5 Best Bad Dragon Masturbator Review (& Few Alternatives)

So, which is the best Bad Dragon masturbator from them all? Let’s dive in and find out!

best bad dragon masturbator

Bad Dragon masturbaters are very unique! They come in a very diverse range of styles and offer some very different textures and shapes. 

Bad Dragon masturbators are not realistic – they embody all kinds of fantasy shapes. 

If you’re looking for something really different to feed those not-so-typical fantasies, Bad Dragon masturbators are awesome. They feel nothing like the real thing, and give you plenty to experiment with. 

Where Do Bad Dragon Masturbators Shine?

Most of us are drawn to the best Bad Dragon toys because of their unique, appealing fantasy look.

You can explore all kinds of desires with these toys that other masturbators just can’t satisfy. 

Made from a durable, body-safe silicone material, BD masturbators are pretty tough, and will tend to last a long time.

They are also surprisingly resistant to heat, so warming them up won’t damage or degrade them as quickly. 

You can choose from many different color options. Nix, for example, comes with 7 different color scheme options. The color schemes alone on these toys are very non-traditional.

Many BD masturbators come made of ‘extra soft’ material as the only option.

But you can actually blend firmnesses together on their dildos – for example, making the base firm, and the shaft extra-soft, etc. 

Another cool feature of BD toys is that they are quite different in texture (material) from other masturbation sleeves.

Next to something like a Fleshlight, the silicone material used in Bad Dragon toys is definitely firmer. 

These features together bring a toy tailored to your tastes and allows you to experiment with different aesthetics. 

What to Look For When Shopping For A Bad Dragon Masturbator?

One thing I love about BD toys is that they are almost always an upgrade! 

They cost a bit more than your average cheap masturbator – but the toys are very durable, and offer a pleasurable experience that will tend to last for many, MANY uses. 

With that said, here are some things to pay attention to before purchase. 

Consider the size

Many masturbators work well for most penis sizes, but small toys won’t tend to fit larger penises very well. 

If you want something really tight, consider going for one of their ass masturbators. 

We rated our top picks for tightness. If you have a larger-than-average cock, a ‘high’ tightness is probably too tight for you. 

Choose intensity

Some BD toys are very intense, while others aren’t.

We’ve rated our top 5 masturbators for intensity. Most of the intensity in these toys comes from the tightness of the tunnel and the shape of the ridges contained within it. 

The smoother the tunnel, the ‘less intense’ it will feel. 

All of the masturbators on our list come in ‘extra soft’ firmness.

So if you’re looking for higher intensity, opt for something like the Sugar Star – which brings more sensations due to its tightness, and also to the ‘jaggedness’ of the ridges on the inside. 

What’s The Best Bad Dragon Masturbator?

Bad Dragon masturbators are exotic, non-traditional, non-realistic, and perfect for fantasy play.

They are perfect for those ‘sexual deviants’ among us who are interested in dabbling in the ‘alternative.’ 

Here is the thing to understand, though. There isn’t a single BD masturbator that is necessarily ‘better’ than the others, because everyone has different wants, desires, and ….different penises! 

So, the best masturbator for you is the one that speaks to your specific desires and you feel drawn to!

You can always narrow your choices down and check them out at the Bad Dragon subreddit.

Now, let’s jump to our pick of 5 best Bad Dragon masturbators:

  • Most Unique: Nix
  • Best Starter Bad Dragon Masturbator: Janine
  • Most Intense: Sugar Star
  • Gentlest Texture: Duke’s Muzzle
  • Most Balanced Masturbator: Janine Muzzle


1. Nix

Most unique

Intensity: Medium | Tightness: Medium | Price: $95 | Internal Length: 8” | Diameter: 3.7” to 4.6”

  • Big and heavy
  • Tail gives an interesting sensation
  • Too loose for some

Nix is an interesting Bad Dragon masturbator because it is so large!

She may not even fit in your kitchen sink for cleaning! 

The main hole is located directly under the tail. This toy obviously has a ‘sex-with-a-creature’ vibe to it, which is really fun. 

The texture is actually pretty gentle. She’s also a bit on the loose side, so this adds to a smooth, soft experience. 

There are 7 different color options. The ‘natural’ color is my favorite. It literally glows in the dark! It looks even better when you use a UV light on it during play.

This toy has two holes – one in the front, and one on the back. 

Sliding in beneath the tail gives you a full, soft entrance with a gentle texture. But if you go deeper, or use the other hole, you’ll find more spiraled ridges for a different sensation. 

Her interior feels like pure, soft bliss! And the tail gives you something to hold onto during doggy-style or stimulates your balls during missionary. 

The heaviness of the toy (almost 4 pounds) feels really good as well and gives this toy a very unique feeling in comparison to the other toys on this list.

Even as an ‘extra soft’ toy, the sheer weight of it makes it feel very different! 

The best way to describe it… you feel like you’re fucking a ‘real thing,’ instead of just a masturbator! More details about it in our Bad Dragon Nix review.

It’s just unlike any other toy out there! 


2. Janine

Best starter bad dragon masturbator

Intensity: Medium | Tightness: Medium | Price: $95 | Internal Length: 8.5” | Diameter: 2.2”

  • Beautifully detailed
  • Handle can be gripped to increase tightness
  • Makes loud noises

The Janine features beautifully detailed scales situated around a dragon-like vagina that looks very sexy right out of the box.

You’ll be amazed by how delicate and soft her lips are!

Sliding into this toy is pure heaven. It isn’t too tight, and it isn’t too intense. You can also squeeze the handle to increase the tightness as you thrust in and out. 

