The Best Sex Dolls For Men in 2021: The Definitive Guide

In this guide, you’ll learn everything about owning a sex doll and what are the best sex dolls out there.

Over the years I’ve owned several love dolls (I had the best inflatable sex doll money can buy during the time).

But to prepare for this guide I spent over 100 hours scouring the doll forums. All to help you find the best bang for the buck deal for you.

It’s a long read, but it will save you A LOT of time, money & frustration.

It’s the manual that every potential sex doll owner should read before buying anything.

Seriously. Read this from start to finish. You’ll thank me later.

If you don’t want to read the whole article, here’s the quick answer:

As for the price, here’s the reality:

Cheap sex dolls for less than $1000 will be just a waste of money and disappointing.

If you’re on a budget you should better choose a blowjob machine. Blowjob machines are awesome sex toys – affordable, compact, and satisfying. If even cheaper, consider sex toys like pocket pussies.

Then pick a high quality doll when you can afford it.

  • For $1000 price tag you’ll get a 100cm or shorter doll made from thermoplastic elastomer TPE. For $1500 you’ll get around 150cm doll.
  • For $2000-$2500 price range you’ll get a life-like, life-size luxury sex doll as you see in the cover picture.

SexDollGenie Sex Shop (⭐ Overall Best)

The hardest decision is to pick the right sex doll shop that has a reliable customer service…
A place where sex dolls actually look the way they do in pictures and you get a fair price.
SexDollGenie is our #1 recommendation based on many customer reviews, research and my own experience.

life-like sex doll posing in car

My Story: Are Sex Dolls Worth It?

“Having a Sex Doll Is Like Having Your Own Personal Pornstar.”

I might have been living in the stone age.

I never thought that sex dolls have become so life-like and realistic.

I’m not even kidding. If you put her sitting in your car people would think it was a real chick. Incredible.

Not only doll looks like a real woman, but she also feels like a one…

From the soft lips to her perfectly firm, bouncy breasts, skin tone, and butt.

Pictures cant easily show the astonishingly high quality and detailed workmanship.

You have to hold the doll in your arms — seeing, touching, feeling… To really appreciate how remarkably life-like they truly are.

Love dolls work because men are wired to appreciate a sexy female body.

It all started with Dutch sailors in the 1600’s who wanted to improve their mental health and happiness in long voyages. If you’re interested in sex doll history, give this book a read.

It comes down to that incredible shape.

This video shows the jiggle, realism & craftsmanship really well (’s a sex toy, but still).

Honestly, if you want the next best thing, this is it.

When I was considering a purchase, my thoughts were:

“We only live once, what the heck, I’m gonna give it a shot. Better try it than always keep wondering what it’s like to bang a doll”.

But you should be careful when shopping for one:

What You Should Know Before Buying Your First Sex Doll

frankie best cheap sex doll example

View this doll Frankie on

Sex dolls probably are the most expensive sex toy you’ll ever buy (besides investing in real sex). That’s why there are lots of scammers out there selling cheap junk.

There are lots of customization options, materials, things you should know to save the money in the long term.

Sure, you could buy a cheaper starter doll, test materials, learn it through trial and error, but who has the time (and MONEY) for that?

Here’s a good overview of how dolls are being made:

Read this and you’ll be able to navigate the doll minefield like a pro.

#1 —  Price vs Value: What To Expect

Since Real Doll by Abyss Creations is mostly on the news it might make you think that realistic life-like, realistic sex dolls cost between $6,000 to $10,000.

Then if you go to Amazon, Aliexpress, etc. you might find dolls that cost only like $500 and you might think you’ve found a steal.

Here’s the reality:

  • Anything less than $1000: Don’t waste the money. Just get a blowjob machine for a few hundred and you’ll have a better experience. Pocket pussies are another great alternative.
  • For around $1000 you’ll get a 100cm or shorter doll that’s made from TPE material
  • For around $1500 you’ll get around 150cm from TPE or Silicone
  • For around $2000 to $2500 you can get a life-size highest quality silicone doll.

