22 Best Butt plugs [2021]: for Beginners To Experts Reviewed

There is no best butt plug – there can only be the right one for YOUR specific needs. Below we review all the right choices for different cases. Read on:

Best Butt Plug

It’s SHOCKINGLY easy to find a bad buttplug that can turn you off of the idea of anal play completely. 

But finding a good buttplug? 

Much harder. 

So you’ll be pleased to know that I’ve waded through all of the crap (figuratively) to find you the 22 best buttplugs money can buy. 

Butts are like fingerprints: everyone’s got them, and they’re all different. 

So while there is no One Buttplug to Rule Them All, on this list you should find the buttplug that’s the lord to your ring (sorry). 

And for most of you, there’s a good chance it’ll be one of my TOP THREE.

Best Vibrating Plug

The best vibrations come in the Lovense Hush, which is my overall favorite butt plug. It has tons of connectivity features, is well-designed for easy insertion and removal, and the power is CRAZY. 

Best Glass Design

For something besides silicone, the Pipedreams Icicle No 48 is a gorgeous glass plug that’s easy to use, durable and safe, works with all kinds of lube, and did I mention how pretty it is?

Beginner’s Pick

And for those of you looking for a first-time toy, try out the Mood Naughty Trainer Kit. 3 plugs in increasing sizes, all in one set. They’re tapered for easy fit, well-made, and body-safe. And all for a fantastically low price! 

Top 3 Butt Plugs in 2021

Icicles No 48

Pipedreams Icicle No 48


Price: $
Insertable Length: 3”
Insertable Width: 1.3”
Material: Glass
Vibrating? No


lovense hush

Lovense Hush


Price: $$$
Insertable Length: 3.8” Insertable Width: 1.5”; 1.75” Material: Silicone 
Vibrating? 3 levels, 10 patterns, adjustable

Mood Naughty Trainer Kit


Price: $$
Insertable Length: 3”; 3.75”; 4.75”
Insertable Width: 0.75”; 1”; 1.25”
Material: Silicone
Vibrating? No

Top Rated Butt Plugs

1. Lovense Hush

Best Vibrating Plug (Best Overall)

Price: $$$ | Insertable Length: 3.8” | Insertable Width: 1.5”; 1.75” | Material: Silicone | Vibrating?: 3 levels, 10 patterns, adjustable 

  • Strongest vibrations of any butt plug I’ve seen 
  • Ingenious neck keeps it in place and easy to remove
  • Remote control and connectivity via Lovense App 
  • Syncs to music and sound-activated
  • Attracts dust and no storage pouch 
  • Max power is quite noisy 

You know, when I started writing this I was hesitant to call any butt plug THE BEST. 

But then I remembered the Lovense Hush exists. 

If I had to pick one butt plug to use for the rest of my life, it would be this one. 

The Lovense Hush has it all. Starting with the motor, which is incredibly powerful. I don’t know about any butt plugs that even compare. 

best vibrating butt plug by lovense hush

And it’s pretty quiet on the lower settings, too. If you stick to the first few levels you could even use it in public and no-one would be any the wiser. 

On higher settings, things do get a bit noisy, like a low speaking level. It is definitely noticeable in quiet spaces, so be careful taking it outside and cranking it up to the max! 

The Hush also has awesome connectivity functions.

Using the Lovense app you can control the vibrations over the internet (great for long-distance couples).

You can use new user-created patterns from the app for infinite patterns, or create your own.  You can set it to sound-activated, so when it “hears” a sound it will buzz. 

It even syncs to music! That’s a whole new way to appreciate your favorite songs. “Yeah the new single sounds good, but it doesn’t feel that good in my butt. 7/10.” 

The design touches are impressive too. That spiral on the neck? It helps to trap some lube there so you can take it out more easily — and it works! 

The base is comfortable and practical, and the tip is just the right balance of rounded and pointy to make entry smooth and painless. 

Downsides? Well the silicone is a dust magnet and there’s no storage pouch, so you’ll have to wrap it up for storage to keep dust off of it. 

At 1.5 inches wide it’s also a bit big for anyone new to anal play, but for everyone else, it’s a top choice. 

