8 Best Bad Dragon Toys: Best BD Dildo & Masturbator Review [2021]

If you or your partner long to leave the real world behind and transform your sexual play to living fantasy, you need to check out the best bad dragon toys.

Bad Dragon Toys

Magical sex toys from a horny realm await!

Based in Arizona, online store Bad Dragon boasts customized toys for demanding customers who dream of being penetrated by unreal creatures.

They make all of their toys from a soft, velvety silicone that bends and stretches with your body. 

Buyers can choose their toy’s size and firmness and Bad Dragon lets you pick from their long list of color options.

They’re also happy to throw in a cum tube – an internal tube with a plunger at the end you can fill with lube for a simulated ejaculation. Perfect for a big finish!

Scroll down to read this Bad Dragon review and see if Bad Dragon could offer you a good time.

Mr. Hankey’s Toys (⭐ Best Fantasy Dildos Store)

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Top Bad Dragon Dildos In 2021

the nova

1. Nova

Best overall

Total Length: 7” (small) to 13.75” (extra large) | Usable Length: 5.75” to 11” | Head Circumference: 4.5” to 9” | Shaft Circumference: 5” to 9” | Knot Circumference: 6.5” to 12.25” 

  • Stimulating ridges
  • Suction cup option
  • Available in split firmness
  • Hard to use lying down
  • Heavy base

Nova the Breeder dildo is a favorite among Bad Dragon fans thanks to its amazing design and texture. 

The feel of the dildo is smooth and similar to real skin.

The ridges bring intense sensations, but they aren’t uncomfortable as long as you pick the right size. 

Though the knot – a big, ovular addition a half-inch higher than the base – can be too much at first. 

One negative is the weight of the base.

It’s not conducive to certain positions – you might need to sit on it or mount it on a wall, as playing alone while lying down can be too much for the wrists to handle.

But those ridges! They really are a highlight. It’s easy to see why this toy is in Bad Dragon’s top sellers. 

rex in extra large

2. Rex in Extra Large

Biggest bad dragon dildo

Total Length: 14.5” (extra large) | Usable Length: 12” | Head Circumference: 6.25” | Shaft Circumference: 7.5” | Knot Circumference: 11.25”

  • Smooth shaft
  • Great for anal
  • Easy to use
  • Too big for soft firmness
  • Smaller base

Modeled after a German Shepherd, this dildo boasts a smoother, longer ride than the dragon-inspired pieces. 

The extra length of this piece is intense! With 12″ for you to use, you might feel the head up past your pelvic bone.

Rex’s massive shaft has a veiny texture, and a large knot – a realistic representation of canine bulbus glandis.

Once you get past the tip, the shaft won’t be a problem, but getting through the 11.25″ knot will require some bravery and dedication.

I love harder toys, but if you like a softer dildo, get a smaller model.

A less-than-firm texture would make the extra length difficult to keep in place.

But, if you like your dildo big, hard, and ready to ride, Rex is your man.


3. Echo

Best for beginners

Total Length: 6.5” (mini) to 13” (extra large) | Usable Length: 4.75” to 9” | Head Circumference: 3.5” to 6.5” | Shaft Circumference: 4.75” to 9” 

  • Basic design
  • Smooth texture
  • Available in mini size
  • No suction cup
  • No knot

Want to dabble in fantasy but not ready to commit?

The Echo is the perfect dildo for you. Rather than a wild, creature design, it looks and feels more like a human dick. 

Bad Dragon dildos run big, so I ordered this one in a mini size for my girl. It was so cute!

The curvy shape with the sparkly blue color, (it’s called Night Sky), made for a beautiful toy. 

The design includes a medial ring about two-thirds down the shaft. The extra texture was nice, but a much smoother experience compared to a knotted toy. 

Also, there was no suction cup at the base, so that made it lighter.

My girlfriend could lie back and let me use it on her without any discomfort. She liked it so much she put it on her shelf over her desk.

Overall a decent experience and I think anyone new to fantasy dildos would love it.


4. Fenrir

Best for anal

Total Length: 5.5” (mini) to 12.65” (extra large) | Usable Length: 4.7” to 10.35” | Shaft Circumference: 4.1” to 9.15” | Head Circumference: 3” to 7.25”

  • Tapered head
  • Variations in texture
  • Available in mini size
  • Requires training before use
  • Textures can be uncomfortable in hard firmness

To use a Fenrir for anal, order it in the soft or medium firmness. Anything harder will make it too intense for an entrance via the back door. 

This toy has a lot of texture – a big vein running up the back, scales and ridges, a sizable knot – all a lot to take. 

Fenrir can give you a nice, full feeling and the slope at the base makes it feel more like a plug.

Be sure to stretch before you use this one and remember the split in the knot makes it harder and wider than other toys.

You can have a great time with the knot or use it as a stopping point. Either way, this toy offers some magical sensations.