On Amazon/Aliexpress you’ll just find cheap knock-offs that rarely will look anything like in the picture and won’t last long.

They are just a waste of your hard-earned money.

Payment plan: Several sex doll shops have started offering payment plans for the dolls. You could take, for example, a $2K loan with a three-year payout of approx $80/mo.

Who are the best-known sex doll manufacturers?

Besides Real Doll company that sells their high-end dolls separately, all other sex doll shops pretty much sell all the same Chinese brand dolls.

It’s helpful to know the top manufacturer names:

  • — is the innovator of the industry. They are the oldest and best-known love doll makers in the sex industry. Their RealDoll 2.0 luxury sex dolls use great materials and are the most realistic sex dolls on the market.
  • WM Dolls— made the first affordable TPE sex dolls. Previously all dolls cost $8,000–$10,000 till WM came around. The most popular Chinese sex doll maker.

Other popular brands are ESDoll, JY Doll, YL Dolls, 6YE Dolls (has most realistic looking holes), Z-one doll, IronTech dolls.

Just keep in mind the names, but it’s best to order from sex doll retailers to get the best customer service experience.

Sex doll retailers work closely with sex doll manufacturers.

Retailers’ only job is to ensure great shipping, customization & a great experience for you, which is why I recommend buying from the specialized sex shops.

Look out for reviews, but here’s my take on the best sex doll shops:

Where Can I Find Trustworthy Websites & The Best Sex Dolls?

shops to find the best cheap sex dolls for men

After you remove the easy to spot bad sellers — obscure, “too good to be real” pricing, crappy websites with bad pictures, no reviews…

You’ll still find lots of sex doll shops with similar names that all blend together (all with similar prices and listing of dolls).

When I tried to make sense of it all, I understood that some companies even copy/paste (steal) other people reviews and in the end all of them look pretty much the same.

To filter the crap out it’s valuable to look at:

  • domain authority (how long site has been around)
  • Search traffic (Google is quite good at filtering bad results)
  • overall traffic (SimilarWeb is quite accurate at estimating overall monthly traffic to the site and is a good indicator to show popular sites)

To help you pick though I discovered few sites that stood out:

  • SexDollGenie  — my favorite finding. They are relatively new but stood out with the number of reviews, responsiveness (replied to my email within 2 hours), payment plans, guarantee, one of the best selections (1800 dolls), and more customization than most. Since they are small they try harder which gives you a good customization process and a feeling that shipment will arrive as expected.
  • — a very well-established brand, loves their easy-to-remember the fun name (ironically though they have very few silicone dolls, 99% is TPE).
  • Real Doll—The Lamborghini of sex dolls. They are expensive, great if you can afford them, but know you’re paying lots for novelty. These dolls are not the “best bang for the buck”, but early adopters who want cool shit and are willing to pay for it will love it.

Few other good sites from the sex doll industry are and Real Love Sex Dolls.

I love the fact that SexDollGenie has super-responsive customer support, payment plan, & all the popular dolls from top manufacturers.

So the only reason to shop around on different shops would be to find a cheaper price or discount deal, huh?

Definitely. Do that, and then if you find a cheaper doll, you can request a price match from SexDollGenie.

screenshot sex doll genie online store

That’s how you’ll be able to get a lower price and still get great support.

#2 — Material: TPE vs Silicone Doll

To be honest I am surprised there’s a still discussion about it.

In the general sex toy market, everyone is informed that TPE is not good material. It’s porous (not 100% cleanable, emits a gas-like odor that makes eyes irritated and has allergy reactions to some people like itchy rashes.

After reading countless people’s opinions I understand that many guys simply have a sentiment for TPE because they were the first affordable sex dolls.

But let’s bluntly review the pros and cons of the TPE vs Silicone Dolls.

Pros of buying TPE sex doll:

  • cheaper — this was a big reason in the past, now you can find almost the same price range doll made of silicone (maybe $200 difference)
  • softer, cuddlier — this was the second-best argument in the past. Silicone simply was less jiggly, less soft. But this has also changed. Sanhui, JM, Z-One, and SinoDoll brand dolls are as soft as the TPE doll without TPE disadvantages.
  • better selection of heads and bodies — simply because of the fact that TPE has been around longer, there is a lot bigger selection. It’s a lot easier to find a sex doll that you’ll fall from then it is from silicone.