Friendly PSA: At the time of publishing this article, Lovense Hush is on sale for $99 (from $119).

2. Pipedreams Icicles No 48

Best Glass Plug

Price: $ | Insertable Length: 3” | Insertable Width: 1.3” | Material: Glass | Vibrating?: No

  • Adorable
  • Fine with any kind of lube
  • Not scary for beginners
  • Slippery when wet
  • Neck too thick for long-term wear

They say “women all love flowers” right? 

Can confirm. Gave this to my partner and she loved it! 

It looks so pretty that you will want to show it off. 

And it’s practical as well as easy on the eye. The borosilicate glass it’s made of is strong enough to survive a drop and is temperature resistant, so you can heat it up or cool it down safely. 

pipedreams cute icicles glass butt plug

The rounded teardrop shape makes it easy to insert with any kind of lube (yes, even silicone lube is on the table!). 

It has a gradual taper that leads down to a pretty wide neck.

A wide neck can be good or bad.

It’s good because it stretches the sphincter so it’s good for preparing for anal sex or larger toys. 

On the other hand, keeping the sphincter stretched is uncomfortable after a short while, so you can’t wear the Icicles for a long time. 

If you’ve been looking for a fake jewel plug then try this instead — it’s safer and in my opinion better looking! 

3. NJoy Pure Plug

Best Metal Plug

Price: $$$ | Insertable Length: 2.5” | Insertable Width: 0.9” | Material: Stainless Steel | Vibrating?: No 

  • Beautiful packaging
  • Ring base for easy removal 
  • Fun for temperature play 
  • Quality steel ain’t cheap 
  • Ring base isn’t very discreet

Most butt plugs are made of silicone, which is a fine choice of material. 

Others, like the Icicle above, are made of glass, which is pretty and transparent. 

But for something a bit more shiny and impressive, not to mention hard-wearing… 

Go with stainless steel. 

Like the N-Joy Pure Small here. 

140 grams of pure stainless steel with a nice curve that hits your p-spot if you have one and stimulates you anyway if you don’t. 

njoy pure stainless steel best butt plugs

It comes in a gorgeous box that’s practically a keepsake all by itself, so it would make a great gift for a special someone in your life. 

Everything about the N-joy screams luxury, from the mirror polish, that you can see your face in, to the beautiful oval ring base that makes removing it a breeze. 

The base means it will stick out under clothes, so it’s not the best choice for wearing in public, but well nothing is perfect is it? 

Oh yeah, the metal is cold at first (obviously) but you can heat it up in warm water or put it in the fridge if you feel like playing with the temperature.

Just don’t put it in the freezer — you’ve seen those movies where some idiot gets his tongue stuck to a frozen lamppost? 

Do you really want that to happen to your anus? 

Didn’t think so. 

4. b-Vibe Snug Plug 1

Most Comfortable All-day Plug

Price: $$ | Insertable Length: 3.4” | Insertable Width: 0.8” | Material: Silicone | Vibrating?: No

  • Weighted to create pressure and pleasure
  • Unique shape is more stimulating
  • T-base is well proportioned
  • Hold odor more than some other plugs

Just a finger wide but there’s a hell of a lot you can do with a finger. 

The torpedo shape makes a way more intense feeling inside than you might expect, yet it never feels like it’s stretching that much. 

The weights inside make you feel more full and do some nice work on your pleasure points as you walk.

It has a long, thin neck that makes it easy to keep in comfortably as long as you want. 

bvibe butt plugs for long term wear at work

You can go about your whole day with it in and probably even sleep wearing it if that’s your thing. 

The T-base rests comfortably between your cheeks without digging in, so you could even go for a run and no-one would ever notice you secretly getting off. 

Well, unless you moan as you run. That’s a giveaway. 

And if you like the Snug Plug 1, you can graduate to the Snug Plug 2, which is bigger. Actually, they have a range that goes all the way from the adorable 1 to the intimidating Snug Plug 6, which is 2.2 inches wide and weighs 500g. 

