Utopia)

Best for maximum pleasure

Intensity Level: 4 | Opening: Pussy | Price: $79.95 | Age Of Actress: 29 

I’m not surprised that Riley Reid is one of the most popular fleshlight girls. She is perhaps best known for her petite A-cup breasts and her silky smooth voice while on camera. 

Riley is a slender, 5’4” actress with a few tattoos and a definite girl-next-door vibe.

Every time you see her, she is sure to give an incredible performance that was even recognized by multiple XBIZ and AVN awards.

When it comes to Riley Reid’s pussy Fleshlight, the first thing you’ll notice about the texture is that it starts out really tight, but then opens up into a wonderful section of nodules before going through another tight space. 

This makes it gentle at first and then increases the intensity on your head as you move inward. 

2. Elsa Jean Fleshlight (Tasty)

Best intense and tight

Intensity Level: 5 | Opening: Pussy | Price: $79.95 | Age Of Actress: 24

The cute and petite Elsa Jean, whom many of us know as a young, ‘natural wonder’ with brilliant green eyes and perky A-cup breasts, is featured on a fleshlight that you will swear must do its Kegels… it is so tight! 

From her beautiful body to her luscious voice, to her extraordinary butt, we can’t deny that Elsa Jean is one of our favorites. Who could resist this blond sassy princess?! 

You can experience the closest thing possible to Elsa Jean’s real pussy with the Tasty. Or, you can choose to get a near-perfect replica of her sensual ass with the Treat

In any case, this Fleshlight screams naughty step-sister, in the greatest of ways (yes, it screams it).

The Tasty is intense and tight. The tight opening leads into ridged nodules. Then you hit the double spiraled ridges, and the intensity only increases. 

This is, in my opinion, probably the most realistic fleshlight model in terms of aesthetics. 

Stoya ‘Destroya’ Fleshlight

3. Stoya ‘Destroya’ Fleshlight

Best for unmatched bliss

Intensity Level: 3 | Opening: Pussy | Price: $79.95 | Age Of Actress: 34

Stoya, a 5’7” porn star whose real name is Jessica Stoyadinovich. She has been featured in hundreds of movies and has been the subject of thousands of pictures.

Stoya is probably best-known for being a unique blend of sexy, sophisticated, and downright dirty

Did you know that Stoya got her start in the adult entertainment industry at the age of 19 as an alt-erotic model?

We all love Stoya’s iconic blend of classy-ness and nasty-ness… and her signature Fleshlight, the Destroya, absolutely embodies all of it!

The only thing you’ll be missing with this ultra-realistic toy is being able to stare into those intense, beautiful green eyes.

The Destroya is gentler than some of the other Fleshlight Girls toys on this list, mostly due to the fact that the fang nodule chamber is larger, and the tunnel gets tighter as you go deeper.

If you want to get even more details, we have a Stoya Destroya review for you.

Alexis Texas Fleshlight (Outlaw)

4. Alexis Texas Fleshlight (Outlaw)

Intensity Level: 3 | Opening: Pussy | Price: $79.95 | Age Of Actress: 35

Alexis Texas may be a bit more well-known for her beautiful butt in her films, but you can’t discount her gorgeous, world-class pussy either. 

This 5’8”, blue-eyed, C-cup bombshell has been featured in over 300 films, and has even directed some films of her own!

She is, quite literally, the quintessential porn-star – and Fleshlight recreated her luscious labia in incredible detail in the Outlaw. 

The Outlaw is a mellower Fleshlight, thanks firstly to the smaller nodules that spiral along the inside, and secondly to the gentle curvature of the inner tunnel. 

This Fleshlight will squeeze you, but lightly – giving you a smooth, relaxing ride that you can enjoy for more prolonged sessions. 

Now, since Alexis is many times hungry for anal sex, you might enjoy Tornado – a replica of her butt-hole.

Asa Akira Fleshlight (Dragon)

5. Asa Akira Fleshlight (Dragon)

Intensity Level: 1 | Opening: Pussy | Price: $79.95 | Age Of Actress: 35

Asa Akira is the Asian film star we all know and love.

From her DP scenes and blowjob sessions to her passionate panting and explosive orgasms, this busty, 5’2”, brown-eyed beauty has been enthralling us (and helping us get off) for over 500 films.

She has also directed several films herself! 

Plus, did you know that she’s won more than 30 awards as an adult film star?

Her replica, the Dragon is an interesting Fleshlight because it has a reputation for feeling almost ‘loose’ to a lot of men. 

It boasts a wider tunnel, making it a more appealing option to men with larger-than-usual girth! 

But… regardless of your size, the spiraled ridges are sure to tease and tantalize you in all the right ways. 

Dillion Harper Fleshlight (Crush)

6. Dillion Harper Fleshlight (Crush)

Intensity Level: 2 | Opening: Pussy | Price: $79.95 | Age Of Actress: 28

We all love Dillion Harper for her ‘barely legal teen’ vibe. But we also love her for her D-cup breasts, her petite 5’1” frame, her piercing brown eyes – and yes, for her gorgeous pussy!

Who among us hasn’t wished that we could get even a little taste of what it must feel like to experience the sheer perfection of Dillion Harper – complete with her sultry, jubilant voice, her amazing moans, and her delectable, sensual lady bits!

Well, you may need to stick with her videos for most of it. But the Crush gets us about as close to real sex with Dillion Harper as many of us will ever come!

