7 Best Anal Stretching Toys, Dilators & How To Guide [2021]

Get ready to open wide painlessly by discovering the best anal stretching toys & learning how to “size-up” the RIGHT WAY…

Best Anal Stretching Toys

If you love a bit of backdoor action and have BIG ambitions for your butt, what shall you do?

That’s right, my friend…anal stretching.

With a little time and effort (and a hell of a lot of lube) you can basically stretch your ass to accommodate bigger toys, monster cocks, or a fist…or two.

Whatever your greedy hole desires!

No matter your motivation, you’re going to need a few tools and tips to help you accomplish your sizable mission. 

We’ve done the research to bring you the best anal stretchers so that you can safely and comfortably ready your rectum.

Let’s dive in, shall we? 😉

Top Butt Stretching Plugs At A Glance

SquarePegToys Blunt Plug

SquarePegToys Plugs


Price: $$
Material: Silicone
Insertable Length: 3.1”-6.3”
Girth: 4.3”-10.9”
Color: Bronze/Graphite

Size Matters Dilator Kit

Size Matters Dilator Kit


Price: $$$
Material: Hard plastic
Insertable Length: 3.5”-5.1”
Girth: 3”-6.25”
Color: Black

Lovehoney Large Classic Silicone Butt Plug

Lovehoney Butt Plug


Price: $
Material: Silicone
Insertable Length: 5.5”
Girth: 7.5”
Color: Black

Size Matters Magnum Ease-In Anal Dilator Kit

1. Size Matters Magnum Ease-In Anal Dilator Kit (5-piece) 

Great kit for beginners

Material: Hard plastic | Insertable Length: 3.5”- 5.1” | Girth: 3”- 6.25” | Color: Black

If you’re starting out on your anal stretching journey, the best place to start is with an anal dilator kit.

The Magnum Anal Dilator Kit is budget-friendly at $60 for a 5 piece kit. 

The size increases take you from the 3-inch circumference to a girthy 6.25 inches. The size increments are also pretty reasonable.

The jump is small enough to not be intimidating but large enough for you to feel the difference.

The extra-small/small dilators aren’t that much wider than a thumb or finger.

If you’ve had some previous anal experience, you could jump right in with the medium dilator.

And you’d still have work to do to get to the next sizes. 

So, it’s a great kit for both total beginners and those looking to level up.

They’re made from hard ABS plastic which is body-safe and easy to clean. It’s also very firm which is great when it comes to stretching your ass.

That said, many users expressed that they would have preferred a softer, smoother material for more comfort during extended use.

But with a good dollop of lube, these babies will slide right in and begin to stretch that ass! 

SquarePegToys Anal Stretching Plugs

2. SquarePegToys Anal Stretching Plugs

Great for extended wear

Material: Silicone | Insertable Length: 3.1” – 6.3” | Girth: 4.3”- 10.9” | Color: Bronze / Graphite

If the SizeMatters Dilator Kit doesn’t quite meet your needs in terms of sizes or materials, then you might be interested in the Anal Stretching Plugs by SquarePegToys.

They have a slightly wider neck than your run-of-the-mill butt plugs, which is what makes them ‘stretching plugs’.

They stay put in which is great for extended wear and getting your stretch on!

Made from silicone, they have a slightly softer feel than the hard plastic dilators but are still firm enough to insert and stretch you out. 

You can also create your own anal stretching kit starting from whatever size you like.

If you think your ass is already open to a medium plug, then there’s no need to have the smaller sizes. 

Some users have mentioned that the size jump isn’t significant enough between them. So, maybe try skipping a size.

It will work out a bit more expensive than buying a standard kit, but if material and comfort is important to you, then it could be worth the extra cash.

Vixen Tristan Butt Stretchers

3. Vixen Tristan Butt Stretchers

Alternative big girth pick

Material: Silicone | Insertable Length: 3” / 3.5” / 3.75” | Girth (diameter): 1.5” / 1.75” / 2.1” | Color: Black / Purple

The anal stretching plugs (Tristan 1, Tristan 1.5, and Tristan 2) by Vixen come with a reputation since they were designed by the author of The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women. 