5. b-Vibe Rimming Plug 2

Best Rimming Simulator

Price: $$$ | Insertable Length: 4.8” | Insertable Width: 1.5” | Material: Silicone | Vibrating?: 6 vibration modes and 7 rimming modes

  • Stimulates and relaxes the sphincter
  • Sensations run all the way through the plug
  • Remote control works up to 30 feet away
  • Not 100% realistic 
  • Not fully waterproof

What will they think of next?? 

The b-Vibe Rimming Plug 2 has a bunch of beads in the neck of the plug which rotate to help recreate the sensation of analingus, AKA rimming AKA having your butt licked. 

Does it manage to live up to this impressive claim? 

Well, yes and no. 

No, it doesn’t feel like actual rimming from a human person… 

But DAMN it feels great! 

The combination of the vibrating tip to jangle your insides while the rotating beads wreak havoc on your sphincter is an insanely intense experience. 

The Rimming Plug 2 also comes with a remote control so a partner can control the action from a distance. 

There’s also a small version for the less experienced and an XL version for the advanced user. 

Friendly PSA: At the time of publishing this article, b-Vibe Rimming Plug 2 is on sale for $112.50 (from $150).

6. Lovehoney Vibrating Inflatable Plug

Best Value Inflatable Plug

Price: $ | Insertable Length: 4.5” | Insertable Width: Up to 2.9” | Material: Soft plastic | Vibrating?: Multiple speeds (dial) 

  • Vibrates AND inflates
  • Very cheap for the quality
  • Soft plastic that contains latex
  • Batteries (not rechargeable) 

Inflatable butt plugs might seem scary at first, but they can be an incredible experience solo or with a partner. 

The Lovehoney Inflatable Plug is amazing value at just $25, so it’s not even expensive to try it out. 

It has a soft plastic outer shell over a solid core, so it’s easy to insert. Once it’s inside you can pump it up by squeezing the pump and make it vibrate using the dial-controlled remote. 

A common problem with inflatable plugs is that they tend to move around while they’re being inflated. But not this one. It stays in place and vibrates like crazy! 

vibrating inflatable butt plug demonstrated

PRO TIP: If you can (or you’re playing with a partner), deflate the plug while orgasming to make it more intense. It lasts longer and feels stronger. 

I wish the remote was a little bit longer to make controlling it more convenient, but at this price, I can hardly complain. 

NOTE: This plug does contain latex, so if you’re allergic then you’ll have to give this one a miss.  And if you’re not sure whether you’re allergic to latex, you should test it with a latex glove before putting anything in your butt. 

7. Aneros Helix Trident

Best for Prostate Stimulation 

Price: $$ | Insertable Length: 4” | Insertable Width: 1” | Material: Hard plastic | Vibrating?: No

  • Contoured to hit the p-spot
  • Not intimidating for starters 
  • Possibility of hands-free orgasms
  • External arms can be uncomfortable for some

Gentlemen, welcome to the modern day. Prostate orgasms are on the menu. 

If that sounds good then start with the Aneros Helix Trident. It’s a thin, light prostate massager made of hard yet flexible plastic and contours designed to tickle the p-spot like there’s no tomorrow. 

The outer arms keep it secure and safe while also stimulating the perineum (taint) and so-called “kundalini spot”, which I had never heard of before but I’m pretty sure is somewhere around the base of the spine.

Whatever, they both feel nice. 

It’s a good idea to try many different positions to see which one works best for you. I find lying on my side or back to be the best but every guy and every prostate is different. 

Once you find the right position it should be possible to have hands-free orgasms just by relaxing and taking some deep breaths, then enjoying the sensations as they wash over you. 

Keep in mind that prostate orgasms take more time and patience to perfect than regular masturbation, so try not to get frustrated if it doesn’t work the first few times. 

Once you get it working, you’ll be glad you put in the effort. 

Friendly PSA: At the time of publishing this article, Aneros Helix Trident is on sale for $38.49 (from $55).

8. Dominix Fox Tail 

Best Tail Butt Plug

Price: $$ | Insertable Length: 3.75” | Insertable Width: 1.6”  | Material: Stainless steel, faux fur (tail) | Vibrating?: No

  • Weighty and firm feeling
  • Long thin neck keeps it secure
  • Tail is removable
  • Tail is more rigid than you’d expect
  • Quite big and stainless steel – not for rookies

The Dominix Fox Tail is a beautiful faux fur fox tail attached to a lovely and heavy stainless steel plug. 