Cons of buying TPE sex doll:

  • it’s porous — it’s impossible to sterilize TPE. Will harbor mold and bacteria easily.
  • bad stench and allergies — TPE can irritate the skin, emits a bad smell (odor) that irritates the eyes, sometimes leaks oil.
  • attracts mold easily — TPE attracts liquid
  • delicate material, life-span is short — you’ll read a lot of finger wire problems with TPE. Not so with silicone. With TPE you need to remove all jewelry, sharp objects, even fingernails can cut into TPE. Plus, dolls are heavy and it’s hard not to bump against stuff. Broken fingers are very common. TPE doll skin also stains easily, must be very careful with clothing or dust.
  • sensitive to heat — you cannot take TPE to a hot bath or forget it wrapped in a heating blanket (must be cautious). TPE is flammable and would melt like candle wax in a fire. Careful with temperature.
curvy bbw sex doll

Check this platinum silicone sex doll Jewel at

Pros of buying Silicone sex doll:

  • requires less maintenance as TPE — Silicone fundamentally rejects water which makes it a lot less susceptible to mold. Material is more forgiving for cleaning. Also, silicone rejects dirt vs TPE that absorbs it (hard to clean).
  • can last indefinitely, can be sold used (or bought) — since you can sterilize silicone that opens doors to buying or selling used. Silicone simply doesn’t break down, tears can be fixed.
  • less delicate — The silicone sex doll is simply more forgiving and durable. You can bump it to things, it won’t stain easily, rejects mold.
  • not sensitive to heat — Silicone can be boiled safely, so you don’t need to worry about accidentally melting the material
  • no allergies — you’ll never hear of bad smell from platinum silicone or people having allergies from one.
  • doesn’t deform or lose shape — with TPE you need to move doll to different positions often or it will lose shape. Platinum silicone doesn’t deform.

Cons of buying Silicone sex doll:

  • a smaller selection of dolls — this is the biggest con in my opinion. No way around it, but I believe it’s only a matter of the time when people get more informed and start demanding more silicone sex dolls.
  • price  range— in general a little more expensive than TPE, but not always
  • can be sticky to touch — easy way to fix is to rub baby powder or cornstarch all over the doll (which is actually part of regular maintenance of any doll)

Final verdict: TPE or Silicone sex doll?

For a new doll owner a silicone sex doll is simply a no-brainer. Cleaning will be a breeze, maintenance & care will be a lot more forgiving for lazy people who just want to have fun.

Plus, even if you’re not sure you can buy your dream sex doll, use it and you’ll still be able to sell it later for 2/3 of the original price.

Not so with TPE. Most people who want to sell it must give it away for practically free since it’s not safe to use as fuck doll anymore.

To me right now the ONLY real difference is that silicone is a LITTLE BIT pricier, but the benefits FAR outweigh the small increase in price range.

The variety of silicone dolls could be better, but it’s quickly improving.

#3 —What’s The Best Weight For A Sex Doll?

Most new doll owners don’t really understand how heavy the realistic sex doll gets.

If you’re buying a life-like, life-size doll, you’ll get 70–110lbs (30–50kg) of dead-weight that you’ll need to figure out how to manipulate and move around.

One thing is storage. You should think about it BEFORE the doll arrives.

But an understanding of the weight and sex dolls’ body types are crucial.

You may think, 72lbs….pfff, who cares, that’s nothing!

Well, you’re wrong.

72lbs could be nothing for a bench-press, but mixed with 5.5″ (166cm) body type and 72lbs of dead weight…IS NOT.

If you haven’t seen a gym since high school… Well, let’s just say you should go to the gym and do some heavy-lifting to tone up.

So now that you appreciate the weight…

I would really not recommend you to buy curvy, big ass sex dolls that will weigh around 110lbs (50kg). Look instead at the petite high quality doll that will weigh around 72lbs (33kg).