Many have said that Crush is the closest Fleshlights get to the perfect sleeve

As you go deeper, the toy tightens around your shaft – which actually mimics the ‘squeezing’ sensation of a real woman. No toy quite pulls this off as well as the Crush. 

Lena Paul Fleshlight (Nymph)

7. Lena Paul Fleshlight (Nymph)

Intensity Level: 4 | Opening: Pussy | Price: $79.95 | Age Of Actress: 27

Lena Paul is a 5’4” blonde knockout from Florida. But she also happens to be one of the most popular adult film stars in the game right now, her career launching from a successful stint as an adult webcam girl.

Before becoming a porn star, she attended two different colleges, and even negotiated sustainable agriculture startup deals!

Her first film was shot in April of 2016. And since then, we’ve literally been in love with her! 

She’s a busty porn goddess with a deceptively innocent smile. 

The Nymph has a reputation of a Fleshlight Girl toy that sucks… LITERALLY! 

When you tighten the cap all the way and slide into this sleeve, the lips will grip you so tightly that you’ll have trouble lasting! 

Lana Rhoades Fleshlight (Destiny)

8. Lana Rhoades Fleshlight (Destiny)

Intensity Level: 2 | Opening: Pussy | Price: $79.95 | Age Of Actress: 24

Lana Rhoades is like the rich girl from college who always wore the classiest, but sluttiest outfits to the games. 

According to her bio, she had her first girl-on-girl experience before she even hit puberty – and the fire never really slowed down after that! 

But make no mistake – this petite, D-cup beauty (whose real name is Amara Maple) has been in over 150 films.

Her career really took off in 2017 with her film Lana. Since then, she’s been one of the most sought-after girls in porn!

Lana Rhodes has a ‘bratty step-sister’ vibe that blends her youthful innocence with a very naughty wild side, and I feel like this ‘attitude’ has been captured very well in Destiny. 

Destiny’s gentle, round nodules in the first chamber make it one of the softest, smoothest toys in Fleshlight’s lineup. 

Angela White Fleshlight (Indulge)

9. Angela White Fleshlight (Indulge)

Intensity Level: 2 | Opening: Pussy | Price: $79.95 | Age Of Actress: 36

The first things you noticed while watching your first Angela White film were probably her beautiful blue-eyed smile… and her luscious, 32GG cleavage. 

Angela White came from Sydney, Australia – which explains her heavenly accent. She’s also appeared in over 200 films, and has directed more than 120 adult films of her own as well!

And… if you look closely enough (I know you have!), you’ll see that not only her labia, but even her perfectly wrinkled little butt-hole (as seen on the Entice Fleshlight) have been cloned to excruciating detail! 

The Indulge gives you a beautifully soft and gentle texture, with various different sized nodules arranged throughout three chambers – each one getting a bit tighter as you go. 

At first, you’ll be surprised by how loose, soft, and amazing it feels. But as you slide in a bit further, you’ll start to feel it get tighter and tighter. 

Jenna Haze Fleshlight (Obsession)

10. Jenna Haze Fleshlight (Obsession)

Intensity Level: 3 | Opening: Pussy | Price: $79.95 | Age Of Actress: 38

Jenna Haze, a natural brunette with gorgeous dark brown eyes, B-cup breasts, and a heavenly slim figure, is known for her seductive, girl-next-door voice and style. 

But whether she is performing a world-class blowjob, sensually touching herself, or having rough sex in a hotel room in her videos – one thing we can all agree on is that she has an incredible body!

Apart from Jenna’s pussy replica – Obsession – you can also get a carbon-copy clone of Jenna Haze’s beautiful ass on the Lust Fleshlight! 

It looks so real! The only thing that would make it better is her soothing, sensual voice, telling you how to play with it (but hey, that’s what her videos are for)

The Obsession is the Fleshlight for men who want the sensation to remain consistent throughout their thrust.

If complicated textures give you too much intensity, this is absolutely the sleeve for you.

What To Watch Out For When Buying A Fleshlight Girl Toy

There are few important factors to take into account when buying a Fleshlight Girl masturbation sleeve. 

Outer aesthetic

The outer part of the toy (the pussy or ass) is actually replicated from molds taken from the real-life actresses!

The style of the labia can also play into how well the pussy ‘grabs’ your member as you stroke with it. 


Intensity is a measure of how intense the feeling of the toy is. It is also a measure that can be used to determine how quickly the toy will bring you to orgasm

If you want a gentle edging session, for example, then you would want a toy with a lower intensity. If you want a lot of sensation, and want to cum quickly, you want a toy with a higher intensity. 


Tightness is most important for men with penises that are either significantly larger or smaller than average. 

For example, if your penis is much larger than average, the super-tight sleeves may not be comfortable, and some of the texture might be lost as you stretch them out. 

But, tightness is also a matter of taste. Some people like a tighter feeling, while some prefer a softer, looser sensation. 

Collecting Fleshlight Girls Makes For A Fun (And Sexy) Hobby!

One of the interesting things about Fleshlight Girls’ toys is that adult film connoisseurs find them fun (and highly pleasurable) to collect.

Some people just enjoy collecting different textures, some enjoy buying the replicas of their favorite adult film actresses, and some actually set out to collect all of the Girls, just because they are high-value toys that also have collection appeal!


Hopefully, this post has helped you to find the best Fleshlight Girl toy for you!

In the meantime, pick one up and give it a try. I promise you won’t regret it!

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