The plug itself is 1.6 inches wide and as firm as you would expect from a dense metal, so if you’re a novice of the butt you’ll have to train up to that size with something softer. 

fox tail butt plug for cute furry pet play

The tail is nice and fluffy, but a bit shorter than you might expect from the picture. Plus, it doesn’t really swish around since the core is quite solid.

It looks great, but if you want a floppy tail that you can swing around then you might want to try something else. 

You could even get another tail to attach to the plug since the tail attachment IS removable. That is a nice touch in case you just want the plug for an evening without fur getting in the way. 

Friendly PSA: At the time of publishing this article, Dominix Fox Tail is on sale for $22.49 (from $50).

9. Vixen Creations Tristan

Best for Stretching

Price: $$ | Insertable Length: 3”; 3.75” | Insertable Width: 1.5”; 2.1” | Material: Silicone | Vibrating?: No

  • Comfortable to insert thanks to harder silicone
  • Ideal for stretching and anal training
  • Easy to remove
  • Too firm for long-term wear

Stretching plugs are designed to widen the butt hole either in preparation for anal sex or just for the pleasure itself. 

Vixen Creation’s Tristan is one of the best stretching plugs out there, for a few reasons. 

They’re made of platinum silicone which is top quality, easy to clean, and very firm

tristan anal training and ass stretching butt plug

That firmness is actually a good thing for stretching toys because it makes it easier to insert — you don’t need to push so hard to get it inside. 

And once it’s fully inserted the thick neck keeps the sphincter open so you can relax and enjoy the full, stretched-out feeling. 

The bulb isn’t much wider than the neck so it’s easy to take out and get into anal sex.

I wouldn’t recommend these if you’re looking for something to wear for a long time. The hard material gets uncomfortable pretty quickly, even after 10-15 minutes. 

BUT for preparing your butt for other activities, they’re outstanding. 

10. Haka Pretty Plug

Best Jeweled Plug

Price: $$-$$$ | Insertable Length: 2.75”; 3.25”; 3.75” | Insertable Width: 1.13”; 1.38”; 1.6” | Material: Stainless steel, Swarovski crystal | Vibrating?: No

  • Stainless steel never breaks 
  • Beautiful Swarovski crystals
  • Extra weight feels great
  • Feels cold at first (not a con for some) 
  • Doesn’t stimulate as much as other toys at this price

This is a Public Service Announcement. 

If you see very cheap jeweled plugs for sale on Amazon or some other website that you don’t trust, DO NOT BUY THEM. 

They’re almost always made of some crappy “alloy” that will start to flake off and/or leach weird chemicals into you. 

If you want a jeweled butt plug, you can’t go wrong with the best, which is the Haka Pretty Plug. 

haka jeweled crystal princess butt plug from stainless steel

Each teardrop-shaped plug is a work of art that wouldn’t look out of place in a display case. 

They’re all made of heavy and super-durable stainless steel. You can feel the weight and quality difference between these and cheap crappy “metal god-knows-what alloy” plugs. 

And they’re as durable and long-lasting as you would expect from stainless steel. 

If you manage to break one of these then… Frankly, your butt confuses and terrifies me. 

Note on the size: 1.6” in girth might not sound like all that much, but keep in mind that steel doesn’t flex as silicone does, so it will feel bigger and harder to work with. 

That means the large option is really for intermediate to advanced anal players, despite outward appearances. The small is still good for beginners. 

They’re not exactly cheap, ranging from $80 to $100 depending on the size, but they will last forever.

Hundreds of years from now archaeologists might search the ruins of your house and find your Pretty Plug still in perfect condition.  That’s one way to tell history what you’re into, right? 

11. We-Vibe Ditto 

Wireless Remote Control Buttplug

Price: $$$ | Insertable Length: 3” | Insertable Width: 1.25” | Material: Silicone | Vibrating?: 10 speeds+patterns | Battery: 2 hours 

  • Powerful, rumbly vibrations
  • Remote control
  • Ergonomic design is really comfortable
  • The base can be awkward
  • App might be buggy 

When it comes to vibrating butt plugs, you generally get what you pay for. 