They have much smaller girth than most of the stretchers in our review, so if you’re looking for super stretch they aren’t going to excite you.

But they make a good option for light stretching to prepare anal newbies for butt sex

They are pretty expensive for a single stretcher (between $41 and $52) but they are handcrafted from premium silicone and come with a lifetime warranty.

Also, being labeled as a ‘butt plug’ is a little confusing as they don’t have the same bulbous insert and thinner stem for your asshole to pucker round.

So, you might find them a little harder to keep in. 

That said, they do have a non-slip base which means you can use them with a harness.

If you’re looking for something non-intimidating with a luxurious feel, then this could be what your ass is looking for.

Lovehoney Large Classic Silicone Butt Plug

4. Lovehoney Anal Stretching Butt Plug

Material: Silicone | Insertable Length: 5.5” | Girth: 7.5” | Color: Black

Be warned…this is not for beginners. But if you’re into anal and size, and are looking for the next BIG challenge then this could be right up your (back) alley! 

With a girth of 7.5 inches to work up to, you’ll have your hands full…and then your ass.

It’s made from a firm but flexible silicone with a flared base which not only keeps it in place but also provides perineum stimulation.

But that’s not all the base provides… 

There’s a little hole in the bottom to insert a bullet vibrator into. Sweet!

The only real downside about this ass stretching butt plug is the time it takes to conquer.

We’re talking anywhere from a few weeks to a few months of ass stretching to fully insert it. Of course that will depend on your experience and comfort level.

But the ridge-less, smooth surface and tapered tip mean that once your ass is ready, it’s easy to insert and also easy to clean.

Colt XL Big Boy Large Silicone Butt Plug

5. Colt XL Big Boy Large Butt Stretcher

Material: Silicone | Insertable Length: 4.5” | Girth: 9.5” | Color: Black

If the Large Classic was for intermediate, then the Colt XL Big Boy is most definitely for the advanced anal stretchers.

It might be slightly smaller in length at just 4.5 inches but it more than makes up for it in girth…all 9.5 inches of it! 

It’s made from a solid, high-grade silicone that is body-safe and easy to clean. A few folks have said that it can retain odors though.

But a good silicone-safe sex-toy cleaner should sort that out.

The tapered tip also allows for ‘slowly does it’ insertion.

But even if you’re well-practiced in the ways of the ass, warm up with other anal toys before tackling the Big Boy. 

As you’d expect this is quite a weighty beast!

So trying to insert by hand if you’re alone will be difficult. But the wide base means you can set it firmly on a chair and ease yourself down on it. 

Once your ass has stretched enough to accept the Big Boy, the next challenge is getting it back out! 

Actually, most people have the same intense pleasure on the stretch out as they did on the stretch in. So, just take your time and enjoy it!

Tantus Cone Large

6. Tantus Large Cone

Material: Ultra-Premium Silicone | Insertable Length: 10.7” | Girth (diameter) : 4” | Color: Red / Black

If you are an advanced ass stretcher and don’t mind splashing the cash, then $150 will get you the large Tantus Cone. 

The hefty price tag seems to be mostly for high-quality materials. It’s made from very soft, real-feel, ultra-premium silicone. Luxury for your ass!

It’s a good weighty butt stretcher at 2lbs 5oz and has a flat base making it sturdy enough for solo play.

But it could be better if it had a suction cup bottom for more secure hands-free fun.

While this is by no means a beginner toy, the smooth texture does make for an easier progressive stretch. No bumps to deal with!

The main downside with the Tantus Cone stretcher is that you can’t pop it in and walk around with it inside you. 

If you want long stretching sessions this might not be the anal stretcher for you.

The Cone is much better suited as a warm-up to take your big ass toys!