Here’s a comparison for you in 5l bottles…

the best curvy and petite sex doll weight compared

So if you like curvy body type doll can you imagine carrying 10 uncomfortable 5l bottles around the house?

Even with a petite doll, it will still be a challenge.

But at least now you’ll be prepared upfront.

I don’t recommend going the opposite route either though.

Mini-dolls that weigh 10–20 kg and are 100cm height, won’t give you the real sex doll experience either.

Here are the best ideas for moving the doll around:

  • Learn the Firearms carry — this is how firemen carry an unconscious person out of danger. This is the easiest way to carry a person. (here’s a good video showing how to do it)
  • Bridal carry — for short distances you can put the doll in a sitting type position and carry like you would carry a bride.
  • Use a computer chair with wheels — chances are you have one or you can buy a cheap rolling chair for this.
  • Get a wheelchair — a bit more expensive, but very practical to move around a heavier doll
  • Flat cart trolley — it’s commonly used to transport heavy office or construction materials, a great solution for doll too.
a japanese sex doll made from silicone

Check the Annie love doll at

#4 — What’s The Best Height For A Sex Doll?

For real women, it’s fine to be shorter because of spine and positions, but for a doll, it may be too small even at 165cm!

Having too short doll will bring down immersion quite a bit.

Keep in mind that dolls are not real people, thus having one similar height as yourself will make life with it a lot easier and more enjoyable!

If you get a taller doll that is your height, it will open you up for any position — standing up, kneeling, or laying down.

For example, I’m 183cm. I am looking for as close to 180cm, 5″6″+ doll as possible.

six women and one man posing as dolls

I understand that height, weight, looks & material will make choices limited, but that’s where you can talk to sex doll retailers and ask for possible customization.

A helpful way to understand the height is to google famous pornstar heights, watch them in the videos and it will be a lot easier to imagine.

#5 —How To Get The Most Realism Out Of Sex Doll?

When browsing around, ask yourself:

Can you use this sex doll for anal, blowjob, vaginal sex?

All realistic sex dolls have three holes that you can use.

Only smaller dolls under 100cm might have only vagina hole without butthole because simply there is no space for it.

As for realism — it’s incredible. You need to use lube and warm it up…

But other than that if you close your eyes it feels just like the real thing or even better.

The biggest non-realistic part is the mouth. The blowjob feels great, but the doll’s face deforms when you’re “thrusting” it.

Get the “Enhanced Mouth” upgrade if you want to experience more life-like kissing and oral playtime.

The enhanced mouth comes with juicier lips, soft tongue and ribbed throat for more intense deep-throating feeling.

sex doll mouth for blowjobs
Image Source:

If you’re looking for more anatomically correct holes …  WM, YL, OR, Sino, DS or Irontech dolls are the ones to look at.

Also with a butt for some dolls, you can add buttocks gel implants (upgrade) that feel incredibly realistic and looks wonderful when you crawl in bed.

Both enhanced mouth and buttocks gel implants are worth the extra cost if you’re into that.

The final decision is whether to pick a removable vagina or the built-in/fixed vagina.

It’s really a matter of preference.

The built-in vagina’s biggest benefit is that it gives the most realistic experience, but it’s harder to clean.

The insertable vagina is easier to clean. However, sometimes insert sucks when it’s hard to install it properly or it moves during thrusting. Also if something happens, it’s easier to replace it.

beautiful anime sex doll 162 cm

Check out this petite sex doll (162 cm height) on Unfortunately, this doll comes only in TPE material.

Most ​men like the most realistic experience for all three holes:

  • Enhanced mouth upgrade
  • Buttocks gel implants
  • Built-in/fixed vagina
removable vagina on sex doll and mouth
Image Source:

But it’s up to personal preference. You must create your own definition of the best sex doll.

#6 —What Are Sex  Doll Customization Options?

When you go to the doll personalization process you’ll notice there are tons of little extra choices you need to make.

And to complicate the process even more… different brands have different personalization options.