The We-Vibe Ditto is no exception. At $130 it qualifies as a luxury toy, and it 100% delivers on that promise. 

It’s quite similar to the Lovense Hush (my #1 pick) but is easier to insert and more comfortable for anyone to wear long-term

It has deep, rumbly vibrations which are the best kind for butt stuff. 

It’s got a sweet forward-facing design to help the vibrations penetrate even deeper into your body and stimulate the p-spot (if you have one). The Ditto is fully waterproof too so it’s easy to clean and will work in the shower.

The remote isn’t fully waterproof though, so don’t bring that with you!

The remote control is nice and discreet if you’re into stealthy public play, or there’s the We-Connect app, which can connect the toy to any smartphone for long-distance remote control. 

NOTE: Whenever I used the We-Connect app it worked great, but some users say it was buggy or unresponsive for them. Your mileage may vary. 

12. Tantus Ryder

Most Filling 

Price: $$ | Insertable Length: 4” | Insertable Width: 1.5” | Material: Silicone | Vibrating?: No

  • Suction cup for a truly hands-free experience
  • Spins for 3D movement
  • Transparent window so you can see the action
  • Leaks a lot of lube
  • Hard to clean

1.5 inches might not sound like a lot, but when it’s going in your butt every tenth of an inch makes a noticeable difference. 

So the Tantus Ryder isn’t necessarily a good plug for novices.

It has a broad, rounded tip which means it’s harder to insert if you’re not used to it, and it quickly widens even further to increase the stretching sensation. 

But then it reaches a certain threshold and slides in effortlessly like magic, leaving you with a satisfying feeling of fullness. 

Once it’s in, it’s really comfortable. The Ryder can easily be an all-day plug if that’s what you’re looking for. 

Pro Tip: Type in SEXUALALPHA20 upon checkout on Tantus for a 20% off discount.

13. Uberrime Sensi

Best Pussy Plug

Price: $$ | Insertable Length: 4.5” | Insertable Width: 1.6” | Material: Soft Silicone | Vibrating?: No

  • Great for pelvic floor exercises
  • Very pretty 
  • Handmade so they’re all unique
  • Actually not a buttplug
  • So it’s not suitable for anal play

And now for something completely different. 

The Sensi is actually a pussy plug, meaning it goes in… well take a guess!

It has a small base that means unfortunately it’s not suitable as a buttplug since it could get sucked up in there. 

Made of soft squishy silicone, this beautiful plug is great for pelvic floor exercises or to give you something to clench on while masturbating.

(You or your partner could hold on to it and use it for anal stimulation, as long as you keep a tight hold on it and don’t try to leave it in.)

Each plug is handmade from platinum silicone that looks great and is gorgeous to the touch. 

If you want a plug but for whatever reason, anal is totally off the table, give the Sensi a look. 

Cheap Butt Plugs

14. Pipedream Anal Fantasy Mini

Best Cheap Plug for Anal Sex Preparation

Price: $ | Insertable Length: 3” | Insertable Width: 1” | Material: Silicone | Vibrating?: No

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean 
  • Cheap
  • Kinda firm

The Pipedream Mini is basically the blueprint of what a standard newbie buttplug should look like. 

Tapered tip for easy entry? Check. 

Nice wide base? Check. 

Narrow neck to keep it in place? Yep. 

Hygienic, non-porous silicone? You bet. 

It doesn’t do anything spectacular or fancy, it’s just a nice cheap buttplug that does everything you need it to. 

15. Calexotics Booty Rocker

Price: $ | Insertable Length: 4: | Insertable Width: 1” | Material: Silicone | Vibrating?: No

  • Unique shape gives interesting sensations
  • Tapered end makes it easy to remove
  • Long neck for extra com
  • The bulbous end is harder to insert for beginners
  • Long pointy T-base 

Do you want to explore your back passage (or your partner’s) but you only have $11-$13?

No problem! Introducing the Calexotics Booty Rocker. 

Slow increases and decreases in width are always a good option for anyone who is new to anal play.

