11 Best Cheap Male Sex Toys & Masturbators Under $50

If on a budget or looking to test the waters, here you’ll find the best cheap male sex toys all in one place:

best cheap male sex toys

Cheap doesn’t mean bad. It means the toys are affordable, so you can test what you like before you invest.

Inexpensive toys (like onaholes here) won’t last years, but they can be good fun and a good indicator of what you like.

There are many different types of the best cheap male sex toys you can experiment with for a small price – just under $50.

Top Cheap Male Masturbator Sex Toys Under $50

tenga egg

Tenga Egg


Price: $
Type: Masturbation sleeve
Size: 2.5”
Material: TPE
Opening: Neutral

quickshot vantage product shot

Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage


Price: $$$
Type: Stroker
Size: 3.5”
Material: TPE
Opening: 2 open ends

Tenga Deep Throat Onacup

Tenga Deep Throat Onacup


Price: $$
Type: Blowjob simulator
Size: 5”
Material: TPE
Opening: Neutral

Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage

1. Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage

Overall best

Type: Stroker | Size: 3.4 inches | Material: TPE | Price: $35

  • Great for small penises
  • Is usable during oral
  • Comes with lube
  • Loud
  • Flimsy material

This toy is smaller than most Fleshlights, but that’s probably what makes it so inexpensive. It also stands out from other fleshlights because it’s more like a stroker.

Quickshot Vantage has two open ends and can easily slide onto any penis. If you’re smaller it might take most of your length, but for larger guys, you’ll be popping out the end. 

That can be an added bonus actually because your partner can stimulate the tip while you stroke or squeeze the sleeve.

Inside the sleeve is very textured, full of nubs and spheres that average size guys will hit all of. The sensations aren’t over-the-top, but it’s a tight squeeze

If you cover your head with the toy and squeeze it, it can really stimulate the sensitive parts and help bring you closer to the climax.

This isn’t the toy to get if you want full penetration, but being open from two sides makes it really easy to maintain and clean.

It should also make it dry faster. There’s no chance of it forming hidden mold somewhere deep and tight inside.

Tenga Egg

2. Tenga Egg

Most discrete

Type: Masturbation sleeve | Size: 2.5” | Material: TPE | Price: $13 

  • Very discrete
  • Incredibly stretchy
  • Very, very affordable
  • Intended for single-use

The Tenga egg is hiding a lot of power behind a small size. Its sleeve is only 2.5 inches long but can stretch to be up to 12 inches. It can also fit an 8-inch girth, more room than you’ll ever need.

At first, it can be difficult to figure out what this egg is for. The shape is just an illusion, to make it look innocent and even confusing in your pocket or suitcase. 

Inside is a masturbation sleeve, designed for single-use, but some guys have had eggs last up to three years (that’s extreme though!).

These egg sleeves are not very textured, but they bring more sensations than a hand. They’re really a small, discrete toy that can be taken with you even when traveling.

Just be careful, you need to clean it and maintain it a lot because it’s TPE. This material can be a breeding ground for bacteria and mold because it’s porous.

Other than that, there’s no real downside to the eggs.

Tenga Deep Throat Onacup

3. Tenga Deep Throat Onacup

Best blowjob sleeve

Type: Blowjob simulator | Size: 5” | Material: TPE | Price: $20

  • Realistic sucking sensation
  • Pre-lubed and holds onto lube
  • No spillage
  • Designed for one use only
  • Loud

A lot of toys that simulate a blowjob are very expensive and sometimes vibrate. This is a very simple, affordable male sex toy that creates the same sensations for a fraction of the price.

This toy – called an onacup – would be revolutionary if made from silicone. Unfortunately, it’s TPE, so it remains a little-known fun thing.

The manufacturer ensures that If you use a condom, you can use this toy more than once.

Now, the design? 

It’s very focused on sucking, and I think it does quite a good job for its purpose. It has valves for the suction effect and nubs for extra sensations along the 5-inch sleeve.

At the end, there’s an adjustable cap over an air hole, which lets you decide how intense you want the suction to be.

It will always be tight because the toy only has a 0.5-inch diameter. It’ll stretch, but its silky smooth walls have a strong grip.

The grip shouldn’t be an issue, as the toy is designed to hold onto lube so you don’t have to reapply it. You won’t have any trouble getting in and out of this toy even the first time – it’s pre-lubed.