My advice is to go through different brands and check manually the differences, for example, Z-one dolls come with tattoo upgrades on the doll.

how to personalise your love doll
Image Source:

But here’s the most important bits that you should be extra careful to think about:

  • Standing legs (customize feet) — it costs extra, but a doll that easily falls over is not worth your money. Standing feet add 3 screws that extend from the footplate through the sole of the feet. You’ll be thankful that you got standing feet so doll is not limited to only sitting down. It’s easier to dress and clean the doll while it’s standing. The only downside is that bolts are very hard on pantyhose, nylons or even thin socks.
  • The body types, skin tone & breast size — We discussed the weight downsides of BBW type sex dolls, but still, it’s crucial that you choose the most attractive body shape for you. You can buy different heads ($300–500) later (i know it sounds creepy), but you cannot change the body. Men are visual creatures, it’s all about the looks — pick something that you LOVE, not like.
  • The hair color — here’s the thing about a hairstyle: the longer the hair, the more effort it will take to keep them tangle-free and looking good. Simple shorter hair may be a less problem option. As for material, some wigs have a chemical smell, so if you’re not satisfied with the wig you got check Amazon for cheap & great wig deals.
  • Pubic hair — unless you absolutely don’t love pubic hair, I would suggest going without it, it will be less messy.
  • Makeup  & eye color— If you’re planning to use cosmetics yourself to change the look of your doll, make sure you specify “no makeup” in order notes. Liquid eyeliner and powdered cosmetics work well on sex dolls. Choosing the right eye color is also crucial.
  • Heater function and moan upgrades are not worth it. — you’ll be better served if you simply get an electric blanket on Amazon for $40 as even heating option doesn’t warm all body parts. As for moans, just put the phone behind the doll’s head or buy small Bluetooth speakers and insert it in the doll’s mouth for a realistic experience.
  • Shrugging and standard shoulders — it’s supposed to look more realistic for photos, I don’t see a point in paying extra for them, they really don’t add anything important in functionality.
  • Buying a shemale, tranny sex doll — you don’t need to buy a separate doll for that, you can simply buy a transgender penis insert in accessories or you can check strapless strapon sex toys.
moans and body heating for doll

Okay, so these are the big decisions.

I really recommend you reach out to the customer service of the doll company upfront and ask all specific questions.

You’ll be able to get pictures and make sure you really get what you love. And you shouldn’t settle for anything less if you’re dropping $2K for a high quality sex doll.

#7 —Doll Buying Process, Returns & Warranty

Silicone thermoplastic elastomer dolls must be carefully maintained, but the body won’t last longer than a few years.

Silicone dolls are much more forgiving and will last forever unless you’re really careless with cleaning, moving it.

The best thing is that you can actually sell used silicone doll (unless it’s heavily damaged). There are several doll forums that deal with it.

Market value for used TPR doll is practically zero because of it’s porous nature.

How does the purchase process look like?

Image Credits:

This is a pretty common experience between all sex doll shops.

Depending on customizations you’ll require on average it takes about 3–6 weeks for the doll to be delivered.

Usually, before sending the doll out you’ll be able to get a factory picture to ensure everything is as ordered.

Then you should be able to get a tracking number to track your order delivery.

As for the returns and warranty, most sex doll retailers don’t help you much afterward.

This is why I like SexDollGenie the most. This is where they shine.

Genie guarantee states that if there is any mistake with your order (defects etc.) they will either fix the issue (at no cost to you) or replace the doll for free.

Also during the ENTIRE lifetime of your doll, you’ll receive support from them on how to repair the doll when something goes wrong. It will be mostly in the form of advice (short email/video tips on how to do it).

Make sure you read their guarantee page carefully as there are a lot more important details. Plus, check this page on shipping, import, returns, and packaging.

Once the doll arrives you need to inspect it carefully for any flaws. The Genie guaranty of free replacement and no-cost repair (if it’s their fault) applies ONLY if the doll is UNUSED.

Types of Best Sex Dolls

I won’t go much into the details because the looks of the dolls are highly subjective.

Everyone is attracted, aroused to different things. But I just wanted to map out the options out there.