So with a bulbous tip that slims down before thickening back up, you get a lovely rippling sensation as you insert it and take it out. 

And while the bulbous end might make it a little harder to penetrate with than a pointy end, it’s worth the effort. 

Downsides? The base is a bit too big to be used for DP as it can chafe the guy’s shaft, which is a common issue for a lot of buttplugs. 

But very few of them will give you a change for a 20, so the Booty Rocker makes the list. 

16. Mood Naughty Small Plug

Best for Small Cavities

Price: $ | Insertable Length: 3” | Insertable Width: 0.75” | Material: Silicone | Vibrating?: No 

  • Super easy to insert
  • Comes in pink or black 
  • Will get boring after a while

Doc Johnson is a legend in pleasure products, and the Mood Naughty range is just more evidence that they know what they’re doing. 

They’ve got something for everyone, from terrifyingly huge stretching toys all the way down to this: the Mood Naughty Small. 

At just 0.75 inches wide at its widest point and very tapered, it’s a good place to start for anyone looking to experiment with anal play.

On top of that, it’s hypoallergenic, easy to clean, and comfortable enough to wear around town if that’s your thing.

For just around $20 this plug is a good deal… 

…But you can also get it as part of a kit if your budget can stretch a little wider (see no.19 on this list.) As part of the three together it’s even cheaper! 

Best Butt Plugs for Beginners

17. Mood Naughty Trainer Kit

Price: $$ | Insertable Length: 3”; 3.75”; 4.75” | Insertable Width: 0.75”; 1”; 1.25” | Material: Silicone | Vibrating?: No

  • Three sizes for the price of one
  • Comes in Pride colors
  • You’ll quickly want something wider

Getting three plugs instead of one is a brilliant way to train yourself to take bigger sizes for more pleasure. 

The smallest of these Doc Johnson models is about the size of a finger, which is about as non-threatening as a plug can be. The biggest is 1.25 inches wide, so two fingers. 

They all have long, very tapered heads which makes inserting a breeze even if you’re brand new to the practice. 

The set comes in black, pink, or pride colors (clear with rainbow sprinkles), which is nice to have the choice of. Not every buttplug needs to be black. 😉

In fact, they’re so good for anal training that you’ll quickly find yourself wanting something girthier to satisfy your newfound lusts. 

That means even the set of 3 won’t keep you entertained forever, but at just $10 per plug, that’s not much of a complaint. 

18. Calexotics Anal Kit

Price: $$ | Insertable Length: 3”; 3.5”; 4.25” | Insertable Width: 1”; 1.25”; 1.5” | Material: Silicone | Vibrating?: No

  • 3 graduated sizes
  • Great curve and thickness
  • Velvety smooth finish
  • Largest plug has a slightly wide neck
  • Tip isn’t very tapered

As anal trainer kits go, the Calexotics is very similar to the Doc Johnson kit above. 

They’re both made of quality silicone that feels matte smooth to the touch. 

They each come with three plugs: small, medium, and large. 

They’re both very reasonably priced. 

The major difference is in shape. The Calexotics are fatter with a smoother gradient, which will make you feel more full and satisfied, but at the cost of being slightly harder to insert. 

Not difficult, though — thanks to the tapered shape even a novice shouldn’t have any trouble getting the smallest plug to fit. 

The smooth curves on the Calexotics toys make them perfect for training by moving the plug in and out, which also feels fantastic. I think they look pretty, too. 

Friendly PSA: At the time of publishing this article, Calexotics Anal Kit is on sale for $27.99 (from $35).

19. Tantus Perfect Plug

Price: $$ | Insertable Length: 3.5” | Insertable Width: 0.75” | Material: Silicone | Vibrating?: No

  • Designed for easy insertion
  • Soft and flexible 
  • Pointy base not the best for sex

Normally I would be suspicious of anything that claimed to be PERFECT… 

But for a beginner’s introduction to anal play, the Tantus Perfect Plug is, well, pretty close. 

It’s only ¾ of an inch wide at most, which is about the same as my index finger. 

It has a beautiful velvety finish that doesn’t cling like many other silicone toys, so it’s really easy to insert. 