The ridges within her tunnel are incredible. They’re soft and stroke your cock during the entire thrust. 

The vaginal entrance is quite wide and inviting, though it also has another hole on the back. If you want a tighter entrance, you can turn it around and use it backwards. 

The toy is actually pretty noisy! You’ll produce gulping, smacking, suction noises, even if you’re trying to be quiet.

I found this an added turn-on, but you may want to steer clear if you need to play silently! 

Sugar Star

3. Sugar Star

Most intense texture

Intensity: High | Tightness: High | Price: $95 | Internal Length: 8” | Diameter: 2.5”

  • Tunnel grips tightly
  • Unique and intense texture
  • Too tight for some

The Sugar Star is a smaller, tighter Bad Dragon masturbator. If you’re really wide-girthed or you have a larger than average penis, this may not be the toy for you. 

But if you’re looking for one of the most intense masturbators on the market, the Sugar Star has it in spades!

Aesthetically, the masturbator has an ‘equine’ look to it, though it is pretty tame in comparison to other BD products. 

But once you slide inside that super tight hole, you’ll realize that this one packs in more excitement than you may be able to handle!

The uniquely shaped ridges in the tunnel grip your cock and squeeze you tightly. Make sure to use plenty of lube, and warm her up to make it feel even better! 

Duke’s Muzzle

4. Duke’s Muzzle

Gentlest texture

Intensity: Low | Tightness: Medium | Price: $95 | Internal Length: 8 Inches | Diameter: 3.6 inches 

  • Silicone teeth give unique stimulation
  • Awesome dragon head design
  • Too loose for some

Duke’s Muzzle is the ‘gentle giant’ of the BD masturbators. 

For starters, it’s surprisingly large. 

The scaled texture and shape of this toy is very unique! If you’ve ever had a sharp-toothed dragon blowjob fantasy, this is the toy for you

The teeth are much softer than they look, and give way to a wider opening that quickly tightens into a super smooth tunnel. 

The teeth actually slide along the penis to provide a unique, stimulating sensation – almost like gentle fingers. They feel quite good!

This toy is incredibly gentle! You’ll feel like you’re sliding down the slickest, softest throat possible – and the aesthetics of the toy add to this fantasy! 

Another thing to note is that Duke’s Muzzle has a reputation for being built like a tank! You can fuck this toy as hard as you want without fear of it tearing! 

Janine's Muzzle

5. Janine’s Muzzle

Most balanced masturbator

Intensity: Medium | Tightness: Medium | Price: $95 | Internal Length: 7.75 Inches | Diameter: 3.5 inches 

  • Beautifully detailed dragon head
  • Mouth hole is the perfect size
  • Can be quite loud

If getting a blowjob from a sexy draconic goddess is on your list of fantasies, then Janine’s Muzzle is the BD toy for you. 

Let’s start with the tightness. This toy looks like the entrance would be tight, but it’s actually pretty loose and gentle. It’s soft, and very smooth until a couple of inches in, where you hit the first ridges. 

The mouth of the masturbator is actually really sexy. 

And as you use it, it kind of ‘moves’ along with the blowjob, which gives it a very realistic look (as real as a dragon blowjob can be, anyway)

If you don’t quite fill up the entire length of the toy, you can also use it from the opposite end.

The other hole is a little bit wider and gives you access to some different textures that feel a bit more ‘ribbed’ than the entrance of the mouth. 

Overall, this is a beautiful toy! Just be warned – it is quite loud! The slurping/squelching sounds are difficult to mask! 

You can wrap a towel around it to try to keep it quiet – but thin walls aren’t going to hide your fun with this one! 

Are There Any GOOD Alternatives To Bad Dragon?

Bad Dragon toys are sexy and fun if you’re into the fantasy thing. 

But, they are also on the expensive side. 

And if you want realism, they may not be the way to go. 

Looking For Realism? Try Onaholes

If you want a super realistic masturbator (as in, one that looks and feels human), you may want to try out the Meiki Onahole.

It is SO realistic! About as close to the ‘real thing’ as it gets!

Looking For Something Less Expensive? Try The Quickshot Vantage

The Quickshot Vantage offers you a very unique, almost futuristic stroker for about a third of the BD price. 

The sensations are good, it has a ‘non-human’ vibe to it, it is compact, and really gives you everything you need in a great masturbator at a much lower price. 

It’s also well-made! 

Want Hands-Free Masturbation?

If you want hands-free masturbation, want to use your masturbator with VR videos for a fully immersive experience, if you are in a long-distance relationship and want to play over VR together, you may want to check out Kiiroo Keon (which can even be used hands-free).

It’s a truly revolutionary hands-free masturbation device that can be used with 3D/VR interactive videos, or a matching vibrator/dildo. It can even be used to interact with webcam performers!

Not Sure Which Masturbator To Try?

If you’re stuck and not quite sure which masturbator you want, this simple hands-free masturbator may be a great place to start. 

It gives you a base that you can attach to surfaces with a suction cup, solid silicone and ABS material, strong vibrations, and 10 different speeds that incorporate spinning and thrusting motions. 

It even has a crystal-clear tunnel so that you can watch it squeeze, spin, and thrust on your cock! 

Plus, it’s pretty inexpensive.

Need more Bad Dragon options? Here’s our review on another Bad Dragon product that didn’t make the list:


The best Bad Dragon masturbator can open up a whole new world of imagination, play, and fantasy. 

Of course, keep in mind that every masturbator is different – just like our tastes and desires are all different! 

So choose the one that stands out to you, and give it a try. 

I have a feeling you’ll enjoy yourself! 

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