Sadly due to its limited usage, it’s not a toy you can experiment with a lot, so here’s a tip: cover the air hole with your finger.

When you pull out a little, uncover it. Cover again as you thrust back in. It creates a very unique sucking experience.

The toy will be very cold, so try warming it up before you use it. Wrap it in a heated blanket or use a warming rod.

Don’t use warm water to warm it though, because it’s not waterproof. 

Sue Johanson Super Head Honcho

4. Sue Johanson Super Head Honcho

Best blowjob toy for shower

Type: Blowjob simulator | Size: 6” | Material: TPE | Price: $25

  • Waterproof
  • Simple to clean
  • Easy to hold
  • Easy to rip
  • Not for larger men

If you liked the last blowjob toy but don’t like how it’s not waterproof, maybe this one will suit you better?

Head Honcho can be used for all your underwater needs, alone or with a partner. 

For shower sessions, use silicone lube – it’s silky smooth, and won’t wash off as water-based lube would.

This toy is also gentler than the Tenga one, which will be nice if intense toys aretoo much for you.

You can still control the suction by covering a hole on the end, but you have to use your hand – there’s no cap to do it. 

And the inside’s design for suction is a little different too.

There are three textured chambers. The texture isn’t exaggerated, but if you grip the toy tighter you will feel it more. 

It shouldn’t be difficult to hold, even underwater, because the outside is sticky.

But the sticky texture means fluff can easily stick to it. Try not to touch it with any cloth that’s not microfiber.

Also, don’t apply talc or starch because you will never get the cornstarch off again. 

Overall it’s a nice, subtle blowjob toy that’s easy to use and hold, and very pleasurable. 

Take extra care of it because it can be torn easily. 

For safe play, make sure you clean and dry it well before your next use. Even if you use it underwater.

LoveHoney Ignite Mini Male Vibrator

5. Lovehoney Ignite Mini Male Vibrator

Best frenulum vibrator

Type: Frenulum vibrator | Size: 2.5” | Material: Silicone | Price: $30

  • Simple to use
  • Discrete
  • Great targeted stimulation
  • Vibrations aren’t very intense

The frenulum is that stringy piece of skin running from the penis head to where the foreskin starts. It’s incredibly sensitive and doesn’t need much to create pleasure.

This small, simple vibrator is perfect to stimulate it with 20 sensations to play with. These come as 3 speeds and 17 patterns to pair up on your frenulum or gliding along your shaft.

Like the egg, this is a great toy for travel, too. It fits in most pockets and it’s inconspicuous.

That’s the thing about these ultra-cheap toys: they’re cheap because they’re small, and because they’re small they’re discrete.

The discretion could be fantastic if you’re thinking of asking a partner to play with toys. You might not know you like the feeling yet, so this toy is easy to hide. 

Then it’s a nice toy for your partner to use on you, to see how a couple’s play with toys works in your relationship.

10 Frequencies Elastic Masturbator

6. 3D Blowjob Male Masturbator

Best vibrating blowjob toy

Type: Blowjob vibrator | Size: 6.9” | Material: TPR | Price: $31 

  • Great suction
  • Stretchy
  • Very soft material
  • Buttons on remote are not labeled
  • Slippery

If you want to go in a hands-free, automatic direction, this is a toy you could try. You put it on, then all you need to do is control the remote – no thrusting or squeezing yourself.

This toy has 10 different and powerful vibration patterns, but the sucking is what makes it stand out. 

It’s so strong that it can suck water out of a glass. Or if you hold the entrance closed when sucking is turned on, the toy flattens.

This guarantees an intense and tight experience. Plus, there are little nubs to add more sensations to your experience.

There are toys with harder vibrations and better patterns on the material. But for the price, it’s an incredible find.

Also, a cleaning tip: this toy is very easy to turn inside out. The thermoplastic rubber stretches excellently. 

But also beware: TPR is porous like TPE, so take extra care it’s clean and dry before using it.

Automatic Male Masturbator

7. Automatic Male Masturbator

Best penis head vibrator

Type: Sucking vibrator | Size: 2.5” internal, 7” overall | Material: Silicone | Price: $46

  • Heating mode
  • Easy to hold
  • High-quality materials for the price
  • Buttons have no labels
  • Small internal length

The last blowjob vibrator on this list isn’t really for blowjobs, more for sucking a small part of the penis. It mainly targets the head.