It has a nice long neck, wide base AND it’s budget-friendly, too! 

The only issue I had with it is the base. It’s thin and fits snugly between the cheeks which makes it good for going about your day. 

But it’s a bit long and pointy which means if you’re having vaginal sex with it in it might poke the penis as it’s going past. 

You can always trim the edge with fabric scissors though, and honestly, I’m just nitpicking so I don’t have to say that it’s perfect.

Pro Tip: Type in SEXUALALPHA20 upon checkout on Tantus for a 20% off discount.

Best Buttplugs for Experts

Already know everything there is to know about anal play? Maybe you’re looking to step up your booty game and expand your horizons. 

If that’s the case then try one of these expert-mode plugs. 

20. b-Vibe Triplet Anal Beads

Best Vibrating Anal Beads

Price: $$$ | Insertable Length: 4.6” | Insertable Width: 1.2” | Material: Silicone | Vibrating?: 6 levels, 15 patterns

  • Ideal for experienced couples
  • Powerful vibrations 
  • Wireless remote control
  • Thick base isn’t comfortable to sit on 

The b-Vibe Triplet beads are USB-rechargeable vibrating anal beads that are a friendly place to start with beads, but also perfect if you’re looking to upgrade. 

It has three beads ranging from small (0.8”) to about medium (1.2”) in diameter. If you’re a veteran of putting things in your butt that might seem too small to be “expert mode”. 

BUT the vibrations and bead design make up for it.

Those two motors in the larger beads deliver some incredible vibrations that feel like they’re coming from every direction at once. 

The Triplet really shines as a toy for straight couples. Having it inserted during vaginal sex means both partners can feel those vibrations for an intense session. 

OR use it while outside with the wireless remote control for kinky public teasing. There’s a lot of options. 

And if you want something with even more challenge, b-Vibe also offers the Cinco, which has 5 beads instead of three. Not really beginner-friendly, but even more to play with! 

Friendly PSA: At the time of publishing this article, b-Vibe Triplet Anal Beads is on sale for $98 (from $140).

21. Doc Johnson American Bombshell

Best for Size Queens

Price: $$ | Insertable Length: 9” | Insertable Width: 3.1” | Material: PVC | Vibrating?: No

  • HUGE!
  • Great for people who want a challenge
  • Vac-U-Lock compatible
  • Rigid material 
  • You will need buckets of lube

It’s hard to get your head around just how big 10 inches is.

It’s staggering. As in, it’s shocking to look at and hold in your hand, and also you will be staggering for several days after trying to take the whole thing in. 

Obviously, the American Bombshell B-10 Tango is not for the faint of heart or fragile of constitution.

The B-10 will fill you up and stretch you out and still have inches to spare! 

This behemoth is made of PVC with a softer outer surface. Many toys this size are either too hard or too soft, but the B-10 manages to get the balance just right to satisfy most gape enthusiasts. 

The Vac-U-Lock compatible base is a nice touch and might be essential for those of you brave enough to attempt all three bulges. It might be easier to lower yourself onto it than to put it in yourself. 

And of course, it should be obvious, but use A TON OF LUBE every time. 

Friendly PSA: At the time of publishing this article, American Bombshell B-10 Tango is on sale for $24.99 (from $50).

22. Fun Factory B Balls Duo

Unique Sensation

Price: $$ | Insertable Length: 5” | Insertable Width: 1.4” | Material: Silicone, Plastic | Vibrating?: No 

  • Weighted rolling balls for constant stimulation
  • Feels different depending on how you move
  • Also works great as anal Kegel balls
  • Handle is kinda big 
  • Grooves make it harder to clean 

The dimensions of the b-Balls Duo aren’t particularly scary. 1.4 inches is pretty average for a butt plug and even novices shouldn’t have too much trouble inserting it. 

But the feeling? That’s some advanced-level stuff. 

Just like Kegel balls, the two plastic spheres contain weighted ball bearings that roll around and create an unpredictable feeling of movement in your butt.

It feels amazing when you leave it in and move around, or during sexy time.  Basically, the more you move the better they feel! How awesome is that? 

Those grooves make it interesting to look at, but on the other hand, they make the b-Balls Duo a little harder to clean. 