5. Flint

Best for prostate

Total Length: 5.5” (mini) to 13.25” (extra large) | Usable Length: 4.15” to 10” | Head Circumference: 4.5” to 8.75” | Shaft Circumference: 5.75” to 13.5” 

  • Extra texture
  • Added studs
  • Available in mini size
  • Shorter length
  • Large, heavy base

It’s easy to see why Flint is a staff pick for Bad Dragon. Designed to resemble a steampunk, uncut dragon, this toy left me reeling.

I got this one in the medium size and soft firmness. It stood up without any problem which made it easier to use.

The girth of the toy made up for the softer texture and I can not get enough of it!

For anal play, I like to feel myself filled up to my limit and Flint did not disappoint. 

Flint’s thicker shaft and pronounced plates make it ideal for hitting the prostate without rubbing me raw.

The extra studs hit on the front side and got me deeply relaxed. 

The only thing I didn’t love was the shorter length. It made for less of a ride.

The Best Bad Dragon Masturbator

the nix

6. The Nix

Best overall

Total Length: 12.5” | Usable Length: 8” | Wide Section Circumference: 14.25” | Narrow Section Circumference: 10.5” 

  • Easy grip
  • Weighted
  • Easy to use on a surface
  • Requires extra cleaning and care
  • Lacks internal grip

The Nix got me into Bad Dragon and keeps me smiling every time I use it!

Its unique shape makes it easy to position myself in missionary or reverse cowgirl for a quality session. 

Bad Dragon’s site recommends the toy lay flat on a surface like a bed or a table, but I promise Nix is great for rolling around in bed. 

Not to mention her studded internal texture – it feels outstanding!

The extra weight of the Nix is its another advantage. It helps add friction to the interior bumps and grooves, and that’s always welcome. 

My only wish is that its internal grip was tighter.

I can feel a little space between me and the internal walls. A smaller opening would grab me harder and make this toy perfect.

That said, the Nix still provides insane amounts of pleasure. 

The Best Bad Dragon Wearables: Penis Sheaths

crackers' sheath

7. Cracker’s Sheath

Best overall

Usable Length: 4” (small), 5” (medium) | Internal Circumference: 3.66”, 4” | External Circumference: 6.35” – 7.25” (small), 6.75” – 7.75” (medium)

  • Textured inside and out
  • Ball strap
  • Can be used on another toy
  • Only available in soft
  • Only two size options

Cracker’s sheath puts a spin on the dragon fantasy. Wear it directly on your penis or add this bad boy to a toy already in your collection.

This dragon skin accessory adds an exciting texture to your experience.

The sheath feels amazing inside and out. Mini dragon-scale-style bumps line the inside to match the outside, making it an all-around joy.

The opening at the head adds variation, but if you want full coverage, the Ika or Chance sheaths are wonderful options.

This toy only comes in the soft option on Bad Dragon’s firmness menu.

Also, it’s not ideal for anal sex as it makes everything bigger and the texture can be a lot to take. 

I love the Bad Dragon sheaths, but I had the best time with this one. 

The Best Bad Dragon Packer

flint packer

8. The Flint Packer

Best overall

Total Length: 5.5” (mini) to 8.75” (medium) | Usable Length: 5.75” to 9” | Head Circumference: 4.5” – 6.25” | Shaft Circumference: 5.75” to 9” 

  • Available in mini
  • Extra soft
  • Can be used as a dildo
  • Designed in erect position
  • Visible under clothing

Keep a dragon in your pants!

When you put on Flint, you will clearly see it in your pants. Even in the soft option, the weight of the toy makes it impossible to hide.

Some like their packers floppy because it feels like a flaccid dick, but this one is designed in the erect position. And, it doesn’t flop, so it will have to stay home. 

You can pair it with your favorite harness and large O-ring and use it with a partner.

The base is firm but comfortable against the skin and the ball shape makes it easy to thrust your partner. 

You will love the texture and the studs along the shaft, but it would be even more fun to have it on all day.

Bad Dragon Firmness

Bad dragon toys come in a variety of firmness and the site lets you pick if you want soft, medium or firm. 

The company recommends you order their ten dollar sample set.

These silicone disks fit in your hand so can give them a squeeze and find your favorite firmness. 

Mine helped me find my favorite setting, medium. I found this to be ideal to help toys stand upright without being too intense.

Here’s a rundown of each firmness:

  • Soft – This the most malleable of all the textures on Bad Dragon’s site. The company’s firmness guide promises soft toys “compress and bend.” However, bigger toys won’t stand upright with this option.
  • Medium – A bit harder than Soft, this option helps the bigger toys stand upright. It doesn’t yield to your body as much but won’t fight against it either. Consider Medium if you want to make the most of a smaller dildo on a suction cup.
  • Firm – A.K.A. hard! This option means your toy will spring back if you bend it and won’t have the same give. 