But it’s a realistic feeling and takes some of the hard work out of your hands.

This toy heats up, so you don’t have to worry about a warming rod or hot blanket. Then add the wetness of lube to the sucking sensation, and the realism is unmatched. (Well, for this price.)

Heat is only one of the big pros of this toy: it’s also silicone inside, so it should last longer than others on the list.

So this would be the one to buy for longevity if you’re okay with the limited insertable length.

However, the con of the toy is the button to control it. It’s tricky to figure out alone, so let me help you: hold the power button to turn it on/off.

Press it quickly to cycle through the vibration modes.

Then, the bottom left is the heating button. The bottom right is for the suction.

The charging hole is in the middle of these three buttons, but none are labeled so it’s good to know which is which in advance.

LoveHoney Booty Buddy Vibrating Butt Plug

8. Lovehoney Booty Buddy

Best cheap prostate toy

Type: Vibrating butt plug | Size: 4” | Material: Silicone | Price: $25

  • Bent to target the prostate
  • Two in one
  • Great material for the price
  • Not very tapered

Prostate play can be controversial if you’re not experimental. But once you start, you probably will never go back to ignoring the P-spot.

A great introduction to the world of prostate stimulation is Booty Buddy. It’s long but not girthy, and it bends to target the P-spot (aka the guy g-spot). 

You’ll be able to feel that it’s inside you without feeling too full.

Despite holding its shape no matter how you move, this toy is not flimsy. You’ll have no problems with it squishing when taking it out or putting it in.

But, it won’t feel too hard or uncomfortable.

If you get bored of playing with that sensitive gland up the butt, you can remove the toy’s exterior. Then you’re left with a bullet vibrator.

How you use the bullet vibrator is up to you. You could use it on a partner, or turn it into a vibrating penis stroker – hold it while you use your hand to masturbate.

The bullet can also be put inside a fleshlight case while you use it. It’s really a multi-functional toy.

For this price, two toys in one is an incredible deal. You can also use them separately – use the butt plug, but without it vibrating. Rock back and forth so it hits your prostate.

Then, use the bullet vibe on yourself or your partner.

LoveHoney Mega Mighty Penis Sleeve

9. LoveHoney Mega Mighty

Best for adding length

Type: Penis extender | Size: 11” total, 8.5” insertable, 5.75” girth | Material: TPE | Price: $35

  • Very realistic
  • Textured exterior
  • Hands-free
  • Can be difficult to get on
  • May cause temporary pain for your partner if it’s much girthier than your penis

So far the toys have been more focused on masturbation (read our guide on male masturbation techniques). Some had the potential to play with a partner. This toy is less for the man wearing it, and more for the partner.

Although they don’t admit it, a lot of women might fantasize about something bigger. If not bigger, then something different from the penis she’s been getting for years. 

This sleeve is the answer to both problems.

You place your testicles in the cup, slide your penis in, and the toy is like a hands-free dildo for your partner. It’s also ribbed on the outside to give even more pleasure.

When wearing it, you won’t feel much. If you’re only interested in your own gratification this may not be the toy for you.

But if you want to build stamina and please your partner, then it’s the right fit.

Here’s something great about this toy: it’s realistic. It only adds an extra 1-3 inches, depending on your size.

And it doesn’t add too much girth either. It stays within the human territory, not like some toys that are available.

The head is also lifelike, for more lifelike feelings.

Really, it’s not just a toy – it’s a tool for some extra fun in the bedroom.

Tracey Cox Supersex Rechargeable Vibrating Love Ring

10. Tracey Cox Supersex Love Ring

Best cock ring

Type: Cock ring | Size: Unspecified | Material: Silicone | Price: $45

  • Pleasure for you and her
  • Helps with ED
  • Can be used alone, or with partner
  • Vibrations are weaker than more premium toys

Cock rings are often used for treating erectile dysfunction. They can also be used just for fun when you have no problems. 

These tools trap the blood inside the penis, and some add pleasure by vibrating. It makes for a harder, long-lasting erection so there’s a pleasure for both him and her.