It’s not the end of the world though — the materials are all body-safe and non-porous, so you can sterilize it by boiling or soaking in a 10% bleach solution. 

And a few extra minutes of cleaning is worth it to feel that unique rumbling restless sensation whenever you take a step. Or a spank. Or a thrust… you get the idea. 

NOTE: If you’re from the US, make sure you’re on the US site (us.funfactory.com) not EU site (en.funfactory.com) so Fun Factory doesn’t redirect you to the homepage.

What To Look For When Buying A Butt Plug

elements of good butt plug explained

It’s easy to feel lost when you start looking at buttplugs. It seems simple at first but then an hour later you’ve compared 98 plugs and you have a headache. 

Don’t worry. Like using a buttplug, shopping for one is better if you relax. 

I’m going to take you through the most important aspects of butt plug selection to help you decide. 


What are you planning to use it for? 

If you’re brand new to this, it might be hard to answer the question. But it’s important. 

Butt plugs are good for lots of things. If you know what you want it to do, that should point you in the right direction. 

  • All-day/long-term wear in public: Do you want a plug you can discreetly keep wearing all day at the office or when you’re out and about? You’ll need something with a long neck, a comfortable T-base that doesn’t poke anywhere and not too big. 
  • Stretching/preparation for anal sex: look for something that has a wide neck. Length isn’t that important and neither are special features like vibrating. Look for plugs that say “stretching” in the description. 
  • Plug for wear during sex/ double penetration: I like vibrating plugs for this as both partners benefit from it. You’ll want something that’s not too big (filling two holes at once can be uncomfortable). If it has a T-base, make sure it’s not too wide or it can poke your partner’s penis (annoying). I’d choose a rounded base over a T-base in this scenario. 
  • Just for pleasure/p-spot stimulation: If you have a prostate, look for dedicated p-spot massagers that will hit it exactly right. It’s best to learn your own anatomy with a finger first. And if you don’t have a prostate, then anything goes, really. Consider what you like about anal play and go from there! 


body safe materials silicone glass stainless steel butt plugs

Plugs can be made out of a lot of materials, but only three are really fit for their purpose. 

  • Silicone: The most comfortable for long-term wear. Also the most affordable body-safe option. It has vibrating options.
  • Glass: Has lots of qualities that of steel at a very affordable price tag. Not so many shapes available though (but look into Icicles).
  • Stainless Steel: Looks sexy, feels great for pressing the right buttons. Heavy. Expensive. Indestructible. It can be used with silicone lube that lasts for a long time. Can be bundled with a lube shooter.
  • Generally, anything else is a NO. Soft plastics or metal alloys might feel good, but it’s not worth the risk of infections or metal splinters (yikes). 


how to choose the right butt plug size

T-shaped or flared bases are an absolute must. 

The last thing you want is a hospital admission because you’ve got something lost in your butt. That is why your plug needs a wide base to stop it from being sucked in all the way. 

Anyway, flared base or T-base? 

T-bases are often better for public use since they sit in the butt crack and are less visible under clothes. 

It’s really up to you. If you want a plug for double penetration then it’s often better to use a round flared base.

Both are good. Pick whichever you prefer the look and feel of. 


plugs for long term wear and glass plug shapes

We’ve all heard the expression “eyes bigger than your stomach” right? 

Well, the same principle applies to butt stuff. 

Maybe you’re too inexperienced to know what’s a good size to start with. 

Maybe you think you can handle a challenge. 

Here’s my best advice: 


Smaller than you think you can take. If you can take two fingers in there, get a plug that’s smaller than that. 

pointy tip vs rounded tip on the silicone butt plugs

And work your way up in increments. For example, if you can take a 1.25” plug no problem, you can take a 1.5” plug with some relaxation and lots of preparation. 

BUT 1.75” is gonna be too much. Work your way up slowly. 

Think of it like sports. 

You can’t play basketball in a park for one week and be the first NBA draft pick the next week. Ain’t gonna happen. 

Final Thoughts

Well done for sticking around to the end! Hopefully I’ve helped clear up some of the confusion around buying and using a butt plug. 

Now get out there and… get in there, I guess. 

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