The Split Firmness

Some of the best Bad Dragon toys offer a Split Firmness.

Your toy comes with two different settings: soft or medium on the shaft and firm on the base, to add to the experience. A split-firmness order means slower delivery.

Bad Dragon Sizing

Bad Dragon offers a range of sizes for all of their toys.

Each toy comes with unique dimensions and a size chart link so you can get the exact measurements.

Most toys come in the standard mini size and most go up to extra-large.

I feel this is Bad Dragon’s biggest selling point – they accommodate every kind of body. If you love your dildos tiny and shy or big and bold, they can help. 

Wait times – How long does Bad Dragon take to ship?

The promise

Bad Dragon’s website has a guarantee that all products ship on the next business day.

That means they intend to get your toy packed and out of the warehouse right away, but they make no promises when it will arrive. 

The site describes the service as “freaky fast,” but a quick scroll down will show the disclaimer directly below the first paragraph. 

The fine print

If you want your Bad Dragon toy in a special size, unique color, or split firmness, this speedy service disappears.

You only get the guarantee if you’ve ordered something already in the warehouse. The site recommends you check out their clearance section to get your toy fast.

I’ve read mixed reviews about Bad Dragon’s shipping. Some customers have no issues while others post massive rants about the long wait. 

Newcomers would do well to take advantage of the cheaper, fast-shipping items to see how much they like the brand.

Then you can decide if a specially made piece is worth the wait.

Bad Dragon FAQ

Is Bad Dragon Discreet?

Yes, Bad Dragon knows discretion is key for a lot of their buyers, so they ship in plain, brown boxes.

There is a tiny sticker from the company, but no massive labels to give away what you purchased.

When you open your package, the toy comes in a bag with one clear size and one black, labelled side.

The company will only take returns if you don’t open the bag. Use the clear side to check for problems with size or color and look closely for any tears or imperfections.

If everything looks good, tear it open and get going!

Can A Bad Dragon Dildo Be Used As A Strap-On?

Yes, a bad dragon dildo can be used as a strap-on but with so many toys and a huge number of options, you need to find the toys that come in strap-on-friendly shapes.

First, look for a toy available in small or medium size. Keep in mind Bad Dragon toys run big, so a large or extra large dildo will struggle to stay in place.

Then opt for a plain base so you get a shape that fits easily against your body.

You’ll need O rings in a range of sizes. A rubber O-ring is easier to fit around the bigger girth of a larger Bad Dragon toy.

What do other people say about Bad Dragon?

I love Bad Dragon, but I wanted to share what other customers had to say. Here’s what I found on the Bad Dragon subreddit:

“If you’re looking for your first toy from Bad Dragon and have no prior experience, I highly recommend you check the size charts before buying anything ? They run really huge in some models!”

– WhiteFoxxy

 “They (Bad Dragon) made that tweet last Friday that they weren’t doing a drop for the weekend then absolute silence since. I agree it would be nice if they would say “no drops today or this week.” They gotta know we are chomping at the bit to get anything these days. Just comes off kinda rude.”

– mistressKayyy

“I really like Bad Dragon and Geeky Sex Toys. They turn sex toys into an art form. They are like their own genres of sex toys almost. You can’t find what they have anywhere else.”

– TimmyTulip1

Bad Dragon Alternatives

Bad Dragon is a major contender in the world of fantasy sex toys, but they aren’t alone.

Here are three other places you can grab out-of-this-world pieces to help you make your sex life magical.

  • Geeky Sex Toys – I had the most fun perusing this site. Inspired by everything from unicorns to mermaids, Geeky brings the weird. They also have pieces that glow in the dark, represent film characters, or help you celebrate Pride month. They don’t have Bad Dragon’s extensive list of color choices, but they are a lot of fun.
  • Sinnovator Our kinksters in the UK will appreciate this local online shop with toys like the Lone Wolf dildo or the Cthulhu Tentacle. You can customize each toy with your choice of color, firmness, and base. They have some fantasy designs, but many are from real-world beings or objects.
  • Mr. Hankey’s Toys – The Mr. Hankey brand is infamous for enormous-yet-soft dildoes available in a range of sizes and the option Vac-u-Lock hole for vibrating bullet or sex machine. Mr. Hankey offers dildoes in enormous sizes, like the Kalib in XXL! 

The Bottom Line

I recommend Bad Dragon to anyone who appreciates a beautifully designed toy or wants to spice up their toy collection.

Even if you don’t run for the latest fantasy trilogy, you should consider giving this company a try. 

If you like the idea of something unusual in your collection, check out their website and customize the best bad dragon toy for you. And remember to keep it kinky!

Looking for a different type of Bad Dragon toy? Check out our Bad Dragon Rowan review to uncover penetrables.

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