Avant Pride P3 Dildo

7. Avant Pride P3 Dildo

Material: Platinum Cured Silicone | Insertable Length: 5” | Girth (diameter): 1.25” | Color: Multi-colored

If you’re looking for a butt stretching bargain, then the Avant Pride P3 Dildo will certainly satisfy. It’s just $30!

Great value considering you get a hand-sculpted ass stretching silicone dildo with a 5-year warranty!

The dildo has a 1.25-inch girth, with the average penis1 being around 1.5”.

This design gives a gentle stretch to prep you for a great anal dildo sex experience.

It is shorter in length and smaller in girth than some of the others on our list.

So if you’re a size queen, then this isn’t going to fill you with excitement or fill your ass the way you desire!

But the shaft does have a slight angle for G spot or prostate stimulation. AND with the suction cup base it’s harness compatible. 

Perfect for some pegging action! 

What You Need to Know to Pick the Right Anal Stretcher For You

  • Material: Go for body-safe materials that are easy to clean and sanitize, like silicone.
  • Size: It’s the name of the game when it comes to anal stretching! Start small and increase slowly.
  • Base: Wide, flared bases. You don’t need anything slipping up there beyond reach!
  • Tip: A thin tapered tip is going to be easier to insert, especially for beginners. As you progress in your stretching journey, your ass will begin to open up for wider tips.

What Are Anal Stretchers & Anal Dilators?

Although the two terms are often used interchangeably, there is a bit of a difference.

Basically, anal dilators are like an anal stretching kit.

“Stretchers” has become the umbrella term for anal dilators and larger butt plugs that your ass stretches to accommodate.

Let’s break it down… 

Anal Stretchers

Anal stretchers are anal toys specifically designed to gradually stretch the anus.

Some people use them solely for the pleasurable sensation of stretching, while others use them to stretch the asshole so that they can insert bigger toys… or boys! 

Anal Dilators

In the medical world, anal dilators are used to widen the rectum after internal surgery to help make passing stools easier.

In the fetish world, anal dilators are used for the same thing (to widen your anal passage) but for reasons of pleasure!

Anal dilators are usually sold in kits of 2, 3, 5, or more with each one increasing in size by about a quarter of an inch.

They tend to be shaped like a smooth hollow tube with a tiny hole on the top (the inserted end) and are opened at the base, for greater comfort…no trapped air/gas.

So, What Are Butt Plugs Then? Aren’t They The Same Thing?

Butt plugs are generally designed to plug you up and stay inside your butt hole, no matter how much rolling and writhing you do.

For them to do that, they have a smaller neck or stem of the toy that your ass ring puckers around. 

So, your ass does technically stretch with a larger butt plug, but only as it is being inserted. And then your asshole will relax around the stem.

If you do want to use a butt plug for stretching, choose one where the stem is almost as wide as the inserted plug.

Just be aware that an anal stretching plug may slide out more easily as it’s the narrow neck that keeps it in place. You can counteract this though with a plug harness.

How To Stretch Your Asshole?

Stretching your ass is a labor of love. If something is worth doing, then it’s worth doing right…and doing safely!

Follow these simple steps on how to stretch your asshole to open yourself up to a world of BIG ass pleasures:

1. Clean Up Before You Get Down n Dirty

Let’s face it…anal play can get a little messy.

But as I always say, you can’t expect to play in the back garden and not get a little dirty! 

Most of your poop sits further up your rectum but anal penetration can make you feel fuller and give you the feeling that you need to ‘go’. 

Having a good clearing poop before stretching will lessen that sensation and allow you to push deeper. 

You may also want to do an anal douche or an enema.

If you’re already a bit of an ass stretching pro, then an enema will give you the path of least resistance and allow for deeper diving!

2. Relax

It’s natural to clench as you insert anything in your ass. So, if you want to go big (and then bigger), you need to be as relaxed as possible, in both mind and body. 

Create a relaxing atmosphere – maybe have a hot bath, have your partner massage you, or just enjoy a long session of foreplay to get you loosened up.