Really, if you can imagine it, chances are there is a doll-like that created for you.

Here are the most popular categories:

#1 — Young, Petite & Flat Chest Sex Dolls

This is the category I would recommend you to focus on.

These dolls will be 140cm and upwards height (go as close to your height as possible), but light enough to move around without too much effort.

petite flat-chest sex doll Megan (TPE)

She’s irresistible gym bunny, isn’t she? Check the doll Megan on .

It’s also easier and cheaper to find clothes for these kinds of realistic sex dolls as the proportions are realistic.

Admittedly it’s a challenge to find super beautiful silicone dolls. For that reason, I would recommend you customize the body + head yourself to create your dream doll.

Look at the pictures as inspiration, a canvas.


#2 — BBW Sex Dolls — Curvy, Big Ass, Big Tit Dolls

If you like chubby sex dolls, big breasts, MILF type of women, this is the category.

I warned you though that I would say that 60 pounds is maximum for a sex doll and these big dolls are extremely heavy and hard to move.

Jasmine is 46kg, 101.41 lbs weight!

ryan davis jasmine, shakira sex doll

And Jasmine sex doll leads the way… she’s amazing, just HEAVY!!! Find her on here.

But if it’s your fetish, and you’re aroused to it, you’ll need to find a way.

A wheelchair might be the best option for moving that kind of doll.

#3 — Ebony or Black Sex Dolls

Yep, you can get all the skin tone colors you like.

You can specify the tan shades in personalize settings, but if you want a completely black doll, you need to look for it.

ebony black sex doll Tyra

Check this 158 cm silicone sex doll Tyra with 64lbs on website.

The upside is that you don’t need to worry about staining the doll’s skin with dark clothing. You can go wild here.

#4— Asian or Japanese Sex Dolls

A Japanese sex doll is a true Geisha and even I being European find certain attractions and exotic to Asian girls.

japanese love doll Nell posing as geisha

Check This Japanese sex doll Nell on She is both tall and light, made from silicone.

They just look so innocent and angel-like.

#5 — Hentai & Anime Sex Dolls

If you’ve enjoyed Hentai type movies there is a way to bring that dirty anime girl to reality. Sex doll makers have made sure of it.

anime sex doll posing in chair

Check Luo anime silicone doll on Outfits here will make all the difference.

Dress them up in the girly clothes and bring your fantasy to life.

Here the biggest difference is in the face, so feel free to customize your own body + head combination.

You can also check out our Kanojo toys review for other options.

#6— Furry & Fantasy Sex Dolls

Yes, really.

You can find a vampire, Avatar-themed, elf or even futanari type sex dolls.

elf fantasy sex doll posing with bow

Check this 168 cm, 73 lbs silicone elf sex doll on

#7— Shemale or Tranny Sex Dolls

There is not much sense to buy a shemale doll and limit yourself from the extra hole.

Basically, all sex doll retailers sell transgender penis insert as an add-on to any doll.

If you want the most realistic dildo insert, however…consider RealDoll attachment. It costs around $500 but because of the dual-density silicone they use, you won’t be able to see the difference from the real thing!

five different size realistic dildos

I am serious! RealDoll is original makers or RealCock sex toys, the most realistic dildo in the world.

#8 — Gay Sex Dolls or Male Dolls for Women

Okay, it’s a different case if you actually want a male sex doll.

While the market for male sex dolls is much smaller, there are more than enough options for you!

male sex doll Charles posing as boxer

Check out this TPE male sex doll Charles on It has an interchangeable penis insert too.

#9 — Cheap Sex Dolls “Starter Dolls”

Okay, finally let me say that I DON’T RECOMMEND any of these options if you are looking for a realistic sex doll experience.

Yes, they are a lot cheaper, but they won’t give anything close to the experience that a life-like sex doll would give you.

This is the middle ground between cock milking machines that do work for you, but…

My suggestion is to either go for a cheap blowjob machine or $2K range sex doll. Everything in the middle will be just a disappointment.