Some guys like to pair these toys with a prostate toy for a solo experience, where others treat their partner to a night of fun. 

The vibrations will stimulate her clit as you thrust away. Some cock rings can even transfer the vibrations to your shaft.

Tracey Cox Supersex love ring doesn’t have the wildest vibrations in the world, but it’s great on a budget or to experiment. And it’s very powerful for the price.

The ring should also fit most guys. It’s tight enough to make the veins in the penis look enlarged. However it doesn’t cut off any circulation, so you stay comfortable.

Sex Doll Male Masturbator With Vagina And Anal

11. Sex Doll Male Masturbator With Vagina And Anal

Best cheap sex doll

Type: Sex doll/onahole | Size: 10.63” overall, 5.7” vagina, 4.5” anus | Material: TPE | Price: $80

  • Realistic appearance
  • Good for travel
  • Very stable
  • Hard to clean

Yes, this toy is more than $50 – it’s almost $80. But compared to most sex dolls, it costs nothing!

Onaholes are a cheaper version of a sex doll. They’re not usually realistic looking, but they’re made to feel as real as possible.

They’re not often life-size either, which makes them great for travel if you can handle the weight. For example, this one weighs around 5 pounds.

This onahole stands out above most though – it looks very real (but miniature) and has three ways you can use it.

There’s a vagina, anus, and you can have breast sex. The skeleton inside keeps it stable through all three.

Both holes are realistically textured, so you won’t have a crazy experience. It’s a subtle, sensitive one.

Most onaholes don’t get crazy intense or have any special features like vibration.

The material also isn’t the best, TPE like most of the toys here, but use a condom and the toy should last. 

A condom will also make cleanup much easier – because the toy is so rigid, with deep holes, cleaning can be difficult.

How To Get Most Out Of Your Toys

Cleaning & maintenance

To make your toys last as long as possible, make sure you clean and maintain them correctly.

Cheap toys won’t all be made of medical-grade silicone, which is the most body-safe and uncomplicated material. 

Many of them consist of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) which is a porous material where bacteria can grow and be trapped.

Everyone’s body has bacteria, but bacteria built up from your body might not be safe for someone else.

For this reason, It’s important not to share your toys with multiple partners, and clean them well.

No matter what material the toy is made from, use warm, soapy water and try not to scrub. Scrubbing can rip TPE, and damage silicone to create microtears.

Those make silicone no better than the porous TPE.

To clean inside the tunnel of a toy, you can try flipping it inside out.

If this isn’t possible, use a microfiber cloth attached to something thin, like a blunt stick or a brush handle. Microfiber cloths won’t leave residue inside the toy.

Always wait for the toy to dry completely, as a wet environment is prone to bacteria growth. 

To increase safety, use a condom when penetrating TPE toys.

To make sure TPE toys are really dry, cover them in cornstarch once a month. It’s easy:

  • Fill a sock with cornstarch.
  • Insert the toy into the sock.
  • Rub and pat the toy through the sock, to cover the entire surface.
  • Store the toy like this until next time you use it.

Rub the dry toy down with a microfiber cloth again to make sure the cornstarch is fully dusted off.

Best Ways To Use Toys

All these toys are very different. You have sleeves, butt plugs, and even sex dolls here.

But there are suggestions that apply to every type of toy, to make sure you get the best sensations and value for money from them.

  • Always use lube and never use silicone lube with silicone toys. It damages the silicone and makes it like TPE.
  • Go slow with the new toys. They can be very overwhelming. Start at the lowest setting, or with the toy turned off. Get used to how it feels.
  • Some toys can be great for stamina on low settings. Try seeing how slow you can go and how long you can last. Then try edging – it’s a whole new sensation to play with. It’s where you stop yourself from climaxing when you’re right on the edge – as the name suggests.
  • Experiment with different settings. See what causes the most intense orgasm, what’s the best for foreplay with a partner, and more kinds of fun.

Want more sexy options? Check out our full guide on the best male masturbator toys.


There you go, curious minds and guys on a budget. Here are some of the cheapest male sex toys for you to try out and have pleasure with.

With affordable male sex toys, you do sometimes have to sacrifice durability for the price.

But with the right maintenance and attitude, they can last a decent amount of time while you save for something longer-lasting, with harder sensations.

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