Then, find a position that lets your muscles relax. Laying on your side with legs pulled up slightly, knees towards your chest allows your rectum to relax

It’s also easier to reach if you are solo-stretching. 

3. Lube. Lube Again. And Then Add More Lube.

When anal-stretching you want everything to be slick n smooth to avoid friction that could cause a tear to sensitive internal tissue. 

Add lube (lots of it!) to your a-hole, the skin around it and the anal stretcher. And keep reapplying as you stretch and play.

Water-based lube is best as it’s easier to clean up and won’t damage your toys. 

You might be tempted to use a silicone-based lube that is thicker and lasts longer.

But, be careful…if you’re using silicone stretchers, this will actually break down the silicone. 

So best avoided!

4. Start Small And Go Slow 

Anal stretching is not a race…it’s a marathon! If you’ve never even had a pinky finger up there then there’s no way you’re going to fit an extra-large monster dong. 

Take it slow and build up to it. Or we should say…stretch out to it!

If you’re completely new to anal play, start with fingers. Then as you get comfortable, move on to small toys or start with the smallest of the anal dilators. 

If using a dilator, lube up and slip the tip in and slowly insert until you feel internal pressure. 

Then let it rest for a few minutes or more in that position. Once you feel ready, try pushing it in a little further. 

You might feel resistance, which is totally normal! Just take it out, add more lube, and try again. 

Remember, resistance is normal, pain is not. If you feel pain as you try pushing further, stop. You’ve gone as far as you need for today!

Anal stretching takes time. In the beginning, you should try to have some gentle stretch play once or twice a day for 1-2 weeks before attempting to size up. 

Which brings us nicely to…

5. Sizing Up

There is no hard and fast rule when to size up as it all depends on your ass and how comfortable you feel.

Basically, if your ass is just gobbling up your toy and you no longer feel any resistance, then it’s time! 

But remember…TAKE IT SLOW. 

Sizing up means an increase of a quarter of an inch. That might not sound like a huge difference to your ears, but it will to your ass!

You might want to start with smaller toys if you’re just starting out.

Ass Stretching Safety Tips 

As with any extreme kink, there are risks involved in knowing how to anal orgasm. But the more you know, the safer and more enjoyable your experience will be.

Here’s what you need to know for a safe anal stretch:

Say No To Numbing Agents

Anal stretching requires you to be able to FEEL. You need to be able to feel discomfort and/or pain so that you know your limits.

Using a numbing lube dulls sensations and increases the risk of causing some serious damage by going too deep too fast. 

Pay Attention to Pain

As mentioned earlier, resistance and some discomfort are normal but if you feel PAIN, stop and slowly pull out your anus stretcher. 

Take a rest from stretching for a couple of days and try again with a smaller anal stretcher.

If you still experience pain, it might be a good idea to get it checked out.

Residual soreness after an ass-stretching session is pretty normal, but if it lasts longer than 1-2 days then you may have gone too far. 

In that case, leave the butt stretcher in the box for a few days more. When you’re ready to get back to it, just take it easy. 

Once you get to the BIG butt stretchers, you’ll need to take a break of 2-3 days between sessions to let your body recover.

Sterilize Your Anal Stretching Toys

As always, any toy or object that you are inserting into your orifices should be well and truly sanitized before and after use. 

Most anal stretchers can be washed with mild soap and warm water. But it will depend on the material your butt stretcher is made from. 

Some toys are also dishwasher safe, which will give a good deep clean.

Most toys come with care instructions, so be sure to check before you throw it in with your plates and cutlery.

Here’s some more tips from Dr. Ruthie:

The Bottom Line…

Remember, anus stretching takes time, patience, and practice.

But with the right toys and a copious amount of lube, you can give your ass exactly what it wants. 

There you have it folks, the best anal stretchers, and a handy guide on how to stretch your asshole. 

So, relax, stretch, and open wide!


  1. James Roland (2017). “What’s the Average Penis Size?”. Healthline. https://www.healthline.com/health/mens-health/average-penis-size.
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