Here’s the overview of alternatives:

  • Mini sex dolls are 100cm in height and cost around $1K. They feel weird and like having sex with a teen. Plus, because of the small size, there are very few positions you can use that mini doll for.
cheapest realistic fuck doll posing on table

Check out this 150cm mini sex doll on

  • Consider visiting Lumidolls sex doll brothel  – If you live close to Russia, Italy, Spain or Japan you can actually go to a doll brothel and test-drive a doll experience for few hundred bucks…! 😉 Sex robots in sex tourism is the future!
  • Plush sex dolls  — if you’re looking for cuddling and just a body shape Love Venus R Love Doll could be an option for $435. For even cheaper you can stick to Fleshlight pocket pussies. With a very vivid imagination, you might trick your mind.
  • Inflatable blowup sex dolls  (on Lovehoney)— it’s basically a plastic balloon that has vaginal and oral openings that you blow up into the vague shape of a woman. Talk about an unfulfilling, unsatisfying, and COMPLETE waste of time. I’d rather jack off, but you can get one for $100 range as a prank I guess.
  • Sex doll torsos sex toys  (on SexDollGenie)—I don’t see a point in these either. Men are visual creatures and you cannot really LOOK at it. Sex dolls’ idea is that psychologically your brain will reward you more if you can feel an entire person there that accurately will simulate what sex feels like. But if you find it attractive and are ready to drop $150-$200… Then this Thrust Pro Elite sex toy from Lovehoney is the better option with ass & vagina openings and bubbly butt to grab onto.
fake torsos hips and legs for masturbation

Sex Doll Care: Cleaning & Maintenance

First of all, be prepared that the most fragile parts of the doll’s body are:

Having a repair kit (glue and tools) handy is smart:

  • Fingers — over time wires might start sticking out (especially with TPE), the solution is to simply push them back and try not to spread fingers in unnatural positions. Finger issues typically can be avoided with careful positioning of hands.
  • Fingernails and eyelashes coming off — these parts are very delicate so be prepared for that to happen and the solution is to simply glue it back with TPE glue (for TPE) or silicone glue for silicone.
  • Prepare for stiff joints at first — be gentle when moving the doll’s joints initially. They will be stiff at first but will loosen up after some time.
  • Tearing — this mostly happens when spreading doll legs too much and you might tear the vagina area. It’s also not a serious issue, you can simply glue it together, many sex dolls will come with a mini repair kit.

Then before you use the doll for the first time you should wash and clean it.

After that, you should clean it after every usage.

If you’re lazy to clean, consider using a female condom. They are re-usable and cleanup is a snap. Just rinse it out, turn it inside out, and hang up to dry for the next time.

Always use a water-based lubricant. Oil-based lubricants will break down silicone.

For ease of cleaning, I suggest you buy the tools, dolls are awkward to clean it without them.

If you allow moisture to sit in the vagina, it will develop an odor.

Cleaning looks like this:

  • Rinse the vagina with soapy water or toy cleaner (it’s best if you get a simple douche bulb like this on Lovehoney)
  • Air dry it up — use paper towels or tampons (really great absorption).
  • The outside of the doll can be wiped down with a damp cloth, then apply cornstarch to prevent the doll from getting sticky (baby powder is not recommended since it leaves a smell)
  • Then store it in a low-moisture, low-sunlight area to prevent materials from fading and getting smelly (TPE especially)
beautiful tpe doll posing in the bed

Check Dana sex doll on for undressed photos. A perfect balance of height and weight.

Bringing It All Together

Now you should have 100% clarity on what to look out for when buying a sex doll and what to expect!

Congratulations! Start small or go all in – up to you. To learn more join sex doll forums. It’s great to talk to other sex doll fans and get ideas and feedback.

If you benefited from it, the only thing I ask you is to spread the word — share it around, give it to someone who might benefit from it.

Thank you and welcome to the amazing world of sex dolls!

Dainis Graveris

Dainis Graveris

With over 2 year experience working in a local adult toy store Dainis has gathered quite a bit of experience about helping people find the best for their needs. He's also a top writer on Quora (7M views, 2.3K followers) and has written over 70+ guides on SexualAlpha. Read More

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